June 9, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

NXT Season 2 Report for June 8, 2010
From Tampa, Florida

Matt Striker recapped last night by matter-of-factly highlighting last night’s events; Striker then immediately moved on to game show host mode in promoting tonight’s show. Striker didn’t sell his injury and more importantly didn’t get over the idea that last night was something substantial. This was a recurring problem during this show; last night’s angle was not played as all that important. Only Michael Cole did a credible job in getting over last night as meaningful when he had a chance; Josh Matthews did nothing of note and watching Matt Striker, you’d have been hard pressed to believe anything happened at all.

Each of the pros then introduced their rookie. Of note, LayCool made Kaval carry their belts to the ring. If they have Kaval portrayed as the new Meat – Shawn Stasiak’s awful gimmick circa 1999 – he’s going nowhere. Matt Striker discussed the fans voting concept, mentioned that the season would only be 12 weeks long (when they lose the timeslot, so they will have to stick with that one). The first elimination isn’t for six weeks. This is fairly trivial; but one downside to last night’s angle is that who could care who wins the competition if all eight of the guys from last season make it to Raw anyway.

John Morrison & Eli Cottonwood v. Zack Ryder & Titus O’Neil
Morrison and Ryder started with a brief exchange before Eli Cottonwood tagged in. That led Ryder to tag out to ONeil. They took no chances whatsoever and did some exceedingly basic stuff like a shoulder block and a clothesline in the corner. Morrison then reentered the match and sent O’Neil to the floor and the show to commercial. After the break, Morrison and Ryder worked together again with Morrison getting a near fall off of a spinning heel kick. O’Neil tagged back in and was quickly caught with an enzigiri which forced Ryder to make a save. Cottonwood cleared Ryder from the ring, allowing Morrison to connect with the starship pain for the finish.
After the match, Striker surveyed the pros on the stage. Miz buried the match, saying he was not entertained. So we’re right back to burying the rookies like season one.
Morrison & Cottonwood (1-0) d. Ryder & O’Neil (0-1)

They aired a promo piece on Alex Riley, mentioning his mother won Miss Virginia and that his father was a New York Jet and a sportscaster on ESPN. They showed his father in the same room as Muhammad Ali. He mentioned that he played football at Boston College and excelled (he’s half-right). He came across pretty well as an arrogant heel in the piece. As an aside, if my figuring is correct, he was at Boston College at the same time as was Kofi Kingston (and yours truly).

MVP & Percy Watson v. Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris
Watson wrestled with wacky bright red glasses. Cole pointed out that last night Dusty Rhodes gave the big elbow to IRS and yet tonight their sons are teaming up. Rhodes got the early advantage on tagged out to Harris. He immediately went with an avalanche and tagged back out. Rhodes used a vertical suplex for a near fall as the match went to a break. After the commercial, the heels got the heat on Watson in the corner. Harris hit a senton splash (not from the ropes) for a near fall. Watson finally managed to get the cold tag to MVP, who went to work on Harris. He hit a body slam and his “ballin’” elbow. Rhodes tried to come in off the top rope from the blindside, but MVP caught him with a boot coming down. Watson tagged back in and scored the pinfall with a modified DDT.
After the match, Rhodes expressed disgust with Harris saying he looked like someone in his family and like everyone in the crowd. He then said he was going to mold Harris into a breakout star. MVP lightly put over his rookie as well.
MVP & Watson (1-0) d. Rhodes & Harris (0-1).

A video piece on Mike McGillicutty aired up next. He mentioned his father and grandfather in saying he came from wrestling royalty. Unlike Riley, he did not come across all that well verbally.

In the ring, Matt Striker introduced a video package showing last night’s Raw’s closing angle in its entirety. They didn’t show it as an edited package as usual; they just aired it straight as it aired. Thereafter, Striker asked the rookies what they thought about the angle. Kaval did a lousy, short promo saying that was how you make an impact in WWE. Lucky Cannon said the same thing. Husky Harris said he didn’t care. Alex Riley just sneezed in an effort to be annoying. Percy Watson said you fight a man one-on-one. Cottonwood remarked that Cena deserved the beating. O’Neil stumbled badly through his promo and threatened Zack Ryder, who I guess shoved him earlier. McGillicutty was actually interrupted by Matt Striker as he began to speak; I guess he got a time cue. That whole bit of having the guys cut short promos didn’t work at all. Striker then formally welcomed the rookies to WWE by sicking the pros on them. The veterans quickly cleared the ring of the rookies, lest anyone get over without “paying their dues” first or some such nonsense.

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