March 12, 2011
Alexander Settee

The Alley Fight: Sgt. Slaughter (w/The Grand Wizard) vs. Pat Patterson (May 4, 1981, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY)

The Setup: Between the TV angle in recent weeks and the previous month's MSG bout, it's come to this anything goes match.

The Action: They go right at each other, swinging wildly, with Patterson quickly gaining control and putting the cowboy boots to him. He then whips Sarge with his belt and chokes him with it. Sarge takes over with a shot to the eyes and starts using the belt himself, then chokes Patterson with his own shirt. He misses off the top rope though and Patterson takes it to him again with a slam and kneedrop. Sarge tosses him to the floor and teases a dive before just beating him up some more instead. Patterson nail him and gets a catapult to the post which has Sarge gushing blood instantly. He nails Patterson with a low blow and pulls out his brass knuckles , but he's still selling that he's disoriented from the blood loss and can't use them effectively. Patterson takes off his boot and starts beating Sarge with that. He keeps trying to get back in to it, but Patterson just lays in shot after shot until Grand Wizard runs down and throws in the towel on Sarge's behalf at 14:29.

The Verdict: This was another great brawl with more violence and more intensity then we saw earlier. It's very different from the way they do the big grudge matches today, but that's good as it was just two guys who hate each other going out there and doing everything they could until one of them couldn't go any more. It was simple, and I loved it. Great stuff. ****

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