November 19, 2007
Mike Abitabile

Monday Night Raw
Deutschlandhalle, Berlin Germany

This week’s Raw was taped on February 26, 1997. This week, we come on the air with a video, narrated by Vince McMahon, featuring clips of the people of Berlin tearing down the Berlin Wall in 1989. The world watched then, and the world will watch now as the finals of the European Championship Tournament come down to Owen Hart and the British Bulldog! The theme song and video play then Vince welcomes us to the show. The German ring announcer, Carsten Schaefer, introduces the Honky Tonk Man, who comes to ringside to call the show tonight with Vince and JR.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart

Vince says Hunter is on a collision course with Goldust at Wrestlemania. Bret joins us in the back before he comes to the ring. He says he can stay focused tonight because he has no other choice. He says HHH will be sorry he got mixed up with the Hitman and he hopes Austin is watching at home and sees what’s in his future. Vince says Austin will join us live from the WWF Studios later tonight. Bret’s out to an insane pop. Vince mentions that Bravo Magazine in Germany has voted Bret as the Most Popular Athlete on more than one occasion. JR says Bret must feel like Rodney Dangerfield though, because he says he gets no respect. Someone throws a Bret Hart bear in the ring and HHH punts it. They lock up and Hunter takes the advantage but Bret reverses a hip toss and puts on a side headlock for a quick two count. We see a split screen and Austin is arriving on a snowy night in Connecticut and tells the cameraman to “get the hell out of here.” Back to the action and Hunter breaks the head lock by pulling the hair. Bret gets mad and Hunter bails. Back in and they lock up again, and again Bret gets a headlock takeover and a quick two count. Hunter headscissors out but Bret goes right back to the headlock. Hunter sends Bret to the ropes and takes him down with a back elbow. He misses a follow up elbow drop and Bret takes control and goes back to the headlock. In a split screen, we see Honky tell us Bret’s a cheater. Hunter sends Bret to the ropes again and hits a knee to Bret that JR says might have been low, as we go to break.

We return and Hunter is still in control, pounding away on Bret’s head. Honky likes it. Hunter hits a stiff kick to Bret’s head and throws him shoulder first into the corner. JR says we will her from King, from his home in Memphis tonight, as well as Paul E. Bret reverses an Irish whip, but telegraphs a move by putting his head down and Hunter hits a DDT on the arm. This gets two. This Friday night at 8PM, right here on USA Network, is The Terminator! Parental discretion is advised. Hunter goes to work on the arm. He sends Bret to the ropes and hits his flying knee on the Hitman. Hunter goes up top but Bret stops him and pounds away. He hits a second rope superplex on Helmsley followed by a short leg drop. He follows that up with a forearm to the midsection and a Russian leg sweep, for two. Bret hits a backbreaker and goes up to the second rope for an elbow drop. Another two count. Bret hits a snap suplex for another two count. JR sends his best wishes to Marlena. Bret sends Hunter to the corner, but Hunter reverses it and Bret goes in hard. Hunter kicks the midsection and goes for the Pedigree. Bret grabs the legs and catapults Hunter into the top turnbuckle and it looks like it’s sharpshooter time! No, Hunter gets a thumb to the eye and breaks it up. Hunter Irish whip’s Bret to the corner, but he reverses it and Hunter does a Flair flip in the corner and locks himself to the tree of woe. Bret kicks away and shoves Earl Hebner away as he tries to break it up! That’s a DQ. That big woman who has been following Hunter around runs in out of nowhere and is seemingly calling Bret Hart out. Bret doesn’t respond and the officials swarm the ring and take her out. As the officials taker her up the aisle, Hunter comes to her rescue and leaves with her.

We go to Titan Towers to see an empty director’s chair. Vince says we were supposed to have Mr. Austin right now. We then hear a toilet flush and JR says “I guess we know where he is.” We then see a clip from the Rumble of see Owen Hart tossing the Bulldog over the top rope to eliminate him. Owen says it was an accident, and Bulldog is mad. Vince says there will be an explosion later tonight, and that’s just one reason why.

Intercontinental Title Match: Champion Rocky Maivia vs. Vader

Paul Bearer is with Vader. JR says “Final Four” woke the sleeping giant, Vader, up. The announcers agree that Vader has a very good shot at winning the IC title here tonight. Honky is upset that the term “rookie” has been bestowed upon Rocky. I wasn’t aware that it was a subjective term, and was under the impression that everyone who is in their first year of active competition is a rookie in any walk of life. We see clips from eleven days ago in Chemnitz, Germany, when Vader pinned Rocky in a non-title European Championship Tournament match. Vince says they are still trying to find Austin and he remembers the last time Stone Cold was in the WWF TV Studios – he destroyed the place. Honky: “And you had to write the check to fix it all!” Vader and Rocky go nose-to-nose and Rocky pushed Vader back. That can’t be smart. The crowd is behind Rocky here. Vader takes the early advantage with his power. He puts Rocky in the corner and pounds away. Vader then hits a stiff short arm clothesline. He locks on a headlock but Rocky fights back. He goes to the ropes and gets Vader in a quick small package for two. Vader responds with another stiff clothesline, sends Rocky to the corner and follows up with an avalanche splash. Vader goes for a back body drop but Rocky reverses into a sunset flip and Vader responds by sitting on Rocky’s chest. Vader doesn’t go for a pin right away, and instead taunts the crowd. He then goes for the pin and gets a two count. He tries again, and another two. One more time, and yet another two. Vader tries to suplex Rocky but he reverses it and gets the big man over. This gets two. Rocky hits a huge clothesline of his own and pounds away on Vader. Vader swings and misses and Rocky nails a side suplex and gets two as we go to break.

We return and Vader hits a huge Typhoon splash which gets two. Vader drags Rocky to the corner and goes to the second rope. He lands a huge splash off the second rope and somehow, Rocky kicks out again. Vader and Paul Bearer are shocked. Vader locks in a submission toe hold but Rocky eventually gets to the ropes. Vader hits a slam in the corner and goes back up to the second rope. Rocky gets up and catches Vader with a powerslam as he jumped and gets two out of it. Rocky hits a belly-to-belly suplex after Vader swings and misses again. This gets two. Rocky to the ropes, and hits the move that will eventually be called the “Layin the Smackdown” DDT! Vader’s mask came off in the commotion. Rocky goes up top and hits his cross body block but Vader rolls out of it. Rocky hits a dropkick and Vader goes over the top to the outside. Rocky follows and Mankind has appeared ringside. He charges Rocky and nails him with the urn! This was right in front of the referee, so Vader has been disqualified. Everyone is confused because it was obvious Vader didn’t need any help. Mankind runs back to wherever he came from. Vader is pissed and throws Rocky back in and takes Rocky down with a huge clothesline and drops an elbow. The officials have returned to get Vader out of there. Honky calls it “March Madness.” A dazed Rocky holds up his belt.

We see a clip of King inviting ECW to Raw two weeks ago. We fast forward to last week and see clips of the ECW Invasion with the extreme violence pixilated, including Sandman drinking his beer. The clip ends with the chaos at the announce table. Back to the arena and The Sultan is on his way to the ring. King is on the phone and he says he can’t believe Vince accepted this collect call. King also can’t believe Vince wasted valuable time on Raw tonight to show those clips. He tells us he isn’t the only superstar upset about the ECW Invasion, and that all the WWF superstars are mad. He tells Paul E. to show up next week when Raw is War so he can finish him off. Flash Funk also made his way to the ring as King was talking. We go the break with the promise that Paul E. will join us next.

Flash Funk vs. The Sultan

We return with the match already in process. Sultan hits a back elbow on Flash. We see a Milky Way Double Feature of the Sultan attacking Flash from behind, before the bell rang. Back to live action, Flash hits a huge dropkick to send Sultan over the top and dives at Sultan off the second rope to the outside. He pretty much misses Sultan so we see Honky on the split screen again to take focus off it. Back in and Sultan reverses an arm bar and locks on a sleeper hold. Funk eventually fights back and hits some shots to the midsection of Sultan.

Joining us now on the phone is Paul E. He says this has gone a little bit too far. He came on the show to showcase the athletes of ECW and plug the pay per view. He calls King a has-been and says WWF mustn’t think enough of Lawler to buy him a ticket to Berlin to co-host the show this week. Vince thanks Paul for the action last week. Paul thanks him and says he will accept King’s challenge any time, any place. Before he hangs up, he reminds us, Sunday night, April 13th! In the ring, Funk gets the upper hand with a hurricanrana but hits his own head hard on the way down. He follows it up with a top rope moonsault, which gets two, but Funk is loopy. Sultan throws Funk down and locks on the camel clutch. Funk gives up.

We see clips from last October, the last time Austin was in WWF Studios when he broke equipment, knocked over televisions and got physical with security guards. He finally left but the cops were waiting for him outside. Austin told the cop to tie his shoe. We are still looking for Austin tonight. We go to Sid in the back. He says Mankind won’t make it out of Berlin. After Mankind, to the dark side he goes! Plus, he is the master and the ruler of the world. We see another clip of Owen and Bulldog having problems at Final Four when Owen hit his spin kick on Bulldog and almost cost them the tag titles to Furnas and Lafon. Bulldog responded by hitting a huge clothesline on Owen, but saves him before the pinfall could be made.

German announcer Carsten Schaefer introduces Ahmed Johnson. Carsten interviews Ahmed in German, but then translates the lines into English. He wants to know if Ahmed accepts Faarooq’s challenge for a Chicago Street Fight at Wrestlemania. Ahmed accepts, but says he will not come alone, not this time. Ahmed says Faarooq is going down at Wrestlemania. The crowd explodes. Ahmed gets the entire crowd to chant “You’re Going Down!”

Vince tells us we will take a look at the Legion of Doom after a Wrestlemania commercial. Good timing, no? The commercial plugs the title match, the submission match, and now, the Chicago Street Fight. We then see clips of the LOD returning last week and then clips from an interview they did on Shotgun Saturday Night over the weekend (which was also taped in the Manhattan Center last week) standing in the crowd. Animal says he does like the Nation and says they are from the streets of Chicago, home of Wrestlemania. They want to be on the card. Hawk says the LOD is nuts. But they like the way they are – it’s everyone else that has to fight them. So Ahmed doesn’t want to go to Wrestlemania alone, and the LOD wants on the card. Well, two plus two usually equals four.

WWF Title Match: Champion Sycho Sid vs. Mankind

Mankind makes his way to the ring with Paul Bearer and we see some pre-recorded comments from him. He speaks in German to Sid. Sorry, I can’t translate that. Sid makes his way to the ring to a decent ovation. Mankind runs in as soon as Sid enters the ring and Sid hits a huge clothesline so Mankind bails. Sid follows him out and hits a big boot on the floor. He kicks away at Mankind but Mankind reverses and tries to charge at Sid, who moves, and Mankind goes hard into the ring post. They go back in the ring and Sid locks on a chin lock. JR informs us that next week, as Raw becomes War, Sid and Taker will actually team up. Mankind tries to elbow his way out but Sid grabs the arm and applies an arm bar.

Vince informs us we have found Stone Cold. We see him on a split screen. Austin says the number one talent in pro wrestling was sitting in couch on his way to Stamford today. The number one piece of talent also had a stale sandwich stuffed in a paper bag for lunch. Is that the reason he was sick in the bathroom before? No, it wasn’t. The reason he was sick before was because of Bret Hart’s whining. Vince tries to interject to ask him a question but Austin doesn’t stop and tells Vince to shut up. Vince says we’ll return later on to Austin.

Back to the action and Sid kicks Mankind right out of the ring. Mankind grabs Sid’s legs, trips him up and pounds away. Mankind hits a leg drop on the apron as Sid’s head was on the second rope. He continues to work on the head of Sid. He chokes Sid over the second rope. Sid fights back with fists and a set of kicks to Mankind’s head. He goes for a forth but Mankind moves and Sid crotches himself over the ropes. We return from break and Sid has regained the advantage and dumped Mankind over the top with a clothesline. Sid follows. Paul Bearer tried to get involved and Sid stalks him. Mankind tries to attack from behind but Sid caught him and chokeslammed him back first into the ring post, then side suplexes him on the outside. Mankind then drops Sid across the top rope as he tries to get back in. He hits a second rope leg drop and gets two on Sid. Mankind locks on a headlock as the crowd chants for Sid. JR tells us there is a big story on Sable and another on Wrestlemania on Option 6 of the Superstar Line. Call now, but kids, get your parents permission first. Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw and Sid is going down fast! Sid’s shoulders are down, but he gets the right shoulder up at two. Sid fights back and is up to his feet. He breaks the claw but Mankind hits a double arm DDT for two. Mankind follows up with a sleeper hold but Sid backs him into the corner to break the hold. He charges in but Mankind gets a boot up and goes back to the sleeper. Sid walks to the corner and Mankind climbs on Sid’s back to apply the sleeper with more leverage. Sid, however, drops back hard on Mankind and now pounds away on Mankind’s head. He goes for the ten punches in the corner, but stops after eight because Paul Bearer is up on the apron and Sid goes after him. Mankind charges in but accidentally takes Uncle Paul down after Sid moved! Sid hits a chokeslam but Mankind gets out at two! Mankind sends Sid to the ropes and puts his head down. That’s a mistake because Sid hits a HUGE power bomb for the win!

We now see a clip from Shotgun Saturday Night just nine days ago when the Bulldog was fighting Crush. Savio interferes and cost the Bulldog the match as Clarence Mason did nothing about it. In return, the British Bulldog fires Clarence Mason because of a conflict of interest. We see Owen and the Bulldog warming up in the back.

We now finally go to Stamford to talk to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Vince takes us back to Final Four when Austin tried to cost Bret the title. He calls Austin a thorn in Bret’s side. Austin failed at costing Bret the title at the pay per view, but he didn’t fail the next night as we see Austin help Sid beat Bret for the title. Austin has no remorse. He wishes he hit Bret harder. Bret cries about being screwed, but Austin has been screwed for six years and no one cares. HBK gets sick and he gets a video. Austin goes to Final Four with the flu and no one even mentions it. He tells us he blew his knee out and still went 25 minutes with three of the best in the world. He clarifies that he isn’t making fun of any one legged people, he’s just trying to make a point. As far as he is concerned, he is the WWF champion. He feels the submission match is a bunch of bull because he doesn’t know many submission moves. Am I the only one who remembers the Hollywood and Vine? He’ll just beat up Bret Hart. He says Ken Shamrock hit the nail on the head when he said Austin has no quit in him. There isn’t anybody in wrestling that can make Austin quit. Austin says that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so! Vince wants to know why all the bitterness. Austin: “You treat me like a dog and you expect me to smile? You remind me of a jackass!”

European Title Tournament Finals: The British Bulldog vs. Owen Hart

We cut back to the arena and Earl Hebner is holding the European Title belt. Owen makes his way to the ring first and JR points out that during this entire overseas tour, Owen and the Bulldog have not had one tag team match. He feels we are getting ready to see an explosion. The Bulldog enters next. We see a still of the tournament brackets: Image Hosted by

Will this break down into a pier six brawl? The bells rings and we are under way. They lock up and Owen backs Bulldog into the corner. Bulldog turns it around and puts Owen in the corner. Clean break. The crowd is into it. Owen applies an arm ringer and Bulldog rolls out and puts on his own. Owen now rolls out. Bulldog spins out again and works on the arm. Owen sends Bulldog into the corner and goes for a monkey flip but Bulldog cartwheels out of it. Owen charges in and gets hip tossed but he reverses it and goes for a rocker dropper. Bulldog stands up and Owen flips out and hip tosses the Bulldog, who kicks Owen off. Owen nips up and they are back at the neutral position. They go for a test of strength and Bulldog, not surprisingly, gains the advantage. Owen fights back and runs to the ropes and hops up top. He drops down and flips off the top and lands on his feet then hip tosses the Bulldog. Owen runs in and hops up on Bulldog’s shoulders and goes for a hurricanrana but Davey drops forward and power bombs Owen. Davey then grabs his legs and catapults him over the top to the floor. The crowd is behind the Bulldog as he does a front roll to celebrate. Bulldog holds the ropes open and invites Owen back into the ring. Owen is caution, but gets back in. The lock back up and Bulldog applies a wrist lock but Owen flips over and rolls up the Bulldog for two. Owen charges in and the Bulldog gets an armdrag take down. He drops a knee on Owen’s arm. JR feels that, no matter whoever wins, the tag titles may be affected because the European title will have to be defended and therefore, focused on. Owen is up and again tries to flip over out of a wrist lock but Bulldog learned his lesson and drops Owen down this time on his back and wrist. We go to break.

We return and Vince reminds us we aren’t watching the classic sports channel, we are watching two athletes in their prime. The Bulldog has Owen by the fingers and picks him up and drops him down. Owen backs Davey into the ropes by pulling his hair and Davey ducks a clothesline and lands a crucifix pin. It only gets two as Owen proves he is better than his brother! Bulldog picks Owen up and tries his standing vertical suplex which Owen reverses out of and lands on his feet. Owen goes for his enziguri and Bulldog ducks. They are two steps ahead of each other because they know each other so well. Bulldog applies a surfboard submission, much to the delight of the crowd. Owen grabs referee Earl Hebner and causes Davey to have to break the hold because he lost his balance. Vince reminds us next week at 7:57PM Eastern Time, Raw becomes War and Sid and Taker will team up. Davey takes Owen over and applies an arm bar. Owen is up and gets sent to the ropes. Bulldog ducks under and monkey flips Owen on his way back. Bulldog charges in as Owen is against the ropes and Owen ducks a shoulder and back drops Bulldog over the top to the floor. Now Owen does a forward roll to celebrate. It looks as if the Bulldog may have wrenched his knee. Owen now holds the ropes open for Davey to get back in. He enters and Owen didn’t jump him. JR is surprised by that. Vince says there have been a lot of surprises in the WWF recently. Owen and Davey slap hands. Bulldog takes Owen down with a side headlock takeover and wrenches it. Vince tells us Ken Shamrock will join us next week as well. Owen leans Bulldog against the ropes and sends him to the opposite side. Owen hits the ground, Davey jumps over him and ducks under an Owen leap frog on the way back. Owen seems to have landed hard on his knee and is limping. Bulldog looks tentative and when he gets closer, Owen attacks and is completely fine. Huge boos. Now he goes to work on Bulldog’s legs. He tries to lock on his sharpshooter but Bulldog kicks out. Davey goes up to Owen and is angry he used an underhanded tactic. They shove each other and Bulldog applies a headlock again. To the ropes and Owen hits his spinning heel kick as Davey runs in. Owen runs around to show the crowd his knee is fine. Owen lands a backbreaker and doesn’t try a pin. He drops a knee to the lower back of the Bulldog. Davey gets Irish whipped into the corner and hits hard. Owen picks him back up and body slams him. He follows up with a standing leg drop, which gets two. Owen applies a headlock. Honky says Stu Hart doesn’t know who to cheer for at this point. Bulldog fights up and breaks the hold with elbows to the mid-section. Bulldog runs to the ropes but Owen gets a knee up and Bulldog goes down hard. Honky (in Stu Hart’s voice, disrespecting him): “It looks like…. uhh… Owen is taking liberties with Davey Boy.” That was pretty much spot on actually. Owen kicks Bulldog in the mid-section and Bulldog falls out of the ring. Bulldog takes the opportunity to catch his breath before heading back in. The announcers are surprised sportsmanship is standing tall in this match. Bulldog gets on the apron and drives a shoulder into Owen. He sunset flips in and gets a two count. Bulldog charges in but Owen gets a huge clothesline and drops an elbow for two. Owen locks on another headlock as we go to break.

We return and Bulldog is up, finally breaking the headlock with two elbows to the mid-section. He goes to the ropes and Owen ducks down. On the comeback, Owen lands a standing belly-to-belly suplex for two. Owen turns Davey over and applies a rear chin lock in the camel clutch position. Davey stands up with Owen on his shoulders and drop backwards dropping him down hard. Owen pulls himself up in the corner and Bulldog charges in, but Owen gets his feet up. Owen makes the cover but puts his feet on the ropes! It only gets two though. Owen picks Davey up and hits a neck breaker followed by an elbow off the second rope. Again, a two count. And again, a headlock. The crowd tries to get behind Davey. Davey fights out with elbows but Owen gets a thumb to the eye. Owen sets Bulldog on the top rope and goes for a superplex from the second rope but Davey shifts in midair, using the ropes for leverage and lands on top of Owen to get a two count. Hey, it worked for HBK against him once, so why not give it a shot? Back up and Owen sends Davey to the ropes and misses a fist. Bulldog comes off the opposite rope with a flying clothesline and follows up with three standing clotheslines. The crowd is loving it. Bulldog hits his standing suplex and gets two. He didn’t hold it up as long as he usually does though. Bulldog sends Owen into the turnbuckle, sternum first, and bench presses Owen as a follow up. He drops him on the top rope, crotching him, and Vince thinks Davey lost his balance. Honky thinks it was on purpose. Owen is on the ring apron and Davey tries to suplex him back in but Owen slips over and lands a bridging German suplex for two and a half. Owen sends Bulldog to the corner but Davey reverses. Owen jumps up and Davey slips under him and catches Owen and he’s now in the perfect position for the running power slam. Owen won’t let go of the top rope though and he falls down on top of Davey for a two count as the Bulldog tried to use his weight to get Owen to let go. Owen hops to the second rope and hits a spinning cross body but Bulldog rolls through and gets a two count. Owen finally gets the enziguri, as Bulldog catches his left kick, and he hit it so hard, Bulldog did a complete flip. Owen’s put on the sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Davey tries to crawl to the ropes with all his might and power and he does it! Owen releases the hold but is not happy. He sends Bulldog to the ropes, but he reverses it. Owen tries a running bulldog on the Bulldog but Davey flips Owen out of it. Owen goes for a tombstone, but Bulldog puts all his weight back and reverses it and puts Owen on his shoulder for the running power slam. This time he nails it but it only gets two! Bulldog argues with the referee and Owen comes up from behind with a victory roll. He used that for success in the past. However, this time, Bulldog leans back and reverses the pin to get the three count and capture the European Championship! Honky says Bulldog had the tights, but he clearly did not. What a match! The crowd explodes and Bulldog celebrates. Owen is distraught but shakes Davey’s hand regardless. Bulldog turns his back and the announcers wait for Owen to attack, but he never does. They shake hands a second time and raise the European title between them. Owen won’t let go through. He finally does.

Next week, Raw is War debuts and dueling opponents (which is a common theme now) team up for one of the first times.

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