July 10, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

WWE NXT Report for July 6, 2010
From Atlanta

Ashley Valance may be gone already, because Matt Striker was out as the host of the show. Zack Ryder cut a promo saying that Titus O'Neil was robbed last week (truthfully, he was considering that Eli Cottonwood is still in the competition). John Morrison did another awkward thirty second promo, saying he would have voted off Miz last week. Striker then turned to the rookies; Husky Harris cut a weak promo. Alex Riley and Kaval were much better with his offering. Striker then brought back another awful gimmick from last season where the rookies have to cut an impromptu promo based on some random item. The winner gets to host their own talk show next week; because it worked so well last time someone from FCW was given a talk show on Tuesday night. There will be no vote tonight, I suppose. Percy Watson got “glasses” as a topic and said nothing of substance, but at least he had a novel delivery. Kaval got “chicken” and basically dodged the topic and put over the fans. Cottonwood had “moustache” and actually said that he did and didn't have a moustache within 30 seconds. McGillicutty had “breath” and completely dodged the topic. He basically reiterated his spiel about being third generation. Harris had “doorknob” and cut a promo on the fans. Cannon had “deodorant” and actually tried to make a analogy between deodorants and himself. Riley was last and had “pigeon” and did OK. Overall, this was an awful segment, predictably so. As if it matters, the crowd chose Percy Watson as the winner.

Percy Watson v. Michael McGillicutty
Watson worked with the glasses again. McGillicutty hit a nice dropkick and got a near fall off of a snap mare. He connected with a forearm to the back for a near fall (that move for a near fall?). Watson made a comeback with a dropkick, but dropped his head as he sent in McGillicutty off an Irish whip. McGillicutty used a sunset flip to get the quick pinfall. For whatever it's worth, each man's mentor spent the match coaching from the apron.
McGillicutty (4-0) d. Watson (1-2).

They did a video package where most of the pros made fun of Titus O'Neil, particularly his growl as he made his entrance. This sure came across as a burial and I'm not sure why they felt the need to put this on television.

Kaval v. The Miz
Miz landed a big boot to get the early advantage. He choked Kaval against the ropes and used his running clothesline in the corner for a near fall. Miz went for a back suplex but Kaval slipped out an on top of Miz for a near fall. Miz recovered to fire Kaval to the floor. That led neatly into a commercial break. After the break, Kaval came back with a sunset flip and a warrior's way from the mat onto Miz. Kaval continued with two flying elbows and a pair of kicks to the body of Miz. Kaval then hit a roundhouse kick off of a back flip for another near fall. Kaval went to the top rope, but Miz knocked him off and onto the top rope. Miz then connected with the skull crushing finale for the pinfall. At least, they gave Kaval a chance to look good, but this match could have benefited from a few more minutes (it was only about five minutes long, excluding the commercial break).
Miz d. Kaval (1-3)

They did a video package on Eli Cottonwood; he's tall if you didn't notice. They also had some of the pros, including his coach Morrison, point out that he's inexperienced a clumsy in the ring. After running down the card as it is for Money in the Bank, they aired a video package on Husky Harris. They were largely complimentary this time.

They announced that the Nexus would appear on the show next week.

Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon v. Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris
The rookies started the match with some pretty simple stuff before Henry tagged himself in. Harris backed away from Henry and tagged in Rhodes. Henry no sold some stuff but missed a splash which allowed Rhodes and Harris to get in some offense. Henry came back with a stiff clothesline on Harris, which led to a double tag. Lucky Cannon hit a back body drop on Rhodes for a near fall. All four men entered the ring, where Henry overwhelmed Harris connecting with a big splash. But they faded to the background, while Rhodes hit the cross-Rhodes on Cannon for the deciding pinfall. This was short and really a nothing match.
Rhodes (x) & Harris (1-2) d. Henry & Cannon (o) (1-3).

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