February 10, 2013
Justin Rozzero
The Place to Be

Ring of Honor 1/26/13

- Our opening animation brings us into the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore…Kevin Kelly welcomes us and quick tosses it to the ring where Nigel McGuiness is standing, flanked by security…he brings out Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen for a little chat…last week, Nigel toled Lethal it was on him to convince Steen to grant him the ability for a title match…Steen has Corino, Jacobs and Rhino along with him, natch…Lethal goes right at it, running Steen down for bringing his boys out when this is an issue between the two of them…he issues his challenge once again…Corino retorts and does his best to prod Lethal into something stupid, trashing his parents along the way…Steen cuts him off to speak for himself…Lethal claims that Steen is not a real ROH champ, just a vile human being that wants to kill ROH…if Steen really wants to destroy the locker room, then the biggest ROH proponent is right in front of him, but the champ is too scared…Lethal says they need each other…good mic work from Lethal so far, really selling this story…Lethal finishes by claiming Steen ain’t shit unless he beats him and he believes that Steen knows that too…he once again issues the challenge as well…Steen bails to the apron and accepts the challenge before walking off…SCUM is in shock, but Lethal is thrilled, as are the fans…good opening segment

- We are back as KK and Caleb Seltzer run down tonight’s card and recap the previous segment…Truth joins the boys at the desk for this week’s top prospect tournament match

- Silas Young vs. Adam Page…we are into week two of this tourney, interested to see how this week’s showdown goes…Silas is rocking a pretty sweet stache…he is from Wisconsin, so I assume he is neighbors with Brett Carlson…Page looks like is straight out of an early 90’s WCW show…KK tells us he already has a degree from Virginia Tech, so good on him…Young is 32 years of age, so he is an older prospect…both men shake to respect the Code…KK also claims that Page’s entire hometown in West Virginia has shut down for the night so they can watch this match…Page has controlled for the most part and hits a top rope legdrop for a near fall…Silas comes back with a hangman DDT, snapping Page to the mat…Truth talks about his hoopla and the hoopla hotties…Silas looks like someone pretending to be Chris Masters’s evil twin brother…Page elbows his way back into the match, but Silas does some trickery, dodges a clothesline and hits a backbreaker for two…Page slips out of Young’s grasp and snaps him over with a powerslam for a near fall…Page not showing much fire in this comeback…Young, on the other hand, has been impressive in both his ring work and presence…Page shuts me up with a standing moonsault off the apron onto the floor…back inside, Page hits a cross body off the top but only gets two…Young hits a full nelson bomb and finishes with a really swank seated full nelson submission hold to force the tap for the win…Young advances, and I am happy because I really enjoed him in the match…he joins QT Marshall in the second round…they shake hands as we head to break

- Always enjoy my weekly dose of Rhode Island Dolls…I will have to bring KK there when ROH heads to RI this spring

- Back from break, Charlie Haas chugs a beer as he hits the ring…he is a 100% Haashole, per his shirt…fans don’t seem to like him…he craps on Ray Lewis for some cheap heat, even calling him a pussy…he calls out ROH corporate for his vulgarity as of late…he doesn’t care for those warnings and flips them off…he is pissed off that BJ Whitmer has a TV title match tonight because without Haas nearly killing him, nobody would know who Whitmer is…he rips of Nigel too, angry that a tag team title gauntlet has been set up while Shelton Benjamin is away…a random ring attendant reaches into the ring to clear it of some garbage, but Haas is not happy to have his mic time interrupted…Haas makes fun of him for being so skinny…Brendell the attendant claims to be a wrestler and informs Charlie that he trains in the ROH dojo…Haas wants to give Brendell his chance…fans are hot for this showdown…they both remove their shirts and I will agree that Brendell needs a cheeseburger or ten…Haas grabs him and sends him careening across the ring with a belly-to-belly…that was great looking…Haas locks in the Haas of Pain and Brendell taps furiously…not sure how I feel about Charlie’s Stone Cold gimmick, but I like him in general, he played it up nicely and it did gain a lot of heat, so I will roll with it…Brendell is helped out as we go to break

- Matt Hardy vs. Rhett Titus…Rhett’s ribs are wrapped in tape, having been injured at Final Battle…KK is still ripping Haas for his actions…Hardy is out next and the fans are not the biggest Mattitude fans, it seems…we even get a smark approved Fat Hardy sign…wow, Hardy is 38 years old…I don’t know if it seems like he should be older or younger to be honest…we get a Code handshake, but Hardy sneers as he does it…lots of back and forth early, basic stuff…that picks up when Rhett tries a slingshot plancha to the floor but comes up empty…Hardy zeroes right in on the midsection, punishes those ribs…next week we get the tag team gauntlet to determine who will face the Briscoes for the straps…Rhett lands a pair of dropkicks to slow Hardy down, followed by a sit out powerbomb for two…Matt comes back with a side effect, but Rhett stays alive…he avoids a Twist of Fate and gets a backslide for two…Hardy bails to the floor again but Titus meets him out there…that backfires, as Hardy catches him and powerslams him on the mat…he slides Rhett back in the ring, nails the Twist of Fate and gets the win…solid match…Hardy’s slow ground and pound style works in that veteran heel role, so that is good to see…KK wonders what the result would have been if Titus was healthy…break time

- BJ Whitmer vs. Adam Cole…TV title bout time here in our main event…KK wants to know how Whitmer overcame the Final Battle beating to be standing here, challenging for a title tonight…Seltzer calls Cole the 2012 breakout star…I call him Jason Ritter’s brother…mat work to start as Whitmer works the arm…as the match moves along, Matt Hardy emerges, looking for catering but instead finding a seat at the commentary table…Hardy wants to know what else he has to do to earn a title match, having already defeated the champion in a non-title match on iPPV…Hardy dismissively calls Whitmer a “good hand, a sold mid-carder” that will never be “globally branded” like he is…ok, Hardy is growing on me…Cole kicks Whitmer in the head but misses a swan dive off the top rope…as both men recover, we hit our final break…when we return, Whitmer is in control, kicking away at Cole…Hardy still wondering about his lack of a title match…Cole comes back with a shining wizard for two…Whitmer follows with triple fisherman’s suplexes for two…pendulum swings again with a cross body from Cole…Hardy says he is not a cancer, and only wants to put ROH on the map…KK retorts it doesn’t come off that way as Hardy grants faint praise on everyone around…he also suggests that Hardy has a talk with Nigel…both men battle to the top and Cole takes him off with a superplex with Whitmer landing right on his dome…Whitmer is writhing in pain as KK reminds us of his nasty Final Battle bump…Todd Sinclair pushes Cole away while he checks on Whitmer, but Whitmer shoves him away and then smacks an attentive Cole…Whitmer yells at Cole not to back off, so Cole drills him with a superkick, German suplex, a sick brainbuster, dropping Whitmer on his knee, and a bridging German to pick up the win and retain his title…wow, what a finish…interesting story too with Whitmer clearly being wobbly selling the head and Cole just beating the shit out of to close it out…attendants hand Whitmer an ice pack for his neck…he is actually up somehow and shaking hands with Cole, despite that beating…Hardy stands up and he and Cole lock eyes as we close out and head to one last RI Dolls commercial to end this week’s ROH…see you all next week!

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