February 4, 2005
Louis Izzo

WWF @ Madison Square Garden (Hand Held)
January 17th, 1994
New York City, New York

- 30 Man-New York City Royal Rumble Match:
I have a bad feeling this match review is going to be PRETTY long (final note: About 6 pages in Word... ouch), so I'll have to break it up a little differently to keep from confusion. Anyway, The Fink runs down the rules and explains the countdown for entrances and introductions since it's going to be a little different with the House Show-esque lighting. Anyway, after all the red tape is cleared up, we get the first two participants...

#1 Diesel vs. #2 Mo of Men on a Mission
A lop-sided start, if I may say so. This is a preview of Diesels REAL run at the 1994 Rumble PPV. They lockup and Diesel quickly drives a knee into the midsection of Mo. Diesel with an elbow to the back of the head, followed by a second and an elimination attempt in the corner. Mo fights back for the moment with a series of roundhouse rights to the midsection of Diesel, but Diesel with another knee lift puts Mo back on the ground. Crowd with a "Whoomp There It Is" chant for Mo, but sadly Mo is 5'11", isn't really fat enough, and has no talent. Diesel with a short arm clothesline. Mo comes back again with more rights to the midsection and tries eliminating Diesel. Diesel pounds away to block and dumps Mo over. Mo hangs on by getting his leg caught in the ropes, but Diesel simply undoes the knot and Mo is eliminated at 1:54. 10 second countdown already began....

#1 Diesel vs. #3 Bushwacker Butch:
Bring on some more cannon fodder! Butch does his normal routine...sucking, while marching like an idiot, and licking fans in the front row. Butch finally enters the ring and Diesel greets him with a big boot. Diesel hammers away on Butch with forearms across the back of the head. Butch rakes the eyes of Diesel and takes a bite out of his bottom. Diesel is fed up I guess because he kills Butch with a clothesline. Delayed scoop slam by Diesel and he casually throws Butch out of the ring at 3:16, lasting about 51 seconds, which is a lot longer than Luke did in the 1991 Royal Rumble. Diesel get's a nice, long breather as we get the countdown, and Butch is STILL marching like an idiot...

#1 Diesel vs. #4 The 1-2-3 Kid:
The Kid is back after taking a major beating from the Quebecers earlier in the night, so I'm not expecting to see him last too long either with Diesel in the ring. Diesel catches The Kid with a knee lift and chokes him in the corner with his boot for quite a bit of time. Diesel hip tosses The Kid clear across the ring and plants him with a delayed side slam. Irish whip and the 1-2-3 Kid catches Diesel with a HURRICANRANA! Holy crap, how did Diesel sell that? The Kid with his usual kicks in the corner, but Diesel ducks and the Kid tangles up in the ropes. Diesel untangles him and the Kid is gone at 5:53 (lasting 1:33) and injuring himself by tearing something in his leg, putting him out of the PPV on sunday, and out of action for about 2 months.

#1 Diesel vs. #5 Scott Steiner:
This can be interesting. Diesel knees Steiner off the apron, and in a move of stupidity, exits by walking OVER THE ROPES. This is what I call the Randy Savage effect (like 1992). Is too stupid to realize, so referees have to save his ass. Diesel hammers on Steiner outside the ring and rams him into the ring posts. In the ring and Diesel whips Steiner to the corner full force. Diesel tries an elimination but Steiner is able to hold on. Diesel connects with a series of clotheslines, but Steiner ducks a third and heaves Diesel through the top and middle ropes. Steiner hammers Diesel outside the ring and connects with a steel chair to the back.

#1 Diesel, #5 Scott Steiner, #6 "Iron" Mike Sharpe:
Steiner is able to nail Diesel with a tiger suplex, but kinda drops him on his head. Steiner with mounted punches in the corner and Sharpe breaks it up with forearm blows. Sharpe goes to toss Steiner out, but Steiner puts on the breaks and sends Sharpe flying at 8:46 (lasting 20 seconds). Diesel with a knee lift to Steiner and he connects with a big boot. Another elimination attempt in the corner, but no go. Steiner fights back and is able to suplex Diesel! More hugging near the ropes as we get the countdown...

#1 Diesel, #5 Scott Steiner, #7 Headshrinker Samu:
Samu takes his sweet time getting in the ring as Diesel hammers on Steiner with elbows. Samu comes in and chops away on Steiner and Diesel joins in on the beating. Samu with a series of elbow drops, and both men try tossing Scott. Samu tries dumping Diesel, but Diesel won't go, and he hammers Samu with knee lifts. Diesel chants start up...oh god. Samu and Diesel brawl in the corner, and Steiner joins in to help dump Diesel, but Diesel shrugs it off with an elbow.

#1 Diesel, #5 Scott Steiner, #7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund:
Backlund and Samu pair up while Steiner and Diesel do a little scuffle rolling around the ring. Samu with a series of headbutts to Backlund followed by several chops. Backlund catches Samu with an atomic drop while Steiner continues hammering away at Diesel. Backlund & Steiner double team Samu in the corner, but Diesel hammers both faces and tries eliminating Samu himself. Samu hammers Scott Steiner while Diesel sets his attention on Backlund. Samu chokes Steiner, but Scott comes back off the ropes with a Steinerline followed by a snap suplex.

#1 Diesel, #5 Scott Steiner, #7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #9 Jeff Jarrett:
Ring is starting to fill up, and Diesel has been in the ring for about fourteen minutes right now. Jarrett takes a few shots on Steiner & Backlund, and Samu and he double team Backlund. Backlund fights back and Diesel nails Jarrett with a short-arm clothesline. Samu scoops him up and plants him with a gut-wrench suplex and Backlund clotheslines Samu into the ropes and tries for an elimination. Diesel with a gut-wrench of his own on Scott Steiner. Jarrett & Samu double up on Scott and try tossing him out. Scott fights back again and press slams Jarrett, but Samu hits him with several headbutts.

#1 Diesel, #5 Scott Steiner, #7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #9 Jeff Jarrett, #10 Virgil:
The ring is starting to fill up now, making it a little hard for PBP, but the review must go on! Virgil comes in and beats Jarrett around the ring like he's a black guy driving through a white suburban neighborhood. Jarrett comes off the second rope with a fist drop to Virgil and Samu catches Jarrett with a headbutt. Backlund & Steiner tangle near the ropes while Diesel chokes Virgil in the corner. Samu, Steiner, and Jarrett all try eliminating Backlund, but he holds on for his life. Diesel with a back breaker to Virgil and Steiner catches Samu with a running knee lift. Virgil takes Jarrett to the corner with a series of shoulder thrusts while Samu hammers away on Steiner. Virgil blocks a Jarrett suplex attempt and nails one of his own, but Diesel drops an elbow on him while recovering on the ground. Samu stomps away on Steiner while Jarrett mounts Steiner with punches. Steiner brings him out of the corner with an inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline.

#1 Diesel, #5 Scott Steiner, #7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #9 Jeff Jarrett, #10 Virgil, #11 Bam Bam Bigelow:
OK, someone really needs to clean house soon, since it's going to get REALLY hard to watch. The Diesel watch is at 19:00 and still ticking. Samu hammers away on Jeff Jarrett while Bigelow goes after Steiner. In the corner, Virgil hammers away on Diesel. Jarrett tries eliminating Backlund as Bigelow & Diesel double team Virgil. Bigelow & Samu double team Steiner and try eliminating him, but Virgil saves. Virgil rams Samu to the buckle, but it's no sold and Samu nails a series of headbutts. Backlund hammers on Bigelow in the corner. Samu beats Virgil more and connects with a spinning heel kick. Diesel goes to work on Backlund and tries dumping him, but no dice. Jarrett chokes Steiner on the ground and we get another countdown...

#1 Diesel, #5 Scott Steiner, #7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #9 Jeff Jarrett, #10 Virgil, #11 Bam Bam Bigelow, #12 Randy Savage:
Let the Madness begin! Savage comes in and hammers on anyone in striking distance. Jarrett takes a series of jabs before Diesel saves and chokes Savage in the corner with his foot. Bigelow pounds on Steiner across the ring. Diesel goes for a big boot, but Savage ducks, and Diesel is caught in the ropes. Savage with the advantage and is able to eliminate Diesel at 21:18! Diesel gets a nice little pop for his efforts. Jarrett hammers Savage, but Savage ducks a clothesline and tosses Jarrett into the next state at 21:36 (lasting 7:01). Steiner takes Savage to the corner and plants a series of knee lifts into him. Backlund in the meantime is still hanging on as Bigelow tries getting him out. Virgil and Samu do nothing for a while and it's time for a new participant...

#5 Scott Steiner, #7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #10 Virgil, #11 Bam Bam Bigelow, #12 Randy Savage, #13 Adam Bomb:
Adam Bomb comes in and pounds on Backlund. He sets his sites on Savage, but Steiner grabs him from behind and Savage connects with a double axe handle. Virgil tries a headbutt on Bigelow, but feels the pain himself. Backlund with an elbow to the face of Samu as we get a lot of nothing going on. Bigelow tries a press slam on Virgil but he falls on top of the Beast from the East. Savage hammers on everyone some more as Virgil and Bigelow exchange blows. Backlund tries tossing Bomb as Virgil takes Bigelow into the corner. Opposite side, Samu misses a charge on Savage and posts himself.

#5 Scott Steiner, #7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #10 Virgil, #11 Bam Bam Bigelow, #12 Randy Savage, #13 Adam Bomb, #14 Sgt. Slaughter:
Slaughter is making his once a year appearance, and is smart enough to make it at Madison Square Garden baby! Needs another house cleaning back to 1-on-1, so it will give time for someone to get some story going. Slaughter comes in and goes to help Bomb out. Bigelow and Savage exchange blows as Slaughter, Backlund, and Steiner gang up and eliminate Bomb at 25:06 (lasted 2:03). Slaughter next tries eliminating Steiner as Backlund & Virgil continue doing nothing with each other. Savage takes shots at both Bigelow & Slaughter. Slaughter pounds on Savage and rams him into the turnbuckle. Savage rams Slaughter into the ring post and on the other side Virgil elbow drops Backlund. Savage with a double noggin-knocker to Samu & Bigelow, so Samu dropkicks him in return.

#5 Scott Steiner, #7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #10 Virgil, #11 Bam Bam Bigelow, #12 Randy Savage, #14 Sgt. Slaughter, #15 Crush:
Half-way mark in participants, and we know the story now. Crush goes after Savage of course and beats him around with rights and a headbutt. Choking in the corner while Slaughter continues the punching assault on Steiner. Crush with a back breaker to Savage followed by an eye rake to Slaughter and a headbutt to Steiner. Crush with Steiner and he tosses him over and out at 27:55 (lasting 21:08). Crush and Savage go at it some more while everyone else goes through the motions. Savage and Crush choke each other in the corner and end up outside of the ring while Virgil tries doing some kind of bear hug to Samu, but fails and gets beat up for it. When Racial Differences Collide!

#7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #10 Virgil, #11 Bam Bam Bigelow, #12 Randy Savage, #14 Sgt. Slaughter, #15 Crush, #16 Mabel:
Mabel takes FOREVER to enter the ring. Samu with a thrust kick to Virgil. Savage comes back in from the top rope, but Crush catches him and rams Savage into the turnbuckle. Moments later and Crush tosses Savage out of the ring at 29:27 (lasting 8:42). Crush hammers away on Slaughter while Mabel takes some shots at Samu and Bigelow. Savage tries going after Crush with a chair, but officials hold him back. Bigelow scoops up Crush and puts him over the ropes, but Crush holds on and takes Bigelow over with him, eliminating Bam Bam at 30:07 (lasted 12:09). Mabel goes after Crush while Virgil steps on Samu’s feet...cheap. Crush whips Slaughter to the corner, and the Sgt. does his bump and is eliminated at 30:43 (lasted 5:50). Backlund tries holding Mabel for Virgil, but Mabel is all over Backlund like stink on a monkey.

#7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #10 Virgil, #15 Crush, #16 Mabel, #17 Jim Powers:
This will certainly turn the match around...SARCASM ALERT! Powers will be out as fast as Sharpe I can guess. Powers goes after Mabel, who doesn't bother to sell ANYTHING done to him. Backlund in the mean time keeps trying a leg pickup on Powers, which is also no sold. Mabel with a choke lift to Powers followed by an avalanche in the corner. Powers is soon dumped by Mabel at 31:50 (lasted 43 seconds). Crush chokes away at Backlund while the racial war continues as Mabel & Virgil double team Samu. Mabel turns Samoan though and beats on Virgil and drops a fat ass leg drop. Samu with a series of reverse crescent kicks to Mabel and it's that time again...

#7 Headshrinker Samu, #8 Bob Backlund, #10 Virgil, #15 Crush, #16 Mabel, #18 Bastion Booger:
Booger quickly goes after Mabel with some weak shots. Everyone gangs up in the corner, but Mabel is too fat. Eventually, everyone dumps Mabel out, but Virgil and Bob Backlund go with him at 33:47!! Mabel lasted 4:25, Backlund 21:22, and Virgil 17:12. Not bad for a bunch of losers. The ring is now just about empty. Booger hammers on Crush and does the Booger dance, but Crush takes offense and clotheslines Booger out at 34:26 (lasted 1:14). Down to Samu & Crush for now, and they circle each other before engaging in a test of strength.

#7 Headshrinker Samu, #15 Crush, #19 Bushwhacker Luke:
I'm expecting someone to dump two guys here, and it's really no mystery who. Samu headbutts Luke the second he comes in the ring. Samu charges but is hung in the ropes by the neck! Luke undoes him...and pushes Samu out at 35:32 (lasted 24:50), which means LUKE eliminated someone! Crush though isn't that easy, and still very fresh, so he just beats the crap out of Luke before eliminating his marching ass at 36:16 (lasted 1:00), giving him about a minute to catch his breath.

#15 Crush vs. #20 Owen Hart:
Thank God the ring is cleared, because Owen can be hard to keep track of. Owen rushes in and leaps into Crush, unloading with a fury of rights and lefts. Crush is up on his feet and Owen with a dropkick puts him right back down. Owen bounces off the ropes with a clothesline followed by a spinning heel kick. Irish whip is reversed and Crush sends him up and down with a press into the air. Crush with a fist drop to the ribs followed by a leg drop. Crush with a back breaker and he whips Owen to the corner, and misses a charge.

#15 Crush, #20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel:
Martel comes in and quickly goes after Owen with lefts and rights. Martel with boots to the midsection and Crush comes to get some free shots in as well. Crush with a wind up and accidentally nails Martel. Owen to the top rope and he connects with a missile dropkick to Crush. Owen with an atomic drop to Martel followed by a clothesline, sending Martel through the ropes. Crush catches Owen with an inverted atomic drop followed by some raking of the face. Irish whip and double clothesline to Owen. Double teaming in the corner, but Owen fights free with rights to both men. Crush is able to control him again and we get #22....

#15 Crush, #20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel, #22 Bret Hart:
Bret comes in and hammers away on Crush and Martel with roundhouse rights. Owen controls Martel in one corner with shoulder thrusts to the midsection. Bret rams Crush into the turnbuckle and connects with a series of elbow drops. Martel works over Owen now with nothing much and tries to fireman carry him out of the ring. Bret tries getting Crush out in the opposite corner. Crush fights free and kicks away at the midsection of Bret. Crush rakes the face and they tangle in the corner.

#15 Crush, #20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel, #22 Bret Hart, #23 I.R.S.:
Before I.R.S even gets in the ring, Bret dropkicks Crush in the back, sending over the top rope, and gone at 43:26 (lasted 16:13). Martel continues working over Owen while Bret beats down Irwin and whips him into the corner. Bret with a headbutt to I.R.S. while Martel continues trying to eliminate Owen. Bret tries tossing out I.R.S., but can't get it done, and I.R.S. tries the same on Bret. Bret saves Owen from elimination and hammers away on Martel. They go back to the same pairings from before and Martel dumps Owen onto the apron.

#20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel, #22 Bret Hart, #23 I.R.S., #24 Johnny Polo:
Clock seems a bit fast, since it's only been about 90 seconds since Irwin entered. Bret beats the tar out of Polo the moment he steps in and is almost eliminated, but he's over so he stays. I.R.S stomps away on Owen and Martel comes off the second rope with a double axe-handle. Bret comes and sends Martel back to Canada with roundhouse rights. Polo gets some offense in finally, attacking Owen...of course. Owen sends Polo to the corner hard. Martel fireman carry on Bret, but it won't work. Owen pounds Martel now and I'm running out of usage of punching. I.R.S. stomps on Bret, which proves you can kick a man while he's down. Polo and Martel double team Owen as we finally get someone new.

#20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel, #22 Bret Hart, #23 I.R.S., #24 Johnny Polo, #25 Scott Putski:
The ring is starting to fill up again, and no one left to come in is taller than 6'3", so I'm assuming we get a lot of guys in after #30 enters. Putski comes in and pummels Irwin, but that doesn't last long and he's attacked by everyone. Bret with a super arm-drag to Polo as Irwin works over Putski. Putski kinda reminds me of Kerry Von Erich with his ring attire and hair style, but he still sucks. Putski that is, not Kerry. Bret dumps Polo into the ropes, and he gets hung up by the feet. Irwin and Bret pair up again to exchange shots while Polo chokes on the new weak link, Scott Putski. Martel works over his favorite punching bag Owen and then turns his attention to Bret.

#20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel, #22 Bret Hart, #23 I.R.S., #24 Johnny Polo, #25 Scott Putski, #26 Headshrinker Fatu:
Fatu comes in and quickly headbutts Bret to the canvas. Martel stomps a 4th mud hole in Owen as Fatu goes to choke Putski back to wherever he came from. Owen saves Bret from another elimination attempt, so Irwin beats him around for being a nice guy. Putski continues being everyone’s bitch while Irwin, Martel, and Fatu all try dumping Bret, but again Owen saves him. Fatu chokes Owen in the ropes as Irwin rams Putski into the turnbuckle. Polo hangs on from another elimination attempt. Bret has Fatu in a head scissors lock in the corner and in the opposite side Putski mounts Martel with some free shots before the countdown starts.

#20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel, #22 Bret Hart, #23 I.R.S., #24 Johnny Polo, #25 Scott Putski, #26 Headshrinker Fatu. #27 Marty Jannetty:
Only three people left, but I can only think of Doink The Clown and Shawn Michaels. Jannetty is only about an hour removed from losing the tag team titles to the Quebecers, but since Johnny Polo is in this, I'm guessing he goes after him before Michaels comes out. Jannetty as I thought goes right for Polo and beats him around the ring. Irish whip and Jannetty with a fist to the midsection followed by a running knee lift. Jannetty tries dumping Polo, but he holds on. Irwin with Owen in the corner, hugging a lot. Fatu slingshots Bret's throat under the bottom rope as Polo escapes elimination. Owen comes off the second rope with a sledge to I.R.S. Polo with elbows to Jannetty followed by a snap mare. Elbow drop misses and Bret chokes Martel under the ropes.

#20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel, #22 Bret Hart, #23 I.R.S., #24 Johnny Polo, #25 Scott Putski, #26 Headshrinker Fatu. #27 Marty Jannetty, #28 Bart Gunn:
In a tradition that would go on forever, Gunn runs right into a reverse crescent kick by Fatu. Gunn comes back though with stomps to the chest of Fatu and mounted punches in the corner. Putski gets revenge on Polo by....punching some more. Jannetty comes off the ropes with a double axe handle to Irwin and Martel does more choking on Owen. Martel is choking on his nugget you could say. Lots of elimination attempts as Fatu rakes the eyes of Putski. Gunn connects with an enzuiguri to Polo and rams I.R.S. into the turnbuckle.

#20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel, #22 Bret Hart, #23 I.R.S., #24 Johnny Polo, #25 Scott Putski, #26 Headshrinker Fatu. #27 Marty Jannetty, #28 Bart Gunn, #29 Shawn Michaels:
Michaels comes in quickly and we get the Rockers exchange! Both men go at it like they seriously hate each others guts. Jannetty controls Michaels in the corner and just lays an ass kicking on him with God knows how many punches. Michaels recovers in time with an inverted atomic drop followed by a series of bionic elbows. Irish whip, Jannetty ducks a clothesline and connects with his own sweet chin music to Michaels. Jannetty tries dumping Michaels as I change focus as Bret tries ridding us of Polo. Fatu rakes the eyes of Owen and chops the back of Jannetty. Michaels pounds Jannetty and tries for a suplex. It's blocked and Jannetty with his own.

#20 Owen Hart, #21 Rick Martel, #22 Bret Hart, #23 I.R.S., #24 Johnny Polo, #25 Scott Putski, #26 Headshrinker Fatu, #27 Marty Jannetty, #28 Bart Gunn, #29 Shawn Michaels, #30 Doink The Clown:
It's the final entrant, and Michaels is able to back drop Jannetty out, eliminating him at 57:14 (lasted 6:12) before Doink even gets in the ring. Down to ten men now. Fatu hammers away on Doink and Irwin continues his beating of Owen. Irwin sends Owen into the buckle as Polo rakes the eyes of Putski. I.R.S. tries eliminating Bart Gunn to no avail. Owen atomic drops Polo and sends him over the ropes. Polo climbs to the top rope, but Owen knocks him off, eliminating him at 58:08 (lasted 13:12), and we're down to nine people. The Harts double teaming Michaels for a moment. Opposite side Fatu back drops Putski out of the ring at 58:23 (lasted 11:30), and it's down to eight. Doink hammers Martel while nothing much else happens. Martel chokes Irwin, but he back drops Martel out of the ring at 59:02 (lasted 19:44). Michaels and Owen both tease being eliminated as Gunn and Doink go face versus face. Gunn tries a suplex, but Doink blocks a suplexes Gunn out of the ring at 1:00:12 (lasted 6:50). Doink takes a slight beating from I.R.S. and Michaels clotheslines him out at 1:00:29 (lasted 3:11). I.R.S. pounds away on Bret while Fatu & Michaels take care of Owen. As I say that, Bret with an atomic drop to I.R.S. eliminates him at 1:01:09 (lasted 17:39).

Final Four: #20 Owen Hart, #22 Bret Hart, #26 Headshrinker Fatu, #29 Shawn Michaels:
Fatu connects with a reverse crescent kick to Bret while Michaels traps Owen in the tree of woe, and proceeds to kick him in the face about 50 times. I just noticed how loose the middle rope has gotten. Bret almost has Fatu out, but Michaels sneaks up on Hart and dumps him out at 1:02:55 (lasted 21:35), taking it down to three men. The heels double team Owen in the corner with punches. Irish whip, and Owen comes back with a double clothesline. Owen unloads rights on both men, but the numbers game catches up and they have him trapped in the corner again. Michaels with a double axe handle to Owen. Irish whip and Owen with a double noggin knocker, but Fatu no sells and headbutts Owen down. Razor comes out, causing Michaels to turn his attention away from the match. Owen with a spinning heel kick to Fatu sends him into Michaels, knocking Michaels over and out at 1:05:35 (lasted 9:30), leaving it down to Owen & Fatu. Owen hammers away at Fatu in the corner while Ramon & Michaels brawl back into the locker room area. Meanwhile, the middle rope snaps on the right side of the ring, so Owen chokes him out with it. Samu comes out now as Fatu hammers Owen to the ground and connects with a back breaker, followed by a headbutt. Owen holds on from elimination, and traps Fatu in the corner with shoulder thrusts. Samu helps Fatu stay in the ring and Owen mounts Fatu with rights. Bret Hart comes back to counter Samu's appearance. Fatu with a charging clothesline followed by another headbutt. Irish whip to the corner but Fatu posts himself on a charge. Owen with a scoop slam followed by a splash off the top rope! Fatu no-sells again and nails Owen with a back breaker. Fatu goes up, but Owen crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Owen with a clothesline, which Fatu over-sells, and Owen tosses Fatu out at 1:10:06 (lasted 21:06).

Winner: #20 "The Rocket" Owen Hart (lasted 29:54)

Owen & Bret both fend of the Head Shrinkers from coming in and attacking again. Crowd popped nicely for Owen, but he wasn't near Bret levels of over-ness, but once he turned heel 5 days later, he was one of the more over heels on the roster. Anyway, as a whole, this Rumble was a lot more enjoyable than the rush job, awkward Rumble Match on the PPV. First third was fun, with Diesel dominating, but then it dragged a bit before Crush cleaned house of everyone until Owen came in. Match dragged a little more, but picked up once Michaels & Jannetty mixed it up for a few minutes. **** for being very entertaining, and a well planned Rumble...except for letting jobber Scott Putski stay in for more than two minutes. I'm wondering if Samu & Bret came out as a last minute decision to "save" their partners/brother because the middle rope was near useless for holding onto.

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