June 3, 2009
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
The Centrum, Worchester, Massachusetts

Tony welcomes us to the show and right away we see the Nitro Girls dancing. Who could complain about that? Tony runs down the top matches announced for the Halloween Havoc card as Iron Mike and Larry chime in.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Buff Bagwell
Buff is joined by Vincent and, as usual, Kimberly introduces Page to the ring then heads to the back. Buff takes DDP down with an arm drag out of the initial lockup, then celebrates. Back in and Buff applies a headlock, which Page tries to power out of, but can’t. Finally, Page breaks the hold but gets taken down with a shoulder. Boos for Buff’s poses as we see Raven and Stevie Richards in the crowd. That’s odd considering Raven DDT’d Stevie last week. Back to the action as Page spits at Buff then goes to work on the arm, but Buff takes him down with a pull of the hair. They exchange slaps, which only fires Page up and he takes Bagwell down with a clothesline. Page sends Buff to the outside then follows up with a plancha to the floor. DDP then grabs an nWo sign in the crowd and tears it up! Back in the ring and Bagwell lands weird on his leg and complains of an injury. When Page takes his attention off Buff, Bagwell attacks and takes control. He mocks Page saying he was fine the whole time. Nice standing dropkick from Buff. He continues to lay it on by dropping DDP throat first over the top rope and continues to tell the camera how great he is. Page fights back with rights and lefts then an inverted atomic drop. DDP calls for the cutter but Bagwell hits a spinning neckbreaker and gets two with his feet on the ropes. Now Bagwell takes umbrage with the referee then gets caught in a school boy for two! Vincent gets on the apron to argue with the referee and unfortunately, a charging Page accidentally takes out the ref. Vincent is in the ring but Page is able to hit the Cutter on him then follow up with one for Buff! The referee is able to crawl back in and make a three count! Big win for DDP. After the match, Page leaves through the crowd and gets in Raven’s face in the process.

Mike Tenay recently went to Mexico to file a series of special reports about the history of lucha libre. Mike promises to discuss family history and hardships in the coming weeks.

Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. El Caliente
Caliente doesn’t get an introduction, but he does attack Rey from behind when he goes to give his mask to a fan. Caliente mockingly puts the mask on. Iron Mike says he’s been following Mexican wresting for twenty five years and has no idea who El Caliente is. Maybe he hasn’t been paying much attention for all those years seeing as his body structure is extremely familiar. Caliente hits a catapulting body splash off the apron and Tony says the move is very familiar. Larry says something seems funny here. Rey fights back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then rips his mask of Caliente. Rey misses a moonsault off the top rope then Caliente hits a running dropkick to his head. Caliente hits a sick side suplex and gets two. Tenay looks even stupider for not figuring out something is up here while Tony and Larry do. Caliente hits a clothesline after Mysterio tries to get out of a power bomb. Caliente goes for Rey’s mask and Tenay says that is a no-no. Caliente steps on Rey’s face as Tenay finally says a lot of Caliente’s moves are reminiscent of Eddie Guerrero. That trend continues with a sick power bomb by Caliente to get a two count. Caliente applies an abdominal stretch and yanks back as the announcers are now totally convinced this is Eddie Guerrero. Caliente sets Rey up on the top rope and hits a superplex on Rey. Caliente thought about going up top but at the last second just went for the pin and got two. Force of habit, I guess seeing as Reyw as in perfect position for a frog splash. Rey goes up top and hits a double springboard hurricanrana to get the win! After the match, he pulls off the mask to reveal El Caliente to be Eddie Guerrero! Guerrero throws a fit after his face is revealed.

Mean Gene is in the aisle and brings The Giant out to huge cheers. Giant tells Curt Hennig that everyone saw what he did to Ric Flair. He says it wasn’t necessary. According to Giant, what comes around goes around. Payback is tonight.

On their way to break, we see Sting in the crowd. Iron Mike says Sting has been showing up unannounced at WCW live events to take out the nWo.

Bill Goldberg vs. The Barbarian
No entrances, as both men are in the ring when we come back from break. The lock up and break clean. Tenay has found out that Goldberg used to play football for the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons. Goldberg uses a flying waist lock takedown then follows up with a clothesline off the second rope. He then dropkicks Barbarian over the top. Back in the ring and Barbarian stops Goldberg when he was on the top rope. He follows up with a top rope belly to belly suplex as we see footage of Goldberg upsetting Hugh Morrus last week in a split screen. Barbarian chops Goldberg in the corner then sends him to the ropes and hits a power slam for two. Back up and Barbarian goes for a power bomb but Goldberg backdrops him then drops a knee. Out of nowhere, Goldberg hits the same suplex into a power slam move as last week to score another huge upset. 2-0, Tony says.

After the match, Gene again tries to get a statement from Bill Goldberg. Gene produces a picture of Goldberg in his football gear and he again walks away after shoving the camera. Gene brings Larry over to ask him how he is going to call the Hall/Luger match at Halloween Havoc. He says he will call it right down the middle because that’s the best way to embarrass Scott Hall and the worst thing he can do to him.

More Nitro Girls dancing. Tony tells us we will be hearing live from Ric Flair later tonight for the first time since Fall Brawl. All Tony knows is that Ric will give us a major announcement concerning his career. Larry doesn’t know if that’s good news or not.

TV Title Match: Champion Disco Inferno vs. Juventud Guerrera
Before the match starts, Disco boogies down and the crowd is in to it. The bell rings and they lock up. Disco takes him down. They lock up again and Juventud goes behind but Disco just throws him off. Juventud is disgusted and chops Disco multiple times. He sends him to the ropes and hits a head scissor takeover and follows with a springboard dropkick. Disco bails, so Juvy hits a top rope somersault splash to take him down. Disco goes back in then catches Juventud charing and drops him throat first across the top rope. Disco takes control and pounds away on Juventud in the corner. Now Alex Wright enters the arena in bright yellow pants as Disco clotheslines Guerrera. He then hits a swinging neck breaker to get a two count as Wright puts Juvy’s foot on the bottom rope. Juventud goes for a schoolboy pin as Disco is distracted by Alex and gets two. And now Jacqueline comes down to argue with Alex Wright as the action continues in the ring. Jacqueline ends up tripping Juventud to set up a face planting suplex by Disco to get the win and retain the title. Tenay thinks Jacqueline wants to make sure Disco retains the belt so she can take it from him. He couldn’t figure out what Eddie Guerrero looks like with only a mask on, but he’s got this one all figured out. Good job, Mike.

Hour number two is on the air! Bobby Heenan joins Tony and Mike. Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth make their way out to the stage. Savage tells Piper not to get too creative at Halloween Havoc and that he’s going to beat Page at the pay per view. Savage then challenges Sting, with no answer.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Steve McMichael
Tony mentions that Sting could show up at any WCW non-televised event this week, as he’s been doing recently. Translation: Buy some tickets, people. Queen Debra is with Jeff Jarrett. On his way to the ring, Mongo notes that this ends tonight. Jarrett tries to sneak up on Mongo, but McMichael is too smart for that. The bell rings and Jarrett takes Mongo down with a fireman’s carry. Tenay tells us Mongo and Debra have split and she has relocated to Georgia. Mongo gets angry and Jarrett attacks from behind. He takes Mongo down then goes for a three point stance but Mongo catches him with a Boss Man Slam. McMichael then with a big boot that sends Jarrett to the floor. We go to break.

We return with Jarrett and Mongo brawling on the outside. Jeff slams Mongo’s head into the ring post twice. Debra is enjoying this. Jarrett throws Mongo back in and chokes him over the second rope. Debra helps and chokes Mongo as well! Jarrett attempts a suplex but McMichael reverses it into one of his own but he’s too hurt to capitalize. Jarrett locks on a sleeper. The arm drops twice but Mongo is able to fight to his feet and out of the hold. Mongo reverses it into a sleeper of his own but Jeff is able to hit a jawbreaker to break it. He then slams Mongo head first into the turnbuckle but that only makes him mad. He throws Jarrett to the ropes and hits a side slam. Mongo calls for the Tombstone but Jeff reverses it and hits another jawbreaker. Now he goes to work on the leg of Mongo, which will set up the figure four. Jarrett tries to apply it but Mongo breaks the hold. Debra is up and begs Steve to put Jarrett down. He does and Debra slaps him! Jarrett comes up from behind with a school boy, puts his feet on the ropes and gets the win! A lot of school boy pin attempts tonight. After the bell, Mongo stalks Debra all the way back behind the curtain in anger.

Nitro Girls! Tony introduces footage from last week as Scott Hall hit the Outsider’s Edge on referee Mark Curtis last week.

Syxx vs. Chris Jericho
Scott Hall, on crutches, comes out with Syxx. Tenay says Hall couldn’t appear at the WCW live events this weekend due to his injury. Hall says he missed Worchester and wants to know if everyone came to see WCW (boos), or the nWo (cheers). I guess he got his answer. Tony tries to throw it to break, but Hall is still talking so we stay with it. Hall says he’ll crawl to Las Vegas if he has to in order to take out Luger. The injury will not stop him from wrestling at the pay per view. Hall tells Larry to call the match down the middle, or else. Ok, now we can go to commercial.

We’re back in time for the bell to ring. Syxx applies a headlock and rides Jericho. Syxx gets caught in a power slam however which allows Jericho the opportunity to work over Syxx in the corner. Unfortunately for Chris, Syxx lands a spin kick right to the jaw to regain control. Syxx hits his combo kicks in the corner and follows with the bronco buster as the announcers ignore the match and plug Hogan/Piper at Halloween Havoc. Syxx slams Jericho then goes up top. He goes for a cannonball but Jericho is able to move out of the way. Jericho backdrops Syxx and hits a spin kick. He sends Syxx to the floor with a dropkick then goes flying out with a plancha! Jericho is weary of Scott Hall as he goes back in the ring. He goes for a moonsault but Syxx stops it and crotches Jericho on the top rope. Jericho is able to keep control though and uses the giant swing on Syxx. Jericho hits the Lionsault and applies the Liontamer! Hall enters the ring so Jericho releases the hold, but Syxx comes up from behind and applies the Buzzkiller. Hall is now abusing referee Scott Dickinson. Larry makes his way out and breaks the Buzzkiller. It looks like it’s going to be two on one, but Lex Luger comes out to make the save so Hall and Syxx bail!

Tony brings in Ric Flair, live via telephone. Flair thanks Tony for all his support. Flair says that he is obviously not 100%. He watched the tape of what Curt Hennig did to him and had to think about with the future of Ric Flair was. Flair thanks Curt Hennig for giving him the wakeup call that he needed to succeed. Five guys beat Ric Flair up because he was complacent enough to let it happen. The stitches are out next week and Ric Flair will be right back in his face the first day he can be there on Nitro. The announcers celebrate. Next issue: Hollywood Hogan. When the nWo gave Hogan Flair’s robe, it was torture. Flair says he will be getting his robe back. Period. Finally, Flair tells Mongo and Benoit to go their own way and essentially breaks up the Horsemen. Flair says he’s got his own problems and he doesn’t want the other guys to get involved in his personal issues. When he comes back, his actions will be immoral and illegal.

Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring. Easy E is angry that Sting came out here tonight when Hogan isn’t here, after Hogan has been challenging him week after week when he is there. Bischoff says Sting’s appearances at WCW live events prove collusion between Piper and Sting. At Halloween Havoc, Piper is going down. And if Sting wants to show up, they’ll be waiting.

Lex Luger vs. Wrath
James Vandenberg brings one of his human oddities to the ring. Luger gets a huge fireworks display on his entrance. Tony has just been informed that Jeff Jarrett vs. Steve McMichael is confirmed for Halloween Havoc. Don’t bet on it! Wrath backs Luger into the corner but breaks clean. Luger then backs Wrath into the corner and breaks clean. Luger applies a headlock then tries for a shoulder block but no one moves. Lex finally is able to clothesline the big man over the top to the floor. Wrath comes back in and wants a test of strength. Instead, he kicks Luger in the midsection to take control. Vandenberg grabs Lex’s leg when he runs to the ropes allowing Wrath to hit a big boot and work on Luger in the corner. Wrath uses a side suplex then goes up top. He hits a flying clothesline and gets a two count. Vandenberg chokes Luger over the middle rope while Wrath distracts the referee. Luger tries to mount a comeback with a suplex but is too beat up to follow up. Both men get to their feet at the same time and Luger is able to hit a clothesline then the bionic forearm on the back on the head. He lands a power slam and gets the big man up in the Torture Rack to get the submission win!

We shift directly to the Nitro Girls, which shifts directly into our main event.

US Title Match: Champion Curt Hennig vs. The Giant
Eric Bischoff chases Iron Mike and Brain from the announce table and will call the main event with Tony. Hennig comes out by himself. Bisch tells Flair that Hollywood will wear his robe any time, any place. They lock up and Giant knees Hennig in the gut. He then sends him to the corner and spits in his face! Giant sits on Hennig’s head in the corner to a huge ovation. Hennig stumbles to the floor. Giant suplexes Hennig back into the ring and hits a sick chop. Giant just continues the assault while Bischoff tries to spin this. Giant charges and goes for a clothesline but Hennig ducks and Giant goes to the floor. Hennig follows and slams Giant’s head into the guard rail then steel post. They reenter the ring and Hennig tries for the Hennig-Plex and he gets it! Giant kicked out, but still! Giant then kips up (!) and hits the chokeslam! The nWo is in before he can make a pin though. Syxx, K-Dawg, Bagwell and Vincent all interfere causing a DQ. Savage and Norton make their way out and it takes a shot with the US title belt to finally take down the big man, who was still holding his own against all of them. Sting! Sting makes his way to the ring! Bischoff: “He’s got a weapon!” Tony: “Yes he does. And I hope he uses it!” No dice as Sting drops the bat and takes out everyone with his own two hands! Bischoff is ticked off and we’re…… out of time!

Next week, the road to Halloween Havoc continues.

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