November 12, 2007
Mike Abitabile

Monday Night Raw
Manhattan Center, Manhattan, New York

Raw returns to its roots this week and heads back to the Manhattan Center in New York City. The Raw theme song and intro video play. Vince McMahon welcomes us to the show and the Godwinns are on their way to the ring. King is at the announce table with Vince and says this might be the blackest day in WWF history because ECW is here.

The Godwinns vs. The New Blackjacks

Vince mentions the New Blackjacks made an impression on a recent Shotgun Saturday Night during a match between the Godwinns and the Head Bangers. The Blackjacks storm the ring and the fight is on. Phineas and Bradshaw fight in the ring, but a clothesline to Bradshaw takes him over the top and Phineas follows. Henry and Windham fight outside the ring but enter it once the other two leave, so Henry and Windham are your legal men, with Henry in control after press slamming and clotheslining Windham. The crowd breaks into a “Bradshaw Sucks!” chant as Henry tags in Phineas. The Blackjacks still haven’t even taken off their vests. As Phineas uses a head scissor in the corner to take Windham to the floor, Vince tells us they have a huge surprise for us later tonight. Phineas follows him out and throws him right back in as Windham tags in Bradshaw. Phineas hits a shoulder block and takes Bradshaw down but he fights back with fists and forearms in the corner. He hits a huge clothesline and goes for an elbow drop but Phineas moves and throws Bradshaw into Henry’s boot and makes the tag. The Godwinns hits a double clothesline which gets a two count. Again Bradshaw takes control with a fist but Henry hits a back body drop and a clothesline of his own. He sends Bradshaw to the ropes and Windham drives a knee into Henry’s back as he hits the near ropes. Windham beats on Henry behind the referee’s back and Bradshaw makes the tag and hits a kick to Henry’s head. We are shown Ken Shamrock sitting in the crowd and Vince makes note that celebrities are on hand for Raw. King is happy to see him and says they are old friends. Vince doesn’t believe it. King mentions ABC Network called him the “World’s Most Dangerous Man” recently. Henry hits a boot to the head of Bradshaw in the corner and follows up with a side suplex and both men are down. They both make tags and Phineas and Windham brawl. He hits a back elbow and locks on a sleeper until Bradshaw takes him down with the clothesline from hell. Windham makes the count but Phineas had his foot on the rope and Mike Chioda didn’t see it. Another ref comes in and tells the Chioda what happened. Vince says the ref’s decision is final and it looks like Chioda isn’t going to change his mind. Vince says it was a bad call and King says it’s too bad but, as they say back in Bitters, Arkansas, “manure happens.” Henry decides to stalk Chioda with his slop bucket and he bails. Phineas stops Chioda though and he gets slopped for his troubles! He gets up then slips on the slop and goes down again.

Vince says it is time for our first ECW match tonight. From the crowd, the Eliminators come running in, grab a ring attendant and give him Total Elimination! Paul E. Dangerously is with them and says the challenge has been accepted and ECW is in the house! They show King and he isn’t happy. The crowd breaks into an “ECW! ECW!” chant. We go to break and when we return Paul E. is still in the ring and he introduces Little Guido to us from the Full Blooded Italians. King sarcastically says he looks scary. Paul E. says it’s time to hit the music of his opponent. The members of the Blue World Order (Big Stevie Cool – Stevie Richards, The Blue Guy – Blue Meanie, Hollywood Nova – Super “Simon Dean” Nova, and 7-11 – Rob Feinstein) make their way to the ring through the crowd and Vince says “they are coming from everywhere.” King: “Jeez.” Vince: “Unbelievable.” Vince is speechless and doesn’t know where to go with this. King calls it a freak show. Paul E. joins Vince and King at the announce booth and Big Stevie Cool has something to say to King. On behalf of ECW and the bWo, he’s got three words for Lawler: “We’re taking over!” Vince enjoyed that one. The Blue Guy follows up with “Say hello to The Blue Guy!” and does the old Razor Ramon thumbs shuffle. Vince (to King): “You invited them.” Guido jumps Stevie from behind and hits a fall away slam. At the booth, Paul E. says Vince can call him Paul, Paul E., Paul Heyman as long as he calls him the man on behalf of ECW. Heyman says the bWo is a revolutionary concept and King says it’s a ripoff. Heyman says “of what?” and no one answers. Stevie hits a sidewalk slam. Vince: “Certainly this has nothing to do with the clothing line of the nWo.” As he says that, the ECW Heavyweight champion, or, as Heyman puts it, “the David Koresh of wrestling”, Raven makes his way to ringside and stands by the big RAW letters to watch one of his possible opponents (and former lackey) at Barely Legal, Sunday night, April 13th, live on pay per view. Stevie is distracted by Raven and Guido is able to get a two count with a small package. He follows up with some nice dropkicks that knock Stevie over the top. Vince accidentally calls Richards “Stevie Ray” which causes Heyman to call Vince a great announcer and says that if this whole WWF thing doesn’t work out, he can come work for him! Vince appreciates the offer. Raven stands over Stevie and does his famous pose, and Guido throws Stevie back in.

We are now joined by Goldust from the back as Guido kicks away. Dust is the premiere in the WWF, everyone else is a B-movie. Guido gets a two count. Goldust will be going one-on-one with Savio Vega later tonight and as Vince asks for Dust’s thoughts on the match, the screen cuts back to the ring and Vince says we are having technical difficulties. Guido sends Stevie to the turnbuckle and charges in. Stevie gets his feet up but Guido grabs them and hits a sit-down powerbomb for two. Heyman says that he doesn’t care if Goldust is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual – as long as Marlena is with him, he’d go home with Dust. We have Goldust again and Vince wants an update on Marlena’s ribs. She will be in an arm wrestling contest with Sunny tonight. Dust says she is here, but she isn’t 100% and he wants to make sure that lunatic woman, that “it”, doesn’t interfere tonight. King: “He’s a fine one to call somebody ‘it’.” Stevie hits a rocker dropper for two and follows it up with the Jackknife power bomb. Vince plugs La Femme Nikita, which is on next. Stevie tunes up the band and hits the Stevie Kick for the win and Lawler says he’s only seen Shawn Michaels do that to 1,000 people. Speaking of which, Vince promises an update on HBK later tonight. Heyman says the difference between the two is that Stevie never lost his smile as he and King continue to bicker back and forth. The bWo celebrates with the crowd.

Sunny is in the back mocking Marlena’s ribs and says it’s going to make her job that much easier. Honky Tonk Man is making his way to the ring, as he will be the official for the arm wrestling contest. We go to commercial and when we come back, Honky has just finished singing for the crowd. Huge “Sunny” chants. And here she comes in a pink robe. The crowd explodes. She grabs the mic and tells them to cut the music. She pulls a Rick Rude and tells the “fat, ugly, out of shape, disrespectful, toothless New Yawkas” to take a look at what a real woman is supposed to look like. They still don’t turn on her and just chant even louder as she takes off the robe. Wow. Honky brings out Marlena, who is in a gold and black jumpsuit with her ribs taped. We see clips of what that big, scary woman has done to Marlena recently. Sunny’s got the mic again and says she is a sweet, considerate and caring person, so she is going to let Marlena forfeit because of her injuries. The crowd chants “Take it off!” at Sunny. Marlena’s got her cigar and says that we are all glad Sunny stopped working 42nd Street long enough to join us tonight. She says she doesn’t feel real good (King: “Let me feel you and I’ll see”) and a forfeit would probably be smart, but she wouldn’t forfeit if she was on her death bed. They actually pop for that. Honky goes over the rules and, as the girls lock hands, Sunny pulls out and says she isn’t ready yet. We try again and Sunny pulls out a second time. She does some push-ups to warm up. Sunny is finally ready and we try again, but this time Marlena pulls out and Honky threatens a DQ if she does that again. We see Ken Shamrock again who looks indifferent. We finally get this underway and as we do, someone clearly shouts out “Honky Sucks D*ck!” Honky is vocally cheering for Sunny. Right as Marlena was about to win, Sunny throws powder in her face. Savio Vega joins us and has Marlena by the hair. Goldust comes out and makes the save and throws Savio into the table that the girls were arm wrestling on. This leads to our match, as we head to break.

Goldust vs. Savio Vega

We return with a replay of Marlena getting powdered. To the match, Savio is in control and kicks away at Goldust. Sunny has stayed ringside to cheer on Savio with the rappers and the rest of the Nation. Miguel Perez, Jr. has joined the announce booth. He is from Puerto Rico and is upset with the way Savio has been acting. After a sidewalk slam, Savio gets a two count and locks a nerve hold on Goldust. The fans chant “Candido!” at Sunny. Savio chops away at Dust in the corner. Miguel says the fans in Puerto Rico aren’t proud of Savio anymore. Miguel says something in his native language to his fans who are watching. Goldust hits a sunset flip but only gets two. Savio throws him out of the ring. Savio distracts the referee and Crush hits a piledriver on Goldust on the floor. Savio throws Dust back in and pounds away. Goldust fights back but Savio goes to the throat. Savio locks on the nerve hold again. Goldust fights up and goes to the ropes. He ducks a clothesline and hits a cross body block. It gets two. They get up and Savio hits a spinning heel kick and give the Nation salute. He then makes the pin and gets two. Back to the nerve hold. Miguel still can’t believe Savio let everyone down. Dust is up and Savio pounds away at him in the corner. King wants to know why Sunny is so chummy with the Nation and Vince reminds him that Sunny is the one who brought Faarooq to the WWF, so they probably still have a working relationship. Dust fights back with kicks and a DDT. Both men are down but Savio make it to his feet first and slams Dust. He goes for a running splash but Dust gets his knees up. Savio sends Dust to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Goldust reverses with a fist and some clotheslines. He gives Savio ten fists in the corner and slams him. Shamrock still looks on as Goldust goes up top. King says he will interview Ken when this match ends. Savio crotches Dust on the top and goes for a top rope superplex. Dust fights back by punching and kissing Savio which causes Savio to fall off the top. Vince: “Whatever works.” Dust jumps, Savio gets the foot up but Dust catches it. Crush trips up Dust as he went to the ropes and Dust takes Crush down. Dust rolls back in and Savio hits a glancing spinning heel kick. Crush jumps in to cause the DQ and it’s two on one. Miguel leaves the announce booth and tries to help. Savio dumps him though. He goes up top and hits a top rope dropkick and cleans house! Goldust thanks Miguel. As we go to break, Vince reminds us that next Monday night, Raw comes to you from Berlin with the finals for the European title tournament!

We are back and King is with Ken Shamrock. There is a Ric Flair sign right behind King’s head, so the camera pans. The crowd gives Shamrock a nice ovation. King acts like they are friends and have known each other forever. King says he taught Ken his martial arts skills. Shamrock says “I don’t know you.” Vince likes that one. Shamrock calls King a liar. King gets upset. He walks away and Paul E. is back. “Man, has this show sucked without ECW.” He introduces Mikey Whipwreck in the ring.

Taz vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Taz is brought to the ring by Team Taz and Bill Alphonso. Heyman reminds us that Taz will be main eventing Barely Legal against Sabu. King says he is embarrassed but Vince says King is the one who invited them. Taz locks on an arm bar. Heyman is back at the booth. King makes fun of Taz’s height and Heyman says “coming from a guy who is 5’10” and was on top of the territory for 76 years, that is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard.” Taz points to the sky to mock Sabu. Mikey locks on an armbar and King wants to know where the real ECW is. Where is the barbed wire? Where are the fans getting lit on fire? Heyman says they are saving that for pay per view. Taz hits a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge. That gets two. He follows that up with a release chicken wing suplex. Faarooq joins us and says he is going to show the Undertaker pain tonight. He says the Undertaker will need an undertaker. As Vince reminds us there is going to be a surprise tonight, there is a commotion at the entrance way. Sabu has climbed on top of the R in the Raw entrance letters and basically falls down off the top of it onto Team Taz. Taz ends up head and arm suplexing Mikey over the top onto Sabu as security drags Sabu out of the arena. Back in, Taz hits a regular head and arm Taz-plex and Heyman calls it the one move in wrestling that even Ken Shamrock fears. He then locks on the Tazmission and gets the win as Fonzie waves the Team Taz flag. Vince: “Taz victorious over Mickey Whipwreck.” Heyman: “MIKEY Whipwreck…. You need to watch the tapes that Bruce Pritchard leaves on your desk.” Taz calls out King as we go to break.

We come back with clips of Sabu falling off the R again. It’s now time for our big surprise. The Head Bangers make their way to the ring. And their opponents…… “OH, WHAT A RUSH!” The crowd explodes as the Legion of Doom have returned to the WWF after a five year absence.

The Legion of Doom vs. The Head Bangers

Huge “LOD!” chants and Vince loves it. LOD drops their pads and go right after the Bangers. They get dumped from the ring and the LOD takes it all in. The match finally starts with Animal and Mosh in the ring. Animal hits a flying shoulder block. Mosh tags in Thrasher and he tries to slow down the pace of the action. Animal works on his arm and tags in Hawk. He pounds away at Thrasher and Mosh tags himself in. Hawk hits a back body drop as the crowd chants “Nitro sucks!” King: “What are they chanting?” Vince: “Well, we are in New York City.” King wants censorship but Vince says not in the World Wrestling Federation. Hawk hits a gutwrench suplex for two. Hawk tags in Animal and the crowd now chants “Hogan sucks!” Animal hits a huge power bomb but it gets two because Thrasher breaks it up. Animal then attempts to twist Mosh’s head off. He follows that up with a back elbow and tags in Hawk who hits a nice dropkick. Crowd: “Bischoff Sucks!” King: “Time for some censorship.” Hawk locks on a body scissor and then sends Mosh to the ropes. He tries a sunset flip but Hawk punches his way out and hits a delayed standing suplex on Mosh. Mosh tries to chop Hawk but to no avail. Animal tags in and pounds away at Mosh. Vince says more ECW is on the way and King wants to know why they are getting this forum. Again, Vince says King invited them. Thrasher tags in and gets pounded on. Back in is Hawk who tries a shoulder block in the corner but Thrasher moves and Hawk hits the post with his shoulder. The Bangers double team as we go to break.

We return with the Bangers still in control on Hawk. Thrasher tags in with a clothesline off the second rope. During the break, the Bangers choked Hawk on the top rope. Hawk breaks a double clothesline attempt and takes both Bangers down and makes a hot tag to Animal. By the way, right now on the Superstar Line, you can find out what brought the LOD back to the WWF on Option 4. It’s 1.99 a minute, kids get your parents permission before calling! Animal hits a powerslam on Mosh and all four guys start to brawl outside the ring. Mosh gets thrown into the steps. Both teams get counted out. The LOD doesn’t take too kindly to that decision and hit a vicious Doomsday Device on Mosh!

Vince mentions that Shawn Michaels and Marc Mero are out with “really bad knees.” This leads to an updated version of the old “Tell Me a Lie” music video, which they first used when Owen hit an enzuiguri and post concussion syndrome almost “ended his career” in late 95, dedicated to HBK.

Sign Guy Dudley is in the ring with D-Von as Heyman asks Vince if he can speak again. He introduces D-Von. His opponent is accompanied by Beulah McGillicutty and he is the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy Dreamer vs. D-Von Dudley

They got face-to-face and lock up. D-Von gets a knee to the mid section and sends Tommy to the ropes, but Tommy reverses it and hits an atomic drop. Paul E. is again at the announce booth. King: “You know what, Paul E.?” Paul: “No, I don’t know what.” King says Paul should be down on his hands and knees thanking King for inviting him to be here so he could constantly plug his pay per view. Dreamer hits a running bulldog and Paul breaks some more kayfabe by saying it’s not thanks to the King, but rather, thanks to “the man sitting next to you.” Dreamer sends D-Von out and we finally see some extreme action. Tommy grabs a frying pan from the crowd and hits D-Von with it. Now he’s got a cane from the crowd and uses that. He sends D-Von into the steps and Vince says we need to draw some lines. Tommy rearranges some furniture and puts the ring steps on the apron then dropkicks them into D-Von. “ECW!” chants. Tommy sends the steps into the ring. “Beulah!” chants. Tommy puts the steps in the corner. He sends D-Von into them but he reverses and Tommy takes the steps to the back. Vince says anyone can get extreme and Paul take exception to that statement saying he doesn’t think the “court jester” sitting at the announce table can. D-Von hits Tommy with a chair and all hell breaks loose at the announce table.

King says he’s been in the wrestling business for …… and Paul interrupts him and says “562 years.” King says he left his hometown of Memphis today …… and Paul interrupts again and says “and they threw a parade.” King says he has never been ashamed to be a wrestler but when he sees this “crap” he is ashamed to be one. D-Von puts a chair over Tommy’s face and hits a leg drop as Vince tries to maintain some semblance of order. He tells them both to chill out and says this is the last ECW match of the night. King: “Thank god.” Paul: “You’re welcome.” D-Von goes to the second rope and goes for a diving head butt but Tommy moves and hits a piledriver to silence from the booth. Paul: “Well go ahead, somebody call the match because I’ve had it with him!” King calls Paul a jock sniffer and says the only thing athletic about him is his feet. Beulah gives Tommy a chair but Sign Guy grabs Tommy’s legs. Paul says since he is extreme, he’d have no problem sniffing King’s jock strap. King: “Is that right?” Paul: “Yeah, that’s right… great comeback.” D-Von has Beulah and uses her as a shield to block a chair shot from Tommy. Instead, Beulah hits a low blow on D-Von and Tommy hits the DDT for the win. While this is happening, we hear from Taker about his match with Faarooq, which is next. He says the march to Wrestlemania starts tonight. Back in the ring, Bubba has entered the ring and he and D-Von hit the 3D on Tommy. To his rescue comes The Sandman and Heyman is loving it! He’s drinking beer and smoking and Vince doesn’t know what to think. Bubba sends Sandman into the corner and runs in with a chair but Sandman moves and goes bonkers with the chair himself. Vince thinks things are getting out of hand. Heyman wants to know what King thinks now. King still thinks it’s crap and this sets Heyman off.

“That’s it.” (He turns to Vince). “Thanks for letting me plug my pay per view, Sunday night, April 13th, I thank you very much. You have more cahones than anyone ever gave you credit for.” King tells Heyman to take a hike and actually pushes him away. Vince gets up and Heyman drops his headset and throws his jacket then goes after King! Now all the ECW guys are back and they are trying to get at King and Vince is in the middle! We go to break as all hell is breaking loose! We come back and Vince reminds us Raw is in Berlin next week. King takes this opportunity to invite ECW back whenever they want so he can stick his fist down Paul E.’s throat. Vince looks on in amazement as the thing King hated so much is finally gone, and now he invites them back.

We go to a video package narrated by Jim Ross and James E. Cornette chronicling last week’s activities when it took three tries to get the Bret Hart/Sycho Sid title match underway and when it finally did, Sid won the title with help from Steve Austin. We see exclusive footage after Raw went off the air of Bret backstage screaming “Where is he!?” to anyone who would listen, including the Godwinns and Vince McMahon. He entered his locker room and told the cameraman to get out while throwing things.

Back live, we are told what we already knew concerning Wrestlemania – Sid will defend the title against The Undertaker. Vince then, however, tells us we will also have a Submission Match between Bret Hart and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He says we are also awaiting the answer from Ahmed to Faarooq’s challenge from last week because Ahmed is overseas for the European tour (which is another reason Vince has the ECW guys on this show – most of his talent was overseas at the time). King says Ahmed will accept because he’s an idiot. Vince says King started enough trouble tonight.

Todd Pettengill is with Ken Shamrock and we finally get a real interview with him. He introduces his wife Tina, who has laryngitis, but still gives us a “Hi”. He then introduces his dad, who says he is enjoying himself tonight and there’s been a lot of action. Todd asks for Ken’s predictions for Wrestlemania. He goes with Taker in the title match and when talk comes to the Submission match, he says it’s a toss up. Todd asks the crowd and they are with Austin.

Undertaker vs. Faarooq

The Nation is with Faarooq and the rappers rap him to ringside. As Faarooq passes Ken Shamrock he has a few choice words for him. He says Shamrock used to do UFC, or was it CAT fighting? Now, he’s in the WWF. I didn’t think they were going to come right out and say that just yet. He challenges Shamrock to fight him. Shamrock doesn’t back down and tells Faarooq where to get off in return. He says Faarooq is a chicken for not standing by himself. Vince is freaking out. We go to break. When we return, Taker makes his way to the ring. Faarooq bails until Taker’s entrance is over. Faarooq talks strategy with D-Lo Brown. D-Lo distracts Taker as King has the cameraman show us a sign in the crowd that says “Extreme Chicken Wimps.” Faarooq tries to use the distraction to his advantage but Taker hits a flying clothesline off the ropes. He then goes Old School and walks the ropes. He then sends Faarooq to the ropes and hits a back elbow then clotheslines him over the top to the outside. The fans chant for Taker and he pulls Faarooq back in. Faarooq gets the upper hand with an elbow and a clothesline. Vince sends his condolences to the entire Ross family as JR has lost his dad and can not be here with us tonight. Faarooq sends Taker to the turnbuckle and charges in, but Taker gets a boot up. This gets two. Taker hits a short arm clothesline and goes for an elbow but Faarooq moves. He tries a cover but it only gets two. Faarooq slams Taker’s head to the mat and clotheslines the Dead Man over the top. D-Lo takes him down and beats on him while we go to break.

We return and Faarooq is in control of Taker. He clips out Taker’s knee and taunts the crowd. He slams Taker and we see the entire Nation working over Taker on the outside during the break. Taker tries to mount a comeback and sends Faarooq to the ropes and tries a clothesline, however he ducks and goes for the leg again. Vince calls it good strategy and says Sid should study it. Faarooq puts his head down and Taker hits a flying leg drop. He then tries a regular leg drop but Faarooq moves and goes back to work on Taker’s legs. He pulls Taker to the corner and wraps his leg around the ring post. Taker tries to fight back but Faarooq goes to the eyes. Taker gets sent to the corner and is still selling the knee, but he reverses and tries a small package on Faarooq for two. Faarooq locks on a headlock. Talk turns back to the ECW invasion and Vince blames King. Vince wonders what would happen if any WWF stars would fight ECW stars. Faarooq gets extra leverage by using the ropes. Taker fights back with fists but Faarooq ends that comeback with a power slam and gets two. Faarooq goes up top and Taker catches him with a power slam! The rappers are up and Taker takes them down. D-Lo takes Taker over the top but he lands on his feet and scares him away. Faarooq has the steel steps and Taker kicks them back into his own face! Taker rolls him in and Faarooq hits a piledriver out of no where. Taker sits up and the Nation attacks for the DQ. LOD comes out to make the save! And we’re out of time!

Next week, Raw is in Berlin, Germany as we see the finals of the European title tournament and crown the first even European champion – either Owen Hart or The British Bulldog.

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