November 5, 2008
Mike Abitabile

Raw is War
Lake Placid, New York

Vince welcomes us to the show and right off the bat he tells us there was an incident involving Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels before Raw went on the air last week. JR tells us Shawn Michaels suffered a neck injury and re-aggravated his previous knee injury in the scuffle and is expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks of action. As for Bret, he also re-aggravated his surgically repaired knee, but will be back in a few days. Vince claims unprofessional conduct by both individuals but states Bret was clearly the aggressor, according to eyewitnesses. He also announced that, due to HBK’s hiatus, the tag titles have been stripped from Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin and a tag tournament will take place over the next several weeks on Raw. The winners of the tournament will face Austin and a partner of his choosing for the titles, which JR hopes will be Shawn Michaels.

And speak of the devil, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is on his way to the ring in his street clothes. He wants Vince McMahon in the ring right now. Vince obliges and Austin is not happy about the tag title situation. As he tells us he doesn’t care about Shawn Michaels, Mankind appears on the titan tron and says he and Austin bonded last week when Austin flipped him off. Mankind wants to be Austin’s new partner. Austin calls him a freak and says he doesn’t need him. Mankind says he’ll let Austin think about it and leaves. Vince transitions into Austin’s match with Brian Pillman tonight. We see footage from last week’s failed attempt at the match and Austin stunning Ken Shamrock to end Raw. Vince says the Hart Foundation will be handcuffed to the ring posts during the match. Bottom line: Austin is kicking Pillman’s ass tonight. And now Ken Shamrock is out to interrupt. He won’t forget what Austin did to him last week. He wants Austin tonight. Austin says he’ll take care of Shamrock when he’s done with Pillman. Shamrock seems game for this then takes off. We go to break as Austin jaw jacks with Vince.

In the back, Brian Pillman says they are handcuffing the wrong people tonight, saying you are supposed to put the cuffs on the convicted felons, and points to himself.

First Round Tag Team Tournament Match: The New Blackjacks vs. Two Time Slammy Award Winner and Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart and European Champion The British Bulldog

In pre-recorded comments, Blackjack Windham says this is their chance at glory while Blackjack Bradshaw mocks the foreigners. Conversely, in their own pre-recorded comments, Owen and Bulldog state they want Austin and their belts back. Owen starts with Blackjack Windham. Windham has the power advantage and takes Owen down with a lariat, which gets two. Bradshaw tags in and lands a back elbow. Quick tag back to Windham who lays a kick to the head of Owen. He follows up with a suplex, which gets another two count. Owen gains the momentum with a release northern lights suplex and tags in Bulldog who back drops Windham. Davey gets the big man into a standing delayed vertical suplex and tags in Owen who hits a dropkick off the top rope then applies a sleeper. Mulligan side suplexes out of it and tags in Bradshaw. Owen quickly tags in the Bulldog but Bradshaw goes crazy on both men. Behind the referee’s back, Owen hits a spinning heel kick to the head of Bradshaw which allows Bulldog to role him up and get the win! Owen and Bulldog move on in the tournament.

We see footage of Faarooq firing all the member of the Nation (except for D-Lo Brown) last week. Faarooq then challenged Undertaker and Ahmed Johnson to a match this week. Back live with Taker in his locker room now. Paul Bearer interrupts Taker before he can talk and says it’s all about him. We then see Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna, who is flexing. We go to break.

We return with Ken Shamrock getting into his wrestling gear. Shamrock basically says Austin made his bed and now he’s going to have to lay in it.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Phinneas Godwinn

Before the match begins, JR informs us that Hunter has accepted the challenge of Mankind from last week for a rematch of the King of the Ring finals. It will take place at In Your House: Canadian Stampede in July. Chyna is with Hunter. She intimidates the ring attendant who took Hunter’s robe and pushes him around. They lock up and Phinneas gains the early advantage with a mule kick, but Hunter takes control with a knee to the face. Hunter pounds away on Phinneas then shoves the referee out of the way. Easy buddy, you aren’t married to the boss’s daughter yet. Hunter dumps Phinneas to the floor allowing Chyna the chance to punch him in the face. Back in the ring, Phinneas hits a clothesline on Hunter then back drops him. Phinneas goes for the Slop Drop but gets distracted by Chyna on the apron. She shoves him and he kisses her! I don’t know which one of those two I feel worse for. He turns around into a Pedigree and Hunter gets the win. After the match, Henry comes out and yells at Phinneas then places blame on Vince McMahon. Vince: “I guess everything is my fault these days.”

Faarooq is in the back with D-Lo Brown. Vince is looking for hints about who is in the new Nation. Faarooq isn’t budging except to say there will be two new member of the Nation tonight. They will be bigger, badder, and blacker. Okay then.

Sunny makes her way to the ring to guest ring announcer. In addition, Paul E. Dangerously joins Vince and JR on commentary for this interpromotional match.

USWA vs. ECW Interpromotional Match: Brian Christopher vs. Chris Candido

Well, this is awkward. Brian Christopher represents the USWA while Chris Candido represents ECW. The on-screen graphics even say USWA and ECW when the wrestlers come out. Weird. Sunny puts over Candido big time, to no one’s surprise. Vince asks Paul to tell us a little something about Chris Candido. Ummm, Vince, the guy was on your roster for over a year. Paul references this and claims Chris left the WWF for ECW. They trade punches to start until Candido gets atomic dropped. Paul claims Chris “Skipped” out on the WWF and is looking to get a place on the August 17th ECW pay per view. Someone should keep track of how many times Paul mentions that date. Christopher hits a back drop then mocks ECW. Candido fights back with fists and a swinging neck breaker. He goes up to the second rope and hits a flying leg drop for two. Candido sets Christopher on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana. JR asks Paul his opinion of Christopher, to which Paul responds that he is a good opponent for Chris Candido. JR eggs him on and Paul decides to shoot. He tells us Brian Christopher is Jerry Lawler’s son and neither Brian nor Jerry acknowledges their relationship and claims they are embarrassed of each other. At this point, Jerry Lawler makes his way down with RVD (in a Sabu shirt) to attack Chris Candido and cause a disqualification. JR calls Lawler the King of the USWA. Tommy Dreamer and a chair make the save as the USWA representatives bail.

In the back, Ahmed Johnson tells us he’s not scared of Faarooq and says he is going to do this the easy way instead of the hard way.

We see footage from last Saturday night’s house show at the SkyDome in Toronto. The Harts were welcomed as heroes and Bret calls Canada the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Back live, Neidhart tells us he doesn’t like being handcuffed then threatens Goldust.

Goldust vs. Jim Neidhart

Marlena is with Dust and, oddly enough, Neidhart is alone. Footage of Marlena slapping the Bulldog last week on Raw is shown. Neidhart pounds away on Dust to gain the early advantage. Dust hits a flying body block off the ropes and pounds away on Neidhart. Dust hits ten fists in the corner then plays with Neidhart’s goatee. The Anvil regains control with a knee to the midsection and works over the lower body of Goldust then chokes Goldust over the middle rope. Out of nowhere, Goldust takes Neidhart down with a clothesline and both men are slow to their feet. The crowd is booing as we see the Bulldog making his way to the ring. He stalks Marlena at ringside and she goes to slap him again. This time, he blocks it but Goldust is able to sneak up from behind and make the save. Now Neidhart comes from behind to attack Goldust. They double team Goldust behind the referee’s back and throw Goldust in the ring. Back in and Goldust is able to hit an uppercut on Neidhart and get a quick win! They accidentally play the Bulldog’s music before correcting that.

In the back, Austin says he’s got Brian Pillman and the Hart Foundation right where he wants them. When he’s done with them, he’ll rock Ken Shamrock’s world. And that’s the bottom line!

The War Zone begins with a bang as it’s time for Pillman and Austin to finally lock up.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman with the Hart Foundation Handcuffed to the Ring Posts

You may recall this stipulation was originally announced as taking place in the aborted Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels match at King of the Ring. That match never took place so they carried over the stipulation to this one. A fleet of referees and officials make their way to the ring to handcuff Owen, Bulldog and Neidhart to the ring posts. JR mentions that Austin and Pillman used to be tag team partners and mentions the Hollywood Blonds name. Austin is smiling from ear to ear and flips off each handcuffed Hart Foundation member, one by one. He attacks Pillman right away with fists and kicks. He hits Pillman with an inverted atomic drop but Pillman bails. Austin follows him out and takes a cheap shot at the British Bulldog. When he rolls back in, Pillman takes Austin down. Austin goes old school and hits a stun gun! Austin controls the action as Owen tries to break the handcuffs. Pillman wants to shake hands but Austin doesn’t trust him so he punches him and kicks away. Pillman goes to the eyes then heads up top. Austin cuts him off at the pass and drops Pillman across the top rope, groin first. Austin then goes back after the Bulldog who can’t defend himself. Pillman tries to get at Austin with a chair, but Austin reverses it and attacks Neidhart and Owen, just like he did Bulldog. Pillman finally gains control by choking Austin with a camera cable. We have to go to break.

We return with Pillman in control after throwing Austin into the ring steps. Pillman seems to have a busted nose from Austin’s reverse chair shot and he is bleeding profusely from it. He gets a two count on Austin but Stone Cold lands a low blow on Pillman behind the referee’s back. Pillman is able to regain the advantage however and applies a chin lock. Austin fights out and hits a jawbreaker on Pillman. Pillman responds with an elbow off the ropes and spits on the man! This just makes Austin mad and he takes Pillman down and pounds away. The referee tries to get Austin to back off, to which Stone Cold responds by kicking and stunning him! Wow. Brian Pillman then goes for a low blow and hits Austin in the head with what look to be brass knuckles he had in his tights. A second referee starts to count but Austin kicks at two. All of a sudden we see Owen Hart unlocking his cuffs. Apparently, he picked the pocket of the referee who was stunned to obtain the key! GENIUS. Owen gives Neidhart the key once he’s out, who then gives it to Bulldog. It’s now four on one until Mankind and Goldust make the save. Even Ken Shamrock is out to help. Austin and Shamrock are left alone in the ring and Shamrock takes Austin down with a belly to belly suplex! Austin is back up and goes after Shamrock with a leg takedown. They trade blows until the Legion of Doom come out to stop the fight. Goldust is back in to help pull them apart. He grabs a microphone and tells Austin this is exactly what the Harts want. Dust says he sees five guys right here (Mankind has disappeared) and coincidentally, the Harts are looking for five guys to fight at In Your House: Canadian Stampede. Austin grabs the mic and says he feels like crap and he doesn’t need these four guy, but one time, he’ll step in the ring with them but they won’t hang out after the match. He then flips them off.

Back from break and the Harts are in their locker room. Owen is happy they have opponents for In Your House. Pillman goes insane and Vince doesn’t know what to say. Back at ringside, Sable comes out to do guest ring announcing for the next match. JR has an update on last week’s “incident” involving Marc Mero coming out to grab Sable, who was modeling a shirt. Apparently, Marc and Sable were running late and Marc thought they were already in a commercial. So please, don’t make more of it than it is!

Bobby Fulton vs. Tommy Rogers

Vince, who has no idea who these people are, throws it to JR. He tells us these two used to be a tag team combination known as The Fantastics. Rogers wants to shake hands but Fulton has none of it. He slams Rogers once but Rogers reverses it and Takes Fulton down with a pair of head scissors. Rogers follows up with a hip toss as JR spouts the history between these two men. Fulton hits a spinning heel kick, which gets two. He then drops an elbow across the throat then baseball slides out of the ring, sending Rogers into the guardrail. Fulton goes for a piledriver but Rogers reverses it. Fulton goes for the pin with his foot on the rope but the referee sees it and breaks it up. All of a sudden, Rogers hits the Unprettier out of nowhere for the win.

After the match, Sable plays to the crowd and Marc Mero appears again. Vince tries to get his attention so he can find out the prognosis of his knee, but Mero isn’t interested. He’s come to escort Sable to the back again. We go to break.

First Round Tag Team Tournament Match: The Head Bangers vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler and “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam

We see Tommy and Paul E. watching on from ringside seats. RVD and Mosh start out. Mosh hits a dropkick to the back of Van Dam’s head then hits a splash in the corner. Thrasher tags in and the Bangers hit an elevated slam on RVD. Pat Patterson has come out to make sure Paul doesn’t jump the rail again, like last week. RVD kicks Thrasher in the face then hits a jumping kick off the second rope. He tags in King who taunts the crowd. He then pounds away on Thrasher then tags RVD back in. RVD slams Thrasher and hits a HUGE frog splash on Thrasher. King tags back in and gets a two count after a nonchalant cover. King misses a fist and Mosh tags in. He slams King but then gets attacked from behind by RVD. Mosh takes RVD to the outside while King hits Thrasher with a piledriver. While the referee is distracted by RVD and Mosh on the floor, The Sandman runs in and hits a low blow on King with his Singapore cane! Thrasher suplexes Mosh off the top rope onto King and the Bangers get the win to advance to the next round! On the outside, RVD has gone after Tommy and The Sandman. Officials and Paul E. break it up.

We see Ahmed, Taker and Paul Bearer in the back. Ahmed says they were born ready then tells Paul Bearer to shut up and to stop telling him what to do. He might have something on Taker, but Ahmed has no reason to take his crap.

Ahmed Johnson and The Undertaker vs. Faarooq and a mystery partner

Paul Bearer is with Taker and Ahmed. We see footage of Undertaker chokeslamming Ahmed two weeks ago, per the orders of Paul Bearer, followed by Ahmed hitting the Pearl River Plunge on Taker at the King of the Ring. Faarooq and D-Lo make their entrance. D-Lo is in street clothes, so the partner is not him. Faarooq has a microphone and announces Kama Mustafa as the newest member of the Nation. Kama attacks the Undertaker from behind and controls the dead man. Kama pounds away on Taker in the corner but Taker reverses the momentum and takes down Kama with a clothesline. Faarooq takes a cheap shot on Taker and tags in. He puts the boots to Taker then pounds away with axe handle blows. Taker hits a leg drop on Faarooq then tries to tag in Ahmed, but can’t get there in time. Kama tags back in and slams Taker. He dumps the Dead Man allowing D-Lo and Faarooq to double team him on the floor. We go to break with Vince wondering where the second new member of the Nation is.

We return with Faarooq in control of the Undertaker, who still hasn’t been able to tag in his partner, Ahmed Johnson. Taker finally hits a flying clothesline and chokeslam on Faarooq. This gets two as Kama makes the save. Vince and JR start randomly speculating on the second new Nation member, wondering aloud if it’ll be Mr. Hughes, Butch Reed, Abdullah the Butcher or even Junkyard Dog. Okay. Ahmed takes a shot at Paul Bearer and pushes him to the ground. Kama hits a side salto slam on the Undertaker and gets a three count! Wow, it’s not every day your World champion gets pinned by a mid carder (especially when your World champion is the Undertaker).

Ahmed rushes the ring before the Nation can do anymore damage to the Undertaker. Faarooq, D-Lo and Kama bail to the top of the stage. Ahmed helps Taker up then hits him with a Pearl River Plunge! Ahmed leaves the ring and joins the Nation on the stage. They all give the salute and we have our second Nation member. JR calls Ahmed a chicken and Vince calls it a setup from the get go.

Next week, we get to see Sabu in action and the tag team tournament continues.

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