November 1, 2007
Mike Abitabile

Monday Night Raw
Nashville Arena, Nashville, Tennessee

Raw comes on the air without a theme song or video this week. Jim Ross welcomes us to the show and reminds us that we are just twenty-four hours removed from In Your House: Final Four and the crowning of a new champion. In case you haven’t heard, Bret Hart won the match to become a four-time WWF champion. We kick off Raw with the match that was guaranteed to Sid just four days earlier at Thursday Raw Thursday – his shot at the title against whomever the champion was.

World Wrestling Federation Championship Match: Champion Bret Hart vs. Sycho Sid

King is with JR at the broadcast location (no Vince this week it seems) and is upset that Bret Hart is the champion once again, but is happy that he had to defend it right now and hopes he loses it as fast as he won it! JR also promises an update on Shawn Michaels knee injury from Dr. James Andrews, saying there is good news and bad news, depending on your perspective. Sid enters the ring first to a pretty good ovation. King says Sid is fresh but Bret went through a war last night, so he thinks Sid has the advantage. Bret makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation. JR informs us that Undertaker has been declared the number one contender and will face whoever the WWF champion is at Wrestlemania 13. King is embarrassed people in his home state are giving Bret a huge reaction. As always, Bret kisses his belt and hands it over to Earl Hebner then gives his sunglasses to a little girl in the crowd. King promises highlights from the pay per view later tonight and says we have to see what Vader’s face looked like to believe it. Bret and Sid go face-to-face, or more like face-to-chin actually and Sid jaw jacks with Bret. All of a sudden, Stone Cold slides in the ring and goes right after Bret! Sid tries to stop Austin because he wants his title shot, and Stone Cold responds by clipping Sid’s knee out! Officials swarm the ring to break it all up. The most important part is that the bell never rang to start the match. Sid is hurt and screaming “Damn it!” and hobbles around. They drag Austin to the back and Sid wants to go, even with a hurt knee. King says they should give Sid a few minutes to shake this off though.

While we try and figure out what is going to happen with the WWF title match, we see clips of Shawn Michaels speech from Thursday Raw Thursday. We then see some still shots from the main event of the pay per view. Taker kicked a chair into Vader’s face and his eye busted open big time and is gruesome to look at. We see Bret eliminate Austin, which shows us why he wants Bret so bad tonight. They even mention that Austin’s knee was hyper extended as he hit the ground, which will actually end up keeping him out of action until Wrestlemania. Austin returned to attack Bret later in the match and Taker eliminated Vader. It came down to Bret and Taker but Austin came back again and actually helped Bret. When Taker took his focus off Bret to go after Austin, Bret eliminated him to gain the WWF title.

Back live, Kevin Kelly is in the locker room with Sid. Sid is pissed off. He says even if his leg was broken, he still would wrestle tonight. He is also the master and ruler of the world. JR says we will have that match one way or the other tonight.

“Wildman” Marc Mero vs. Savio Vega

Sable is with Mero. The rappers, D-Lo Brown and Crush are with Savio. Farooq and Clarence Mason are in the crowd watching. The Nation members in the ring salute Farooq and Clarence in the crowd, who salute back. JR mentions Mero beat Leif Cassidy last night at the pay per view. We are shown highlights of Sable’s new mean streak, first kicking Taker a few weeks back on Superstars then slapping Leif last night during the match. They lock up and Savio takes control early. He throws Mero into the corner and pounds away with fists. Mero sends Savio to the ropes and hits a pair of arm drag takedowns and a dropkick to send Savio outside. He follows up with a summersault plancha on Savio and Crush and smashes their heads together. He throws Savio back in but Savio hits a reverse heel kick to slow Mero down. Savio chokes Mero, but breaks at four. He hits a spinning heel kick on Mero in the corner and chokes him over the middle rope. Mero hits a cross body block for two, but Savio regains control with a fist. He chops away in the corner and JR mentions that Ahmed was released from the hospital earlier today after being there since last Thursday. Mero tries to hit ten fists to the head of Savio in the corner, but Savio drops him head first on the top turnbuckle and follows that up with a suplex. He throws Mero outside and JC Ice kicks him until Sable comes over and takes him out! Wow. Back in, Savio tries a Stinger splash in the corner but Mero moves. He hits a back body drop on Savio and then the Samoan drop, which usually sets up the Wild Thing. The Nation goes after Sable, so she crawls in the ring to protect herself and the ref throws the match out. Now the entire Nation is standing together against Mero, so Ahmed comes in to make the save with his 2 x 4. He hits them and they all scatter!

JR informs us that Wrestlemania 13: Heat! is presented by Playstation and is March 23, live from the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago. We see clips from what just happened and JR calls the Nation cowards. Bret is in the back and JR congratulates him on winning the title. Bret says that Austin keeps sticking his nose in his business. He is trying to stay focused on Sid. He says he will win tonight. He says you have to look out for number one, otherwise you end up stepping on number two. He says he isn’t scared of Taker, and if he faces him at WrestleMania, “Bring him on.” King wants to know if Bret is glad that Austin injured Sid’s leg. Bret: “Shut up, Lawler.” JR wishes him the best of luck.

Intercontinental Title Match: Champion Rocky Maivia vs. Leif Cassidy

JR reminds us Rocky won the title four days ago and we see highlights. JR says Hunter got cocky. King calls it a fluke. JR also informs us that Rocky retained the title last night against Hunter in the rematch, with a little help from Goldust. After both men come to the ring, Sunny’s music starts playing and she comes out to be the guest time keeper. She flirts with Rocky who is non-responsive and JR tells us she will be on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow as the Queen of Cyberspace. She is the most downloaded women in AOL history. She sits down and rings the bell. King: “Oh man, can she ring my…. that bell.” They lock up and get into a shoving match and Rocky sends Leif down. Leif gets upset and pounds away on Rocky. It turns into a slugfest and Rocky clotheslines Leif over the top rope. JR reminds us the WWF title match will happen tonight. Leif summersaults back into the ring and sends Rocky to the ropes. He ducks a Leif clothesline and locks on an arm bar. JR also reminds us Raw will return to the Manhattan Center, where Raw started, next week. King can’t wait and tells us that’s where he had his first confrontation with Stu Hart.

Hunter is in the back and he calls Rocky the luckiest punk in the history of the world and says he’ll never beat him again. He wants his title back. He says he always gets what he wants. JR says he should be worried about Goldust. Hunter says he’ll take care of him too.

Leif hits a reverse enzuiguri and kicks away at Rocky’s head. He takes Rocky down with a clothesline. Rocky rolls him up out of nowhere for two, but Leif thumbs him in the eye to regain control. He works on Rocky’s arm. King compares Rocky to Tiger Woods, who he called a rookie sensation but he lost in a tournament this past weekend. Yeah King, that Tiger Woods fell right off the face of the Earth. For no apparent reason, we cut to the split screen of the match and JR and King watching at ringside. There’s a guy with a sign right next to King’s head that says “ECW Rules!” Back to the action, Rocky gets a couple of near falls. Leif goes back to work on Rocky’s arm. JR says that in two weeks they will come to use from Berlin, German for the finals of the European Championship tournament. Now we see a split screen of the match and Sunny watching it. Leif goes up top but takes too long and Rocky is up. However, Leif still hits a fist and gets at two count. Again, Leif takes Rocky down and goes up top. Rocky stops him and throws him off the top and is back in control. He hits some fists and we see the split screen with King and the ECW sign again. He calls the guy an idiot. Rocky hits his top rope cross body but gets up and doesn’t make the cover. He hits his shoulder breaker to get the three count. Sunny rings the bell and holds up someone’s “Sunny for President” sign.

We go back to JR and King. King says he’s had it and rips the ECW sign out of the guy’s hands. Two funny moments: first, JR looks scared because they are mentioning another organization, and secondly, the fan produces another “ECW Rules!” sign. Does he have an endless supply back there? King says no one knows what ECW is. He asks JR is he does and he doesn’t answer. JR looks scared. He’s got that “You’re breaking the fourth wall” look on his face. King calls ECW the island of misfit toys and says it is full of WWF rejects. He says he had a friend that went to a WCW event in Memphis who tried to take in a “Jerry Lawler” sign but it was confiscated. JR says the WWF believes in freedom of speech. King invites the ECW “goofs” to come to Raw next week and show him what they got.

We return from break with Goldust and Marlena on their way to the ring to do an interview. JR mentions he is happy that Marlena is okay after being attacked by a fan last night at the pay per view. We see clips from the IC title match at the pay per view when Goldust distracted Hunter allowing Rocky the opportunity to pin Hunter from behind and retain his title. Kevin Kelly wants to ask Goldust about Hunter’s obsession with Marlena. Dust says that he is from Hollywood, but this is reality. Now, this is personal. Hunter’s indecent proposal was uncalled for. The only way Hunter will get near Marlena is over his dead body. Marlena says there has been speculation and questions about Goldust’s manhood from the beginning. She says they played a lot of games, but from his head to his feet, Goldust is all man. This brings Hunter to ringside. Hunter throws water in Goldust’s face then beats him up. He finishes it off with a Pedigree. Marlena slaps Hunter, which brings the same fan that attacked her last night at the pay per view into the ring. She locks Marlena in a reverse bear hug and shakes her like a rag doll. Security swarms. JR: “That is a huge woman.” You aren’t kidding. Goldust tends to Marlena and carries her to the back.

The Head Bangers vs. The Hardy Boys

Yes, it is those Hardy Boys, but they were still jobbers at this point. The Bangers attack from behind and Thrasher and Jeff start off. Jeff goes to work on Thrasher’s arm and tags in Matt. Thrasher takes him down with a power slam. The Nation is standing by in the back. JR says Farooq started something with Ahmed that he doesn’t think he can end. Farooq isn’t worried. He says Ahmed is a big fraud. He’s got a big house and a nice car – Ahmed isn’t from the streets like he claims. He says Ahmed doesn’t have to die to go to hell, he’s already there, and Farooq is the devil. He says he is going to fight Ahmed at Wrestlemania, but he wants to make it a Chicago Street Fight. Meanwhile, in the ring, Mosh has tagged in and is beating Matt up. Thrasher comes back in and body slams Matt into the ropes. I don’t know what he was trying to do there. JR tells us the WWF title match will be next. Thrasher suplexes Matt and Mosh comes off the top with a body block. JR says the Bangers are disciples of “what’s that lady’s name, Marilyn Manson?” Quick tags between the Head Bangers, but Thrasher misses an elbow drop and Matt tags in Jeff. He gets folded up with a huge clothesline and the Bangers hit the Stage Dive for the win! We see Sid in the back, ready to go. The title match is next!

World Wrestling Federation Championship Match: Champion Bret Hart vs. Sycho Sid

King says Bret is in the back hoping this wouldn’t happen. Sid comes to the ring first and looks to be okay, concerning his leg. We see some clips of Austin interrupting the first attempt at this match. In the back, Bret leaves his locker room and heads to the ring. As he gets to a hallway door, Austin jumps him from behind! Gerry Briscoe tries to stop it but that doesn’t work. Officials quickly try to break it up and Sid makes his way back there to try and separate the two. Even Vince McMahon is trying to pull Austin off Bret!

We come back from break and see clips from moments ago. Kevin Kelly is in the back with President Gorilla Monsoon. He says Austin is out of control. He feels Austin has a vendetta against Bret. He also says the WWF isn’t like other promotions. They promised a match and they are going to have it tonight. He guarantees it. There’s that word again.

Tag Team Champion AND Slammy Award Winner (according to King) Owen Hart vs. Flash Funk

Flash is with the Funkettes, and King says he wants to get some Kingettes. Clarence Mason is with Owen, and Owen has both tag belts. JR informs us that Marlena is coughing up blood and will be taken to a local hospital for medial attention. They will update us when they can. We see clips of Owen eliminating Bulldog from the Rumble and then a miscue between the tag champs last night at the pay per view. They trade arm bars and reversals. Flash locks in a side headlock but Owen pushes him off and spins out then hits an arm drag takeover into an arm bar. JR informs us that Owen and the Bulldog will be involved in the upcoming European title tournament which will crown the first ever European champion. The finals will take place on Raw in two weeks. Owen reverses a hip toss attempt and takes Flash down. They both go for a dropkick at the same time, and it’s a stalemate.

JR informs us that King has a phone call. There is an “ECW Representative” on the phone who wants to talk to King. The caller says that, unlike Vince McMahon, he doesn’t have to hide behind representatives. He is the owner, operator and Executive Producer of ECW – Paul E., Paul Heyman or Paul E. Dangerously, call him whatever you want. He says he will be at the Manhattan Center next week with the athletes of ECW because they have accepted the challenge. King mocks the Blue Meanie, the Sandman and Sabu. There is now a graphic on the screen that says an ECW Representative is on the phone. Paul E. says he will see King next week face-to-face, as long as the neighborhood watch doesn’t have to be alerted that King is there. King says Paul E. won’t recognize the place because it’s an arena, not a bingo hall.

Back to the action, Owen goes to lock in the sharpshooter but gets confused and Clarence Mason comes up on the apron and Owen gets rolled up for two. Owen starts yelling at Clarence on the outside and Flash hits a top rope plancha on Owen. Bulldog makes his way to ringside and he yells at Clarence now! Bulldog makes Clarence go backstage. We return from break and Owen and Flash are chain wrestling. Funk with a backslide gets two. Owen responds with a huge German suplex with a bridge and gets two.

We now go to the back to talk to Stone Cold. JR wants to know if he’s lost it. Austin says he’s going to whip Monsoon’s ass. He says he won the Rumble so there shouldn’t have even been a Final Four match. His logic is that he won the Rumble and HBK quit, so he should be champ. Now he’s going to open a keg of whoop ass and everyone is screwed.

Owen is still in control over Funk. He sends him to the corner but moves when Owen rushes in then back drops Owen. He follows that up with a slam and goes up top. Big high cross body block gets two on Owen. Funk hits a Stinger splash and slams Owen then calls for his moonsault. He goes for it and hits it, but Owen is out at two! Flash is sent to the ropes and Bulldog nails him with a Slammy. Owen follows it up with a spinning heel kick and Bulldog holds Flash’s leg down while Owen makes the pin and gets the win. They are all smiles and King says they are on the same page again. However, Bulldog takes both belts and the Slammy and Owen wants them back.

We see a Wrestlemania commercial putting over how special the event is. Succeeding at Wrestlemania makes you a legend. To get your tickets, contact Ticketmaster at (312)-559-1212. We already know Taker will face the champion and Farooq has challenged Ahmed Johnson to a Chicago Street Fight.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bart Gunn

JR wants to know if Hunter is in cahoots with the lady who keeps attacking Marlena. We see clips from last night when she choked Marlena at ringside and from earlier tonight when she shook Marlena uncontrollably. King ignores JR’s claim saying someone that looks like that wouldn’t be hanging out with Hunter. She’s just an obsessed fan. As we go to break JR reminds us we will hear the good and bad news from Dr. James Andrews tonight and when we come back from break, he tells us the Slammy’s will be on USA Network. Friday night, March 21. Honky Tonk Man has joined them at ringside. Hunter comes outside and JR asks him if he is associated with the Amazon woman. Hunter says he doesn’t know who she is, and women of all sizes go crazy for him. JR hopes he is telling the truth. Bart locks on a side head lock. Honky still can’t give us any news on his search for a protégé. He had a list of two or three people but they turned him down and some aren’t even around anymore so he has to start again. Hunter goes to work on the arm, but Bart reverses it. Hunter sends Bart to the ropes and Bart reverses a hiptoss and goes to work on the arm. JR tells us he will keep us updated on HBK and some unique contract negotiations concerning some top superstars on Option 6 (The Ross Report) of the Superstar Line. Only $1.49 a minute. Kids, get your parents permission before calling. I’d give you the number, but they blurred it out. Hunter hits a back elbow but Bart maintains control. Hunter finally takes Bart down with a knee to the face and he goes to work. Out of nowhere, Goldust runs in and goes after Hunter but he bails and takes off through the crowd. The race is on! Hunter is gone though.

Back from break and we see clips of what just happened. This is followed by a video interview with Dr. James Andrews. He examined Shawn and the injury goes back five years when Shawn tore a ligament in his knee. He has a degenerated area on the inner side of his knee and a recent twist set everything off. He has recommended no surgery, but rehab. They will reassess him in 4 to 6 weeks. Surgery isn’t ruled out, and they hope he will respond to the rehab and be able to resume his “wrasslin” career.

World Wrestling Federation Championship Match: Champion Bret Hart vs. Sycho Sid

Let’s see if three times are the charm. As Sid comes to the ring first (again), JR plugs the weekend shows, Livewire and Superstars. We see clips from the first two times we tried to have this match. Bret Hart now makes his way to ringside (again). He holds up his title for all to see. JR informs us we have to take a quick commercial break.

We return just in time to hear the bell finally ring for this match. It only took an hour and forty-five minutes! They lock up and Bret gains the advantage and aggressively pounds away in the corner but Sid reverses it and fires away with rapid shots and sends Bret hard into the opposite turnbuckle. This is followed up by shots to Bret’s kidneys. The announcers again discuss how much Bret went through last night. Between that and this, King loves it. Bret comes back with a side Russian leg sweep. Sid fights back and King compares Sid fighting through the attack on his leg by Austin earlier tonight to Dale Earnhardt flipping his car over and continuing on to finish the Daytona 500 just yesterday. Bret lays in some haymakers to Sid and he responds with a huge clothesline and Bret goes down. JR reminds us that Sid won the title from Shawn at Survivor Series in the Garden and says that is where the problems with HBK’s knee may have started to act up. Bret takes Sid down and grabs the legs then drops his head in the lower abdominal region. He follows this up with a fist drop off the second rope. He works on the lower back of Sid. JR says the Road to Wrestlemania has started right now and the winner of this match will probably fight Taker at Wrestlemania. Sid overpowers Bret again and hits a huge back breaker. This gets a two count. Sid chokes Bret over the second rope. Sid kicks Bret right in the chest. He pulls Bret into the center of the ring for a two count. In the corner, Bret crawls up and kicks Sid in the bad knee. Sid goes down. King says that is all thanks to Austin and JR says Bret is just being smart. Bret goes to work on Sid’s knee and wraps it around the steel ring post and follows it up with the figure four around the ring post! I believe this is the first time Bret used that move, which would become part of his regular arsenal, because JR says he has never seen that before in his life. We go to break.

We return and Bret is still working on Sid’s legs. He puts Sid in the corner and wraps Sid’s leg around the middle rope. Bret seems to be showing a mean streak here. Sid fights back with shots to the chest. Bret goes right back to the legs. Bret whips him into the corner but Sid reverses and hits a HUGE clothesline on Bret. He hobbles to the ropes and hits a big leg drop which gets a two! He tries again and gets another two. Sid picks Bret up and slams him down. He is going to the second rope. This is uncharacteristic of him. He almost fell, which King blamed on his bad knee, but he recovers and hits a leg drop which gets two. Sid goes for a chokeslam, which Bret felt last night from Taker, but Bret broke it and puts Sid against the ropes and bites his forehead. Bret dives at Sid, but he moved out of the way and Bret hit the ropes hard. Sid works on Bret’s back, but Bret dumps Sid over the top rope. Austin is back! He came through the crowd and Sid takes him down with a few shots. Sid goes back it with a sunset flip over the top (wow) but Bret rolls through and gets the sharpshooter on Sid! Sid is holding on and even tries to push out of it but all of a sudden, Austin grabs a chair, comes up on the apron and takes Bret Hart’s head off with the chair and leaves! Sid gets up, Bret wobbles around and gets power bombed by Sid! 1! 2! 3! We have a new World Champion and for the first time in WWF history, the World title has changed hands on Monday Night Raw. JR says Sid is once again the man and will meet the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 13.

Sid is trying to put the belt around his waist when all of a sudden, the lights go out and Taker’s music plays. The lights come back on and Taker is entering the ring. Sid lays the belt down between them and they go face-to-face. JR says we are looking at Wrestlemania 13.

Next week, Raw returns to where it all began, the Manhattan Center, and ECW invades!

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