March 7, 2006
Matt Peddycord

WWE No Way Out 2006
February 19, 2006
Baltimore, MD
First Mariner Arena

Your hosts are Cole & Tazz!

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Funaki vs. Super Crazy vs. Psicosis vs. Nunzio vs. Kid Kash

The rules for this one are that everyone will be in the ring at the same time and first man to score a pinfall walks out with the title. Helms said on the previous Smackdown that he could beat any cruiserweight on the roster, so GM Teddy Long did just that. He stuck eight cruiserweights in a match to shut Helms up. Helms decides to chicken out on the floor while everyone fights in the ring to start things off. Scotty is juking and jiving all over Nunzio. London sends Nunzio down off a corner whip with a top-rope mule kick. Kendrick helps London flip out of a back suplex from Scotty, and they give Scotty a double team dropkick. Scotty and Nunzio roll out to the floor, as the Mexicools dump Kendrick and London to the outside. They follow up with STEREO planchas! Helms still hasn’t got in the ring yet. Meanwhile, Funaki and Kash trade blows in the ring. Kash nails Funaki with a quick back suplex and then misses a springboard moonsault. Funaki hits a bulldog and goes for a cover, but Helms makes his first move by breaking up the count. Helms stomps Kash as all the cruiserweights get back in the ring. Everybody gets their licks in on Helms. No reaction from the crowd whatsoever. London hits a rana on Psicosis, but then turns around into a missile dropkick from Crazy. Mexicools double-whip Kendrick into the corner and charge, but they both eat a boot. Kendrick tries a double-dropkick on them, but they both get out of the way. The Mexicools do that double-team rolling leg grapevine neck snap move on Kendrick. They REALLY need a name for it. Crazy covers him, but Helms is there to break up the three. Helms dumps Psicosis and Kendrick, but then gets blindsided by London. They fight for a bit in the corner. London hits a basement dropkick Helms in the face down in the corner! Scotty drops Kash with a back suplex, and then a kip-up. Helms doesn’t like Scotty dancing, so he comes by and gives him a top-spin facebuster. Helms makes a cover, but this time Kash breaks it up. They do a stand-off and then they just start slugging each other. Scotty school boys Kash, but Helms and Nunzio break up the pin. Kash dumps Helms with some assistance from Scotty who was out on the apron. Scotty leaps out onto Helms with a somersault. Kash counters a Psicosis-powerbomb and then dumps him. Kash springs out onto Psicosis for a beautiful rana takedown. Meanwhile, Nunzio hits the SICILIAN SLICE on London in the ring! He covers, but Kendrick breaks up the count. Funaki gets back in as well, and he and Nunzio try to double-team Kendrick, but they end up eating a double-dropkick from Kendrick after being elevated in the air by London! London and Kendrick go to the top rope and leap out on top of Scotty, Nunzio and Funaki! Back in the ring, Crazy comes off the ropes for some sort of plancha, but Helms cuts him off with a running back elbow. Crazy ducks the SHINING WIZARD from Helms and hits a spinning back kick. He covers, but Kendrick breaks up the count. Kendrick drops Helms with SLICED BREAD #2, but Crazy breaks up the pin. London goes up and nails a back senton, but can’t get the three. Scotty gives him a superkick to send him rolling to the floor. Scotty hits the bulldog on Helms, setting him up for the W-O-R-M! He connects and covers, but Psicosis pulls him out from the floor. Psicosis covers, but Kash comes in to break it up. Kash flips out of a German suplex from Psicosis and lands on his feet. Kash goes for the DEAD LEVEL and he gets it real good! Kash covers, but Crazy moonsaults in to save his partner! Helms takes advantage of the situation and sneaks a cover on Psicosis for the three! (9:42) Another solid PPV match from the cruiserweights, as they actually got to do the very style that differs them from the heavyweights that earned them a title in the first place. ***

BOOKER T & SHARMELL are in the back with GM Teddy Long. They BEG Teddy to stop his match with Benoit from happening. That’s all that they AXE! Teddy says if he doesn’t defend the title, he’ll forfeit it and Benoit will be the champ.

Meanwhile, FIT FINLAY complains about not having a fight tonight, so he kidnaps that new announcer chick Kristal and takes her out to the ring. LASHLEY makes the save, which seems to be just what Finlay wanted. They go at it for a bit until JBL’s music hits and in comes the limo! JBL runs down to ringside and tries to sucker punch Lashley, but it ain’t happening tonight!

Lashley vs. JBL (w/Jillian Hall)

Finlay gets escorted to the back as the bell sounds. Lashley no-sells JBL’s offense to start so Lashley fights back. That doesn’t last too long as Lashley eats a boot and then JBL follows up with a shoulderblock. Lashley comes back with a back drop and then an elbow drop. They go to the floor where JBL uses Jillian to get a cheap shot in on Lashley. Lashley stays strong and makes JBL eat the steel steps. Jillian hits Lashley in the back with her clipboard, but that doesn’t work at all. Lashley turns back around to JBL and gives him a belly-to-belly on the floor! Back in, Lashley hits a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley looked to be going for another one, but JBL shrugs him off and sends him falling out to the floor. Lashley tries to get back in, but JBL big boots him off the apron. JBL goes out after him and sends him face-first to the steps, not once but twice. “JBL Sucks” chants go up. Back in, JBL goes up TOP and hits an elbow drop on Lashley for two. JBL hits a pair of neckbreakers and then a whole bunch of elbow drops for only a two count. Lashley comes back with rights, but JBL cuts him off with a sleeper. After he’s had that on for a good while, JBL slides over into a cover for two. That was a very smart move that you hardly ever see wrestlers do. JBL kicks the crap out of Lashley all over the ring. JBL goes to the top again, but Lashley catches him with a powerslam in mid-air. Lashley is all over JBL with knockdowns. Lashley delivers FOUR belly-to-belly throws. JBL slides out of the DOMINATOR and goes for the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL, but Lashley ducks it and gives him a T-bone for two! Fit Finlay comes back down to ringside and tosses ring announcer Tony Chimel into the ring. While ref Nick Patrick is assisting Chimel, Finlay comes back and nails Lashley with the shillelagh! JBL comes off the ropes with the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! That’ll do it! 1-2-3! (10:57) Lashley’s undefeated streak ends here. They try and give him the standing ovation treatment, but it sounds like only ten people in the front row really care about making him feel better. *˝

42 days until the “BIG TIME!” When I say “BIG TIME”, I mean Wrestlemania 22!

Ring Announcer Tony Chimel introduces tonight’s special guest, BATISTA! The crowd goes CRAZY. He’s here for three reasons 1) he wants to see Angle vs. Undertaker. 2) He misses the crowd. “BATISTA!” chants start up. 3) He wants to let everybody know that his tricep is no longer torn. He puts over Angle and Undertaker as great opponents he would love to face for the title. But no matter who’s the champ, he will reclaim his title. Oh yes, he will be back.

In the back, Orton stops by Angle’s locker room while he’s watching what just went down. Orton says he and Taker don’t have to worry about Batista because neither one of them will be World Champion after Wrestlemania, because he’s going to be the champ. Maybe then, he’ll get the respect he deserves. Orton’s mad at Angle for telling Rey not to worry about him. Yeah, that would piss me off too. Angle tells Orton he’s not even focused on him, because he’s focused on the Undertaker and then walks out on Orton.

JBL and Jillian are at Instant Access!

WWE Tag Team Champions MNM (w/Melina) vs. Matt Hardy and Tatanka - non-title match

This was supposed to be a tag partner of Matt’s choosing, but all the anticipation the audience might’ve had totally gets deflated once they realized his partner is just Tatanka. This was an open challenge match so if they win this match, Hardy and Tatanka get a title shot. Mercury tried to get the upper hand on Hardy at the start, but makes a mistake for Hardy to go on the attack. Tatanka tags in to at least a good reaction and works on Mercury’s arm. Mercury delivers a knee to the gut and makes a tag to Nitro. Tatanka works the arm for a bit and then tags in Hardy to give Nitro a double back drop. Mercury comes in and gets nailed for a double leg-lift slam. Mercury distracts Matt with a neck snap on the top rope to give the advantage back to MNM. Nitro chokes Hardy up in the ropes and then gets admonished by the ref for Melina to get a nice slap across his face. Mercury tags in and they give Matt a double suplex, which Matt counters into a double neckbreaker! That was pretty cool. Hardy makes the tag to Tatanka and he’s goes chop crazy on MNM. Mercury bails off a whip, but Tatanka goes out after him and chops him all over ringside. Mercury grabs hold of Tatanka’s legs so he can’t move for Nitro to hit him with a dropkick off the apron. Back in, MNM make frequent tags to make most of their offense a 2-on-1 advantage. Finally, Mercury hooks on a sleeper. Tatanka fights out, but falls victim to a Mercury neckbreaker for two. Mercury gets nailed coming off the top and then takes an inverted atomic drop. Nitro tags in and comes off the top, but Tatanka side steps his clothesline and drops him with a clothesline. Tatanka makes the tag to Hardy and he goes nuts on MNM. He hits a tilt-a-whirl side slam on Nitro and then takes both MNM guys down with a running bulldog-clothesline combo move. Matt hits an AHHHHH middle rope elbow drop on Mercury and then a Side Effect for Nitro. Matt calls for the TWIST OF FATE, but gets shoved off into a superkick from Nitro. Matt doesn’t stay down for long as he comes back with a double clothesline. He tags in Tatanka for a double tomahawk chop for both MNM members. Tatanka does his war dance and sets up Mercury for the PAPOOSE TO GO. Meanwhile, Matt’s got Nitro set up for the TWIST OF FATE! STEREO FINISHERS! Tatanka covers Mercury for the three-count! (10:28) How can you really fear the heel tag champs when they’re made to look like this to freakin’ Tatanka? Anyways, Hardy and Tatanka got their tag titles shot on the following Smackdown, but lost by MNM cheating. See what I mean? **

WWE U.S. Champion Booker T (w/Sharmell) vs. Chris Benoit

Booker tells us he’s too hurt to compete and that he can’t defend the title when he’s hurt. He says he can beat Benoit any day of the week when he’s healthy. Teddy Long waddles down to the ring like a retarded duck. Booker decides to forfeit the title and starts to leave as Benoit starts a “coward” chant. Benoit’s not the fun-loving kinda guy I could see starting up chants at wrestling shows. Booker is all “Tell me he didn’t just say that!” Benoit says he won’t accept the title on a forfeit, and tells Booker to get his butt in the ring and take defeat like a man. OH SNAP! Sharmell tells Benoit that it’s all his fault and slaps him in the face. Sharmell is only talking to Benoit so he’ll turn his back on Booker to ATTACK HIM FROM BEHIND! YEAHHH! Ring that bell, this one is under way! Booker controls Benoit to start with chops and such. Cole ~ “Now it dawns on me, this was a setup all along!” Calling Mr. Obvious? Benoit ducks a spin kick and gives Booker a chop to take over. They go to the floor and fight around ringside. Back in, Booker goes in first, therefore giving him back the quick advantage. Benoit blocks a suplex and then reverses it into one of his own. Benoit gets a back suplex for two. Benoit chops the life out of Booker in the corner. Booker tries to get a pin using the ropes, but Benoit rolls through that. Benoit sends Booker to the floor with a baseball slide. He drives Booker’s back into the security wall and then into the steel steps. Booker tells the ref he’s re-injured his groin and that he can’t continue. It makes no sense considering he went shoulder-first into the steps. Of course it’s a setup and he pulls Benoit into the steps. He takes Benoit face-first to the steps again before going back in the ring. Booker gives him a side kick for two. Booker works the arm with an overhead wristlock, which Benoit punches out of it. Booker grabs hold of Benoit for a few amateur takedowns, but Benoit escapes. Booker locks on a full-nelson, but Benoit fights out and delivers a German suplex. Benoit goes the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE, but Booker stays off his belly. Booker gets up and gives Benoit a spinning heel kick for two. Booker puts on a sleeper hold now. Tazz (to Cole) ~ “I’m glad you’re not my friend.” You and I both, man. Benoit stays in the hold for a good long while. Now for the cliché, Benoit’s arms go limp twice but the third time is the start of the comeback. He reverses into a back suplex. Benoit immediately runs into a hotshot. Booker delivers a pair of vertical suplexes for two. Booker starts to chop on Benoit, which only gets Benoit fired up. Benoit whips Booker into the corner and then runs into a boot. Booker goes for the SCISSOR KICK, but Benoit avoids it and delivers the THREE AMIGOS for two! Booker reverses a whip for another spin kick. Booker goes up top, but Benoit is there to meet him for a superplex! He covers, but it only gets two. Benoit comes off the ropes, but gets caught in a spinebuster from Booker. Booker goes up top again and tries for the HARLEM HANGOVER, but Benoit rolls out of the way. Here comes Benoit with the Hat Trick of German suplexes for Booker. Now Benoit goes to the top, so Sharmell gets up on the apron to distract him. Benoit never learns! Booker comes by and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Booker gets the SCISSOR KICK! He covers for a near-fall! Benoit counters the Jack Brisco rollup out of the corner into a SHARPSHOOTER! Booker kicks him off of him before he can apply it, inadvertedly knocking Sharmell off the apron. Benoit ducks another axe kick and applies the SHARPSHOOTER for real this time! When Booker won’t tap, he floats over to the CROSSFACE where he definitely will tap and does so accordingly! Benoit regains the US TITLE! (18:07) At the beginning, it was kind of slow. But by the last five minutes or so, the momentum was built and they rocked the house. Will this be the end to the Benoit/Booker feud? I hope not because these two need a cage match. SNME 2006, maybe? ***1/4

We go to the back and see Benoit celebrate with all the babyfaces, including Pat Patterson! Watch the hands there, Pat. Chavo and Vicki Guerrero (Eddie’s widow) are in the back as well. Rey was there when Benoit walked through the curtain and now he’s at the end of the line with the Guerreros? That guy is FAST! Benoit lets Rey know he’s doing this for Eddie and everyone who loves him! Yeah, there’s no pressure or anything. Rey needs a “Good Luck” hug from Vicki. Chavo looks left out. Ok, it’s getting a little creepy for me.

Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio - Winner faces the World Champ at WrestleMania 22

“Eddie” chants go up at the bell as Cole runs through the history for the Latinos at No Way Out. Notice how he didn’t mention Rey lost the CW title to Chavo in 2004. Orton rules at the cockiness and the mental mind games that a heel needs who is not the greatest on ring psychology. Orton overpowers Rey with takedowns to start things off just to show Rey up. Rey teases another collar-and-elbow (when was the last time you heard a tie-up called THAT?), but Rey kicks him in the gut and takes Orton to the mat with a headlock. Orton stands up out of that, but goes back down to a wheelbarrow bulldog for two. Rey goes to the corner and delivers a ten-count punch. Orton staggers around only to fool Rey into making a mistake and miss a springboard crossbody. Orton starts on the offense by kicking and slinging Rey from corner to corner. Orton takes a second to mock Eddie, so Rey takes a second to kick him in the face! Rey delivers a headscissors that sends Orton flying out to the floor. Rey comes off the apron trying for a ‘rana, but Orton catches him and swings him into the ringpost. Back in, Orton goes to work on the arm with a hammerlock. I thought the ringpost hit him flush in the ribs? Rey breaks free of the hammerlock. Orton catches Rey off the ropes and delivers a Canadian neckbreaker for two. Well, that doesn’t make sense. Orton now goes to an arm ringer. Rey escapes and gives Orton a ‘rana. They go to the floor where Orton stays on the arm by slamming Rey’s arm into the steel steps. Back in, he covers for two. Orton takes Rey into the corner and works his arm all up in the ropes. Orton goes for that Canadian neckbreaker again, but Rey slips out of it and armdrags Orton out to the floor. Orton comes back in and runs into a forearm. Orton makes another mistake and runs into a drop toe hold that sends him face-first into the second turnbuckle. Rey goes up top, but Orton stops him and goes for a SUPER ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! Rey is able to counter into a sunset flip powerbomb from the top! That gets a near-fall. Rey comes off the ropes and dropkicks Orton’s knee, then delivers a springboard seated senton. Rey comes off the ropes again with a running neck snap for two. Rey tries a quebrada, but Orton catches him. Rey counters it and tries a DDT, but Orton falls on his back to botch the move! That could’ve dislocated Rey’s elbow. Rey covers for two. Orton goes to the eyes, but then corner charges into a boot. Rey comes off the top, but Orton catches him on the way down with a dropkick. Orton sets up for the RKO, but Rey surprises HIM with a super fast dropkick. Orton stumbles onto the second rope which sets him up for the 619! Orton sees it coming on the Titantron and ducks it. He rolls up Rey and grabs hold of the rope for the three-count. (17:28) Rey let the world down! Orton has mic while walking up the entryway. “Guess what? I’m going to the main event at Wrestlemania! Where are you going?” It was a good match. With the right guy, Orton can have good matches. The psychology had some problems, but overall it was good. Orton fits as a heel because he’s just not good enough to be a face. He shows great charisma and cockiness that you can’t teach and people LOVE/HATE him for it. I loved the finish because it showed that Orton literally treated Rey with complete disrespect from bell to bell. If he had just gotten an RKO and pinned him, it just wouldn’t have been the same. Rey still rocks. I have a feeling that he always will. ***

Rey is met in the back by the Guerreros and tells them that he let their whole family down. They don’t care because they’re proud of him anyways. Rey walks by the babyfaces, but they’re all like, “Awkwaaaaard” and don’t say anything. Well, Super Crazy wanted a hug but Psicosis holds him back. Rey walks to the back alone while beating on the walls in disappointment.

World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker

Taker goes right after Angle, but Angle is able to dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge him to start. Angle pisses off Taker by shoving him in the back, so Taker goes crazy on him. Angle rolls out of the ring to avoid ALL of that. Back in, Taker works over Angle’s arm and shoulder for a good while. Taker goes for Old School, but Angle nails him in the face to put a stop to it. Taker counters a whip out of the corner into an arm whip. He goes for Old School again and this time it works. Taker hits the Snake Eyes, but Angle ducks the big boot and catches Taker for a German suplex. Angle punishes Taker in the corner with stomps and shoulder blocks. Taker counters a whip into the far side corner and follows in with a running knee to the face. Taker charges again, but Angle ducks out of the way. Taker gets knocked off the apron onto the barricade. Angle sends Taker face-first into the steel steps, but then Angle is caught coming off the apron and then driven spine-first into the ringpost. Taker sets Angle on the apron and delivers a legdrop across the throat. Back in, Taker goes for a chokeslam but Angle kicks him away. Now Angle goes after Taker’s left knee. He posts his knee a couple times and then applies the ringpost figure-four. Back in, Angle stomps away on Taker’s knee and then goes all Ric Flair on Taker by splashing his knee against the ropes. Taker tosses Angle to the floor out of desperation. Taker sets Angle up on the apron again for another legdrop, but Angle counters it with an ANKLELOCK out on the floor! Angle goes in to break the count and then comes back out to apply the hold once again. Back in, Angle applies a legbar but Taker kicks out of it. Angle comes back with a double-leg takedown, but Taker counters that with a TRIANGLE CHOKE! Angle makes the ropes. Angle rolls out to the floor to try and rejuvenate himself. Taker goes out after him and attacks him out on the floor. He even tosses him into Tony Chimel! That guy has had a rough night! Tazz ~ “Better Chimel than us.” Weren’t you a wrestler once? Geez. Taker sets up the Cole/Tazz announce table, but Angle catches Taker and drives him through the SAT with an ANGLESLAM! Angle cusses ref Nick Patrick out for trying to count out the Undertaker. Angle rocks your face off. He goes back out to the floor and pounds on Taker, but then gets whipped into the steel steps. Back in, Taker goes up top possibly for his flying clothesline, but Angle pops up and tries a superplex. Angle gets knocked back down to the mat, but then he comes back up and delivers a SUPER BELLY-TO-BELLY THROW. Angle covers for two. Angle comes off the ropes, but runs into a boot for two. Taker goes for the chokeslam, but Angle rolls through into the ANKLELOCK! Taker pulls Angle into the TRIANGLE CHOKE! Angle counters THAT into another ANKLELOCK! Taker rolls Angle off of him and then gives Angle a CHOKESLAM! That gets a near-fall! Now it’s time for the LAST RIDE! Or is it? Angle rolls out of that into another ANKLELOCK! Taker kicks him off again, but swings his way into an ANGLESLAM! Angle covers, but it only gets two. Angle can’t believe it! He pulls down the straps so he can finally get serious! They trade blows. Angle comes off the ropes and Taker catches him for the TOMBSTONE! Angle reverses it into a Tombstone of his own. Taker reverses it again but Angle rolls down into the ANKLELOCK! Angle grapevines the leg! OH SNAP! Taker rolls over so that he’s able to kick Angle repeatedly in the face to get him off of him. Both men back up, Angle delivers ANOTHER ANGLESLAM! Angle tries a rollup of sorts, but Taker pulls him in the TRIANGLE CHOKE again! Kurt looks like he’s going to pass out! The arm falls twice but on the third time, Angle flips over into a pinning predicament with Taker’s shoulders down on the mat for the three-count! ANGLE RETAINS! (29:48) Tazz tries to say that since Taker was the aggressor that his shoulders shouldn’t have been counted. Well, if they want to say that it was a controversial finish for the REMATCH on Smackdown, then that’s cool with me! Taker is another guy that can have great matches with great competitors, and Angle is capable of having a great match with just about anybody. Add these two together and you’ve got an excellent match. I would say that this was definitely Taker’s best non-gimmicked match since 1997; bar none. I would also go as far as to say that this is Angle’s greatest successful PPV title defense outside of Angle/Benoit at the Rumble 2003. ****

Take a look…
Angle vs. Taker - Survivor Series 2000 - fluke win for the so-called fluke champion
Hell-in-a-Cell - Armageddon 2000 - Gimmick match and a fluke win
Angle vs. HHH - Royal Rumble 2001 - Austin gave HHH a stunner to set up the pinfall
Angle vs. Benoit - Royal Rumble 2003 - one of the best matches ever
Angle vs. Lesnar - SummerSlam 2003 - not nearly what it should've been
Angle vs. Henry - Royal Rumble 2006 - no good whatsoever
Angle vs. Taker - No Way Out 2006 - excellent match

There ya go.

Final Thoughts: Well, January was a bad showing for both WWE and TNA on the PPV level, and WWE had two tries at it and failed both times to put on something great. February, however, was completely opposite. But since we’re talking about WWE here, let me mention that I’ve seen better Smackdown matches than Raw matches so far in 2006. Maybe the pendulum has swung back to Smackdown as my favorite brand after two years of dominance from the Raw guys. I give No Way Out 2006 thumbs in the middle leaning up. That means go get it because it’s worth a look, but it’s not a must-have.

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