May 20, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) vs. Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman – (World Championship Wrestling, 8/18/90)
Zenk and Pillman won the US tag belts in a tournament to revive the titles after they were shelved for close to a year. The Midnight Express came a calling and took back the US tag titles for their third and final reign as the champs. Zenk delivers a hiptoss to Eaton and that throws him off his game. He catches Eaton with a second hiptoss and the Midnight Express blame the Z-Man for tight pulling. No way. Eaton nails Zenk with a series of right hands, but Zenk comes back with hiptosses. Instead of tagging out, Eaton stays determined to slow down Zenk. He goes low on Zenk and tags in Lane who runs into a hiptoss. In comes Pillman, he O’Connor rolls Lane for two. Cornette comes up onto the apron and starts tapping on the ref only to be tapped back down to the floor. Back to the match, Pillman hits Lane with an atomic drop. Tag to Eaton, he goes up top and takes a dropkick down to the guardrail. Pillman comes off the apron with another dropkick and sends Eaton into the guardrail again. Back inside, Zenk blind tags and Eaton gets caught with a dropkick from behind into a slam by Zenk! Lane comes in and stuns Pillman with clotheslines. To the floor, Lane sends Pillman into the guardrail while Cornette jabs him in the throat with the tennis racket. Back in the ring, the Midnights continue to brutalize Pillman. Cornette gets another jab to the throat with the racket. Desperation sunset flip on Lane gets broken up by Eaton. Billy Robinson backbreaker from Eaton gets 1-2-NO! Eaton one-ups himself with a slingshot Billy Robinson backbreaker. Awesome! That gets two. Lane delivers a swinging neckbreaker and then Eaton gives Pillman a suplex. He climbs up top, but Pillman manages to slam him down. HOT TAG TO ZENK! He goes crazy on the Midnights. Zenk holds up Eaton for a dropkick by Pillman. Once Eaton is set, Pillman slingshots Zenk onto him from the apron for 1-2-NO! Now it’s breaking loose! Wait a minute, here comes SID VICIOUS to disrupt the match. (14:22) He takes out everybody but Eaton who steps up to the big guy blow for blow until they break for commercial. Felt somewhat uninspired up until the last few minutes where everything picked up steam and then Sid ruined everything. This led to an Eaton-Sid match which Cornette calls one of Eaton’s worst matches at that time. ***¼

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