July 20, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Mr. Perfect & Rick Martel vs. Jumbo Tsuruta & King Haku Ė (Tokyo Dome, 4/13/90)
This is like a classic AWA match with special guest, Haku! This is the final match WWE.com Legacy on Demand has on the site from the Wrestling Summit Show, despite having a Hogan/Hansen match on the card. Once again, we have the wonderful Striker and Matthews on commentary. As far as the TV schedule goes, Perfect is about a month away from being crowned as the new Intercontinental champion to replace Ultimate Warrior who captured the WWF title at WrestleMania VI. Perfect and Martel clean house to start. Tsuruta is the All Japan Triple Crown champion at this point, so itís pretty big in Japan for these guys to be in the ring with him. Jumbo catches Perfect with a boot in the corner and follows up with a High Knee. Tag to Haku, he kicks Perfect silly in the ropes and then levels him with a shoulderbreaker for two. Jumbo tags back in and grabs an abdominal stretch on Perfect. Martel breaks it up, allowing Perfect to take over. Perfect hits the Hennig Neck Snap and tries to draw in Haku, but heís buying into it. Jumbo blocks a punch and slams Perfect to tag Haku. He just owns Perfect, but then misses a somersault senton. Kind of odd because both of these guys were in the Heenan Family at the time, but apparently not here in Japan. Tag to Martel, who drops a bunch of elbows to the back of Haku. Whoa, is that a hurracanrana from Martel I see? That gets two. Perfect brings Martel back into the match with a slingshot splash for two. Haku blocks another rana from Martel by dropping him back on the top turnbuckle. Perfect gets a tag and dropkick Haku for two. Double-slam by Martel and Perfect. That sets up a QUEBEC CRAB attempt by Martel. Itís a battle, but Martel turns Haku over into the hold. Tsuruta breaks it up. Now we see an abdominal stretch in the corner by Perfect, who actually doesnít cheat to gain extra leverage from Martel. Back to Martel, who gives Haku a suplex and knee drop for two. Meanwhile, Striker is explaining the Triple Crown championship! Awesome. Tsuruta tries to get the crowd behind Haku while Martel and Perfect continue to work over Hakuís back. Flying splash from Martel hits knees and that sets up the hot tag to Jumbo. Everybody gets in the ring as Haku and Tsuruta whip their opponents into each other. Jumbo catches Martel with a High Knee and delivers the RELEASE BACK SUPLEX for the win. (10:53) Pretty neat little formula tag to put Jumbo over the Americans. **

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