January 26, 2013
Justin Rozzero
The Place to Be

Prime Time Wrestling 8/7/89

- After the opening animation, we head inside the studio where we are welcomed by Gorilla Monsoon & Roddy Piper…Piper is tying a noose with a rope…we are three weeks away from Summerslam…they bag on Bobby Heenan a bit and then run down today’s card…Gorilla promises we will see video of a look from Hulk Hogan that we have never seen before, and that look is fear…Piper says Hogan had fear in his eyes when they wrestled back in the day…time for our first match

- Widowmaker vs. Terry Daniels…Tony Schiavone & Lord Alfred on commentary…they put over the WM for his surly and focused attitude…Tony mentions he has never really been taken off his feet since he debuted…he plays with Daniels a bit…Alfred says Daniels has some surprising victories against various big men…I would like to see that record book…WM just shoves Daniels around, but Daniels hoists him up with a big slam and follows with an armdrag out of nowhere…maybe Alfred was right…Daniels ducks and dodges but that strategy doesn’t last long at all as WM starts slugging away and wearing him down…this match has been way more even than you would imagine it to be…WM hits a reverse atomic drop, which Alfred discusses in detail…he follows with a nice delayed belly-to-back suplex and powerslam…Tony notes that we are in Utica for this match…Daniels won’t go away, fighting back once again…I wonder if they were considering signing Daniels, or just decided to have a competitive squash…this is just odd to have a heel like WM in such a back and forth match here…WM puts Daniels on the top rope and hits the superplex to finally finish this one…nice showing by Daniels but I can’t say it helped Widowmaker look that strong…Tony does say it’s an awesome win for an awesome man, so maybe I am wrong

- Back to the studio…Piper wonders if WM is friends with Randy Savage and calls him cute…well then…Gorilla asks Piper to pick a winner in the SS main event…he compares Zeus to Sammy Davis, Jr…Savage has nothing to lose, which makes him dangerous…he rambles a bit more and never picks a winner as we go to commercial

- Back from break, we are talking about the Ultimate Warrior’s opportunity to regain his IC title at SS…Piper thinks Rude will win if the match goes long…he also says Warrior has a secret that could help him win

- Lord Alfred has our Special Report…he takes us to the Brother Love Show, where we had dual guests for the first time in Andre the Giant and Ultimate Warrior…Heenan was there too…Andre & Heenan are alone to start and talk generically about his dominance…Love brings out the Warrior, predicting he will be trembling at the sight of Andre…Warrior gets right in his grill and promises that he will beat Andre if they ever face in the ring…crowd loves that…Warrior just walks off…that was underwhelming…Andre, Bobby and Love look concerned…Alfred wraps up that tepid Update and we head back to the studio…Gorilla enjoyed that…Piper gives him credit for having guts but maybe lacking brains…time for our next bout

- Young Stallions vs. Powers of Pain…we join in progress here with Tony & Alfred in the booth…POP are controlling as we pick things up…this match is coming to us from Worcester, MA, home of your Top 25 ranked Assumption Greyhounds men’s hoops team…Barbarian tosses Roma around the ring, snapping him over his knee with a stiff backbreaker…Warlord is in and hooks the bearhug on as Alfred puts the POP over…we get a detailed breakdown of Fuji’s intentions and enemies as the beatdown continues…Barbarian misses an elbow off the middle rope and the worm turns as Powers is tagged in…he is all full of vim and vigor and his wits allow him to juke and jive his way out of trouble…Roma is back in as all four brawl…that was a quick recovery…Warlord clotheslines Roma to the floor and the POP finish Powers as Warlord hoists him up and Barbarian nails him with a top rope clothesline…fun semi-squash…the POP head to the Worcester Common Outlets to celebrate as Chad Campbell sheds a single tear

- Back to the studio for some Summerslam talk…Gorilla mentions that the Brain Busters will face the Harts but the titles will not be on the line…Piper says Bobby just hopes the Busters will get out of the match safe since the titles aren’t on the line…Gorilla disagrees because if the Harts win, they become top contenders and earn a shot…Piper goes through all the strategy here…this is quite the debate…time for a break as we all cool down

- We are back and Piper tells us about his satellite dish as Gorilla sends us to the ring

- Hercules vs. Chris Duffy…Duffy’s neon green tights do not blend well with his albino skin…Herc is prepping for Summeslam, where he will battle Greg Valentine…Sean Mooney & Alfred Hayes in the booth but we are back in Worcester…Duffy is one ugly son of a bitch…Herc plays around a bit as we get an inset promo poem courtesy Genius…I would describe the action but I really don’t want to look at Duffy…ok, I will do what I can…Herc clotheslines him to the floor and then goes right to retrieve him…he hits a clothesline and hoists Fatty Albino into the backbreaker for the quick win…Duffy can go back to caddying for Happy Gilmore now

- Back to Gorilla & Piper…they talk about the Valentine/Hercules PPV match…Piper picks Herc to win in two rounds…alright then…now we get a promo from Randy Savage, Zeus and Sensational Sherri…they talk about Summerslam, natch…usual fun Savage stuff here…Sherri calls out Miss Elizabeth for shits and giggles…Zeus just growls menacingly…and back over to the studio where they talk about the Summerslam main event some more…Piper thinks Liz could get hurt at the hands of Sherri because Savage & Zeus have nothing to lose…break time

- After that break, Gorilla & Piper discuss the big six man PPV match featuring Rockers & Santana battling Martel & Rougeaus…Piper thinks Martel has no chance at Summerslam

- Rick Martel vs. Koko B. Ware…this is a theme song dream match for me…Slick is with Martel, so that means we get to jam out to Jive Soul Bro…Martel’s dancing never gets old…Alfred is back with Tony as we are now in Utica…Koko and Frankie are out and this should be a good one…Martel struts around, stalling and dodging Koko…Martel counters an Irish whip with a cartwheel but Koko meets him with a dropkick, sending him to the floor…Tony talks about the Summerslam six man as Martel regains his bearings and gets the action going again…all Koko again, but he charges and Martel backdrops him over the top and outside the ring…I should mention Koko has his hair dyed blonde and highlighted with a blue stripe…Alfred says this match is going along at a blistering pace…Koko gets hooked in the Tree of Woe, which is always a treat to see…Frankie looks on as Martel hammers on his buddy…Koko gets a few hope spots but Martel is really aggressive in shutting that shit down…Koko gets a near fall with a cross body off the middle rope…Martel keeps working the back as Alfred puts over his strengths…Martel goes up top, but Koko crotches him and is a house afire, slugging away before smashing into Martel with a missile dropkick…Slick hops on the apron and distracts Koko, which allows Martel to take back control…Alfred says Koko is gritty and plucky, so expect him to be traded to the Diamondbacks any day now…Koko misses a dive into the corner and Martel finishes him with a kneedrop off the top rope…really TV fun match between two veterans…Martel was flying around the ring here

- Back in the studio, Piper & Gorilla gush over Martel’s ability but question his friends…now we get some talk about the Heenan Family…Gorilla thinks Brother Love is too close to Heenan and that we all need to keep an eye on him…with that, it is time for the Brother Love Show…his guests this week are the new tag team champions, the Brain Busters, along with manager Bobby Heenan…Vince & Jesse are on commentary…Jesse says the title change was a major upset…Tully and Arn mugging and giggling about being champs is great…top notch promo from all three as you would expect….Arn talks about all the teams they ran through before knocking off Demolition…good stuff…vintage Tully & Arn and Bobby fit right in…back over to the studio and Piper trashes Love a bit…more Summerslam talk as we hit a break

- When we return, it is time for the Summerslam Report…Gene Okerlund is with us and runs down the card…Hercules/Valentine, Rockers & Santana/Martel & Rougeaus, Rooster/Perfect, Harts/Busters, Snuka/DiBiase, Dusty/Honky, Demolition & Duggan/Towers & Andre, Rude/Warrior and Hogan & Beefcake/Savage & Zeus…full card announced three weeks out…Gene takes us to an interview he conducted with Beefcake & Hogan from the most recent SNME, following an attack by Savage & Zeus…basic stuff to build Summerslam…Hogan is rambling all around and then puts Beefcake on the spot, asking how he will protect Liz…his plan is, well, not the best…Hogan is going to take out Sherri to eliminate the curse and it will be smooth sailing from there…easy enough, I guess…back to Gene, who takes us to a promo from Dusty Rhodes…Dusty has Boss Man’s hat, cuffs and nightstick, which begs the question why they aren’t wrestling on this show…now we get a promo from Rick Rude, whose perm is in magnificent form…Gene wraps us up and takes us to break

- Back to the studio and Gorilla says it is now clear Liz will be at Summerslam…Piper says Beefcake & Hogan sounded flustered and lost, which I agree with…Gorilla says this is the first time he has heard Hogan rationalize a match before it happens…now, it is time for our feature bout of the evening

- Randy Savage vs. Brutus Beefcake…this is from SNME, so Vince and Jesse are in the booth, natch…Sherri is with Savage…Gene chats with Brutus before he hits the ring…Savage tries to bait Brutus into a pearl harbor job, but Beefer outsmarts him and knocks Savage out to the floor…Beefcake chases Sherri around and that allows Savage to jump him from behind…Savage has rare red and yellow tights on, which is pretty swank…Beefcake uses his jacket to choke out Savage and take back control…Sherri tries to help again, but Beefer is on his game tonight…he crushes Savage with a high knee for a near fall…Savage tries to fight back, but Beefcake stays ahead of him, landing another knee to knock Macho to the floor…he follows Savage out but Sherri is finally able to turn the tide, hooking Beefer’s ankle so Savage can drill him from behind…the pace of this match is way faster than you would expect…Sherri smacks Beefcake around on the floor in between visits by Savage…Jesse really pushing how much more devastating Savage is with Sherri instead of Liz…and they are proving him right as she keeps getting involved and helping out…Beefcake comes back with a few near falls, but Savage continues to work him over...Savage goes for a flying axehandle, but Beefer catches him with a punch to the gut…Sherri grabs Beefcake, but he dodges out of the way as Savage collides into her, knocking her to the floor…this is a damn good match with a solid story weaved in…they are working hard…Beefcake sends Savage all the way to the floor with a back body drop…Savage sends Sherri to the back as we break back to the studio…time for some commercials…back to the studio and back to the arena…Savage is in control but misses a kneedrop…he recovers and drops Beefer with a stun gun as Sherri leads Zeus out to the ring…Beefcake locks in the sleeper, but that draws Zeus into the ring for the DQ…he locks Beefcake in a bear hug, leading to Hogan charging in…he hammers away at Zeus, but the big man won’t budge…now Hogan is in the bear hug, allowing Savage to crash into him with a flying axehandle…Beefer goes to the eyes of Zeus as all four men go at it…Zeus locks Beefer in the bear hug but Hogan smacks him with a chair…he drops Beefcake and just smiles at Hogan…Beefcake grabs a chair too and he and Hogan are ready to pounce, but Savage and Sherri talk Zeus down…very good match and a wild aftermath to really hype SS

- Piper & Gorilla break down our last segment for us…Piper calls someone “Eddie Munster in Drag” and that could apply to Sherri or Beefcake, so not sure who he meant…more good analysis from Piper though, seriously…Gorilla now takes us to the Bobby Heenan Show

- We get the opening animation and head into Bobby’s studio for this week’s episode…Lord Alfred introduces the Oinkettes before introducing Heenan…Jamison is with Bobby as Alfred brings out our first guest, an artistic scenery painter named Morris Katz…he is a portly fellow with a beret…he is mumbling as Bobby busts on him…Bobby says he looks like a terrorist…Morris shows off his painting, which seems to just be a newspaper on a piece of cardboard…Morris says he will do a painting of Bobby’s childhood home…Bobby asks what kid of paints he uses and then asks him to paint something while Bobby interviews the next guest…Alfred brings out guest number two, accomplished actress Heather Hunter…she comes out and Jamison is in love…he is very nervous and covers his crotch with a pillow…Heather discusses her movie roles as Bobby puts her over…Jamison is definitely Bobby’s Matt Rotella…Bobby talks about her upcoming movies…Jamison pulls Bobby aside and whispers in his ear…Bobby now realizes she is an adult movie star…he is all flustered as we take a break

- Morris is still painting as we return, he is churning out all sorts of scenic paintings…Bobby asks him to paint Heather now…Bobby is impressed with Heather now that he knows the truth…and he gets excited that Heather is single…Bobby is really working the charm now and wants to know why Heather started doing this…she giggles through an answer as Morris makes a racket stapling together a custom frame…Bobby bringing the hard hitting questions now…he asks Heather if she would do a scene with Jamison and she reveals that she thinks he is cute…Bobby says that women do fake it sometimes and then asks for a paper bag for Jamison’s scene…Heather says it takes one day to film her movies…this is interesting…and we abruptly cut to break

- The painting continues when we return…Heather takes a seat next to Jamison as it is now time for our third guest…Alfred brings out, Jean Bacquart…she looks quite similar to Mae Young…Bobby asks her if she is smashed because she is rambling on and needs help walking to the couch…her talent is blowing bubbles with a cigarette or some such nonsense…Jamison is studying the box of Heather’s movie as Jean goes on and on...Jean pulls out a cigarette, lights it, chugs some diet coke and keeps trying to blow bubbles…Bobby asks if we are gonna sit here and watch her die as it is taking her time to get this trick to go down…this is pretty gross watching this old bag puff a cancer stick and trying to blow soda bubbles…Bobby goes through her suitcase as she keeps puffing away…we take another break

- We are back, Morris is on his fourth painting and Jean is still puffing away…she is on to cigarette number two…and she finally produces a tiny bubble…what a stupid talent by a gross woman…we get some funky music as Heather dances for Bobby…what a shitshow…the Oinkettes and Jamison join in on the dancing as Jean puffs away and Morris paints…Heather is getting pretty risqué on us as we fade out

- Hard sell for Summerslam this week…I like Piper just fine and the Heenan show is always good for a laugh, but Piper’s chemistry with Gorilla doesn’t come close to Bobby’s, so hopefully he will be back at the PTW table soon…still, we got some good matches this week and a lot of PPV hype…fun show overall, including the Heenan madness

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