April 21, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Barry Windham vs. Brian Pillman Ė (World Championship Wrestling, 4/27/91)
Week after week since Wargames, Windham wonít stop messing with Pillmanís injured shoulder and itís PISSING HIM OFF. Pillman isnít wearing the shoulder brace anymore though. Revenge is on the mind of the Cincinnati Kid, says JR. Windham doesnít mind giving this kid whatís coming to him again. Pillman chops Windham around and backdrops him over. He grabs an armbar, but Windham slides out of the ring to regroup. Back in, Windham goes low and tries a piledriver, but Pillman backdrops out and chops him around. To the floor, Pillman smashes Windhamís head on the guardrail. Back inside again, Windham begs off and thumbs Pillman in the eye. Windham is up top, but Pillman dropkicks him to the floor and delivers a Macho Man flying double ax handle! Back in the ring, Pillman goes after Windhamís arm, but whiffs on a dropkick. Windham launches Pillman in the air as he comes off the ropes and then delivers a NASTY brainbuster (!!). Windham continues to abuse Pillman and rips at his face. As Windham has Pillman cornered, he reaches back to punch Pillman and elbows the ref away. Oh well. Windham laughs about it. Thatís AWESOME. Running elbow drop gets two. Windham cuts Pillman off with a sleeper and sticks his foot on the TOP ROPE for maximum leverage. Ref Bill Alfonso never saw a thing. Pillman fights out with a jawbreaker. Windham refuses to let Pillman come back and cuts him off with the LARIAT! Cover, 1-2-NO! Pillman ducks a second Lariat and blasts Windham with a spin kick! Jumping clothesline connects and PILLMAN IS BACK! He hits a Missile Dropkick for 1-2-NO! Windham goes to the eyes and tries a slam, but Pillman counters with an inside cradle for 1-2-NO! Arn Anderson is in for the DQ. (9:17) Immediately, Arn pulls Pillman off the pin for a DDT! Gosh, I love Arn Anderson. I could watch him drop people with DDTs and spinebusters every day. As the bloody Horsemen beatdown continues, Bobby Eaton runs in for the save and cleans house. Just as intense as their taped fist match at Superbrawl with both men playing their roles to perfection. ***Ĺ

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