July 29, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

NXT TV Report for July 27, 2010
From Corpus Christi, Texas

Matt Striker did the obligatory introductions to start the show and brought the seven rookies to the ring. Striker gave each of the rookies a topic and one minute to impress the audience to vote for them. Lucky Cannon went first and was booed mercilessly by the small percentage who cared in the audience; there's nothing worse than a babyface gettting that kind of reaction. Eli Cottonwood was up next and did an awful, awful promo putting over his height. He couldn't even say WWE Universe correctly (muttering “WW Universe”). All of this prompted Michael Cole to say that Cottonwood could put him to sleep. Husky Harris was marginally better than the first two. Kaval tried to do a promo about him overcoming all kinds of odds, but lost his way about 1/3 of the way through. He dropped his old ring name “Low-Ki.” McGillicutty became the first person to cut a competent promo, calling out the Miz for knocking him in a video last week and challenging him to a fight. Alex Riley had “Starbucks” as a topic which he wisely dodged. He did a pretty good heel promo comparing Kaval's voice to Morgan Freeman's and calling Watson a “poor, poor imation of Eddie Murray.” Watson was all style and no substance as usual. If nothing else, the segment sure as heck established a clear hierarchy of where these guys are as promos.

Percy Watson v. Zack Ryder
Watson was caught celebrating prematurely early in the match which allowed Ryder to take him down and gain the advantage. Ryder got a couple of near falls off of kicks in the corner and a knee drop. Watson came back with a couple of standing drop kicks and a flying clothesline. He dodged the rough rider leg lariat and connected with his modified DDT (leaping across the back to hit the move). Watson then hit a corkscrew splash onto Ryder for the surprise and abrupt pin. I doubt the win does a whole lot for him, but Watson at least looked better this week working with Ryder than he did last week, if nothing else. Josh Matthews tried to cover for Ryder by saying he was wrestling with a bit of pneumonia (shouldn't you do that when the babyface loses?).
Watson (2-3) d. Ryder

They actually decided to film a segment where Morrison and Cottonwood talked backstage. It was only for about thirty seconds, but it was as akward and forced as you'd expect. It all led to highlights of last week's obstacle course, clearly designed to poke fun at Cottonwood. By the way, the two men were wearing T-shirts saying “mustache” to play off of Eli's disastrous attempt a doing a promo with that theme.

Michael McGillicutty v. Eli Cottonwood
Cottonwood took the advantage and hit some blows in the corner before moving to a side suplex. Cottonwood continued to use the most basic stuff for a while, before McGillicutty had to make a comeback. They stumbled through this part of the match by having Cottonwood miss a big boot and hook his leg on the ropes. McGillicutty hit a low dropkick and then cut right to the chase by hitting his swinging neckbreaker for the win. They kept this exceedingly simple, which prevented it from being dreadful. For what it's worth, they are playing up McGillicutty's won-loss record as if it's a big deal, which is a small step in the right direction.
McGillicutty (5-0) d. Cottonwood (2-2)

They aired a largely positive piece on Kaval putting over his in-ring ability. They did cut to a brief backstage confrontation between Husky Harris and Kaval.

Kaval v. Husky Harris
Kaval caught Harris charging in the corner with two knees and followed with a spinning roundhouse kick. Somewhere in here, Cole and Matthews started talking about Dez Bryant, Roy Williams and the Dallas Cowboys minicamp for who knows what reason. Anyway, Harris caught Kaval coming off of the ropes and hit a short clothesline. Husky worked a waist lock on the mat for a bit. Then, Harris missed a charge in the corner coming out of a three-point stance. Kaval rallied back with a series of kicks to the body. Harris came back with a clothesline coming out of the corner. Kaval was sent in off of an Irish whip and tried to catch Harris with a headscissors in the corner. In the process, Harris bumped into the ropes knocking LayCool off of the apron and to the floor. The distraction allowed Harris to come from behind and hit an inverted suplex. Harris then finished with the big senton splash for the pinfall.
Harris (3-2) d. Kaval (1-4)

The show concluded with the reveal of the next NXT poll. McGillicutty led the pack this week followed by Kaval, who got a good response from the crowd whereas McGillicutty got deafening silence. Riley was third, followed by Watson (who also got a good pop), Lucky Cannon (no reaction) and Husky Harris. So, that's all for Eli Cottonwood (we can hope). They actually did a short angle after the elimination as Cottonwood attacked Husky Harris, which started a brief fight amongst all of the rookies. Cottonwood then walked off. Striker asked Husky Harris why he thinks the WWE Universe isn't supporting him. Harris cut a promo on the fans and said that he deserved this. McGillicutty cut a a generic promo. Riley then knocked Cottonwood again, which prompted the big man to come out again and start another brawl as the show faded to black.

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