March 17, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for March 16, 2010
From Los Angeles

While so many people are relishing and paying attention to the miserable failure that has been Monday Night Impact, we cannot overlook how poorly NXT has fared in the ratings so far. It has quickly fallen to the low levels which ECW was at near the end of its run. One would think you would see some changes in the product immediately, because though the show has been fun most of the time, it hasn’t connected with enough people to make a difference.

Matt Striker announced the first votes will be cast in two weeks to send someone off of the show.

Darren Young & CM Punk v. Justin Gabriel & Matt Hardy
Young and Gabriel opened up, exchanging holds which Gabriel got the best of. He arm dragged Young to the corner and tagged out to Hardy. They setup a double team where Gabriel connected with poetry in motion. Gabriel got a near fall with a sunset flip. Young eventually snuck in a quick knee on Gabriel and tagged out to Punk. After landing a few strikes, Punk did the cheap heat in the corner where he hid between the ropes. Young was tagged back in and back dropped Gabriel to the apron. Gabriel landed on his feet and came in with a springboard crossbody which missed. They then did a cool spot where Young had Gabriel suspended on the ropes, bounced him off and kicked him in the gut coming down. He then threw Gabriel to the canvas and to the floor. Punk then rammed Gabriel into the steps as the match went to break. After the break, Gabriel made a comeback on Young, setting him up for the 450 splash. Young rolled out of the way while Gabriel at least got to show-off his move. The heels then retained the advantage for a bit longer. Gabriel eventually countered a Punk springboard move with a dropkick. Hardy got the hot tag and went to work clotheslines and a bulldog for a near fall. A side effect led to another near fall. Punk managed to tag out to Young. They did a clothesline spot where both men tumbled to the floor. Luke Gallows ran a distraction there which backfired when Hardy hit the side effect on the floor. Hardy rolled inside, but CM Punk came from behind and connected with the go to sleep. Young then covered Hardy for the near fall.
After the match, Luke Gallows put down Hardy and Gabriel. As Young tried to celebrate with his teammates, they turned on him with Gallows using his finisher. That’s just silly booking – a swerve for the sake of a swerve – which is completely needless on a show where there are too many teacher v. student feuds.
Young (2-1) & Punk d. Gabriel (2-1) & Hardy.

Great Khali v. Daniel Bryan
Terrific. Khali started with a chop to the chest and got Bryan up for a power bomb. But Bryan countered into a guillotine choke (which sounds a lot better than its old name: front face lock). Khali broke out but ate a couple of kicks from Bryan. From the top rope, Bryan then connected with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Bryan tried again but Khali countered with a chop to the head and then the tree slam for the pin. That’s not all folks. Big Show then came out and choke slammed Bryan.
The first three losses which Bryan suffered were at least defensible in some way (although there’s no way I would have had him submit so quickly to Jericho, particularly when he has the gimmick of a submission artist). This loss, however, is just baffling is Khali is a walking cartoon character who has no credibility as a wrestler. To have him lose here wouldn’t have hurt him at all; but Bryan certainly cannot afford to be booked like a jobber anymore. Colin Delaney got a win by his eighth match on TV; I wonder how long it will take Bryan? Also, they have changed their minds and obnoxious Michael Cole is back again
Khali d. Bryan (0-4)

They replayed the same David Otunga video from last week.

Heath Slater v. Michael Tarver
Slater held the early advantage with a flying forearm and then sending Tarver to the floor. Slater then hit a corkscrew tope, the highlight of his WWE run so far, onto Tarver on the floor. Of course, they followed that up by having Tarver get the advantage once they reentered the ring as Slater missed a Stinger splash. Tarver worked a rest hold for a bit before Slater came back with a dropkick and flapjack. Tarver reversed an Irish whip but missed a charge. Slater rolled up Tarver for the win. This was pretty good for what its was, but the crowd was very quiet throughout.
After the match, Tarver attacked Slater from behind with a suplex. Backstage, Carlito smirked at Christian as they watched the match together. I would rank Tarver as one of the favorites to be eliminated in two weeks. Having one of the two low-card coaches doesn’t help matters as I imagine WWE is going to want the stars around on the show as long as possible.
Slater (3-0) d. Tarver (0-2)

Backstage, Skip Sheffield and William Regal kept interrupting each other as Regal tried to give a pep talk and Sheffield tried to interject constantly.

Skip Sheffield d. Wade Barrett
Barrett took the lead and hit a double-axe handle off of the second rope. They both rolled to the floor where Sheffield tried to slam Barrett on the floor. But the Briton slipped out and shoved Sheffield into the post. Barrett continued to work on the back inside of the ring. Sheffield eventually made a comeback with clotheslines and a body slam. Skip did his strut and hit a big splash for a near fall. “Vintage Skip Sheffield!”, exclaimed Josh Matthews. The finish came when Sheffield went to the middle rope and gazed at Regal looking for help. The hesitation allowed Barrett to catch him with a slam. Barrett hit a slam from a fireman’s carry for the deciding pinfall.
Barrett (2-1) d. Sheffield (0-2)

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