March 26, 2011
Steve Riddle

WWE No Way Out 2004
February 15th, 2004
The Cow Palace
San Francisco, California

Sunday Night Heat:
1. Tajiri, Akio, and Sakoda defeat Paul London, Billy Kidman, and Ultimo Dragon at 5:35.

Actual Show:

Torrie Wilson and Sable come out to plug their Playboy issue and welcome the crowd to No Way Out.

Your hosts are Michael Cole and Tazz.

We see the opening video for No Way Out.

1. Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty defeat the Bashams and Shaniqua in a handicap match when Rikishi pins Shaniqua at 8:16 to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The Buildup/Title Change: After weeks of ducking and sneak attacks by the Bashams, Rikishi and Scotty got their title shot on the 2/5 edition of Smackdown and won the tag titles. A rematch was made for the PPV and Shaniqua was added in after she kept getting involved in the Bashams’ matches.

Farewell: This is Linda Miles’ last PPV. She was taken off TV to sell the injuries, and she was not seen again. Rumor was she was becoming a pain backstage and was released late in the year. She currently lives in Cincinnati and is a substitute teacher.

Analysis: A pretty decent title match to kick off the show. The Bashams were steadly becoming a good tag team and Shaniqua played her role as their keeper well. It’s a shame she was released when she was, as she could have been a dominant heel diva. Scotty and Rikishi were on a roll, and Rikishi gets a nice pop in the arena where Peter Miavia headlined cards so many years ago. The champs start hot, but the Bashams wear Scotty down, with Shaniqua getting her shots in. She looked good here and wasn’t afraid to get physical with the big boys. Rikishi gets the tag and cleans house, including hitting a stiff Samoan drop and Banzai drop on Shaniqua, getting the win. Shaniqua is done and the Bashams would start to float. As for the champs, Rikishi is on borrowed time and Scotty is as well. Grade: 2

We see the open seat in the front row reserved for Goldberg.

We see the buildup for the next match.

2 Jamie Noble forced Nidia to submit at 4:23.

Stipulation: Noble had to be blindfolded for the match.

The Buildup: On Smackdown after the Rumble, Noble got a Cruiserweight title rematch against Rey Mysterio. He tried to use Nidia to his advantage, but it backfired and he lost. Nidia then revealed she could see again and knew about Noble’s harsh treatment of her. It was announced that the two would have a match, and Nidia revealed Noble would have to be blindfolded. She then placed her mink coat in a wood chipper just to leave Noble a message for the PPV.

Analysis: The feud has been simmering since Noble received his inheritance and Nidia was blinded by Tajiri, and now we come to this. Noble has to wear a hood to give Nidia an advantage, and Nidia uses it for all four minutes. It was simply four minutes of Noble being humiliated and the crowd heckling him. He then cheats by lifting the hood to see Nidia on the top rope, and throws her off. He then puts on a dragon sleeper for the win. These two are finished with each other, and both came out looking good, but Noble gets a pretty easy win. Grade: 1

We see clips from Smackdown this past Thrusday.

Josh Matthews interviews Kurt Angle, who says he doesn’t know who jumped him, but will compete tonight. John Cena comes in and says he is the kind of guy to knock someone out, but would do it right in their face. He then slaps Angle and the two scuffle until officials break it up.

3. The World’s Greatest Tag Team defeats the APA when Shelton Benjamin pins Bradshaw at 7:21.

The Buildup: On the Smackdown before the PPV, Bradshaw defeated Benjamin in a singles match. However, during the match, TWGTT injured Bradshaw’s arm, and Bradshaw comes out here with his arm heavily taped.

Analysis: Our next match is a solid filler match stemming from Smackdown a few nights ago. Bradshaw beat Benjamin, so now the teams face off. The APA have had a good run since reforming, but their days as a team are numbered. Haas and Benjamin continue to get better, but their days as a team are also numbered. TWGTT work on Faarooq’s arm for most of the match, until things break down into a brawl. Bradshaw hits the CFH on Haas, but Haas isn’t legal and Bradshaw hurts his arm, leading to a superkick from Benjamin and a win. Both teams see one more PPV, and then they are both done. A good match as we go to one of the crux’s for this show. Grade: 2

We see Goldberg arrive at the arena and take his seat.

We see highlights from the Royal Rumble where Lesnar cost Goldberg the Rumble match, and Steve Austin give Goldberg a front row ticket to No Way Out. We also see Goldberg hit Paul Heyman with a spear on RAW.

Paul Heyman comes out and tells Goldberg he’s glad Goldberg decided to come, but if he gets out of his seat, he will not hesitate to throw him in jail. Brock Lesnar comes out and taunts Goldberg, drawing him in the ring. The two duke it out and Goldberg hits the Jackhammer on Lesnar. Goldberg is then arrested by security, and Lesnar clears out of the ring just as Hardcore Holly comes out to try to get at Lesnar.

4. Hardcore Holly pins Rhyno with the AlabamaSlam at 9:54.

The Buildup: On Smackdown three nights ago, Holly and Rhyno fought and Rhyno was disqualified. A rematch was made for this show on Sunday Night Heat.

Analysis: Like the previous match, this was a last-minute addition and was simply time killer before the three big matches. Holly had his cup of coffee in the main events and was back to the midcard, and Rhyno was going nowhere soon. Both men use their power and are very stiff with their moves, as it is just two angry men knocking each other around. Rhyno then works on the midsection, eventually hits the Gore, but Holly rolls out of the ring saving himself. Holly hits his spinebuster and wins. Both men move on and the crowd could care less, but the energy would pick up with our next match. Grade: 2

We see an ad for the Monday Night War DVD.

We see an ad for Smackdown.

We see the buildup for the next match.

We see a cryptic video, which says “In 28 Days, The Dead Will Rise Again”.

5. Chavo Guerrero (w/ Chavo Guerrero Sr.) pins Rey Mysterio (w/ Jorge Paez) with a roll-up at 17:21 to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

The Buildup: On the 1/29 edition of Smackdown, Eddie Guerrero was found laid out by an attack. The Chavos came in and Rey, who was there tending to Eddie, assumed it was Chavo who attacked Eddie. Chavo then said that he had a problem with Rey, saying he wasn’t embarrased of his heritage and doesn’t hide behind a mask. Paul Heyman then made a match between the two for the Cruiserweight strap. Chavo promised he would take the title and take Rey’s mask. Rey countered by saying he would have his friend and boxing great Jorge Paez in his corner, who made an impact by knocking Chavo Sr. out.

Analysis: Our first of the three big matches of the card features two men who would face each other several times on PPV over the next few years. Rey was rolling champ and Chavo was still hot as a heel despite being squashed at the Rumble. Add Chavo Sr. and Paez in the mix and you got a recipe for a great match. The action starts off fast and furious as Mysterio and Chavo feel each other out, until Sr. gets involved. Paez lays a vicious left hook to Sr., knocking him out, but that gets Paez ejected. With the outside interference in check, Rey and Chavo put on a luchadore clinic. Rey uses his high flying offense, until Chavo starts to work the midsection and wear Rey down. Chavo even hits a gutbuster off the top rope that looked sick. Chavo can’t put Rey away and Rey makes his comeback, including hitting a sweet moonsault that almost hits Chavo right on the top of his head. Rey hits the 619, but Chavo counters the senton into a single leg crab, but Rey grabs the rope. Rey goes up top, but Sr. awakens in time to throw him off. Chavo takes advantage with a rollup and is the new Cruiserweight champ. It was actually a little bit of a shocker, but it was the right thing that really helped put Chavo over as a solid midcard heel. Just a fantastic match during a time when the Cruiserweight title actually meant something. Chavo steals a win, but his issues with Rey are far from over. Grade: 4

We see an ad for Mick Foley’s Greatest Hits and Misses DVD.

Josh Matthews interviews Chavo Guerrero outside Eddie Guerrero’s locker room, who says that he’s a winner and that Eddie is and always will be a loser.

We see the tale of the tape for the triple threat match.

6. Kurt Angle defeats the Big Show and John Cena in a triple threat match when he forces Cena to submit at 12:18.

Stipulation: The winner would receive a WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania XX.

The Buildup: After the main event for No Way Out was announced, Paul Heyman began contemplating who would be the number one contender at WM. He originally had a choice between Angle and Show, but Cena, who Heyman denied a chance earlier, came out and cut a fierce rap on the three. Angle and Show demanded a chance at Cena, and Heyman announced a triple threat match with the winner receiving a title shot.

Analysis: A highly important triple threat with a trip to Mania at stake. All three men were rolling going into this event, particularly Cena who cuts a scathing rap before the match to win the crowd. Big Show, who was still US Champion, was on a dominate tear and Angle was looking to regain his composure after a few key losses. All three men start out hot, with Show dominating most of the match. He works mostly on Cena’s knee, which was still hurt after taking the fall at the Rumble. Angle and Cena try to work together, but then turn on each other. The three then hit their finishers in succession, but no one will stay down. In the end, Show throws Cena’s knee into the turnbuckle, which looked very stiff. Angle takes Show out, then puts the Anklelock on Cena, getting him to tap. A big win for Angle, but all three men looked strong here, again especially Cena has the higher ups now saw him as a potential main eventer. For now, Angle gets the title shot and awaits who he will face at WM, while Show and Cena have unfinished business. Grade: 3

We see an ad for the WWE Originals CD.

We see the tale of the tape for the main event.

We see the buildup for the main event.

7. Eddie Guerrero pins Brock Lesnar with the Frog Splash at 30:07 to win the WWE Championship.

The Buildup: After Chris Benoit announced his WM intentions (more on that at WM XX), on the 1/29 Smackdown, Paul Heyman announced a Smackdown Royal Rumble featuring the 15 Smackdown representatives from the Royal Rumble, with the winner facing Brock Lesnar at No Way Out. Eddie was added as a replacement to the injured Matt Morgan, but Eddie was assulted before the match and sent to the hospital. He would return and win the match, last eliminating Kurt Angle. Lesnar would then up the stakes by bringing up Eddie’s drug laden past, saying he would never be champion. He even brought in a mariachi band to celebrate his victory. Eddie got the last word when on Smackdown three nights ago, he pinned Lesnar in a tag match.

Analysis: We finally come to our main event and for the challenger, it is the culmination of a life of personal demons and years of just coming shy of breaking the glass ceiling. Eddie was the unlikely challenger to the dominant champion, who comes out not long removed since taking the Jackhammer. The announcers play it up that Lesnar is now pissed, and Eddie now has no chance. The beginning is just as many thought, Lesnar using his power to pick apart Eddie, while Eddie tries to go after Lesnar’s knee. A sick shot was Eddie going for a hurricana, but Lesnar caught him with a powerbomb and Eddie landing on the back of his head. I liked how it seemed like everytime Eddie tried to gain advantage, Lesnar would shoot him down. Eddie would get the knee and work it over with the STF and Figure-4, but Lesnar was still too powerful. Lesnar would try to wear Eddie out with his submissions, getting more desperate as the match goes on, going has far to shout just die to Eddie. The crowd is on the edge of their seats throughout the whole match, hanging on to belief that Eddie would pull it out. Eddie hits the Three Amigos, but misses the Frog Splash and may have lost his chance. Lesnar hits a wicked F-5, but the ref takes a shot as well. Lesnar grabs the belt to use it, but suddenly Goldberg comes out and lays Brock out with a Spear, bringing the crowd to a frenzy. Eddie still can’t get the win, and Brock tries another F-5, but Eddie counters with a DDT onto the title belt. He then hits the Frog Splash and gets the three, garnerning one of the hugest pops of all time. Eddie Guerrero, a man who a short three years ago wouldn’t have even been considered for the main event, is now the WWE Champion and will headline Wrestlemania. It was a true emotional moment for Eddie, and one that was long overdue for a company man like Eddie. This was a great main event and the right man went over. Grade: 4.5

Eddie celebrates with the title as we go off the air.

Final Analysis: This was actually a much better show than I think many give it credit for. The first two matches are decent, with Rikishi and Scotty still on top of the tag ranks. The next two was simple filler bread to sandwich the steak that was the Lesnar/Goldberg confrontation. The last three matches are the gems, with Chavo now king of the Cruiserweights, Kurt Angle is heading back to WM, and Eddie Guerrero was now on top of Smackdown as the WWE Champion. We now head to WM, which takes place in the World’s Most Famous Arena, and with both shows cooking, Eddie and Kurt look to steal the show. Overall, a very good show and highly recommended, especially to relieve the biggest night of Eddie Guerrero’s life. Final Grade: B

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