January 26, 2013
Justin Rozzero
The Place to Be

Ring of Honor 1/5/13

- We join Kevin Kelly, who is inside the empty Hammerstein Ballroom talking about the action that went down at Final Battle…his is a special Road Rage edition of ROH and will feature matches from the iPPV…we hear from Truth Martini, who is pretty upset about having to choose a corner to be in tonight as his charges square off…and we head to the ring

- Michael Elgin vs. Roderick Strong…here comes my boy, Michael Elgin, star of last week’s review…Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer on commentary…KK talks about how 2012 was a major breakout year for Elgin and now he has one last task, to eliminate Strong, who has been a thorn in his side since March…no Truth to be seen at ringside as KK runs down the Tale of the Tape…they slug away at each other as KK reminds us that Elgin came close to taking the World Title off Kevin Steen at the last iPPV…always love seeing wrestling in the Hammerstein…Strong controls as the announcers recap the history between these two…and Truth finally walks out to the ring…they brawl out to the floor as Truth oscillates between the two…they battle on the edge of the apron, where Strong hoists Elgin up and drops him back first on the apron…that allows Strong to take control…they continue to fight on the floor and after a Strong flurry, Elgin just bull charges him into the announce table as we take a break…after a word from Rob Levine, we are back to the ring…Elgin cracks Strong with a DVD, dropping him right on his head…KK says Strong has been bullying Elgin for months as Truth tried to make things work…Elgin gets caught on the top rope, where Strong drops him with a backbreaker onto the top turnbuckle…Strong has a great array of backbreakers, that is for sure…Strong tries to go after the legs, but as KK points out, they are just too damn big and strong to do anything with…wow, in a sick show of strength, Elgin stands on the middle rope, dead lifts Strong off the apron and takes him over with a superplex for a near fall…that was great…he follows with a Buckle Bomb, but Strong follows with a running knee…they trade some more strike variations but neither man can take advantage of their efforts…Truth slides his book into the ring, in between both men…Strong grabs it, but Elgin blocks him…Elgin goes for a powerbomb, but Roddy slams him with the book and follows with a double underhook backcracker for the win…Truth celebrates with Strong and I am sad to see Elgin lay down…another great bout though…I could have went without the Truth stuff, as I feel like the issue between the two was strong enough…Strong tells Truth he is done with him and officially quits the House of Truth once again…Roddy walks off so Truth helps up Elgin and says he didn’t mean what he just said…he kisses up to Elgin, tells him he loves him and then embraces the big bull…Elgin loads him for a powerbomb, but gives Truth a chance to explain himself…Truth starts berating both Elgin and Roddy for their treatment of him and then slaps Elgin and that ends in a Buckle Bomb and spinning backfist…Truth is down and out and Elgin stands proud as we hit a break

- We are back with Kevin, who talks about the history of the American Wolves, their dissolution at Final Battle 2011 and eventual assault on Davey Richards by Fish & O’Reilly…Davey demanded a tag match and asked Eddie Edwards to team with him…Eddie’s answer would come at the iPPV and with that KK sends us back to the Final Battle

- This video package starts with KK interviewing Mike Mondo, who talks about his rehab from injury…his promo is cut off by Fish & O’Reilly, who trash talk him, feeling confident that Edwards won’t accept Davey’s offer…Mondo tries to attack, but is taken down until Davey makes the save…Eddie comes out, teases helping Fish & O’Reilly, but instead attacks them, officially reuniting the American Wolves…we then cut into the match

- American Wolves vs. Fish & O’Reilly…we pick it up with Fish working over Eddie…KK talks about how devious O’Reilly can be…good to see the Wolves back together here, hopefully for a lengthy run…after some double teaming, Davey comes in for the save and starts running through Fish & O’Reilly…Eddie fights his way back with a pair of superkicks to both men…all four battle, looking to land the big blow…they all careen to the floor after stereo suplexes over the top rope…fans are fired up here, pumped for the AW reunion…O’Reilly and Richards end up in the ring for the first time since their split…the two trade strikes ending with O’Reilly hooking a dragon sleeper…Richards hooks an Anklelock to break the hold, but Kyle slips out…the Wolves hit a superkick/tombstone combo for a near fall…I thought that was it for sure…O’Reilly hits a brainbuster into a dragon suplex on Eddie, but he reverses to a pin attempt…everyone is brawling now…Davey folds O’Reilly with a clothesline and then Eddie gets a near fall after a great elevated backcracker…Eddie gets the Achilles Lock and stomps the head until the referee calls for the bell to end the match…the Wolves are back with a vengeance for sure…good stuff with a lot of hate pouring out between Davey and Kyle…the match is followed with a Wolves promo, talking about reuniting and taking over the world as a team

- Adam Cole vs. Matt Hardy…we are back and it is main event time…Cole is the TV Champion, but I do not believe the belt is on the line here…Hardy doesn’t get a very warm reception, but that is no surprise at this point…KK says Matt has vowed to follow the Code of Honor but doesn’t necessarily buy it…good points by KK, talking about how much Matt has achieved and what separates him from Cole at this point…Hardy is playing the dismissive arrogant veteran pretty well here…Cole is flying all over the place as Hardy is trying to just stay out of the way and regroup here…Caleb talks about how Hardy was in ROH in 2005 to great fanfare but has returned much richer and more hated by the fans…Hardy is wrestling a slow pace, wearing Cole down, definitely acting like Cole isn’t at his level…Cole reverses a Twist of Fate into a Figure Four, but Hardy turns it over…Hardy hits four Side Effects, but Cole won’t stay down…he hits it a fifth time and the crowd just does not like Hardy at all…he taunts the fans but eats a superkick as a result…I get what they are trying to accomplish with Hardy here, but he just doesn’t seem to really fit with his style at this point…Cole hits a Twist of Fate to stun Hardy or two…they tumble to the floor, where Cole takes Hardy over with a German suplex…that was the spot of the match so far…with the ref turned around, Hardy kicks Cole low, hooks a small package and steals the match…well, so much for the Code of Honor…KK & Caleb are not happy…KK quickly runs down next week’s show and we are out

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