March 2, 2005
Kelly Fairbee

Prime Time Wrestling 11/3/86

A Special 1 hour version of PTW with your hosts as usual Monsoon & Heenan. Gorilla presents Heenan with his Bobby Heenan LJN figure. Monsoon has glued a weasel tail to the behind of the doll. These guys are something else. Heenan is the host this week BTW. All Matches are from the Summit in Houston, Texas, taped 10/19/86.

Match #1: Brutus Beefcake v. SD Jones: Bruti stomps on SD to start off. SD tries a come back but misses a charge into the corner. Beefcake takes over again but SD fights his way back and hits a slam and a series of jabs. Jones charges at Beefcake and ducks a clothesline. SD again hits the ropes but runs right into a high knee to give Beefcake an easy win at 3:26. Match was about 2 minutes in progress but it was all stalling until then.
Rating: DUD, all the way.

Match #2: Greg Valentine v. Steve Gatorwolf: The Hammer works over Gatorwolf's arm for quite a bit and then throws the Native American to the outside. Steve has had enough and Indian chops his way back into the ring. Gatorwolf goes to work on Valentine with even more Stereotypical Tomahawk Indian Chops. The Hammer powders and has Steve chase him around ringside. Gatorwolf chases Greg back into the ring where the Hammer is waiting and slaps on the figure four. Steve makes it to the ropes for the break. Valentine misses a middle rope elbow drop and Gatorwolf comes back with MORE TOMAHAWK CHOPS! Valentine reverses an Irish whip and Steve falls right into a vertical suplex for the win at 8:29.
Rating: Valentine tries his best to carry a guy with one move. 1/2*

Match 3: Dynamite Kid v. Moondog Rex: Match is In Progress. Rex sends Dynamite to the concrete for a breather. Back inside Rex gets a powerslam for two and then bear hugs the Kid. Moondog with a side suplex for two and back into the bear hug. Dynamite breaks the hug goes to work on Rex and gets a crucifix for the pin at 3:50.
Rating: Not bad, I'm sure the worst was cut out. 1/4*

Match #4: Bret Hart v. Raymond Rougeau: Bret does quite a bit of stalling to start. The Hitman frustrates Ray early on and takes control. Hart eventually pitches Raymond to the concrete but Ray comes back in with a sunset flip over the top rope for two. Bret gets in a back breaker for two, but Raymond takes over. Ray with the savatte kick to the ribs of Bret and hits a sit-down splash for two. Ray with a dropkick gets 2. Rougeau tries a rollup but Bret reverses it and hooks the tights for the win at 8:31.
Rating: Okay considering 3:00 of staling to start. This isn't Memphis you know Bret. 3/4*

- Bobby Heenan promises a special guest and brings "The King" Harley Race into the PTW studio. Gorilla & Race have a great argument going. Monsoon makes fun of Race's ring attire. Heenan storms off the set nearly falling. Good closing segment.

Final Thoughts: These matches derived from what appeared to be an almost all tag team card, which had them broken up into singles competition. The matches were not very spectacular, but it was a one hour show and the ending is pretty good.
Match of the Night:
Bret Hart v. Raymond Rougeau

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