March 13, 2005
Kelly Fairbee

WWF Prime Time Wrestling 12/2/86

Almost all matches hail from MSG, unless noted otherwise.

Match #1: Karate Kid & Pepe Gomez v. Lord Little Brook & Little Tokyo:
The referee, Gilberto Roman appears to be about 4 inches taller than the midgets their self. The usual comedy is done here, along with some mat work w/Karate Kid v. Little Brook. All 4 men are eventually in for a little row boat action. Little Brook chokes out the faces using the middle rope then chokes out his own partner Tokyo without noticing in advance. Tokyo is return accidentally hits Little Brook. Just wanted to note I think it's great that the tag rope is hanging from the middle rope. Hot tag to Pepe, Little Brook tries a middle rope body block on Pepe but Gomez moves and Brook cross bodies Tokyo. The faces pile on top for the comedic like pinfall at 13:20.
Rating: It's a midget match, not a DUD but not much more 1/4*

Match #2: Intercontinental Champ Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat (In Progress):
This match is not from MSG. Steamboat gets a near fall body block on Savage to start. Macho throws Steamboat out of the ring but Ricky skins the cat back in and rolls Savage up for a two count. The Dragon leap frogs Macho and Savage runs into referee Dave Hebner. Steamer gets another body block and Hebner begins to count slowly, but referee Danny Davis hints to more of his heel turn by stopping the count to "check on" Dave Hebner. Savage pitches Ricky to the floor and drapes his throat across the guardrail and delivers a top rope double axe handle to boot. Savage then rolls Steamboat inside and proceeds to leap from the top rope with the ring bell in hand and drives it into The Dragon's throat, "crushing" his larynx. Savage is DQ'd or something. We only get 4 minutes of this bout.
Rating: The complete bout is something like **1/4 due to being somewhat short. I won't rate this since only a bit was shown.

- Update on Ricky Steamboat. Mean Gene talks to Ricky Steamboat's wife about The Dragon's recent injury. She says Ricky can't speak and is pondering retirement.

Match #3: Hercules Hernandez (w/Bobby Heenan) v. Pedro Morales:
Herc attacks Morales, Pedro fires back and Hercules takes a powder. Back inside Hercules takes control with some power offense and follows up with a little choking. Morales gets a come back, small package for two, a back drop and goes for a finisher. Pedro hits a back suplex into a back breaker (very nice move BTW). Morales goes for the covers and Bobby Heenan pulls Morales off of Herc. Pedro goes after Heenan which allows Herc to sneak up from behind and roll Morales up for the win with the hook of the tights at 7:00.
Rating: Not too shabby *1/4

Match #4: Lanny Poffo v. Steve Lombardi:
Poffo reads a poem to the fans...."delight". Lanny has a VERY gay haircut here, I don't know why he didn't stick with it for the Genius gimmick. The basic tackle, leap frog, dropdown spot to start. Poffo sends Lombardi to the floor shortly after but Steve comes back in and takes control for what seems like an eternity. Ever wonder why you never saw the Brooklyn Brawler climb the ropes? Because he can't. Lombardi struggles to get to the top rope and is pressed off by Poffo. This sets Lanny up to hit a top rope somersault senton for the pin at 10:20.
Rating: Wow was that a waste of 10:00 of my life. BUT it wasn't bad, just boring. 14*

- Gorilla Monsoon makes mention that Terry Garvin had a piece of Lombardi's contract, that explains sooooooo much.

- We are treated to Piper's Pit with Jimmy Hart. Jimmy demands respect from Hot Rod. Hart starts poking at Piper's chest and even slaps Roddy. Piper tells Jimmy to leave because George Steele is his real guest. Hart refuses and slaps Piper again!! Roddy can take no more and goes after Jimmy, only to be attacked from behind by Adrian Adonis. The two brawl for a bit until Adonis slaps on "Goodnight Irene" & puts Piper to sleep. Jimmy Hart stuffs flowers in Piper's mouth as the segment ends. This was Adonis' return after an "arm injury".

- Jack Tunney has recently announced he has lifted the suspension of Andre the Giant; we are treated to an interview w/Andre. The Giant says he has a surprise for the fans upon his return. The interview is conducted by Gary Davie. Upon return to the PTW set, Bobby Heenan gives a very small hint at Andre's heel turn by repeatedly ignoring any questions about Andre.

Match #5: Koko B. Ware v. Jimmy Jack Funk:
HAHA! What a great start....On Koko's way to the ring, Frankie jumps off his shoulder and onto the concrete! JJ Funk hits a big slam on Ware to start but Koko comes back with a pair of slams and sends Funk to the floor. Back inside we get a Greco Roman knuckle lock. Funk seems to be winning the lock up so Koko dropkicks his way out of it, VERY NICE! Jimmy Jack finally gets the cut off with a Hot Shot on Ware. Basic heel moves here. Koko comes back with a dropkick and a top rope dropkick. Ware hits his "Ghostbuster" for the pin at 8:40.
Rating: Okay undercard match 3/4*

- Bobby Heenan says Koko's mother's name is Tupper. LOL now that's funny!!!

Match #6: Billy Jack Haynes v. "Cowboy" Bob Orton (w/Jimmy Hart):
Orton is now managed by Hart, for the whole 2 months it lasted. The two trade blows with Haynes getting the upper hand. Orton tries a charge at Billy Jack but misses and posts his shoulder. Haynes works on Orton's arm but the Cowboy breaks lose and begs off. Haynes thinks the wiser and goes right back to work on Orton's arm. Cowboy breaks free again but runs into an Atomic Drop. Orton takes a sweet bump to the floor....Head First!!! Cowboy recuperates and takes control, nailing a shoulder breaker for two. Orton tries a superplex but Haynes straddles the Cowboy. Haynes gets a quick comeback and slaps on the Full Nelson. Both men spill to the floor and continue to brawl for a double count out at 14:24.
Rating: 3/4* Not a bad match but the finish sucked

- We close the show with Heenan ready to talk about Andre the Giant, only we're out of time!!!

Final Thoughts: This was definitely not one of their better shows. The Piper's Pit and the Savage match help things out but the undercard matches were just too much to over come. Match of the Night: I would actually call it segment of the night, the Piper's Pit with Hart & Adonis is a classic!

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