January 26, 2013
Justin Rozzero
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Ring of Honor: 12/29/12

- We join honorary PTB PIC Kevin Kelly in the studio, welcoming us to this special New Year’s edition of ROH…this continues the look back at 2012 that started last week…we will find out what the 2012 Match of the Year is…he runs down the background of our opening match and then takes us to the tapes…this was an exclusive match taped for the website in Baltimore for ROH Ringside Members only

- House of Truth vs. Briscoe Brothers…Mark, Jay and Papa Briscoe are out to compete for this one…Cousin Jethro will be in their corner…Briscoes were seven time ROH Tag Champs at this point…Kevin & Nigel on commentary…apparently, Truth Martini’s check bounced after losing a bet with the Briscoes…we cut ahead a few minutes into the match as the Briscoes control in the corner…Truth tosses an elbow from the apron, turning the tide for his team…the House continues to work over Jay as KK notes that Roderick Strong may have the strong hands in ROH…Nigel backs that up but adds Kenta Kobashi may have the strongest hands in the world…the crowd has quieted down and KK credits the House for that thanks to controlling the match…Truth gets into it with Jethro and ends up leaving the ringside area…but he quickly returns…lots of quick tags and solid teamwork from the House…Elgin hoists up Jay for a delayed suplex and I think that is the longest I have ever seen someone hold that move…impressive stuff…Truth crotches himself in the corner, allowing Jay to tag in Mark…Papa finally gets tagged in but Roderick jumps him from behind…Papa gets an assist from his son and snaps off a pretty damn good chokeslam on Strong…he gets his hands on Truth but Elgin with the save…this match has definitely picked up now after a slow start…Truth has some powder, but Papa knocks it back into his eyes and covers to get the Briscoe Family the win…this was fine but I thought Elgin actually shone the most, receiving a lot of in ring time on offense...Papa’s chokeslam was the highlight

- Back to KK who wraps up that match and tells us to visit the ROH website to see if the Briscos were able to capture the tag titles at Final Battle…spoiler alert…they did

- We are back from break and KK talks about the serious injuries suffered by Tommaso Ciampa and Mike Mondo…we get highlights of how both men fought through their injuries and finished their matches…both are expected to miss a year of in ring time…we then head to our next match

- Kevin Steen vs. Mike Mondo…the World Title is on the line here and the two are brawling before the announcer even finishes…this is from 7/21…Steve Corino joins Kevin & Nigel in the booth…Corino questions why Mondo is receiving a title match without having won a match…didn’t take them long to head out to the floor to brawl…KK says Mondo went to a draw with Davey Richards and that boosted his stock…Mondo keeps bashing Steen’s head into the metal guardrail…we flash ahead to Steen beating on Mondo in the aisle…Corino’s taunting on commentary is great stuff…Mondo gets slammed on a piece of the barricade and is nearly counted out…as Mondo crawls in we take a break…we get a local add for Rhode Island Dolls., RI’s only Las Vegas style cabaret with specials on Wicked Wednesdays…well then, we must take a midweek road trip to Woonsocket I see…and we are back to our match and the fans are trying to rally Mondo, who is being brutalized by Steen…Steen has a mic as he stomps on Mondo but I can’t hear him thanks to an interruption from the National Weather Service…yes, it is snowing, I am aware, thanks for the warning…Mondo hits a plancha down to the floor, taking out Steen and Jimmy Jacobs…Mondo continues to take it to Steen, but Steen snaps off a hanging DDT to slow him down….Steen follows with a great running senton into the corner for a near fall…Corino calls the ref a fatty, which made me chuckle…Baltimore is a rocking…Mondo sneaks in a small package for two…Corino says Mondo is Jim Cornette’s boy…Steen drops Mondo with a stun gun and finishes him off with an F-Cinq for the win…good stuff there and a nice showing by Mondo

- We get a Steen video package and KK says that many pundits think ROH may close down if Steen & SCUM eradicate all of the top challengers…he says the wrestlers in the locker room have vowed not to let it happen

- Not only a RI Dolls ad this time, but also a word from the Heavy Hitter Attorney, Rob Levine…give him a call, he will answer any time

- KK is back and get highlights of a match between Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen from New Jersey that saw Steen spit on Lethal’s mother and Lethal snap and assault Jim Cornette backstage…and I can’t hear all of the voice over thanks to another weather warning…now clips of the final segment of the Survival of the Fittest between Lethal and Davey Richards, which Lethal won clean to earn a future ROH World Title match…unfortunately he has since been frozen out of the title picture…time for a break

- Back to KK, who is set to announce the 2012 Match of the Year…the bout took place in Ft. Lauderdale on 3/31 when Davey Richards defended the World Title against Michael Elgin…Davey has said this was one of the toughest matches of his career and KK says it was the night Elgin officially arrived

- Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin…World Title on the line…Kevin & Nigel are on commentary…Nigel says Elgin needs to survive the first five minutes of Davey’s assault…KK thinks this is Elgin’s best chance because the more times Davey faces someone, the tougher he gets…after a brief brawl on the top rope, Elgin takes over and hits his awesome super delayed vertical suplex…damn that is so impressive and such a simple move…Elgin is thick, my Lord…and he cracks Davey in half a great sit down backbreaker…Elgin has really impressed me in these two matches shown tonight…KK talks about how everyone respects Davey, drawing comparison to Ric Flair…Elgin snaps off a Northern Lights suplex for two as we head to break…and we get enticed by the RI Dolls one last time…and as soon as we get back to the match, the National Weather Service joins us again…that nonsense ends just as Davey hits a fantastic top rope German suplex that Elgin somehow survives…Davey rolls right into an Anklelock and I have no idea how Elgin is alive after that…Elgin reaches the ropes to force the break and the fans are behind Elgin now as he has earned a ton of respect here…Truth tries to egg on his charge as Davey just starts pelting him with kicks to the chest…Elgin staggers back to his feet, refusing to stay down…he slaps Davey in the face and the two trade a series of alternating kicks and knees to the face…this is some crazy stuff…the fans are totally with Elgin now as Davey just keeps kicking the crap out of Elgin…Elgin reverses an O’Conner roll into the Chaos Theory for a near fall…he follows with a superkick into a side effect for another two count…and he rolls right into a Crossface…this is intense…Davey is fading but won’t tap out, eventually reaching the ropes…both men are exhausted, unable to even climb to their feet…Elgin is prone on the ring apron and Davey drops a top rope double stomp…followed by a second one back in the ring…Elgin won’t stay down…Davey lands a forearm, lariat and side suplex but he can’t put Elgin away…Nigel likes to yell…Nigel runs down some of the top ROH Champions of the past and says these two are carrying on that tradition…Elgin ducks a kick and lands a big roundhouse right into a cool brainbuster for two…what a battle…Elgin powerbombs Davey into the corner and then tries another one, but Davey slips free, rolls through and hooks the Anklelock back on…Elgin turns it into a LeBell Lock but Davey slips free…Elgin lands a kick and spinning backfist into the spinning powerbomb, but Davey kicks out…Elgin hooks the LeBell back in and Davey looks like he barely conscious…Davey tries to roll free but can’t as Elgin drags it back into the middle of the ring…Davey somehow breaks free and goes back to the Anklelock…Davey can barely stand while holding this in….great selling and psychology here…Elgin can not kick free or escape as Davey won’t let him break free…Truth is begging as Elgin finally rolls through and breaks the hold…Elgin tries to charge but his ankle gives out and Davey cracks him with a Shining Wizard…I thought that was it but Elgin kicks out at one to a huge pop…holy shit…Elgin is Hulking Up as Davey just keeps kicking him in the head and chest…this is amazing…Davey lands another Shining Wizard and Elgin finally gives out…Davey retains and that sure as shit deserves to be the ROH Match of the Year…wow, what a battle…a real classic…Elgin is the man in my book and he earned a new fan tonight

- KK wraps things up and pimps all things ROH and we are out…great show to pay tribute to another strong year in ROH

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