July 24, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

NXT Report for July 20, 2010
From Little Rock, Arkansas

Random Thought for Today: If WWE had thought of and executed the Nexus angle two years ago, the likes of Lance Cade, Mike Knox, Bam Neely, Braden Walker, Ricky Ortiz and Evan Bourne would be about to be featured in a main event match at SummerSlam.

The show began with Matt Striker, in a prerecorded segment, going through the obstacle course which is tonight's main event. I can't believe they actually think that the course is some kind of a selling point for the show. At least, the course did not involve drinking a large soda this time. They announced an elimination for next week and that polling would begin at WWE.com tomorrow as opposed to at the start of the show like last time.

Up next was MVP bringing Percy Watson out the ring and asking him why he tried to set him up last week. MVP seemed to downplay the whole thing and said that a younger version of himself would have done the same thing.

MVP & Percy Watson v. Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris
Watson got the better of Harris with an early shoulder block and worked the arm on the mat. MVP tagged in and continued to work the arm. He connected with a flying clothesline and tagged out to Watson. Harris was able to escape to the corner and tag in Rhodes. Cody was able to gain the advantage for his team and set Watson up for some double teaming in the corner. Harris tagged in and gave up the advantage for his team, eating a dropkick and getting sent out to the floor. All four men started brawling on the floor as the match went into a commercial. After the break, Rhodes was working over Watson, connecting with a suplex and tagging out to Harris. Using an avalanche and a short clothesline, Harris got a near fall. Harris then used a power slam for a second near fall. Watson used a kick from the bottom to get to his corner and tag in MVP. Off the tag, MVP used a slam to setup for the ballin' elbow on Harris. Rhodes then came in and hit a springboard drop kick which setup Harris to connect with the senton for the three count. It's telling that they gave Harris nothing for the first 80% of the match and then put him over in the end.
Harris (2-2) & Rhodes d. MVP & Watson (1-3)
They aired a very nondescript video package on Michael McGillicutty

Lucky Cannon v. Alex Riley
Miz was in Riley's corner, but Henry was not the show tonight. Both men did brief promos before the match. Cannon avoided Riley's sneak attack before the bell and then slipped out of a suplex attempt. He hit a couple of clotheslines before going up top. Cannon missed his attempt at a flying corssbody. That led to Riley hitting his version of the F5 and the pin on Cannon for the victory. After the match, the Miz hit the skull crushing finale on top of the MITB briefcase, so that may be a recurring part of his act for a while now.
Riley (3-1) d. Cannon (2-4)

A couple of the pros Morrison, LayCool and Kofi cut promos on behalf of their rookies encouraging the fans to vote their way.

Up next was the obstacle course challenge for immunity from the upcoming elimination. McGillicutty started and completed the course in 26.7 seconds. Alex Riley followed in 40.3 seconds. Eli Cottonwood was disqualified for not finishing the balance beam. He also looked incredibly awkward doing the hurdles. Lucky Cannon finished at 28.2 seconds, just missing gaining immunity for the second time. Kaval finished in 29.1 seconds, followed by Percy Watson in 31.3 seconds and lastly was Husky Harris in an unimpressive 50.3 seconds. So, Michael McGillicutty is safe from next week's elimination poll.

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