May 31, 2009
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
E Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

This week, Nitro is up against a huge Raw is War, which is emanating live from the legendary Madison Square Garden for the first time in history. What will Nitro do to counter? Let’s find out. Tony welcomes us to the show and he is, as always, joined by Iron Mike and Larry. Tony promises a landmark announcement from interim commissioner Roddy Piper, which will have a huge impact on the future of the nWo. This prompts Easy E to interrupt at the announce table. He tells Larry to mind his own business and not interfere in nWo business again, like he did at Fall Brawl. This starts a yelling match between the two, which Larry wins by showing footage from the 1996 Great American Bash when Hall punched Bischoff in the stomach and Nash power bombed him off the stage through a table. Eric leaves and Larry tells us the video proves Bisch is spineless and doesn’t want to fight the nWo, he’d rather just join them. He tells Easy E that the nWo will throw him in the trash when they are done with him.

Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Silver King
Rey gives a second mask to a fan in the crowd, to a huge ovation. Back in the ring, the two men lock up with King taking the advantage with an arm bar. Rey flips out and turns it into a head scissor take down then follows with an arm drag takedown. Rey locks Silver King into a submission move but King reverses it and hits Rey with a shoulder block. Mysterio is back up however and hurricanrana’s Silver King to the floor! Silver King lands a back elbow on his way back in but Rey moves out of the way of a flying elbow drop and hits a split legged moonsault for two. Raven makes his way into the arena and takes his ringside seat. In the ring, Rey hits a reverse frankensteiner off the top rope on Silver King and only gets two! Mysterio nails King with a hurricanrana but King rolls through and get a two of his own. And now cruiserweight champion Eddie Guerrero is out to watch the match. Rey is distracted by him and gets hit in the chops with a side kick by Silver King. He goes for a moonsault but Rey moves then hits his springboard hurricanrana into a pin off the apron to get the win! Eddie is angry and gets in the face of Mysterio but referee Mark Curtis tries to defuse the situation. Instead, Rey flips over the top rope and lands on Eddie then takes the cruiserweight title belt and drops it over Guerrero’s chest.

Bill Goldberg vs. Hugh Morrus
Tony tells us the arena we are currently in, which just opened three days earlier, will host events at the upcoming 1998 Winter Olympics. Morrus gets an entrance and Goldberg doesn’t. He stands in the ring as Tony tells us we know nothing about Goldberg, but this is his debut match. Even Iron Mike, the human wrestling encyclopedia, has nothing on this man, which amazes Larry. They lock up and Goldberg powers Morrus back into the corner then breaks clean. They lock up again and Morrus goes to the arm. They trade reverses until Goldberg rolls through and applies a leg lock. Morrus gets to the ropes to break it. Goldberg is back up and sends Morrus to the corner but Hugh reverses it and hits a clothesline to knock down Goldberg. Morrus goes up and hits his No Laughing Matter moonsault but Goldberg kicks out at two, to the shock of everyone. The rookie is back up and does a standing back flip then hits a power slam on Morrus. He then slams the big man then goes for a suplex and drives Morrus down and lands on top of him to get the surprise win! Goldberg looks at the camera and says “That’s number one” then walks away. Everyone is amazed at the debut of Bill Goldberg.

Mean Gene meets Goldberg in the aisle on his way back and asks him if he can tell us about himself. When the microphone is placed in Bill’s face, he doesn’t say one word and walks out.

The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order. Clips from the mockery of Arn Anderson’s retirement speech by Nash, Bagwell, Syxx and Konnan are shown. The preceding announcement has been paid for by the New World Order.

Back in the arena, Tony introduces video footage of what Larry did at Fall Brawl. He is shown going to the ring to distract Hall and threatens to get in the ring with him. Finally, Larry shoves Hall backwards into a Lex Luger school boy then Larry drops down and makes the three count. Tony says that the nWo likes to make their own rules, so WCW did the same.

TV Title Match: Champion Alex Wright vs. Disco Inferno
Alex slaps Disco to start then hides in the corner. Nick Patrick breaks them up so we start again. Wright with an arm drag takedown, but now Disco slaps him and sends him to the floor with a hip toss. Back in and Alex hits a few uppercuts then goes to work on the arm as we go to commercial break.

We’re back with Disco working on Alex in the corner. Disco however runs into a back elbow then gets kicked in the face. Wright puts the boots to Disco then dances for the crowd. Disco reverses Alex’s offensive attempt into a side suplex. Wright is back up first though and takes Disco down with a clothesline then goes for a pinfall with his feet on the ropes. Disco still kicks out. Alex keeps the momentum then hits a flying foot to the chest off the top rope. Some more dancing from Wright. Alex hits some knife edge chops but misses a rush allowing Disco the chance to regain the momentum. Alex tries to go up top but gets crotched! The fans are standing for Disco! He hits a back drop then a spinning neck breaker for a long two count. Disco slams Wright then goes to the second rope. He misses a boogie elbow and Alex hits a side suplex for two. Both men hit the ropes and collide as each wanted to hit a cross body block. Disco lands on top, by luck more than anything, so referee Nick Patrick counts three, giving Disco Inferno the match and the TV title! What an upset.

Post-match, Miss Jacqueline makes her way out and drags Mean Gene to the ring. She says she wants to talk to Disco Inferno. She says Disco knows why she’s here but he says he doesn’t. She says everyone wants to know why he was gone for six months, which takes the smile off his face. She then challenges Disco Inferno to a match. He refuses to acknowledge it right now. He tells her not to push this. She says it’s not over.

The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order. More clips from the mockery of Arn Anderson’s retirement speech featuring Nash, Bagwell, Syxx and Konnan with an emphasis on “Arn’s” carpentry skills. The preceding announcement has been paid for by the New World Order.

Scott Hall makes his way to the ring accompanied by Syxx. Hall wants to know if the people came to see WCW or if they came to see the nWo. Loud boos for the nWo. Hall says it was a fluke that took the help of a nothing happening, has-been named Larry Zbyszko in order for Luger to beat him at Fall Brawl. He says he doesn’t want to wait until Halloween Havoc to face Luger again. He challenges Lex, but Luger doesn’t show, so Hall now calls out Larry, who is up and on his way to the ring before Hall could even finish the challenge. Larry refuses to get in the ring until Syxx leaves though. He doesn’t, so Larry goes back to the announce table. Hall wants to fight anybody at this point.

Scott Hall vs. Hector Garza
Hall acts mock scared of Garza. He throws his toothpick in Garza’s face then kicks him down. Now Hall is picking on referee Mark Curtis. Scott hits his fall-away slam off the second rope. Hall continues to abuse Mark Curtis as Garza comes up from behind with a quick school boy to score a MAJOR UPSET. Hall freaks out and hits the Outsider’s Edge out of frustration on Garza. Syxx grabs Curtis and gives him to Hall. Scott picks him up and nails the Outsider’s Edge on referee Mark Curtis! Hall stacks Garza and Curtis up like plywood, sits on them, and Syxx counts three as we go to break.

Hour number two is on the air! Brain takes over for Larry.

Ultimo Dragon, Juventud Guerrera, Lizmark Jr. and Ciclope vs. La Parka, Psychosis, Villano IV and Villano V
Psychosis starts out with Dragon. They lock up and Dragon takes Pysch down with a shoulder block and a spin kick. Dragon goes for another move but Psychosis pushes him down in midair. Dragon throws Psych out of the ring, which allows La Parka the chance to come in legally, if you aren’t familiar with lucha libre rules. Juventud tags in and sends Parka to the floor. Now Villano IV and Ciclope come in and trade blows. It breaks down with all eight men begin brawling in and around the ring. The ring eventually clears though and Lizmark hits a cartwheel splash over the top which is followed by Villano V with a suicide dive and Cicople with a sunset flip to the floor! Parka is next followed by Juvy, leaving Dragon and Psychosis in the ring. Dragon goes for his top rope hurricanrana but Sonny Onoo grabs his leg. Dragon and Psychosis brawl on the floor and Onoo gets taken out! Juvy hits a springboard flying head scissor takeover on La Parka then scores the win with a cradle pin!

Mean Gene is in the ring and brings out the interim commissioner of WCW, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper mocks Scott Hall for crying about Luger beating him with Larry’s help. He admits Larry wasn’t an official referee at Fall Brawl. So, in response, at Halloween Havoc, Lex Luger will fight Scott Hall one more time. But this time, Larry will officially be the special guest referee. Piper moves on to the Curt Hennig situation. Flair’s hurt, Benoit (who?) has a concussion and WCW wants to ban cage matches because of what happened at Fall Brawl. Piper will have none of it though and his cage match with Hollywood Hogan at Halloween Havoc is on. Piper threatens to slam the door on Hogan’s head just like Hennig did to Flair. Roddy says the “NWA” might be 4 Life but he is forever then tells Hogan to bite him. Whoops.

The Steiner Brothers vs. The Faces of Fear
Ted Dibiase is with the Steiners. Scott Steiner starts out with Meng. Meng goes behind but Scott reverses it. He goes to work on the arm but Meng goes to the ropes. He cheap shots Scott but Steiner comes back with a shoulder block and no one moves. Scott tries again and takes Meng down! He follows up with a double underhook suplex, which makes the Faces bail to the floor to regroup. Barbarian and Rick Steiner tag in. Rick hits a power slam then follows up with a Steiner Line for two. Scott tags in and goes after the back of the Barbarian. Scot then hits a Dragon suplex on Barbarian! Barbarian tags in and power bombs Scott after Meng backdrops him into him, which gets two. Meng is tagged back in and chokes Scott in the corner but breaks at four. He then gets two after a backbreaker and quick tags Barbarian once again. He slams Scott and gets a two of his own. Meng comes right back in and Scott takes both men down with a double clothesline then tags in Rick. He goes after both Faces and side slams Barbarian then belly to belly overhead suplexes Meng! Barbarian is set up for the Steiner bulldog but Meng shoves Rick off the top rope into Scott and Barbarian. Meng then locks the Tongan Death Grip on Rick and gets a pinfall win when his shoulders were down for three! And there’s another upset.

Hollywood Hogan (wearing Ric Flair’s robe which was presented to him by Curt Hennig last week, but without the sleeves) and Eric Bischoff make their way to the ring. Hogan does the Flair strut as Bischoff gloats. Hogan still wants to know where Sting is. Bisch says he is scared to death of Hogan. Hollywood then bows for Curt Hennig and thanks him for his newest trophy. He tells us Piper is next. Bischoff is mad that Piper is running the promotion he took to the mountain top. Hogan says he’ll see Piper in Las Vegas. We go to break.

And now it’s Randy Savage and Elizabeth who are on their way to the ring. Savage takes the microphone from David Penzer and wants to know what Elizabeth thinks of DDP. She says he’s only walking in the Macho Man’s shadow. Savage has a present for the newest member of the nWo. Savage says Liz will walk down the aisle with Hennig later tonight. Savage: “Bring out the chump!”

“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Stevie Richards
Savage goes out to discuss something with Liz after the bell rings. We see Raven watching on in the crowd. Stevie waves to him but he’s nonresponsive. Savage looks at Raven then goes back in the ring. Randy kicks Stevie in the gut and drops him throat first over the top rope. Tony is handed a note confirming that DDP taking on Randy Savage is official for Halloween Havoc. Savage continues the onslaught then distracts the referee allowing Liz to choke Stevie! There’s a first. Savage dumps Stevie to the floor then slams Stevie into the guard rail right in front of Raven. This brings Raven to his feet, but Liz comes over and tells Randy not to worry about him. Back in the ring and Savage slams Stevie then goes up top. Savage hits his elbow drop after pointing to Raven then gets the win with one foot on Stevie’s chest.

After the match, Raven jumps the rail and enters the ring. Raven goes face to face with Savage then turns his back on him and goes after Stevie. Raven hits the DDT on Richards so Savage takes off.

K-Dawg and Scott Norton vs. Harlem Heat
Vincent is with the nWo members and Jacqueline is out with Booker T. No Stevie Ray to be had. Book grabs the microphone and tells everyone that Stevie Ray pulled his Achilles but he will not forfeit the match though and says he’ll fight any of the suckers tonight. Norton says Book signed for a tag match, so this will be a tag match. Booker T will have to fight both men. K-Dawg starts with Booker (obviously). He attacks Book and sends him to the corner, but Booker moves out of the way when K-Dawg runs in. Book gets backdropped but spins up and hits a Harlem Side Kick! Norton pulls down the top rope, sending Book to the floor as he ran to the ropes then beats him up as Vincent distracts Nick Patrick. Booker is sent back in and K-Dawg goes to work on him. Book tries to fight back and hits a full nelson slam for two as Norton breaks it up. Book lands a spin kick then drops Norton and Vincent. Book rolls up K-Dawg but Norton is in and clotheslines Booker T to break up the pin. After K-Dawg and Norton hit a spike piledriver on Booker T Vincent comes in to make it three on one, giving Booker T the match by DQ.

Hey, it’s the Nitro Girls. Haven’t seen them at all tonight.

WCW US Title Match: Champion Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett
This match was originally advertised for Halloween Havoc after Jarrett defeated Dean Malenko at Fall Brawl to get a shot at the champion. Unfortunately, as is the case in WCW, things changed fast, but it’s probably better the match took place now since Jeff’s stay in the promotion is only going to last two more weeks so he wouldn’t have even made it to Halloween Havoc. Jarrett is seconded by Queen Debra. As announced early, Liz is with Curt Hennig. We go to break after the introductions and return in time for the bell to ring. Jarrett gets the best of Hennig at the start, so Curt bails in anger. He’s back in and knees Jarrett in the gut. Jarrett responds with a headlock takeover so Curt again goes to the outside. Hennig comes in once more and slams Jarrett but again gets taken over with a headlock which frustrates Hennig even more, so he bails for a third time. Liz doesn’t know what to do. Hennig eventually heads back in and goes after Jarrett’s leg. Curt slams it around the ring post twice then goes after Debra. Referee Mickie Jay gets her back to safety as Curt goes after Jarrett with a chair, but he ducks. Jeff gains the advantage and slams Hennig head first into the chair then drops Curt throat first over the guard rail and throws him back in. Hennig dumps Jarrett to the floor after Jeff misses a dropkick and Debra makes sure Liz stays away. Jarrett is up and grabs a leg of Hennig and slams it over the guard rail so he can see just how that feels! Jeff gets back in the ring and hits a spinning neck breaker, but Jarrett can’t capitalize. Both men get up and Hennig applies a sleeper to Jarrett. Jeff drops to his rear end and gets out of the hold with a jaw breaker. He’s still too hurt though and Hennig gets a two count. Hennig asks where the competition is so Jarrett gets up and hits a DDT! He still can’t do anything though, so again both men get up together. Jarrett takes Hennig down with a clothesline though then kicks his feet out from under him. Jarrett catapults Henning head first into the top turnbuckle and applies the figure four! Liz distracts the referee, allowing Randy Savage the chance to slide in and give Curt Hennig the US title belt. Hennig slams it over the head of Jarrett to knock him out. Jarrett is dead weight, but Hennig still pulls him up with all his might to apply the Hennig-Plex and get the win.

After the match, Hogan, Savage, Syxx, K-Dawg, Norton and Vincent come out. They celebrate with Curt Hennig then take turns beating up Jeff Jarrett. Syxx applies the Buzzkiller and Savage hits a top rope double axe handle. Hogan pounds away on him. The Giant comes out to the make the save and we’re……. out of time!

So Nitro’s response to Raw live in MSG was a night of upsets. Next week, we continue on the road to Halloween Havoc.

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