February 1, 2011
Edward Miguez

WCW Pro Wrestling (3/5/1994)

Note: The matches on this show also aired on 2/19/94 and 2/26/94 editions of WCW Saturday Night and were all taped at Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, GA.

Gordon Solie & Larry Zbyszko welcome us to the show and discuss today's big matches.

Johnny B. Badd Vs. Bill Payne
Badd keeps Payne grounded with a headlock and is just too quick for him. Big back body drop and dropkick follow for Johnny, and he quickly puts Payne away with a crucifix in just 2:15. * for a quick warm-up match.

Mean Gene Okerlund is backstage with Kane & Kole of Harlem Heat. Kole tells Gene to shut up and explains how the Heat will turn up the flames to 1,000 degrees and beat every team in WCW. Kane makes fun of Gene's hair and welcomes any team to sign to face them. Kane thinks 1994 will be the Heat's year. This is a pretty good promo here, the Heat show a lot of personality.

Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne Vs. The Cuban Connection (Ricky Santana & Fidel Sierra)
Payne starts off by overpowering the burly Sierra and slamming him. Cactus has control of Santana but gets surprised with an enzugiri kick from the Cuban. Cactus quickly recovers with a spinning clothesline and tags in Maxx. Maxx & Jack have their way with Fidel until Santana gets a blind tag and hits a spinning heel kick on Jack! The Cubans take down Jack with a double clothesline until Maxx evens the odds. Jack then comes off the ring apron with a flying elbow drop to the floor onto Sanatana! Back in the ring, Jack whips Payne into Sierra, then delivers a leg drop to the back of the head for the win at 4:44. * for a competitive (but slow paced) tag bout.

Brian Armstrong Vs. The Mongolian Mauler
Armstrong is wearing a Ribera jacket from Japan. Armstrong is able to get the Mauler off his feet with three straight dropkicks, but Mauler quickly counters a sunset flip with a sit-down splash. Big clothesline by Mauler floors Armstrong, but Brian fights back and gets 10 corner punches in. Brian runs into a boot and the Mauler finishes him off with a big elbow drop for the pin at 2:50. * for another basic match.

Gordon Solie & Larry Zbyszko discuss a recent incident where The Nasty Boys did a number on The Equalizer after their match. Larry wonders who Equalizer's brother is that he said he'd go to for help.

Flashback: On WCW Saturday Night, WCW Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys are bragging about their success while The Equalizer gets too excited and annoys them. The Nastys attack Equalizer and beat him up. Mean Gene Okerlund gets a word from Equalizer, who says he's going to call his big brother who used to protect him as a kid.

The Boss Vs. Jake Stevens
Stevens is pretty ripped but doesn't stand much of a chance here. The Boss throws him around and kicks him in a face. Boss then delivers a big boot to the face and a big uppercut. Boss then hits a nice inverted shoulder breaker on Stevens. Big clothesline and Boss Slam finish this one-sided affair at 3:23 as The Boss gets the pin. * for just a display of The Boss's moves here.

Jungle Jim Steele Vs. Ron Vegas
Vegas has a wonderful pink & black neon-colored leather jacket with tassels hanging off the arms. Steele delivers a clothesline & back elbow and pounds his chest like Tarzan. Steele attempts his "Steele Trap" Thesz Press, but Vegas jumps up in the air, leading to a hideously awkward execution and Steele falls on top for the pin at 1:57. DUD, this was quick and rotten.

Mean Gene Okerlund is backstage with WCW United States Champion "Stunning" Steve Austin and Col. Robert Parker. Parker is sick of of the fans chanting "KFC!" at him and claims no one can beat Austin. Austin says he knows everyone is after him, including Johnny B. Badd who is running his mouth and barking up the wrong tree. Austin tells Gene "You don't have to call me Mister because the whole world's calling me CHAMP."

Gordon Solie & Larry Zbyszko discuss today's main event. Solie thinks the winner might be the #1 Contenders for the WCW Tag Team Titles.

Harlem Heat (Kane & Kole) Vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio (with Teddy Long)
Scorpio & Bagwell dance before the match which annoys the Heat and referee Nick Patrick has to seperate the teams before the bell. "WHOOMP THERE IT IS!" chant by the crowd. Bagwell and Kole with a decent mat wrestling exchange and a series of near-falls, none of which were really believable 45 seconds into the match, though. Bagwell works over the arm of Kole until Kane and Scorpio tag in. Scorpio is able to escape from a military press but gets caught in mid-air and powerslammed by the bigger Heat member. Bagwell is able to get into the ring and dropkick Kane as Scorpio low bridges him. The Heat regroup on the floor as we go to COMMERCIAL. We're back as Kole levels Scorpio with a clothesline! Bagwell tags in but is overcome by a big clothesline on the ring apron from Kane. Kane drops Bagwell with a big boot to the face. Scorpio finally gets the tag in and delivers a series of kicks to the Heat to gain the advantage. Scorpio slams Kole and delivers a nice moonsault off the top, but Kane breaks it up. All 4 wrestlers in the ring now and Ron Simmons has come to ringside. Bagwell dropkicks Simmons off the ring apron and Scorpio does a running plancha over the top rope onto Ron! Nice! Scorpio collided with the guard rail and appears to be knocked out. Bagwell & Long come to his aid and Scorpio is counted out. Ron Simmons raises Harlem Heat's arms in victory. Scorpio holds his neck in pain on the floor. The Heat win by countout at 9:41. ** for an okay match that picked up at the end.

See you next time.

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