September 18, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

WWE NXT Report for September 14, 2010
From Detroit, Michigan

Michael Cole started the show by comparing Vickie Guerrero to Billie Jean King, called the show “silly” while Josh Mathews made weight jokes. We're off to a great start I see. Guerrero had tremendous heat and introduced Dolph Ziggler.

Primo & AJ Lee v. Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn
The two men began the match with some basic chain wrestling including a Primo drop kick. They quickly tagged out to the women and in came Kaitlyn, with all of six weeks experience in the business. AJ actually went for a sunset flip right off the go and got it before they settled in to some very basic stuff. Kaitlyn never once attempted to run the ropes and only took a couple of bumps. So nothing embarrassing except for the fact that when Kaitlyn went to tag out, she apparently didn't know the convention is to tag your partner on the hand as opposed to on the knee. Dolph knocked Primo off the apron and he cornered AJ who got out of it by slapping him in the face twice. Primo came in with a springboard forearm and dropkick before missing a charge in the corner. Ziggler connected with the Zig Zag for the pinfall. Vickie Guerrero looked none too impressed after the match.
Ziggler & Kaitlyn (1-0) d. Primo & AJ (1-1)

They did a lame video package on Maxine, who discussed her diverse ethnic background and her dancing experience. She didn't come across as a heel all that clearly heel, unlike last week.

The first challenge was a comedy competition. AJ Lee was booed before she even started and was booed ever worse after a lame joke. Aksana played heel and told a joke in Lithuanian first and then an English: “what's the difference between a wife and a girlfriend.” Jamie Keyes did a knock-knock joke with the punchline being “Aksana, who?” That was OK. Naomi did a horrible joke. Maxine did a a lame heel promo on AJ Lee which led to the two fighting briefly before they were broken up. Kaitlyn started her joke and slapped AJ which led to another awful pull-apart. This was the latest worst thing ever. For whatever it's worth, Jamie was the clear winner. Michael Cole then got up and banged a gong (from an old 70s game show where the hosts would bang a gong to get rid of an act they didn't like) saying all the women should be gonged, Striker should be gonged and the show should be gonged.

Jamie Keyes v. Aksana
This was all basic stuff. Aksana was able to not botch a body slam, unlike last week. Aksana used a couple of clotheslines but missed a charge in the corner. Jamie rolled up Aksana for the quick win. Not a good match, obviously.
Jamie (1-0) d. Aksana (0-2)

They did a generic piece on Naomi, showing clips on her dancing for the Orlando Magic (she did a routine where she dunked off a trampoline.

Mathews and Cole, who had been goofing off all night long, then tried to seriously hype the pay-per-view. Not that NXT is the show you use to sell the show on Sunday, but it's impossible to do so on such a goofy show.

Backstage, Vickie confronted Dolph about the light embrace he shared with Kaitlyn after the match earlier tonight.

The main event was an obstacle course, which Michael Cole basically intimated was going to be worth watching as a train wreck. The course involved high stepping through a series of tires, going over a group of hurdles surrounding the ring, doing ten push-ups, walking across a short balance beam and pushing a cart back up the aisle.

Kaitlyn was about to go first before Vickie came out and said she would show Kaitlyn how to run the course with perfection. She did a Zbyszko stall to get heat before beginning. Vickie very awkwardly went through the course with a stumble for comedic effect. She then threw an tantrum a walked off. They went to a commercial break and then replayed the whole segment with Vickie again. Kaitlyn completed the course in 36.5 seconds. Aksana actually came in about one second behind that. AJ struggled with the push-ups and put up a lousy time of 46.0 seconds. Maxine failed on the balance beam and came up short. Jamie ran out of gas going up the ramp with cart and missed by 0.3 seconds. Naomi missed a tire going through and tried to make up time cheating during the push-ups. So, Kaitlyn won this competition.

Cole, who buried the show throughout the broadcast, then announced that he was quitting the show. And that's how they went off the air.

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