June 26, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

NXT TV Report for June 22, 2010
From Manchester, New Hampshire

The new hostess, Ashley Valance, took Matt Striker’s place as the emcee on this show. She discussed the fan voting and introduced the pros. His tone delivery and diction were almost exactly like Striker’s, which tells you how scripted the announcers are.

MVP & Percy Watson v. Miz & Alex Riley
Riley started with Watson, who wrestled with the glasses (but with a strap around his head) again. Interestingly, they went right to a side headlock and had Watson take a bump off of a shoulder tackle, which drew attention to the fact that the glasses never came off. Watson used a dropkick and a sloppy drop toe hold to gain the early edge. Watson and MVP hit a double hip toss and sent Riley to the floor. Miz started yelling at Riley and demanded to be tagged in. He hit a suplex that dislodged the glasses from Watson’s face. Miz and Riley did some double teaming in the corner. Watson did get the hot tag to MVP, who used the ballin’ elbow drop on Riley. They did a simultaneous tag where Watson came in and hit a mistimed flying chop on Miz. Watson then hit a big splash which led to Riley making a save on a pinfall attempt. As all four men were in the ring, Miz hit a hot shot and the skull crushing finale for the pin.
Miz & Riley (2-0) d. MVP & Watson (1-1)

They aired a video package on Titus O’Neil who brought up his difficult upbringing and his playing football for the Florida Gators. He claimed he was in the UF Hall of Fame; that’s highly dubious considered he started only a handful of games there (which is still impressive).

Titus O’Neil v. Michael McGillicutty
O’Neil caught McGillicutty going for a Thesz press and slammed him in the corner. O’Neil hit a lariat for a near fall. A “Daniel Bryan” chant broke out; by the way, it’s interesting that the one thing WWE was successful in doing in getting everyone to use that name instead of Bryan Danielson. The two rookies then blew a spot where McGillicutty ended up awkwardly tumbling over the back of O’Neil. I’m not even sure what they were going for there. O’Neil hit a body slam but missed a big splash. McGillicutty then got the win with his swinging neckbreaker finisher.
McGillicutty (2-0) d. O’Neil (0-2)

Kaval v. Eli Cottonwood
Yes, they really booked this match. Kaval tried with some kicks which didn’t budge Cottonwood. The big man then threw Kaval around for a bit and used a bear hug. Kaval did grab an arm bar around the top rope for a bit before connecting with a springboard roundhouse kick which Cottonwood basically no sold. He then hit a springboard warrior’s way onto the back of the neck, which looked very impressive. Of course, Cottonwood kicked out emphatically which reduced the effect. Kaval tried something else off the ropes but Cottonwood side stepped him and hit a choke slam for the pin. Kaval got a watchable match out of the essentially useless Cottonwood, but he ultimately is doing nothing with this booking.
Cottonwood (2-0) d. Kaval (0-2)

Lucky Cannon’s video package focused on the story they told last week where he recovered from a coma. Elsewhere, LayCool gave Kaval a pink shirt saying “property of LayCool.” Matt Striker joined the broadcast booth for the main event, as they showed footage from last week where Cody Rhodes knocked Striker off the stage. Striker commented that he wanted to move on and talk about the rookies.

Cody Rhodes v. Lucky Cannon
Rhodes cut a promo, changing the rules of the match to a five minute challenge. I guess he is the mystery GM then. Rhodes used a side headlock takeover and worked on the mat for a bit. He then hit a dropkick sending Cannon to the floor. Rhodes continued to dominate the match until Cannon got a roll up at about the three minute mark. Cannon connected with a big boot for a near fall. Rhodes came back with a roundhouse kick and hit the Cross-Rhodes for the sudden pinfall at 3:58. I’m not sure I have ever seen a match where the underdog babyface is put into a challenge where he has to last x amount of minutes and fails. By the way, Cole and Matthews bickered incessantly during the match.
Rhodes d. Cannon (0-2).

The show concluded with Matt Striker in the ring with the rookies. Kaval actually was wearing the pink “property of LayCool” shirt. Striker offered each rookie 45 seconds to cut a promo. Riley cut a decent promo knocking the other guys as losers who he was stuffing in lockers in high school. Kaval mentioned that it took him 10 years to get to WWE and then ran out of time before he could go anywhere with that. O’Neil put over the idea that he had to work for everything his whole life and again mentioned he was a University of Florida Hall of Famer. McGillicutty did nothing with his 45 seconds. Cottonwood cut an awful promo, using menacing words but a very generic tone. Percy Watson at least has a unique delivery, but said nothing of substance. Lucky Cannon cut a lousy promo; we get it, you’re lucky. Husky Harris clotheslined Striker from behind and hit a senton to close the show.

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