March 2, 2005
Kelly Fairbee

Prime Time Wrestling 10/28/86

Ladies and gentleman I give to you, the greatest wrestling team ever, Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.

Match #1: "The King" Harley Race v. Corporal Kirschner: From the Boston Gardens 9/6/86. Kirschner backdrops Race early on and works over the King's arm. Race uses some leverage and throws the Cpl. to the floor. Harley nails a head butt to Kirschner o the floor. The King then suplexes Cpl. on the concrete. Race suplexes Kirschner into the ring but misses a diving head butt from the middle rope. Kirschner comes back and sends Harley backwards over the top rope to the outside. Harley tries to come back in via the top rope but Cpl. presses him off. Kirschner misses a middle rope forearm shot himself. The two crack heads but Harley gets the advantage with the harder cranium. Cpl. reverses a suplex and locks on the sleeper. he King gets in a low blow for the break. Harley gets a piledriver for two. The corporal & Rave brawl on the outside for a moment & come back inside where the King gets a clothesline on Kirschner. Cpl. goes for something, maybe a splash and catches Harley's knees in his ribs. Both men spill to the floor yet again. This time back inside Kirschner tries for a cross body but can barely stand on the top rope. Anyway, he hits the move and literally pulls Harley Race over on top as Gorilla calls it "momentum". Race gets the win at 13:40. Race & Kirschner brawl afterwards and the King levels the corporal with a chair shot.
Rating: Good match, NO LIE! *1/2

Match #2: Sika (w/The Wizard) v. Jerry Allen: In Progress from Boston Gardens 10/4/86. Iaukea (The Wiz) gets on the mic for a moment. Our referee is Rita Marie. Sika is working over Jerry Allen while The Wizard yells things out very loud. Allen fires back with a series of rights and a dropkick. Allen misses a charge and Sika drops a head butt for the win at 4:16.
Rating: Ummmm...DUD

- Ken Resnick interviews Roddy Piper. Hot Rod talks about Adonis, Orton & Muraco. really good interview, as usual!

Match #3: The Islanders v. Jimmy Jack Funk & Mr. X: From the Gardens 10/4/86. X is of course Danny Davis. The Islanders take turns working over both heels. Tama runs off the ropes right into Funk's knee and the heels take control. Jimmy Jack gets a slingshot and and a back breaker on Tama for two. Funk gets a shoulder breaker and a middle rope fist drop for two. Tama tries a sunset flip on Funk but X breaks it up. Tama reverses a suplex but X stops Tama from making the tag. Tama & JJ hit a double clothesline and X & Haku get hot tags. Haku eventually slams X and Tama leaps from the top with a splash for the win at 12:14.
Rating: Good little under card tag match, *

Match #4: Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (w/Fred Blassie) v. George Steele & Cpl. Kirschner: Okay, I can deal with one Kirschner match, but two?!? This match was taped from early 1986. Sheik attacks Kirschner to start and applies an abdominal stretch. The corporal gets out of it but is then hammered by Volkoff. Nikolai misses a charge and the Cpl. tags in the Animal. Steele bites both heels as they try for clotheslines. he heels double team the Animal and take control. Sheik applies the camel clutch but the Cpl. breaks it up. Kirschner gets the hot tag but is quickly cut off by Nikolai's boot. The Animal's back in with some biting and thumbing to the throat. Cpl; is again quickly tagged in and gets a small package which the Sheik breaks up. All 4 men are in the ring as Kirschner gets a Samoan Drop on Volkoff. Sheik loads up his boot and nails Cpl. with it while the refs distracted by Steele. The Iranian places Volkoff on top of Kirchner for the win at 7:36.
Rating: It was there, not unwatchable 1/2*

- In a totally unnecessary segment, we are "At Home with Hillbilly Jim" who is singing to "Granny". Jim shows us how he exercises & wrestles in his house. WTF was that about, wow.

Match #5: Mr. X v. Rudy Diamond: Boston Gardens 6/27/86. Not sure why we get two Kirschner matches and now two Mr. X bouts on the same show. X again is Danny Davis, Diamond is wrestling barefoot. X powders out early on but comes in and takes control. X misses a leg drop and Rudy takes over. X reverses an Irish whip and hits a flying clothesline on Rudy for the win at 5:15.
Rating: Nothing much here, DUD

- Ken Resnick interviews the Dream Team, who are complaining about a recent SNME match they had with the British Bulldogs.

Match #6: King Kong Bundy v. Junkyard Dog: Boston Gardens 6/27/86: Bundy drops the dog early but misses an elbow drop. JYD gains control nailing several head butts while on all fours. KKB takes a breather on the outside. Bundy tries again and the duo trade blows until Bundy drops the Dog. KKB tries a splash but the JYD gets out of the way. Dog tries a head butt, but he too misses. Bundy & the Dog trade blows for the next several minutes. The Dog gets frustrated and grabs his dog chain. JYD goes to use the chain but referee Danny Davis grabs it. The Dog refuses to let go and uses the chain to hip toss Danny across the ring. Davis DQ's the Dog and claims KKB the winner at 7:21. After the bout JYD hits his THUMP powerslam on referee Danny Davis and chains him up and drags him to the back.
Rating: The ending is better than the match, 1/4*

Final Thoughts: Not a totally bad show but I don't understand why not one, but two wrestlers were featured more than once on this episode.
Match of the Night:
Harley Race v. Cpl. Kirschner

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