September 18, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

The Natural Disasters (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. The Rockers (WWF Wrestling Challenge, 11/3/91)
Taped 10/1/91 in Huntington, WV

Boy, talk about a mismatch. Typhoon and Shawn start us off. Shawn uses his speed advantage to thwart an attack, but he leapfrogs into a bearhug. Shawn BITES out and the Rockers do a little schoolboy move on Typhoon to take him off his feet. Tag to Marty, and the Rockers make-a-wish. Marty gets cornered in the ND corner, but again uses his speed to screw around with the Earthquake. Jannetty misses a corner charge (yeah, really) and receives a powerslam. Here comes the EARTHQUAKE SQUASH, but Shawn grabs a leg from the floor to stop him and allow Marty to get back to his feet. Typhoon tries one too many elbow drops, which allows Marty to roll past him for the HOT TAG TO SHAWN! It takes both Shawn and Marty to deliver the Double Noggin Knocker. Marty hits a flying bodypress off a cornered Typhoon, but gets caught. Shawn comes by with the assist to knock Jannetty over on top of Earthquake for 1-2-NO! With Shawn taking care of Earthquake in the corner, Marty tries to stop Typhoon by giving the guy a dropkick INTO Shawn, which sandwiches Michaels in between ND. Oops. Jimmy Hart gets on the apron to bait Jannetty all the way backstage. IDIOT. Meanwhile in the ring, the EARTHQUAKE SQUASH followed by a RUNNING SPLASH by Typhoon scores the pinfall on Michaels. (4:36) And the seeds are planted for the worst predicament to come to any tag team betrayal. People try and help Shawn afterwards, but he throws a tantrum and refuses any kind of medical assistance. Short, fun match. *

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