August 15, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

WWF Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson vs. Ken “I AM A STRONG MAN” Patera (w/The Grand Wizard) – (Madison Square Garden, 4/21/80)
Ken Patera was SUCH a heat machine in 1980. Just from that one year alone of what I’ve seen, he’s become one of my favorite heels. The first 5-10 minutes are all armbars as Patterson is in total control. Patera throws Patterson to the floor to gain a breather. He follows Patterson out and throws him into the guardrail just for fun. Patera follows up with a super safe slam on the concrete floor. Ooo, Cheap Trick is coming to Madison Square Garden! Patera continues to keep Patterson down on the floor as he gives him a couple cheap stomps from the apron. Finally he makes it to the apron, where Patera hammers him on the chest and kicks Patterson’s head into the steel turnbuckle connector. In the ring, Patera delivers the double-lift pair of backbreakers for two. He softens up the back some more with knees and a whip into the corner to set up a Bearhug. Just when it looks to be curtains for Patterson, he punches himself loose. Right away, Patera wants the SWINGING FULL NELSON. Patterson says no thanks and heads for the corner to get a break. Back to the Bearhug. Patera tries to sneak around to apply the Full Nelson, but Patterson slips out and kicks Patera back. Patterson mounts a comeback as he brutalizes Patera in the corner. He trips up Patera and posts the knee that apparently has been injured since he didn’t usually wear a knee pad back then. Back inside, Patterson kicks Patera in the back of the knee all around the ring. Now it’s time for the Figure-Four! Patera refuses to give up and makes the ropes. Patterson continues to work the knee. Patera reverses a corner whip and misses a charge as he runs shoulder-first into the ringpost. Slow cover, 1-2-NO! Patera gets his foot on the bottom rope. Patterson thinks he’s won though and argues with the ref. Patera begins to crawl over to him and gets kicked in the head. The ref gets bumped as Patera throws Patterson into him. Patera heads up top and drops a knee on the champ for the 1-2-3. Oh, Patterson had his foot on the bottom rope. Nobody saw it though. (20:49) Ken Patera becomes the second-ever Intercontinental champion. Started out real slow, but those last ten minutes were turning this match into something near epic. ***˝

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