May 30, 2010
Jack Stevenson

WWF Monday Night Raw
January 15, 1996

Iím missing this show, but via the miracles of Youtube and Dailymotion Iíve been able to find every single segment for the show. Quite shocking as well considering this includes some of the more meaningless segments of the show. Anyway....

Taped from Newark, DE
Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler

Marty takes Owen down with an arm drag and monkey flip. A fast paced sequence ends with Marty clotheslining Owen down. Owen comes back with a belly to belly suplex and a side backbreaker. Owen whips Marty into the turnbuckles but Marty leaps onto the second turnbuckle and lands a crossbody for two. Owen pulls out an enzuiguri out of nowhere. He tries for the sharpshooter but Marty kicks him off. Another clothesline by Marty gives him a chance, but Owen drops him with a gutwrench suplex as we go to commercials.
We come back with Owen still in control. Marty hits a facebuster and then a nice inverted blockbuster off the top rope. A powerslam and clothesline to the floor appears to have Marty in control, but Owen counters a suplex back in and gets a bridging roll up for the win!
Rating- ** Ĺ - Short but sweet bout. Athletic and entertaining from beginning to end.

In the back, Todd Pettengill is typically excited about the Royal Rumble. He announces the debut of the WWF Free For All just before the Rumble PPV, and announces that two men will draw a blank number for the Rumble. Those two will meet for the Free 4 All, the winner getting number 30, the loser getting number one. He turns to the match itself, and announces Diesel is one of the favourites. Diesel is confident, and not scared by Vader. Vader meanwhile promises to bring us power from the Rocky mountains. Plus- Ahmed Johnson Vs Jeff Jarrett!

Dok Hendrix can confirm Razor Ramon is on the way to the arena tonight, and says tonight he is going to take Goldust apart.

Yes, that Matt Hardy. Before the match, Sunny salaciously tells us how everyone likes Raw.
Hardy gets in an early shoulder block but gets flattened by a Thesz press. He does get in a quick roll up before Austin completely takes over with a baaaaaack body drop. He hits a knee drop off the top. Snapmare and a fist drop gets two. A front suplex cuts off a brief Matt Hardy kick flurry. He lets Matt Hardy up at two though. Ringmaster drops Matt across the top rope, and then locks in the Million Dollar Dream for the win!
Rating- Ĺ *- Matt Hardy actually got a little bit of offense in here, which is why I give this a rating. You could tell Steve Austin had potential from this even if you hadnít seen his excellent WCW and ECW runs.

We get a video package for Shawn Michaels, complete with comments from him. It covers him forfeiting the Intercontinental Title, his worked collapse on Raw, and how he wants to make up for that by winning the Royal Rumble and becoming the WWF Champion.

We come back with the next back JIP.

Bart Gunn hits a series of slams and dropkicks to the Spiders. Sidewinder finishes off.

Another Billionaire Ted Wrasslin Warroom, which is just so unfunny it isnít really worth recapping.
Goldust is making his way down to the ring for an interview with Vince McMahon. Goldust immediately starts stroking Vince McMahon. Thatís a sentence I never thought Iíd type. Goldust asks Vince if he has a microphone in his pocket or if heís just happy to see him. Vinceís face is just hilarious. Goldust wants Razor more than any man or women can want a human being. Razor should never forget the name of..... (intake of breath) ....... GOLDUST!
Doc Hendrix informs us that Razor Ramon has just arrived in the parking lot, and he hopes to get a word with him in a short while.

Jerry gives Isaac a pep talk pre match. It doesnít seem to make too much of a difference though as Undertaker slugs away and slams Isaac down with shocking ease. Yankem comes back with a clothesline but it doesnít affect Taker in the long run. He tries for a tombstone but Isaac drops to the floor. The Undertaker just beats on him there instead, hurling him into the ring post. Jerry Lawler gets up from the announce table to try and steal the urn, but the Undertaker isnít having any of that and scares Jerry away. Isaac drives him into the ring post. Back in he hits a big powerslam. Isaac tries for a tombstone, but the Undertaker goes out the back door. Tombstone of his own, and that finishes off.
Rating- *- Not the worst bout Iíve ever seen, but pretty much just an extended squash.

Next week, Bret Hart faces Goldust. Goldust starts to cut a promo on Bret but Razor runs in and just beats the hell out of the Bizarre One. Referees and security surround Ramon, allowing Goldust to hit a low blow as we go to a final commercial break.
Sunny shills Raw while sitting naked in a bath tub. Another sentence I didnít think Iíd ever write. Sunny was unspeakably gorgeous at this point.
Next week, Bret Hart Vs Goldust! But this week, itís the Royal Rumble! Bret Hart Vs The Undertaker for the WWF Title, Razor Ramon Vs Goldust for the IC Title, The Smoking Gunns Vs The Bodydonnas for the WWF Tag Titles, Ahmed Johnson Vs Jeff Jarrett and of course, the 30 man Royal Rumble! In the back, Razor Ramon and Goldust have restarted their fight. They brawl outside and into the snow, and we end on that note.

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