January 27, 2008
Mike Abitabile

Raw is War
Metro Center, Rockford, Illinois

The Raw theme song and video hit. We are welcomed into the arena with the pyro and a hot crowd. Vince welcomes us to the show and tells us the new World Wrestling Federation champion, the Undertaker, will join us later tonight. JR and King are at the booth with Vince and JR announces that Mankind has been named the number one contender and will face the Undertaker at next month’s In Your House. Bret Hart is also here and he wants to get some stuff off his chest. That’s putting it mildly. More on that later.

WWF Tag Team Title Match: Champions Owen Hart and the European Champion “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith vs. The Head Bangers

This match has come about because the Bangers won a four-way match against the Godwinns, Furnas and Lafon and The New Blackjacks last night at Wrestlemania, with the winners promised a title shot tonight on Raw. Obviously, Owen and the Bulldog also retained last night against Vader and Mankind. JR wonders if there is still any dissention between Owen and Bulldog. JR, who is just full of news tonight, informs us that the Legion of Doom will face the tag champions, whoever they are, at the next In Your House in April. Owen and Mosh start out. Mosh goes to work on the arm, but Owen rolls out. They trade reversals until Owen takes Mosh down with a leg whip. While the announcers are discussing how smart Owen is, he makes a mistake and gets distracted by Thrasher, allowing Mosh to attack from behind. Thrasher is now the legal man, but I didn’t see a tag. He puts Owen in a headlock and Owen gives Bulldog a blind tag. Owen sends Thrasher to the ropes, hits a drop toe-hold and Bulldog drops a leg on the back of Thrasher’s head. Bulldog slams Thrasher and tags Owen back in. Bulldog press slams Owen onto Thrasher, which gets two. We now hear from the LOD, who is in the back. Animal says that they returned to the WWF to get the titles back. They don’t care who the champs are at In Your House. Hawk wants to tear off somebody’s medulla oblongata out and doesn’t care whose it is. That’s the brain stem, you know. Back in the ring, Mosh is tagged back in and the Bangers double team Owen. Mosh sends Owen into the corner and charges in, but Owen moves and tags back in Bulldog. He slams Mosh and Owen comes in with an elbow. Mosh tags back in Thrasher and the Bangers hit a double clothesline. Thrasher sends Owen to the ropes and puts his head down too soon, getting kicked for his troubles. Bulldog is tagged back in and he hits his patented standing delayed vertical suplex. Davey sends Thrasher to the ropes, but he reverses and takes down the Bulldog with a knee to the midsection and applies on a chin lock. Davey fights back with elbows and runs to the ropes, but accidentally collides with Owen who was standing there! Thrasher rolls Bulldog up for two. Bulldog heads to the floor and starts to argue with Owen. They each blame each other and Owen decides to take off! We go to break.

We return with Mosh working on the Bulldog. Apparently, Owen returned to the ring during the break but has not tagged back in yet. Also during the break, Bulldog was the victim of the stage dive move. Thrasher now tags in Mosh who chokes Bulldog on the top rope. Owen comes in, distracting the ref, causing the Bangers to double team Bulldog. Vince wonders if that was an accident on Owen’s part or not. Thrasher with a quick cover but it only gets two. Mosh is back in. Bulldog finally gets to his corner and Owen puts his hand out to make the tag, but Bulldog can’t reach. Owen wasn’t really stretching that far though. Thrasher comes back in and the Bangers make a wish with Bulldog’s legs. Two count. The fans are chanting for the Bulldog. Mosh is tagged back in and hits a big splash for two. Quick tags and good teamwork by the Bangers. Bulldog gets a sunset flip for two out of nowhere, but Mosh tags Thrasher back in. They send Davey to the ropes and he takes them both down with a double DDT! He finally makes the tag to Owen who gets some spin wheel kicks and a release belly-to-belly suplex on Thrasher for two. Bulldog is slowly getting up in the corner, and Owen tags him right back in! Bulldog gets a slam for two on Thrasher and he tags Owen right back in. Standing gut wrench suplex by Owen followed by a beautiful top rope missile dropkick. Thrasher goes for a dropkick, but Owen leans back to avoid it and then locks on the Sharpshooter! Mosh breaks it up and Bulldog hits the power slam on Thrasher. Owen takes offense to Bulldog getting involved because he had it under control. They start arguing and Bulldog knocks down the ref, causing a DQ. Owen and Bulldog start pushing and shoving and Bulldog gets a take down on Owen! They are brawling all over the mat! Officials and referees rush the ring to break it up! Vince and JR agree that Owen is jealous. Owen has a microphone and says he is sick and tired of carrying the team. He says he could beat Bulldog at any time because he is the captain of the team. King agrees. Owen challenges Bulldog to give him a European title match and calls Bulldog a coward. Bulldog doesn’t care how many Slammys Owen has. He beat him fair and square in Berlin and he’ll beat him again. Owen only gets one more shot at the European title though, says Bulldog.

A Wrestlemania recap video is shown. What a night it was. Catch the encore tomorrow night at 8PM! Vince wants to know what JR thinks of what just happened. JR says he isn’t shocked. Vince tells us Mankind will join us now. Mankind is in a boiler room and isn’t too concerned with being the number one contender. He just keeps saying “He’s gone” over and over. Vince wants to know who is gone. Mankind says Uncle Paul is gone. He begs Uncle Paul to come back.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bart Gunn

Before the match starts, we hear from Bret on the Titan Tron. He says he wants to talk to the American people tonight and wants to get everything off his chest. He wants Vince to promise him he can have all the time he needs tonight. Vince says he can have all the time he needs as long as he doesn’t use the abusive language he used last week. Bret agrees. We see a close-up of Vince, who looks frustrated. Chyna accompanies Hunter to the ring. Vince tells us that Hunter beat Goldust last night and Chyna shook Marlena like a rag doll. We see stills from the match. Vince says Marlena is not here tonight. They lock up and Hunter puts on a headlock. Bart sends him to the ropes, but Hunter reverses and Bart takes down Hunter with a shoulderblock and gets a quick two count. Hunter backs Bart into the ropes and drives his shoulder into the midsection. Hunter shoves Bart, who fights back with fists. Hunter traps Bart in the corner and chops away. Bart reverses and sends Hunter to the corner and then bench presses him. Bart hits a standing suplex and heads up top. He misses a top rope elbow drop and Hunter takes control. We are joined by Goldust in the back, who is crouching next to Marlena’s empty chair. He says there are no more words, only actions. Vince says Hunter will face Goldust next week on Raw, with Chyna barred from ringside. It will be one-on-one. When Goldust is done, Hunter will never forget the name, Marlena. Back in the ring, Hunter hits a standing knee and a standing neck breaker on Bart. He gives us a bow. I’d pay to see him do that today on Raw. Hunter pounds and kicks away on Bart in the corner. He then hits a snap suplex and a knee drop. This gets two. Bart starts a mini comeback, but gets a running knee to the face to slow him down. This gets two. Hunter hits a running elbow drop, and again gets two. He puts Bart in the corner and slaps him then goes for the ten fists, but Bart grabs him and drops him across the top rope. Bart throws Hunter to the ropes and hits a back elbow then a power slam. Bart goes for his running bulldog, but Chyna pulled down the top rope and Bart went flying to the floor. She then slams Bart, who gets up but can’t hit a woman. He starts to head back into the ring, but Chyna throws him into the ring post! Hunter pulls Bart back in and nails the Pedigree for the win. Hunter and Chyna celebrate.

El Mosco, Hysteria and Abismo Negro vs. Venum, Super Nova and Discovery

It’s time for some AAA action. The announcers discuss why Paul Bearer would leave Mankind and/or Vader because those two were pretty dominate in the tag team title match last night. Vince mentions that Austin is not here tonight because WWF officials didn’t want him to be here in the state he was in last night. As Nova and Mosco trade reversals, we cutaway to Bret Hart who wants his time to talk now. Vince says he promises it is coming. Bret says Vince has made a lot of promises to him that went nowhere. Nova tags in Discovery and Mosco tags in Abismo. King says he can’t wait for Bret to come out and start blabbing. Bret: “Shut up, Lawler!” Discovery gets a shoulder spin and then power bombed for his troubles. Discovery to the ropes, and Abismo runs in, but Discovery moves. Discovery tags in Venum and Abismo tags in Hysteria. Venum comes in with a flip off the top, but Hysteria hits a spin wheel kick as Venum lands. They trade reversals and high spots until Hysteria slaps Venum across the chest, drops him down and goes up top. Venum is up however and kicks Hysteria over the top. Venum goes for a dive over the top, but Hysteria moves, however, Venum landed on his feet anyways. Hysteria tags back in Mosco and Venum tags back in Nova. They also trade reversals and Nova hits a top rope spin kick and tags in Discovery. Mosco tags in Abismo and Discovery sends him out to the floor and hits a top rope moonsault on him! In the ring, Nova and Mosco go at it but dive over the top. Venum and Hysteria come in and fight outside until Venum hits a huge Asia moonsault on Hysteria. Discovery and Abismo become the legal men and Discovery hits a huge missile dropkick from the top on Abismo. Discovery follows it up with a top rope hurricanrana for the win!

Earlier in the day, Vince interviewed Rocky Maivia and his father, Rocky Johnson, in the empty arena. Maivia is happy and will never forget his Dad helping him at Wrestlemania. But, on the other hand, he and his Dad made a pact. Rocky tells his son he flew up from Florida all by himself and he bought his own ticket. He isn’t sure if Vince would have given him a ticket, and Vince confirms he would have. Rocky says he wanted to surprise Maivia and it was important for him to be there for his son. Maivia carries the family name and Johnson cares about his son, which is why he lost it and came in to help him. He promises he won’t interfere again. They hug.

Flash Funk vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

During the break, the Honky Tonk Man has made his way to ringside to join the commentators. He is still trying to find his new protégé. The Funkettes dance Flash to the ring. JR tells us that Flash Funk fought Billy Gunn on the Free For All before Wrestlemania and they will be showing us highlights of that on Shotgun Saturday Night this weekend. Brawler attacks from behind and goes to work on Funk in the corner. They exchange fists until Funk gets the upper hand. Flash lands a standing hurricanrana and follows it up with a clothesline in the corner. Funk then hits a modified T-Bone Tazzplex and then a standing moonsault, but Brawler gets his knees up. Brawler drops Funk on the top rope. JR has a question for King, but doesn’t want to offend him. He wants to know if a bunch of misfit losers, like the Cleveland Indians, can make it all the way to the World Series? Find out this Thursday night at 9PM, as USA Network plays the classic, “Major League.” (King is a huge Indians fan). Brawler sends Funk the ropes, but Flash hits a dropkick and a spin kick and dumps Brawler out. Flash flies over the top and lands on Brawler. Brawler goes back in and Funk hits a top rope body block for two. King thinks Flash wants to be Honky’s new man, so he is trying to impress him. Honky says Funk is not on his list. Funk kicks Brawler in the face, follows it up with a side suplex and ends it with a perfect 450 splash!

We go to the back with Ken Shamrock. Vince says his officiating was fair, but wants to know why he stopped the match. Ken says he asked Austin to respond several times, but he didn’t, so he had to stop the match in order to protect Austin’s body. Shamrock confirms he didn’t hear Austin say “I Quit” but he felt Austin could not defend himself properly because he was unconscious. Shamrock says that is also why he had to stop Bret from attacking Austin after the match - because Austin could not defend himself. We are shown stills of the match from last night. He didn’t want Bret to end Austin’s career. Shamrock’s opinion of Austin is that he is a fighter and one tough man.

To start the second hour, JR introduces the Hitman, and it’s time for Bret Hart to speak his mind. Bret takes the microphone from JR and starts to speak while JR stands in the corner. Vince wonders if Bret will apologize for his actions last night.

Bret: “First of all, first of all, I want to apologize. I’d like to apologize to all of my fans over in Germany. I’d like to apologize to all of my great fans over in Great Britain. Actually, I’d like to apologize to all of my fans all over Europe, all over in Japan, and the Far East. I’d like to apologize to my fans in the Middle East, all the way as far down as South Africa and I’d especially like to apologize to all of my great fans in Canada. And to you, my fans right here across the United States of America, to you, I apologize for nothing.”

“You know, it seems really strange to me that no matter how much I try, that when I beat “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to a blood pulp, you know, I find myself, no matter how much I win, when I walk back to the dressing room, the way you American fans treat me across the United States of America, I feel like I lost. And you take a gutless creep like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and you beat him to a blood pulp, even though he knows, and you all know that he lost, you cheer him on the way back to the dressing room, like he won! You know, it didn’t just start right here, let’s go back to Wrestlemania last year when I was the World Wrestling Federation champion. When that belt was around my waist, where it belonged. You cheered on a pretty boy like Shawn Michaels and you allowed him to screw me out of the World Wresting Federation championship belt.” At this point, the camera shows Vince, who is sitting at the announce table and looks disturbed.

“I found myself sitting at home watching the WWF on TV in Canada and saying to myself, ‘The World Wrestling Federation needs a role model, they need someone they can look up to.’ Not somebody that’s got earrings all over himself and tattoos. Not somebody that poses for girly magazines. By the way, I don’t think it was a girly magazine, I think it was a gay magazine.” The crowd is chanting for Austin. “So I found this calling for myself to come back and set the record straight and clean up the World Wrestling Federation. So I came back in the Survivor Series and I beat “Stone Cold” Steve Austin there and I think I garnered a little respect. So then I find myself stepping in the ring with Sycho Sid and your hero, your pride and joy, Shawn Michaels, cost me the World Wrestling Federation championship belt. Nobody cared. Nobody did a thing about it. You people didn’t do a thing about it.”

“So they say ‘Oh, don’t worry about that. You can get in line with 29 other guys and you can go in the Royal Rumble.’ But being the man that I am, I got no problem fighting 29 other guys, so I went in the Royal Rumble and I won. I was the last legal man standing in the Royal Rumble. But again, everyone just turns their back on it. You somehow justify in your minds that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin won. You know, a better man, a better man would have quit. And maybe I should have quit and gone home.”

Vince at the booth: “You did Bret. That’s what you threatened.”

Bret: “I got Gorilla Monsoon and Vince McMahon on their hands and knees begging me to come back…. ‘Don’t quit! Don’t quit! Think of your fans.’” We see Vince again and now he looks disappointed. “Now, I thought of my fans, and I came back. So they came up with this idea for the Final Four. The winner of the Final Four will get a World Wrestling Federation title fight at Wrestlemania 13. That sounds good to me. I accept. I come back. And all of a sudden, your champion, your hero, Shawn Michaels, comes up with this life-ending… career-ending knee injury (Bret sarcastically wipes imaginary his eyes) and he forfeits the title so he can go home and find his smile. That’s okay. You people think that that’s just fine – I see everyone crying in the audience for that. You talk about me crying! So I go into the Final Four with the outcome now being whoever wins the Final Four will be the World Wrestling Federation champion. And who won the Final Four? I did. Right in the middle of the ring, I defeated three other guys in one night. I defeated Vader, I defeated “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and I defeated the Undertaker and I became the World Wrestling Federation champion for a fourth time. Then they come up to me and they go ‘Well, wait a minute. You don’t get to rest, even though you fought three other guys, even though you’re beat up and sore, you gotta go in and fight six foot nine Sycho Sid ands defend the title.’ And do you think I ran and hide? You think you went and found me forfeiting any titles? No. I put the title on the line and I took Sycho Sid and I tied him in a big knot right in the middle of the ring. And there he was in the Sharpshooter. After being booed all the way through the match by my American wrestling fans, you somehow justify – only in American you can do this – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin climbs right up on the ring and whacks me over the back of the head with a chair. Somehow, you justify that that is okay, that is acceptable in America.”

“So I ask, or as you see it, I cried, to Gorilla Monsoon. And I asked, and I begged and I pleaded, I said, “Give me “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Give me a match with this guy who seems to be making my life a miserable hell. So I get “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and they agree to a match, a submission match. And then they go, ‘Well wait, we even got some better news for you. We will give you Sycho Sid in a 15-foot high steel cage match and nobody will be able to interfere in that and you will be able to have your shot at the World Wrestling Federation championship belt, because we respect you.’ Well, in that match, outside interference played a big factor again. And somehow, for some reason, the Undertaker is out there, and he finds himself slamming my head in the door and costing me the World Wrestling Federation championship belt, for a fifth time! So I got one thing on my mind – after being screwed over by everybody in the World Wrestling Federation, after being abandoned by all of you good fans right here in the United States of America, I decided that I am going to go into this submission match with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and give him just a little bit of what he deserves; just a good old-fashioned ass whipping. And so when I do it, when I actually take that lousy stinking hyena, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and beat him to a bloody pulp, you somehow find it in your hearts to abandon me and cheer for him.” Vince: “The poison is spewing from Bret Hart.” Bret: “You know, I’ve proven myself so many times here in the World Wrestling Federation, and I’ve tried to be everything that you wanted me to be, but it seems to me that you don’t understand, you don’t understand what it means to have dignity, to have poise, to bring prestige to the World Wrestling Federation, to be a man that brings a little class because you’d rather cheer for heroes like Charles Manson and OJ Simpson and nobody glorifies criminal conduct like the American do. In the all the countries I go to around the world, they still respect what’s right and what’s wrong. Respect. Now that we’ve made everything really clear with ourselves tonight, it’s obvious to me that all you American wrestling fans coast-to-coast, you don’t respect me. Well, the fact is, I don’t respect you. You don’t deserve it. So from here on in, the American wrestling fans, coast-to-coast, can kiss my ass!” Bret hands the microphone back to JR, who has been standing in the corner for the past 12 + minutes listening to Bret unload.

All of a sudden, Shawn Michaels’ voice comes over the PA system. “Yo, Hitman….” and HBK makes his way into the arena. Shawn: “Let’s get one thing perfectly straight. You can come out here and say whatever you want about me. Everyone does. And you don’t have to explain to me or the World Wrestling Federation that you would never give up the WWF title, because no one knows better than me, or the WWF, that it takes a hand written note from the Lord almighty to get that belt from you.” Michaels makes his way to the ring. “But Bret, what you don’t understand, is that just because I come out here and choose to live my life openly and freely instead of putting on a façade, like you, does not make you a better man Bret. I am well aware of my faults – I can admit them up and down the line. As far as Steve Austin is concerned – Bret, I was there last night. He didn’t give up. All right? Now, I’m no fan of Steve Austin’s but he passed out, and even you have to admit – somewhere in there, there’s gotta be some of the old Hitman left, even you’ve got to admit that he is one tough SOB. Now Bret, I have tried and tried and tried to take the high round. Now, I am in no shape to wrestling, and I know, I know…. you’re tougher than me, blah blah blah blah blah…. the whole thing…. I admit that, that’s fine. I don’t have to be number one Bret, I don’t obsess, like you do. I do this because I like it. You do it because, in your mind, mark man, you really think all of this is yours. Now, what you need to understand, is that every time they reach into their pocket and pay money to watch you, me or anybody else, they have the right to cheer or boo anybody they want. Now, hey, hey, you don’t have to tell me…. They’re cheering me now, but they booed – they booed me before. But you didn’t see me get all bent out of shape about it. You wanna know why Bret? It’s because in this country, we have something that’s called, The First Amendment. And that, and that amendment allows us to live our lives they way we see fit, as long as it is causing harm to no one.” Bret continues to just stand there, glaring a hole through HBK.

Shawn: “If that guy there wants to stick a belly button piercing through his navel, he can do it whether you like it or not. If that girl over there chooses to go out with someone that you don’t approve of, tough titty said the kitty, cause she’s gonna do it. Now I don’t want to get on my high and mighty roller coaster here Bret, but you my friend have got to look at this. I’m in no shape to go, but if you wanna go, what the hell, let’s go now. You know something, we’ve got a saying in the United States of America, and it’s called, America: Love it or Leave it.”

Bret goes back over the JR, who is still in the corner, and takes the microphone back. “Shawn Michaels… Boy Toy. I think you should go back to the dressing room. Just get the hell out of my face.” At this point, HBK, who was about two steps away from Bret, takes a step closer to him.

HBK: “You know me, Bret. I’m not real good with authority. By the way, how’d you know I was in that girly magazine? You couldn’t help yourself, could you? You had to flip through the pages just a little bit!” Bret gives a mocking laugh and turns around to walk away. JR finally exits the ring, and HBK turns around as well. At this point, Bret Hart turns back around and goes right after HBK’s bad knee, from behind. Bret drags HBK to the ring post and locks the figure four on around the post! HBK is screaming as two referees appear to try and break the hold, but to no avail. All of a sudden we hear the sound of a headset hitting the announce table, followed by King saying “Where are you going, McMahon!” JR tells us Vince is going over to the ring post! Now Sycho Sid comes down and goes after Bret, who finally releases the hold and bails before Vince could get there. Sid challenges Bret in the ring, and Bret appears to accept, but at the last second, he turns back around and leaves. On his way up the ramp, Bret turns around and gives the finger the fans. Vince has returned to the booth. He says HBK is injured. We go to break. Total time of segment: 21 minutes. Take that “This is Your Life: The Rock.”

We return from the break with Vince discussing what we just saw. JR says he is a huge Bret fan and did not expect Bret to jump HBK from behind and go right after the knee. It was a dirty move. Vince agrees. King says HBK is hurt and shouldn’t have put himself in that position. Vince calls Bret confused. The announcers try and figure out why Bret has snapped.

Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia vs. Leif Cassidy

We go to break during the intros and return with Rocky and Leif fighting on the outside. Rocky hits a flying body press off the apron dropping Leif onto the ramp. As they head back into the ring, Bret Hart makes his way down the ramp and over to the commentary table. Rocky gets face planted by Leif and reverse power bombed. Vince stands up to greet Bret when he gets to the table and Bret ignores him. He puts on a headset and Vince asks what has made him snap. He says he didn’t snap, he only opened his eyes. Huge “Bret Hart Sucks!” chants. Leif puts on a submission move and goes for a frog plash but Rocky moves. Bret says he tried to wear a white hat every night and be a good person. As he is talking, we see a split screen of HBK’s knee wrapped up and he is carried from the arena. Leif and Rocky trade fists and Rocky hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Vince says Bret is flushing his legacy right down the toilet. Rocky hits the Layin’ the Smackdown DDT and heads up top for his top rope cross body block for the win. Bret wants to know if we want to see bad. He then runs in the ring and attacks Rocky Maivia from behind and goes to work on his leg. As he is leaving, Bret gives a little kid in the crowd the finger.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Savio Vega

Ahmed has his 2 X 4 with him. Vince runs down the injuries that Faarooq suffered during the Chicago Street Fight last night at Wrestlemania – a separated shoulder and a punctured lung. He is in the hospital as we speak. Savio is joined by Crush, Clarence Mason, the rappers, and the rest of the Nation (minus Faarooq), but they stay on the stage. Savio rushes the ring and attacks Ahmed, but Ahmed quickly takes control. He throws Savio into the corner and charges in, but Savio moves. He pounds away on Ahmed. Savio hits a spin wheel kick and kicks Ahmed some more. He slams Ahmed and chokes him. JR wonders what would have happened if Austin was in the building tonight after Bret Hart’s tirade. I assume it wouldn’t have been pretty. Savio sends Ahmed to the ropes and telegraphs a back drop, so Ahmed kicks him in the face. Ahmed sends Savio to the corner and Savio gets his feet up. He continues to pound away on Ahmed and rakes the eyes. Savio takes Ahmed down again, and again chokes him. Ahmed hits an atomic drop then crotches Savio on the top rope and just runs right into him in an ugly collision and they both tumble to the floor. We go to break. We return with Savio in control. He goes to suplex Ahmed but it is reversed. Ahmed heads up top and hits a somersault plancha (!) and goes for an elbow drop to follow up, but Savio moves. Savio gains the advantage with a karate kick and, in a dated reference, does the old Kwang pose. Savio jumps on Ahmed’s back to apply a sleeper, and Vince says it would get ugly if Ahmed got put to sleep because the Nation would have free reign over him. Ahmed fights out though and hits a Rock Bottom before it was the Rock Bottom and follows up with a spine buster. As he sets Savio up for the Pearl River Plunge, the Nation, lead by Crush, comes to the ring to cause the DQ, as Crush pulls Savio out. Ahmed grabs his 2 X 4 and then a microphone. He says this feud has gone too far. He is going to make a deal with them. He says Faarooq isn’t here and smiles about it. He says that if he beats one of them, the Nation has to leave the WWF. The announcers think that the Nation will never agree to that, and they leave without answering.

The Undertaker is scheduled next and we see Paul Bearer looking distraught in the back. He says he doesn’t want to talk to Vince, he wants to talk to someone else. After the break, we return with Vince introducing the new WWF champion, the Undertaker. Vince congratulates Taker. Taker welcomes the creatures to the dark days of the World Wrestling Federation. He dedicates the title to his creatures and will fight for them. Taker thanks Sid for having the courage to fight him. He will get his rematch in due time. Vince mentions that Mankind is the number one contender, and reminds Taker that Mankind has a great record against the Undertaker. Taker says Mankind is dangerous, but he makes him a better gladiator. Paul Bearer starts to make his way to the ring. Paul says that if Taker still wants to beat him up, he will have to do what he has to do. But he wants Taker to listen to him. Mankind appears on the Tron begging Uncle Paul to come home. Paul tells Taker that everything he did, he did it for him. JR says we are out of time right in the middle of this, so we fade to black.

Next week, Owen and Bulldog settle their issues in the ring, with the European title on the line!

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