April 18, 2009
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Wisconsin Center Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tony welcomes us to the show as we see the Nitro Girls dancing in the ring. He is joined by Iron Mike and Larry. Tony tells us that Ric Flair will join DDP and Lex Luger in War Games six days from now at Fall Brawl to face a yet-to-be-named team of New World Order wrestlers. He then turns his attention to the nWo parody last week mocking the retirement of Arn Anderson. He again tells us we will never see it again but Eric Bischoff runs out and grabs a microphone. Larry gets up and snaps at him. Bisch says he’s still got stroke and tells the guys in the truck to roll the tape from last week. It starts, but about a minute in, the video cuts out and we go back to the arena. The Four Horsemen are now standing in the booth and they are not happy. Tony gladly hands them a microphone. Mongo challenges the nWo to fight them right now and they head to the ring.

Mongo leads Flair, Hennig and Some Other Guy into the ring to wait for the nWo. Tony knows they won’t come out, and Mean Gene enters the ring with a microphone. He says it is his pleasure to be with the real Horsemen after last week’s embarrassment. Hennig says he is the new Enforcer of the Horsemen and he wants revenge. Whether it’s now or later, the nWo will get what is coming to them. Mongo gets booed by the Packer fans then threatens the nWo. And now it’s Ric Flair’s turn. He says he’s been in this business for twenty-five years and last week was the first time he has been embarrassed to be a professional wrestler. Flair says Arn Anderson is a legitimate legend, human being and man. Flair was honored that WCW dedicated the evening to Arn but he’s got a bone to pick with Nash, Syxx, Konnan and Bagwell. He’s not leaving until he gets his hands on them. Gene sends it to a break and Flair again says they aren’t leaving.

We return with the Horsemen still standing in the ring. Doug Dillinger and his backup come out to get the Horsemen out of the ring. Tony wants to know where security was last week.

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero

Iron Mike tells us that JJ Dillon is injured due to Hollywood Hogan’s attack last week and WCW is looking to fill his void with an interim commissioner. The announcement of who will take over that position could come as early as tonight. Rey locks up with Eddie but Eddie takes the early advantage and works on Rey’s arm. Rey is able to twist out of it though and throw Eddie to the side. Guerrero kicks Rey in the gut them hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. As he goes back to work on the arm, Nitro heads to commercial.

We return with Eddie in control and still working on the arm of Rey. Mysterio breaks the hold and gains some momentum but Eddie again takes Rey down with a power move. Eddie slides out of the ring then Rey hits a springboard somersault over the top rope onto Eddie and throws him back in the ring. Rey hits a moonsault off the second rope for a two count then goes up top and tries a cross body block. Eddie catches him though and slams him hard for two. Guerrero then folds Rey up with a hard power bomb but again only gets two. Another two for Eddie after a double underhook backbreaker. He then locks on the Gory Guerrero Special but Rey flips out of it then gets kicked in the head. Eddie goes for another power bomb but Rey stops it and hits a hurricanrana from the apron, springboarding off the top rope to get the win!

Gene is in the aisle and brings out DDP. Page says all he wants is respect. He feels he’s earned it, just like Lex Luger. Page says he and Lex have butted heads and now, they may have to settle this in the ring. Gene wants them to settle this before Fall Brawl so Team WCW can be united. This brings out Lex who says he’ll accept Page’s challenge, but he wants to make sure they do it right and hold nothing back.

Hugh Morrus vs. Disco Inferno

Tony tells us that during the break, Page/Luger has been signed for tonight. Larry isn’t happy about it. Last week, Disco Inferno cost Hugh Morrus a match against Alex Wright. Tonight, Hugh looks for revenge. Hugh attacks after the bell with a pair of clotheslines and a head butt. Morrus then hits a jumping spin wheel kick that lands perfectly. He follows up with chops in the corner then tries a running splash but misses. This sends Hugh to the floor and Disco comes out behind him and attacks then sends Morrus into the ring. In the comer, Disco slaps Hugh, which only annoys him. He splashes Disco in the opposite corner then slaps him in return. Now Alex Wright makes his way to the ring and dances on the floor. Hugh sets up Disco for his moonsault but Alex Wright throws the TV title into Disco. He holds it across his chest for Hugh to land on, but the belt is upside down so it only hurts Disco when Hugh hits the moonsault and he still gets the win. After the match ends, Alex goes in to get his belt back but a pushing and shoving contest ensues between Wright and Disco. We go to break.

We return with Syxx, Nash, Buff Bagwell and K-Dawg in the aisle. Syxx mocks Flair again and Nash says they have other stuff to do tonight. Buff however, says he’s got nothing else on his plate, as does K-Dawg. Buff mockingly says it would be an honor to face the Horsemen.

Cruiserweight Title Match: Champion Chris Jericho vs. Brad Armstrong

Before the match starts, Eddie Guerrero runs out and says Jericho got lucky last week because Eddie couldn’t take care of things the way he wanted to. Eddie asks Brad to step aside and let him get a title shot right now. Armstrong tells him to take a hike then attacks Jericho. The bell sounds and the match is under way. The winner of this match will defend the title against Eddie on Sunday regardless, so Eddie’s challenge seems strange and pointless. Jericho reverses Brad into a monkey flip then sends him over the top rope and comes flying out with a shoulder block. Chris throws him back in the ring and continues the onslaught. Brad blocks Jericho’s charge with a big boot then hits a tornado DDT off the second rope for a two count. He then gets hit with a standing moonsault off the second rope from Jericho for a two of his own. Chris then lands a huge suplex and goes up top to hit a missile dropkick which again sends Brad Armstrong to the floor. Now Eddie is back and he attacks Chris Jericho from behind. The referee calls fot he bell as Jericho reverses Eddie’s charge into the Liontamer! But now Brad Armstrong is in and they double team Chris Jericho. What condition will he be in at Fall Brawl?

The Nitro Girls celebrate the start of hour number two by dancing. Don’t act all surprised. The Brain joins Tony and Iron Mike at the booth. Bobby says has no idea who the new interim commissioner will be as we watch footage of Hogan attacking JJ last week. And almost on cue, Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff make their way to the ring.

Bisch introduces the Heavyweight Champion of the Universe. Hogan says everyone is here to see the nWo. Hogan says Flair is not the man, he is. He’s a god, you know. Hogan has three things to say. First, no one will ever touch Eric Bischoff again. Second, Bagwell and K-Dawg will take care of business tonight against the Horsemen. And finally, he wants to the put the title on the line right now against Sting. The fans go nuts and Sting begins to lower from the ceiling. All of a sudden, “Sting” plummets down to the ground. Thankfully, WWE Classics on Demand cuts this segment up and doesn’t show the bulk of it, knowing now what WCW didn’t know would soon happen then. Hollywood proceeds to beat up the mannequin of Sting with the help of Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell. Hogan hits the leg drop twice then Bischoff reveals a referee shirt under his jacket and makes a three count. They declare Hogan the winner and continue to beat up the mannequin. The less said here, the better.

Lee Marshall is On the Road with 1-800-Collect in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Nitro will be next week. Charlotte was named after the wife of King George III and everyone is happy the town wasn’t named after his sewer inspector, Lord Weaselton.

The Faces of Fear vs. The Steiner Brothers

Ted Dibiase is with the Steiners. Scott and Barbarian start and Barbarian hits a huge power slam. This brings Rick in, which brings Meng in. The Steiners take out both members of the Faces then taunt them in the ring. They come back in and attack the Steiners. Now it settles down as Meng and Rick Steiner are in the ring. Meng hits a nice dropkick for two. He brings Rick into his corner and tags in the Barbarian as they double team Rick. Barbarian hits a running power slam and gets another two on Rick. He continues to work on Rick Steiner and tags Meng back in. He tries a back drop but Rick goes for a sunset flip. Meng hits him in the neck to stop it though. Barbarian tags back in and they hit Rick with a double head butt. Barbarian applies a chin lock but Rick breaks it and hits a flying Steiner Line. Unfortunately, he is too beat up to follow up. Barbarian slams Rick then goes up top. He goes for a flying head butt but Rick moves and finally tags in his brother Scott. He’s a house of fire with clotheslines, a pump handle slam and finally a belly-to-belly suplex. Rick and Meng are back in and all four men are brawling. Scott hits a belly-to-belly suplex off the top rope on Barbarian while Meng applies the Tongan Death Grip to Rick. All of a sudden, Harlem Heat, who will be facing the Steiners at Fall Brawl, and Mortis and Wrath, who will take on the Faces of Fear on Sunday night, all hit the ring and it’s an eight man brawl. Bobby wants to know why the WCW guys continue to fight each other while the nWo guys never do.

Scott Hall vs. Super Calo

Hall throws his toothpick in Calo’s face then shoves him down. Calo comes back with a right hand but Hall reverses it and hip tosses Calo down. He then clotheslines Calo over the top rope to the floor. Calo is back in but continues to get his butt handed to him. Hall works on the arm but Calo hits a flying forearm off the top rope, which gets him a two. Hall catches him and hits his signature fall-away slam off the top rope! He follows that up with the Outsider’s Edge to get the win.

After the match, Ray Traylor makes his way to the ring and comes up from behind on Hall. And it’s on as they trade blows and Traylor gains the advantage. He hits a huge spine buster on Hall! Vincent is out and gets hit with a sidewalk slam then thrown over the top rope! Hollywood Hogan arrives to distract Traylor, which allows Hall to get back up and Outsider Edge him. Vincent is back in and it’s a triple teaming. Together they spray paint “Ray Who?” on his back as Hogan tells the camera he looks like the Big Loss Man.

Dean Malenko vs. Psychosis

Sonny Onoo is with Psychosis. Tony tells us that the winner of the Dean Malenko/Jeff Jarrett match at Fall Brawl will get a US title shot at Halloween Havoc. Don’t count on that happening. They lock up and Dean takes Psych over with a headlock but he reverses it with a head scissor. Both men are back to their feet and Dean works on Psych’s arm. He rolls out though and applies a leg lock but Dean gets to the ropes. Back to the neutral position again and Dean hits a dropkick sending Psychosis to the outside. Dean follows but only sends his opponent back in. And now a fan enters the ring so both men kick him until security runs in to drag him away. Dean works over Psychosis in the corner but he ends up slamming the Ice Man then hitting a cartwheel kick sending Dean to the floor. Onoo goes to kick him, but Dean catches his foot and threatens to hit him until Psychosis makes the save for his manager. He throws Dean back in and hits a nice dropkick. He follows that up with a clothesline in the corner then tries it again but Dean put him on the top rope and pushes him over. Psychosis instead flips Dean out and hits a suicide dive on Malenko then throws him back in. He rolls Dean up with a victory roll for two and goes for a dropkick but Dean moves out of the way then hits a leg lariat for two. Psychosis goes up top and hits his top rope guillotine leg drop but it only gets two! Sonny Onoo argues with referee Mark Curtis over it but gets leveled by Dean Malenko. He then reverses a hurricanrana attempt by Psychosis into the Texas Cloverleaf for the win!

After the match, Jeff Jarrett and Queen Debra come out and Jarrett says he doesn’t want to wait until Sunday. He wants to fight Malenko right now. Dean goes after Jarrett but he back tracks and runs to the locker room. Debra grabs a microphone and calls Dean a little troll.

Gene is in the ring and wonders what it’s like to have to go home to THAT every night. He then says he is going to introduce the interim chairman of the executive committee. The replacement was selected earlier today and no one knows who it is. Join Gene as he welcomes…… BAGPIPES!? He’s back. Roddy Piper makes his way to the ring as the arena explodes and Gene is smiling from ear to ear. Piper says it’s like putting John Belushi in charge of the frat house. Brain: “And that’s mild.” Piper says he has been President of the WWF, which draws boos from the crowd and laughs from Piper. Hot Rod says he’s not putting up with anything from anyone. He’s changing three things. First, he will deliver us Sting vs. Hogan before the year is out. Secondly, he’ll make Hogan’s dreams come true by facing him at Halloween Havoc in a cage. And finally, he is taking Lex Luger and DDP out of War Games because they don’t have their heads on straight. In their place, he is inserting the rest of the Horsemen!

Ric Flair and Curt Hennig vs. Buff Bagwell and K-Dawg

The announcers are happy about Piper taking Page and Luger out of War Games because Team WCW will now be a cohesive unit. The match starts will all four men brawling in the ring. Flair and Hennig take control and the nWo bails. Once order is restored, Flair and Buff start out. Buff mocks Flair and Ric just watches. They lock up and Buff pounds away on Flair’s mid-section. Flair reverses and hits a sick chop. He throws Buff to the turnbuckle but he comes out with a clothesline then sends Ric in to the opposite corner and backdrops him. Buff gets in Nick Patrick’s face then tags in K-Dawg. He chokes Flair in the corner then quick tags Buff back in. Flair again fights back with chops until Buff hits him in the face then follows up with a dropkick. Buff poses again then sends Flair to the corner. Ric flips over then goes up top and, predictably, Bagwell stops him. He then suplexes Ric off the top rope and poses some more while K-Dawg screams for him to finish him off. Buff goes back up and tries for an elbow, which misses, so Ric tags in Curt. He backdrops both men then takes K-Dawg down with a dropkick. Hennig slams both men and wonders where everyone is now when the nWo bails. Buff comes up from behind and goes to the leg of Hennig while K-Dawg distracts him. Buff dumps Hennig to the floor and K-Dawg slams him into the steel steps. Back in and Buff goes to work on the leg of Hennig and tags in K-Dawg. Hennig tries to fight back but K-Dawg continues to go to the leg. K-Dawg goes for a kick to the face, but Hennig moves and tags in Flair. K-Dawg also tags Buff in. Flair goes bonkers with chops but Buff reverses an Irish whip into a power slam. He finally poses one too many times has he is attacked by Hennig when he flexes. Flair locks on the figure four but K-Dawg breaks it up, and again Hennig makes the save. Flair gets dumped and trips Buff up while Hennig applies the Hennig-Plex to K-Dawg to get the Horsemen the win! Mongo and Some Other Guy come out to celebrate the win in the aisle.

Lex Luger vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Kim brings out Page then heads to the back, as usual. They lock up and Luger shrugs Page off. They lock up again and Page throws Luger down with an arm drag. A third lock up and Luger goes to work on the arm of Page. DDP reverses it and applies a headlock. Luger also reverses so Page drives some elbows into his midsection. Luger hip tosses Page and takes him down. All of a sudden, Savage, Hall, Vincent, Norton and Liz makes their way down to ringside. Page dropped Luger to the floor right at the feet of the nWo so they attack him while Liz distracts the referee. Tony doesn’t think Page realized the nWo was out there when he dumped Luger. Brain thinks Page doesn’t even realize they did a number on Lex. Once he’s back in, DDP pancakes Luger and gets two. Iron Mike points out that Hall just gave the sign of the Diamond Cutter then reminds us that he introduced Page to the wrestling world. Luger shrugs off a Diamond Cutter attempt then hits a side suplex. He then hits a pair of running lariats but misses a third and goes flying over the top rope. The nWo goes to attack Luger again but this time Page makes the save! The two men are taking on the nWo together but are outnumbered until the Giant shows up! He destroys Norton and Vincent as the Milwaukee faithful throw Cheeseheads into the ring. DDP and Page take out Hall and Savage then celebrate together. Hall wears a cheesehead to the back as Luger and DPP shake hands and we’re…… out of time!

Next week, we’ll find out which members of the nWo the Four Horsemen faced in War games at Fall Brawl and discuss the outcome.

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