September 5, 2010
Jack Stevenson


We are coming off the back of a controversial Summerslam PPV in which Steve Austin broke his neck and Bret Hart won the WWF Title after a misplaced chair shot from Shawn Michaels to the Undertaker. The backlash takes place tonight on Monday Night Raw!

Live from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Here come the Hart Foundation! We are reminded of how Bret became WWF champion last night. Bret says you are meant to suffer for your crimes, but he isnít suffering, so how he won wasnít a crime. He is the Best there is, the Best there was, and the Best there ever will be. He stuck to his word, but the WWF arenít sticking to theirs. Last night, Shawn Michaels showed obvious biase to the Undertaker, but is allowed to wrestle again in the U.S.A. The audio is truly terrible here, and I know it isnít the tape because a message saying they are experiencing technical difficulties. Iíll try and struggle through the promo though. Bret wants Shawn out of the WWF, and the WWF owe it to him to kick him out.

Talk turns to the Patriot, who Bret faces at Ground Zero. Bret says the Patriotís victory on Raw was a fluke, because of Shawn Michaels interference. He talks about American morals, but hangs around with Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin. The audio comes back. Bret says Ken Shamrock will never receive a European Title shot again after last night, and that Pillman will not be wearing a dress, because Bret is the new sheriff in town. Meanwhile, what happened to Owen Hart last night was another example of American Justice. Owen says last night he showed compassion to Steve Austin, and he shouldnít have, but he has made Steve Austin a crippled freak. Steve should forfeit the belt to Owen, or come out there and let kick his ass. Jim Ross then brings out the new commissioner of the WWF with surprisingly little bravado, Sgt Slaughter!

Slaughter says Bret isnít the new sheriff, the Sarge is! He makes the rules, and his first decision is that Bret must defend the WWF Title against the Patriot at Ground Zero! Furthermore, the Bulldog will soon have to face Ken Shamrock again! Pillman will also wear a dress tonight or else he will be suspended. Owen Hart will get a rematch with Steve Austin, when Stone Cold says so! And who do you think that brings out to a massive ovation? Stone Cold, neck brace in hand, says he wonít wear the damn thing, and will face Owen tonight. Owen is a loser because it runs through his veins. Tonight, he opens up a can of whoop ass on Owen Hart and shows him what 3:16 means, and thatís the bottom line! Awesome opening promos from all. In the interview pit, the Nation of Domination are awaiting an interview. Vince reveals at Ground Zero there will be a triple threat match pitting Faarooq against Crush and Savio Vega. Faarooq says something as the technical difficulties resume.


We see footage from Summerslam where Ken Shamrock laid out road agents and referees after his match against the British Bulldog. Pre match Sgt Slaughter comes back out and demands that the rest of the Nation of Domination head to the back, meaning Kama will be on his own. Kama is billed as the Supreme Fighting Machine, which was an obvious nod to the burgeoning UFC. Of course, Ken actually came from the UFC, so if you want to invent a back story for this match, there you go, the real shoot fighter versus the fake shoot fighter.

Shamrock knocks Kama down with a flying spin kick. Kama comes back with some dull punching and kicking, livening things up slightly with a body slam. On the floor, Ken shoves Kama into the ring post, and, as Shamrock argues with the referee in the ring, Los Boricuas representatives Jose Estrada and Miguel Perez Jr come out to hit a double suplex on Kama! Back in Shamrock lands a belly to back suplex to get the win.

Rating- Ĺ *- Very, very short, and pretty dull as well. They didnít even have the decency to tag a clean finish on the end either.

Another hype video for Brakkus.

Out comes Sunny to be the guest ring announcer for the next match. Does anyone else notice that Sunny is quite pretty?


Christopher cuts down Michinoku down with a clothesline and hits a nice northern lights suplex. He goes for a German suplex but Taka lands on his feet and hits a belly to belly suplex and spinning wheel kick. The Japanese star goes for a huracanrana but Christopher counters into a powerbomb. He connects with a modified Rocker dropper and charges at Michinoku, but he dodges and Christopher is sent out to the floor, where he is caught with a flying crossbody! Christopher retakes control by crotching Taka on the ropes. A backbreaker and missile dropkick to the back of the head appears to have Taka out of it. Christopher goes for a trio of suplexes, but after the second one is landed Taka blocks Brianís attempt to roll over with an inside cradle for the win!

Rating- ** ľ- Really good match while it lasted. The light heavyweight division had so much promise when it was being led by Taka.

Post match a fuming Christopher goes on the attack and slingshots Taka to the floor!

In the back Slaughter delivers the dress to Brian Pillman. Pillman refuses to put it on, so Slaughter decides that Brian must wear the dress every week until he wins a match, and if he refuses, heís fired!


In the back, Paul Bearer claims that the match is won. He says he is more of a man then Chyna will ever be. This match was called off last week when Mankind attacked Helmsley.

Hunter attacks before the bell but runs right into a proverbial brick wall. A short arm clothesline knocks Hunter down. Hunter comes back with one of his own only to get tripped up by Paul Bearer, who in turn gets dropkicked by Chyna. Vader sizes up Chyna for an attack but Helmsley makes the save before Vader can do anything and throws Vader into the steel steps. Both men are counted out after all this. Too short to rate really.


Before the match, the Patriot admits there are things wrong with America, but rather than whining and complaining about it, heís going to do something about it, and heíll start tonight with Bret Hart. If Bret isnít going to leave, heíll help him out! Bret better watch closely, because what heís going to do to the Sultan is a preview of Ground Zero!

The Sultan attacks The Patriot before the match begins with his Iranian flag and drops him with a back suplex. A clothesline knocks the Patriot back down, but the proud patriot Americanas up and takes Sultan off his feet with a body slam. He heads up top and takes down the Sultan with a nice flying shoulder block. The Uncle Slam finishes.

Rating- ĺ *- Too short to really form an opinion on, but it wasnít boring.

Post match Bret Hart, the British Bulldog and Owen Hart come down to get some, but unbeknownst to Hart, Sgt Slaughter sneaks down and takes away Bulldog and Owen! The Patriot takes him down with a double axe handle off the apron, and we have a brawl on our hands until officials break it up! Bret Hart argues with Slaughter as the Patriot parades in the ring with the American flag!

We switch over to the Warzone, and here comes Shawn Michaels! The Sexy boy is not popular tonight in Pennsylvania. Shawn wants to get things straight- Vince, the Undertaker, Bret Hart and the WWF fans are dumping Hartís title victory in his lap. Itís just like Vince, Bret Hart and the WWF fans to not take responsibility for themselves and pass the buck onto HBK, because everyone knows Shawn doesnít give a damn what people think of him.

For the first time last night Shawn pulled on a referee shot and did a hell of a job. He called it right down the middle. Vince asks Shawn if heís in cahoots with Bret Hart, and even McMahon admits thatís a stupid question as Shawn calls Vince the dumbest son of a bitch alive, which is edited out. Vince takes off and allows Shawn to talk, warning him about facing the Undertaker at Ground Zero.

Shawn is not in any way shape or form in cahoots with Bret Hart. Bret may not like Shawn or respect him, but Bret needs him because Shawn is the only man in the WWF to have beaten him. Shawn and the Undertaker have never crossed paths, except for now. HBK lays down for no one, not for Bret, the Undertaker, or anyone in the WWF. He tells the fans to go to hell, and tells the Undertaker the next time he sees him heíll shove his foot down his throat. Ooh, bad move Shawn. Here comes the Deadman! Shawn runs from the Undertaker as he prepares to speak.

Taker says he wonít tell us how mad he is because heís been doing far too much talking as of late, and he needs to go back to what he does best- taking souls! Shawn Michaels must pay for his crimes, and will rest in peace! Taker is interrupted by Paul Bearer! Since Takerís speaking of paying for your crimes, Paul brings up that Taker allegedly tried to murder his brother! Bearer was with Kane last night, and heís ready to come for the Undertaker! Bearer repeats it over and over again until the promo ends and Undertaker slowly walks to the back. The entire building turns red, provoking an unreadable expression from Taker. Good segment there.

Moments ago, a WWF doctor reveals Steve Austin has spinal shock syndrome, and he strongly recommends he should not wrestle tonight.


Before the match, Sgt Slaughter comes down to send all the various faction members to leave ringside, ensuring a one on one match tonight.

The match is immediately greeted with an E-C-Dub chant, either because they donít expect much of the match or Chainz wrestled in ECW as Brian Lee. Anyway, Chainz works over the leg of Ahmed until he misses a charge and gets dumped with two Michinoku drivers. To make matters worse for Chainz, Los Boricuas come down and distracthim as he starts to fight back by threatening to steal the D.O.Aís bikes. That allows Ahmed to connect with the Pearl River Plunger for the win. Too short to rate.

Post match the rest of D.O.A come down and chase Los Boricuas into the crowd. Now here come the rest of the N.O.D and it looks like things are going to interrupt- until the N.O.D attack Ahmed Johnson! D.O.A simply walk off as Faarooq whips Ahmed with a strap. I knew Ahmed eventually turned face but I forgot how, so this actually came as a bit of a shock to me. We head to commercials with Ahmed lying on the mat in pain.


Mosh surprisingly takes Phineas off his feet a couple of times with arm drags and hip tosses, then knocks him down with a dropkick. The big news here though is that Steve Austin will not be allowed to face Owen Hart, so Dude Love will be his replacement! While that announcement is made the Godwinns take over control of the match. Phineas hits a snap suplex, forcing Thrasher to break up the cover. Phineas runs into a boot though, and the tag is made to Thrasher, who connects with a hip block. It all starts to break down in the ring, which leads to Mosh rolling up Phineas. The referee is busy getting Thrasher out the ring though, and Henry capitalises with a Slop Drop for the win!

Rating- Ĺ *- Again, very short, but Iíll rate this as these two teams had decent chemistry together and packed a fair bit of action into the match.

As we go to commercials Goldust and Marlena make their way down to the ring. They take a seat at ringside, wanting to see Brian Pillman wear a dress! Pillman is reluctant to come out but Sgt Slaughter forces him down for the match!


Pillman is obviously in a foul mood tonight, and he goes straight for Holly, hammering away on him. Holly comes back with an inverted atomic drop and a big clothesline. He kicks him in the nuts and then reveals his underwear. Powerslam connects, but Holly misses a top rope leg drop, giving Brian an opening. Goldust and Marlena taunt Brian to the outside, causing him to get counted out! Pullman has to wear a dress next week as well!

Rating- ĺ *- The angle overshadowed the match, but I forgot how much of a workhorse Bob Holly used to be.

We come back with Bret Hart commentating from ringside, much to the chagrin of Vince McMahon.


Dude Love has some lady friends in the front row.

Love drives Owen into the canvas with a facebuster and a clothesline. He heads up top, leaps right back down, and crashes into Owen with another clothesline. Hart comes back with a spinning wheel kick but soon gets back dropped to the floor. Back in itís the ten punches in the corner and the drop of the elbow for two. Hip toss from Love, and now itís a leg drop for two. Loveís really dominating this one. Just as I type that, Owen throws Dude to the floor and we head to a commercial break.

We come back with Love charging down the entrance ramp for an elbow drop, but he misses and hits the floor. Back in the WWF championís younger brother nails a missile dropkick and a snap suplex, then lays on some ground and pound. He enzuiguris the Dude right back down to the floor. In the ring he drops Dude with a slam and lands a top rope elbow drop as the British Bulldog makes his way down to ringside. Sgt Slaughter comes to force him back and Owen Hart is arguing with the referee, allowing Bret to beat on Dude Love under the auspices of tying his shoelace. This allows Owen to lock in the Sharpshoote, but here comes Steve Austin! Referees and road agents come down to keep Steve and Bret apart, so Steve casually nails Owen with a slammy! Dude makes the cover for the win, and then celebrates with his groupies in the ring as Bret fumes on the floor! Raw goes off the air on that!

Rating- **- OK main event. It was pretty one sided, but it moved at a steady pace and was an enjoyable conclusion to the show.

Overall: Down week for Raw, as the show was chock full of short, uninteresting matches featuring lower card talent. The Michinoku-Christopher match was pretty good, and you know that anything involving or related to the Hart Foundation was a certain degree of awesome, but overall this is only really worth watching if you want to see the WWFís Achilles heel during this otherwise fantastic period- a roster that lacked in depth to the point where the Patriot went straight in to the WWF at an upper mid card level.

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