February 10, 2013
Justin Rozzero
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Ring of Honor 2/2/13

- We kick off with the opening animation and then head inside the Du Burns arena for this week’s episode of ROH…Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer have the call as usual…this week’s show opens with match three of the Top Prospect Tournament opening round

- Antonio Thomas vs. Tadarius Thomas…Truth Martini joins the booth as usual for these tourney matches…Thomas is a former member of WWE’s Heart Throbs…always felt they got canned a bit too early, they could have hung around and been solid undercard guys in Stamford…Tadarius Thomas has some free time now with the Broncos losing in the playoffs a few weeks ago…his nickname is TD, so I will use that since they both have the same damn last name…both of these guys are north of age 30…we check out the brackets as the two shake hands…after the shake, Antonio nails TD from behind to take control, building into a belly-to-back suplex…KK explains how veterans can still be prospects…he is also exasperated with Truth and explains how AT has come back from near career ending shoulder surgeries after he was injured in Japan…AT continues to work TD over, even busting out an abdominal stretch…Truth channels Bobby Heenan and vows that Thomas will win…TD locks in a triangle choke from the apron and then drills AT in the side of the head…Truth heads to ringside for a closer look…TD uses a flurry of fists and kicks to keep AT off balance…he heads up top but AT meets him with some uppercuts but DT fends him off takes him off the top with a swinging neckbreaker…TD kicks AT in the back of the head and it is enough for the win…I liked both guys here and was kind of surprised TD took the match…three men have advanced, one more to go next week

- Hey, need a lawyer, call Rob Levine at any time…he will answer…we have tested that shit before and he answered

- Back from break, Mike Mondo is with KK and Caleb, vowing to be back sooner than later and he will be better than ever…he is going to stay in the booth for our next bout…Mondo is also out here to pay tribute to Grizzly Redwood and we get a touching video package on his life and the battles he has overcome to become a beloved ROH competitor…before FB12, QT Marshall showed up in the ring and had an unscheduled confrontation with Grizzly…Grizz won the bout but QT’s manager is arguing that the match was never official and should not have counted

- Roderick Strong vs. Grizzly Redwood…Mondo is not a Roddy fan at all…they follow the Code and we are under way…Roddy grabs a mic and makes a few short jokes at Grizz to build some heat…Grizz hammers away but Roddy quickly stops him with a knee and slugs back at him…Mondo puts Grizz over on commentary…Grizz blocks a tilt-a-whirl into an abdominal stretch but Roddy again goes right at the midsection, including a great, stiff hangman backbreaker…Grizz fights back again, coming off the middle rope with a seated senton…he goes for a running blind dive off the ropes, but Roddy catches him and slams him down for a near fall…Grizz keeps on coming, picking up near falls…Mondo is yelling for Grizz to step up, but Roddy lands a running knee and a big time gutbuster for two…Grizz won’t go away but Roddy lands another flying knee followed by a backbreaker and the Stronghold for the submission win…nice win, good story told with Grizz not saying die until he was locked in the hold…Roddy won’t break until Michael Elgin makes the save as we take a break

- Ocean State Auto Recycling is fully bonded, if you are interested

- Michael Elgin vs. Mike Bennett…Elgin hung out in the ring during break and as we return, Bennett, Maria and Brutal Bob make their way out…looking forward to this one with two of my favorites going at it…pretty even matchup when you study the tale of the tape…KK pimps Wrestlezone and a Letter from Maria that they recently printed…Elgin takes control right from the start, working on Bennett’s arm and hooking a crossface on…Elgin misses a charge into a Bennett pin attempt…Bennett sets up a cradle piledriver to mock Jerry Lynn, but Elgin dumps him to the floor…Elgin follows with a shoulderblock off the apron, keeping his eyes on Evans & Maria the whole time…Bennett catches a charging Elgin and throws him into the edge of the ring apron…Caleb reminds us that these two were in the first ever Prospect Tourney…Elgin battles back with an overhead throw, clothesline in the corner and spinning slam for two…Bennett catches a charging Elgin and drops him with a TKO for two…somewhere, Marc Mero is penning an angry letter and contacting Nancy Grace…Elgin blocks another piledriver and kicks Bennett in the face…he hits a DVD for two…Maria gets involved, hooking Elgin’s leg…Evans saves Maria from a receipt as Bennett hits the Box Office Smash off the top rope, but only gets two…Bennett comes off the middle rope but eats a clothesline…Elgin follows with a powerbomb into the corner followed by a sitout powerbomb for the win…wow, did not think Elgin would win this one clean…maybe Bennett is on his way out after all…nice win to finish a very good match…Elgin keeps rolling on

- After a break and a word from RI Dolls, KK takes us Inside ROH…he recaps the Lethal/Steen showdown from last week and reveals that their match will go down in Chicago at the Anniversary iPPV…next, KK talks about BJ Whitmer and we hear from him with a chat he had after he lost last week…good promo and a guy you can buy into a legit tough guy that keeps trucking on…next week, we will focus on the Top Prospect Tournament and some live event information…break time

- American Wolves vs. Bravado Brothers…main event time with a tag team gauntlet to determine who will challenge the Briscoes…Wolves get the opening slot, so KK says they have some work cut out for them to advance and win this challenge…the BB are out next and this match will kick us off…any dude named Lancelot is cool by me…KK says the BB have had a sneer on their faces lately…they will be spending more time training in Japan soon…Charlie Haas shows up at ringside, beer in hand…he joins in on commentary as the AW dominate Harlem early on…Davey hits a diving headbutt for two…Haas is pissed off that they booked this match while Shelton is away from ROH…the BB take over on Eddie…that quickly ends as Davey makes it backs in and starts twisting Lancelot up like a pretzel…Haas puts WGTT over some more…Caleb whines about the beer smell as Haas introduces himself to him…what a pussy…Eddie misses a charge and eats the post, crumpling to the floor as a result…the BB take advantage and double team Davey a bit…EE makes it back in time to superkick Harlem, followed by double team kicks to the head for two…Davey hooks Harlem in the Anklelock and not even Lancelot slapping him around can break the hold…Davey spits in Lance’s face as Eddie comes in and wraps him up too…the BB survive but soon enough Harlem is back in the Anklelock and is forced to tap out…AW advance, pissing Haas off even more

- American Wolves vs. Corino & Jacobs…the gauntlet rolls on as SCUM arrives…I love Corino’s jacket…Haas calls SCUM a joke…SCUM gets dumped to the floor, met by stereo suicide dives from the Wolves…Haas doesn’t care for the commentary…Wolves get a near fall after a missile dropkick…Corino turns momentum with an elbow from the apron…he then hooks Davey’s leg, allowing Jacobs to spear him to the floor…when did Haas become a badass with outstanding warrants…Corino works over Eddie, landing a low blow, but Eddie able to duck a lariat and roll him up for the victory…one more to go for the Wolves…the four brawl after as Corino cracks Davey with the ring bell and Jacobs wipes out Eddie with the Diamond Dust

- American Wolves vs. Fish & O’Reilly…we take a break as the Wolves recover…and when we return, Fish & O’Reilly are in control…Haas is still bitching about WGTT getting hosed with this gauntlet…O’Reilly comes in and works Eddie over with some knees to the face…Haas wants to know how the Wolves can reconcile and trust each other…he thinks they are destroying tag team wrestling…Davey gets the hot tag and works over both men with a series of stiff kicks…he follows with a German for a near fall…Haas threatens to sue Davey for using a German and Caleb asks if he sued Karl Gotch too…Eddie hits a tilt-a-whirl suplex on O’Reilly and follows with a top rope double stomp to the back of the head…Davey follows that up with a top rope double stomp to the gut for two…Haas takes umbrage with the fans for getting into this match…O’Reilly comes back with kicks and forearms to Eddie…Fish is back in and they double team Eddie…they drop him with the kick/brainbuster combo and O’Reilly covers Eddie for the win…wow, I did not see that coming at all, I thought the Wolves were winning for sure after they built that whole story through the gauntlet...big push for Fish & O’Reilly as they now earn a tag team title match…fun stuff and a good show this week with lots of quality in ring action

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