February 10, 2013
Justin Rozzero
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Ring of Honor 1/19/13

- We are back in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor tonight and the tag titles will be on the line…Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show and runs down the card for the evening…good to be back to fresh action this week

- Alabama Attitude vs. Fish & O’Reilly…opening bout here…AA are out first and this will be my first time seeing them in action…Mike Posey and Cory Hollis comprise this team and are all about the Crimson Tide, per KK…wasn’t Posey an ECW referee…or is this just a coincidence and I am just a nerd that noticed…probably the latter…AA has the edge in experience as a team based on the Tale of the Tape…KK thinks the O’Reilly/Richards issues are not dead yet here in 2013…after getting a dose of Corino last week, Caleb leaves me wanting more…nothing personal, he seems OK, but Corino was a stud…slow start as both teams feel each other out a bit…KK tells us the Top Prospect tournament kicks off tonight as well…nice dropkick by Fish, as his team takes control…I wasn’t much of a fan of O’Reilly & Fish when I started watching ROH, but they are growing on me…they are crisp and efficient in the ring…lots of quick tags here as they work over Posey…Hollis gets the hot tag and it leads to some sort of convoluted double team neckbreaker/DDT combo…that didn’t look very good at all…Posey hits an Alabama Jam for two…KK says we have had a run of upsets lately…O’Reilly snaps over Hollis with a German suplex on the floor to eliminate him…Posey gets abused by both men in the ring and he is all alone now…Fish & O’Reilly hit the double team kick/brainbuster combo and pick up the win…solid match and I liked the finish where they just wrecked Posey once they had the advantage…we head to break

- Nigel McGuiness is with us when we return…he talks about the showdown he had with Jay Lethal at Final Battle, which we saw last week…he wants to address this situation in a public forum and he calls Lethal out to the ring…Lethal hits the ring and Nigel says he didn’t think he would be the one to step up and challenge him in the role…he had no choice but to kick Lethal out of the building after he spit in his face…Nigel won’t fine or suspend him because he understands how things go…instead, he gives him a warning, which earns mock oohs and ahhs from the fans…this is his last warning and if he steps out of line again, he will regret it…Lethal takes the mic…Lethal wants to shed his “Mr. Nice Guy” role…he respects Nigel’s position but that doesn’t help his situation with Kevin Steen…if Nigel tells him what he needs to do to earn a ROH Title shot, he will be happy…Lethal does not want to wait until Steen loses and he wants the title shot as soon as possible…Nigel makes it simple…his hands are tied as Steen had it written in stone that Lethal would not get a title match as long as he was champ…until Lethal can change Steen’s mind, the match is a moot point…Lethal understands what he has to do…Nigel reminds him of the warning and Lethal says the same goes for Nigel…great promo there…they have me hooked on this story…Lethal leaves as we take a break

- We are back and join KK in the studio with Inside ROH…he runs through some of the outstanding questions remaining to be answered tonight…now we get highlights of the Hardy/Cole match from FB12, including Hardy punting Cole in the nuts to win the match…normally a win by a challenger in a non-title match would lead to a rematch for the title…Nigel did not like the outcome of that match, so BJ Whitmer instead gets the next title shot, next week on ROH…we get a Hardy promo…he is not happy…and to punish us all, he promises to make new episodes of The Hardy Show…ok, maybe not, but that would be a cruel punishment…Hardy says he won’t stand for this…KK says Charlie Haas is not happy either, as he punned Whitmer at FB12 after a nasty spot, where he threw him off the top rope and through a table head first…Whitmer speaks now and says he will take advantage of this rare opportunity…turning to the main event scene, KK’s source has told him that Steen may not be the same since FB12…he hasn’t called the office at all and there is no talk of his next challenger yet…promo from Corino, claiming Nigel has made up these unnamed source rumors trashing Steen…he lets us know that everything is fine and SCUM only deals with fact, not rumor…now we turn to the TP Tourney, last won by Mike Bennett in 2010…also, next iPPV is on 3/2 from Chicago, so peep that now…next match we will find out the first iPPV matches…I dig that segment, catches you up on all the storylines

- Back from break, Kevin & Caleb chat about next week’s show…we will see that TV title match as well as Matt Hardy in action…they also talk about the Nigel/Lethal confrontation and fallout…Truth Martini is also in the booth, here to join in during the tournament matches

- QT Marshall vs. Mike Sydal…Sydal looks like Van Hammer before the steroids…last time Sydal was on the show, he upset Mike Bennett…Marshall has a better look, accompanied by his attorney, RD Evans…both of these guys look a little too Indy though…and they act it is as well…Marshall goes by “God’s Gift”…hope he included a gift receipt…Evans may be the best of the three, we shall see…KK puts over Truth’s eye for young talent…Sydal has a version of the old Rockers tights from 1991 on…more talk about Lethal with not much going down in the ring…Sydal also has a series of stars tattooed on his back…Evans gets involved and hammers away at Sydal…I am not into either of these guys at all…Marshall hits a nice delayed back suplex for a near fall…KK with a backhanded comment, wondering how Marshall will do against adversity…speaks well for Sydal…he also puts over the rest of the field here…Sydal graduated the ROH Academy, apparently…Sydal makes a comeback, picking up some steam…Truth calls him out for not going for a cover when he had the chance…QT is tossed to the floor and Sydal lands a great moonsault on to both QT and Evans off the top rope…that was the highlight so far…Marshall goes for a running Dominator and hits it for the win…so, QT advances, which is fine by me…wasn’t too impressed with Sydal outside of the moonsault

- Backstage, we have an interview with Coleman & Alexander talking to Veda Scott, talking about their upcoming tag team title shot…basic stuff and we take a break

- After break, Veda speaks with the Briscoes

- Coleman & Alexander vs. Briscoe Brothers…tag titles on the line in our main event…this match was set up after Final Battle, when Coleman & Alexander fell in the three way that gave the Briscoes the tag straps…the experience edge severely with the Briscoes here…should be a good match though…KK expects both teams to adhere to the Code…stalemate early as Caleb discusses why he thinks we could see a title change tonight…KK tells the story of Coleman, a former up and coming star that was injured and left the business before giving it another go…nice touch to give some background…nice teamwork from the challengers early on, keeping the champs rattled…they even hit a nice modified Hart Attack, followed by a double dropkick…the Briscoes end up on the floor and the challengers hit stereo somersault sentons to the floor…we take our final break…when we return, the Briscoes are now in control…fans are pretty split here…nice back suplex by Mark as the methodical beatdown continues on…Alexander finally able to make the tag and Coleman takes on both men…he hits a double Northern Lights suplex followed by a double one on both Briscoes…holy shit that was crazy impressive…he drops Mark with a DVD onto Alexander’s knees for a near fall…the Briscoes retake control and set up for the Doomsday Device, but Alexander makes the save…Coleman sends Mark off the top with a hurricanrana and Alexander slams down with a phenomenal frog splash…man did he get hang time on that one…the Briscoes survive and after a quick exchange with Coleman, they wipe him out with a double team neckbreaker…Mark takes down Alexander with a DVD and then follows with an elbow off the top for a really close near fall…I thought that was it for sure…Jay hoists Alexander up and Mark hits the DD and now the match is done…Briscoes remain champs…great main event this week…I really dig CAC, very good showing here…Briscoes are still the gold standard in the tag division…Briscoes celebrate and they show their respects afterwards…as they shake hands, SCUM hits the ring and wipes out both teams…Rhino is with them, so looks like he has officially joined SCUM…they stand tall and we are out for another week

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