August 21, 2009
Matt Peddycord

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero – WCW Nitro (11/10/97)
The first Eddie/Rey rematch from Halloween Havoc. They set the bar so high with that match that there was no way they could ever surpass with these rematches. Nevertheless, Eddie wants him some of Rey. I know that because he attacks Rey at the bell. He gives him a SICK gutwrench backbreaker, followed by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Eddie lands on his feet off a monkey flip, but gets caught with a headscissors. A monkey flip and a dropkick puts Eddie on the floor as Rey flips over the ropes and gives Eddie another headscissors takedown. Back in, Eddie gives Rey a superplex for 1-2-NO! Rey comes back with a springboard rana for 1-2-NO! Like I’ve said before, there’s a poetic fluidity in Eddie’s matches. Quebrada gets two. Split-legged moonsault hits knees. Then Eddie dropkicks Rey in the shoulder blades. Rey temporarily stops a powerbomb, but then Eddie whips Rey into the ropes and hoists him high into the air for a crash landing. Rey still manages to avoid the powerbomb and delivers the SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT DDT, but its botched pretty badly. Definitely not the pretty one we saw at HH. Rey looks to put Eddie away with the SPRINGBOARD HURRACANRANA, but Eddie catches him and drops him throat-first on the top-rope! FROG SPLASH! Cover, 1-2-3. Ladies and gents, we’ve got a title change. (5:59) Well they sure crammed a lot of action in six minutes. Good match, but completely lackluster when you know what they were capable of. After the match, Malenko walks down and gives Guerrero a stern look to let him know he’s around. ***¼

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