Raw Attitude

- This was produced in 1998 and is a ½ hour video that was a “Toys R Us” Exclusive. Most of everything on here is clipped. The video is also split in to 4 sections. We begin with . . .

- Tag Team Attitude

- WWF Tag Team Championship – New Age Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack / Chainsaw Charlie in a Steel Cage --- This is the night after WrestleMania XIV. Man, those old TitanTron videos were so bush-league back then. Pinfall / Submissions win it and no tagging is required. This is one of latter appearances of the old blue bar version of the cage. Gunn works over Funk as Jack does the same to Road Dogg. Jack & Charlie hang Gunn upside-down on the cage. CLIPOLA --- Funk is now tied to the cage by his neck. Gunn crotches himself on the top rope as HHH, X-Pac, and Chyna all run down. X-Pac clobbers Jack with a chair a few times. Outlaws finish him off with a spike piledriver on a chair. Road Dogg executes the first W-O-R-M in WWF Attitude Era History as he makes the 3-count on Cactus. Not half as well executed as Scotty’s, however. About 2 ½ minutes were shown.

- LOD 2000 w/ Sunny vs. Jose / Jesus de Los Boricuas --- From earlier in the night. Cole Slaw and JR are doing commentary. Squasheroo!!! Jesus is finished off with The Devastation Device at 34 seconds. At least it wasn’t clipped.

- Quebecers vs. Cactus Jack / Chainsaw Charlie --- Pre WrestleMania-warfare here. JIP at Charlie making a hot (assuming) tag to Cactus. Jack takes it to both Quebecers. Funk back in and misses a Middle-Aged & Crazy Moonsault. Doh! Pierre hits a top-rope hurricanrana on Cactus for two. All 4 brawl for a bit until Jack hits a double-arm DDT on Pierre for the duke at 2 whopping minutes.

- NWA Tag Team Championship – Rock ‘n’ Roll Express w/ Jim Cornette vs. Headbangers --- JIP at a missed double dropkick by the Express. Hot tag to Thrasher who works over Morton on the inside while Mosh and Gibson fight outside. Ref is distracted which allows Corny to whack Thrasher in the back with his tennis racket. However, Thrasher falls forward onto a prone Morton to give The Headbangers the win and The NWA Tag Team Titles. Cornette’s reaction to his error is priceless as always. 54 seconds are shown.

- Stone Cold Attitude

- Austin is whupping on TAFKA Goldust who is wearing baby gear. Austin chucks The Golden One into a portipotty which reads, “Crapper 3:16.” Austin shoots off his Bottom Line phrase as Goldust escapes. Unfortunately for Dustin, he gets stunnered and thrown back into the crapper. Austin tips the portipotty over to put the dot on the exclamation point. Bizarre segment indeed!

- Austin dressed in riot gear stuns Owen Hart and leaves through the crowd. Quick, chaotic, and effective enough.

- Interview w/ Stone Cold and Commissioner Slaughter --- Vince McMahon is conducting this pow-wow. Austin states he respects no one in the ring. Austin tells Slaughter that the only thing he knows how to order is “a bunch of damn cheeseburgers.” Classic line! Austin rants on for a bit and nails Slaughter with The Stone Cold Stunner.

- Vince interviews Stone Cold --- One night after WrestleMania again. Vince gives his easy way or hard way speech we all know and love. So Austin gives his boss a stunner. JR quips “Stone Cold will never be employee of the month!” You can say that again! Crowd goes rabid and gives a Hell Yeah to that segment.

- Attitude of Achievement

- Aguila vs. Brian Christopher w/ Jerry “The King” Lawler --- JIP. Cole, Kelly, and JR doing commentary. Aguila hits a plancha onto Christopher. He then follows it up with an Asai Moonsault. And well, that segment’s over. Huh? 33 seconds shown. Arghhh!!!!! No ending shown.

- European Championship – Owen Hart vs. Jeff Jarrett w/ Jim Cornette --- Owen is the champ here, and I’m guessing this is the blowoff from Royal Rumble 1998. JIP. Owen gets a backslide and a rollup for two. Double knockdown. Both up and JJ ends up getting crotched on the ringpost. Owen Hits a missle dropkick off the top and kips up. Enziguri hits the target. Sharpshooter is applied, but Cornette comes in, gets clocked, and the ref calls for a DQ at 2 minutes. Owen puts the sharpshooter on Cornette afterwards.

- Steve Blackman vs. Kama Mustafa --- JIP. Blackman hits a plancha onto Theeeee Supreeeeeme Fighting Machiiiiiiiiine!!! Top rope Crossbody gets 2 for Blackman, but a Mustafa spinning spinebuster turns the tide. JR seems more concerned about Mike Tyson joining D-X. More WrestleMania hype from the A-Team, BABY! Blackman regains the advantage and applies a submission hold until Faarooq and The Rock run in for the DQ at 2 minutes. Dominator and Rock Bottom on Blackman. Shamrock makes the save and gives Kama a belly-to-belly suplex. Just call Shammy Superman!

- Kane is about to give some old fart his usual routine in 1997-98 but Vader comes to the ring. JR claims “Business is about to pick up!” Vader seems pissed and challenges Kane to a match at No Way Out. Vader grabs a fire extinguisher and sets it off, causing Kane to back off and head out. Man, the crowd definitely dug that segment!

- Undertaker confronts D-X --- Undertaker warns HBK to stay out of his family’s business. HHH whacks Taker with his crutch. HBK nails Sweet Chin Music on UT. Taker gets beaten down some more, as we move into . . .

- Ultimate Attitude - Interview w/ D-X --- Michael Cole is doing the honors here. D-X decides to properly initiate Cole into The WWF by giving him a MONSTER WEDGIE!!! Yeowwwwweeeeee!!!!!

- Commissioner Slaughter tries to lay down the law to D-X. However, D-X goes into their bag of tricks and bring out glass shields to protect themselves from some patriotic phlegm. Even that’s not enough, so they attach windshield wipers to the shields. Classic D-X!

- Tyson challenges Shawn Michaels to a fight. However, say it with me, “It’s a SWERVE!!!” HBK rips off Tyson’s Attitude shirt to reveal a D-X shirt to symbolize that Tyson has indeed joined D-X. Those wacky guys!

- HBK & HHH double-team Undertaker at IYH: Ground Zero --- Michaels takes out Garea and Brisco. HHH gets Tombstoned.

- D-X throws Michael Cole in the shower, tux and all. (Seinfeld tone) That’s a shame.

- End of video. Well, that was abrupt.

- Final Thoughts --- What can I say? It was barely ½ hour long. But it did have snippets of some good stuff from late 1997-early 1998 Raw. Everything’s clipped to shreds, but, what can ya’ do? Interesting stuff but nothing to blindside Granny and steal her wallet to see.

- As always, feedback is appreciated. Till next time, this has been The Millennium Man saying, “Be good, or be good at it.” (Credit: Dok Hendrix)

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