September 10, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

NXT Report for September 7, 2010
From Baltimore, Maryland

Matt Striker introduced each pro, who in turn introduced their protege. Surprisingly, Cole said that AJ Lee was his favorite; surprising in the sense that Cole spent most of the last two seasons cracking on the NXT rookies with the least experience. Vickie Guerrero named Kaitlyn as the newest diva, replacing the giant Aloisia who apparently was too green for this show (that's a scary thought). Striker mentioned that the ladies have a three month journey ahead of them; that's tempting fate since the show is off Sci-Fi in a month. He went through the “smart, sexy and powerful” nonsense and reiterated the same format as last season with both fan and pro voting. They then had the ladies do promos to introduce themselves to the fans. This went predictably poorly. Kaitlyn did a poor interview, trying to get herself over as the stuck up, prom queen who was never to nice to any of the regular guys in high school. Vickie then stumbled over her words, asking Kaitlyn to do her promo again. This time, she said she was so excited to have Vickie as her pro. Aksana did a sub-par promo referring to herself in the third person and speaking some Lithuanian. Maxine tried to make a coherent promo, but was “whatted” to death by the crowd. AJ was next and tried to get over that she had wanted to be a diva for a long time and had goals of being women's champion. She was the only one who got over in the slightest. Jamie cut a generic babyface promo, prompting Cole to ask “is she reading off a teleprompter.” Naomi finished the segment with a lame promo.

After a commercial break, it was time for the first challenge of the season. Matt Striker mentioned that the first elimination is in four weeks and that the lady who wins the most challenges is immune from elimination. How about whoever wins the most matches gets immunity. The challenge was a dance-off with Michael Cole as the divas' partner. Cole came to the ring looking ridiculous wearing leg warmers, ballet shoes and a derby which prompted Matt Striker to name drop Big Bully Busick. The whole purpose was to humiliate Cole, who did a pretty good job getting laughs with his ridiculous dancing at first. But after two dances, everyone grew tired of this really quickly so they swapped Cole for Tony Chimmel. Same idea and it got tired immediately. Josh Matthews then got up and did a slow dance with Aksana and the robot and running man with Kaitlyn. Naomi, who showed some ability and flexibility, was credited with the win (AJ was close in fan reaction).

Kelly Kelly & Naomi v. Alicia Fox & Maxine
Kelly started with Alicia and hit a flying head-scissors and FrankenSteiner to start the match. Naomi tagged in and actually looked pretty good hit a sunset flip after climbing the ropes, a drop kick that looked good, and some unintelligible move where she threw her rear end into Alicia. Well, as Meat Loaf said, two out of three ain't bad. Alicia came back and hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Maxine tagged in and did some work in the corner. She hit a basic suplex for a near fall. Alicia tagged back in and used a reverse chin lock before tagging out to Maxine. Naomi caught Maxine in an inside cradle for the pinfall. But the pros botched their part of the finish as Kelly was supposed to cut off Alicia trying to make a save, but either Kelly came in too late or Alicia went in too early. It looked awkward as Alicia had to just stand there as the referee counted three, waiting for Kelly to come in. Either that or Alicia was supposed to make a save and didn't. So, Maxine and Naomi had no clue what to do and they continued to wrestle after the three count until the referee called them off. That was embarrassing to say the least and ruined what actually was a decent outing up to that point.
Naomi (1-0) & Kelly d. Maxine (0-1) & Fox.

Up next was the second challenge of the night, which was a version of capture the flag. This was another train wreck. The idea was that there were five stations with flags hanging off of them. There was always one less flag than there were divas, so whoever didn't get a flag was eliminated (kind of like musical chairs). Right off the bat, there was a SNAFU as five of the six women false started as Striker did a “ready, set, go” to start the event. Then came the competition; they all sprinted down the ramp to the first station and several of the divas ran right by it without capturing a flag. Jamie was the first one out. AJ was next out, but at least no one tripped jumping over the barricade going for the flag. Aksana was out next. After that, both Kaitlyn and Maxine failed to get back over the barricade in a hilarious spot. Maxine eventually did get to the flag. Lastly, Naomi beat Maxine into the ring to get the last flag, so Naomi won both challenges. It got worse (or better): they asked Naomi to do the promo immediately thereafter and was so out of breath that she couldn't get any words out. This was one of those epically bad segments for the ages.

They aired a video package on Jamie Keyes, highlighting her experience in bodybuilding and ring announcing. She actually came across pretty well in the piece.

Primo & AJ v. Goldust & Aksana
Michael Cole called Vickie Guerrero “the Pat Summitt of NXT” (referring to the long-time basketball coach of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers). The men started first with Goldust using an arm drag and his patented uppercut to force Primo to tag out. Aksana got the advantage on AJ with a clothesline, body slam and leg drop; none of which looked all that great. She connected with a backbreaker and went for some spot where she tried to pick up AJ coming off the ropes but that was botched. I presume they then went back to the spot which ended up with AJ hitting a bulldog out of Aksana lifting her in a waist lock. That was all she wrote as AJ got the pinfall out of that.
Primo & AJ (1-0) d. Goldust & Aksana (0-1)

After the match, Vickie brought Kaitlyn to the ring demanding time for her to try her promo again. Primo argued saying that this was AJ's moment to shine. AJ then shoved Kaitlyn into Vickie, who threw a tantrum and walked up the ramp to conclude the show.

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