April 28, 2013
Justin Rozzero
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Ring of Honor 3/16/13

- We open the show with highlights of Steen/Lethal from the 11th Anniversary PPV…Steen won the bout, and afterwards, the new and expanded SCUM laid waste to everyone and everything during a huge brawl…through it all, it seemed as if Steen is continuing to distance himself from Corino and his cronies…Jimmy Rave, Rhett Titus, Cliff Compton and Matt Hardy have all joined the renegade group that is hell bent on ending ROH

- We transition inside the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago, where Nigel McGuiness is in the center of the ring, surrounded by the ROH roster…Nigel tells us that shit has gotten real as ROH has been disrespected and the future of the company is being threatened…SCUM has won a battle and started a war that ROH is willing to fight…ROH is standing and united because they believe in the company…Nigel quotes Corino, who claimed there are no credible challengers for Steen and that honor is dead…Nigel disagrees and says there are plenty of credible contenders standing on this apron…he specifically mentions Adam Cole, and he promises Cole that he will have a World Title shot in the future…next week on ROH TV, Cole will face Matt Hardy and the winner will earn a TV title match in NYC…he also mentions BJ Whitmer and promises him a future title shot…because Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal have had shots and come up just short, they will face off at SCOH, with the winner facing the World Champion…Roddy Strong wants a minute, but Nigel tells him this is a time to be serious, and that they can speak later…and if he is talking about top contenders and people who with honor, he has to mention the Briscoe Brothers, so Mark will get a title match in Asheville, North Carolina later this month…he then turns to Jay, who has a separated shoulder, courtesy of SCUM…he calls Jay a founding father of ROH that deserves the title match at SCOH, but he will have to look elsewhere due to the injury…Jay climbs inside the ring and vows that he will fight Steen with one arm if needed, he just wants one chance…Nigel capitulates and gives Jay the SCOH match…SCUM is banned from the arena tonight, but next week he will ensure that the doors will be open to SCUM…Nigel has all the ROH stars step in the ring and states that they aren’t running or hiding and they all stand together because starting next week, they need to stand together so honor can live…really good promo from Nigel, resetting the storyline and lining up all the top challengers

- When we return, Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer recap the opening segment for us before we head down to the ring for our opening bout

- American Wolves vs. ACH & TD Thomas…KK mentions that Nigel likes what he sees in ACH & TD and has them teaming up here to see what they can do…however, this will not be an easy challenge for the two up and comers…the Wolves knocked off Forever Hooligans at the PPV and will take on the new tag team champions, Fish & O’Reilly in NYC…KK discusses the SCUM ban as Davey kicks things off with ACH…they do some back and forth that ends with ACH snapping Davey over with a headscissors and armdrag…KK wonders what ACH stands for and asks fans to tweet their thoughts…we get a double tag as EE and TD square off…TD works the leg as Caleb notes his hybrid fighting style…TD avoids a charge and gets a sunset flip followed by a stiff kick to the grill for a near fall…EE comes back with a big chop and then tags in Davey…TD dropkicks Davey to the floor and then sends EE down too with an uppercut…TD hits the apron, but EE drops him with a superkick, followed by a punt from Davey…Davey knocks ACH to the ground and the fans are fired up here in the Windy City…back inside, EE gets a snap suplex for a near fall…KK notes that Charlie Haas was absent in the ring earlier…TD elbows out of a German suplex attempt and crunches EE with a clothesline…ACH is doing the jitterbug on the apron as he is finally tagged in…he cleans house on the Wolves including a really nice sliding clothesline to EE, who was sitting in the corner…ACH flies into Davey with a high cross body for a close near fall…Davey flips ACH to the apron, but he lands on his feet and spears EE to the floor...TD lands a shot in on Davey, which allows ACH to fly in with a slingshot stunner for a near fall…ACH has really been the star in this one…ACH tries a handspring but Davey kicks him in the back…ACH recovers to send Davey to the floor with a hurricanrana…TD lands a back handspring somersault on to Davey, followed quickly by a crazy somersault senton by ACH…the crowd is really rocking now as Caleb tells us that move is called Air Jordan, which is pretty cool…ACH tosses Davey back in, kicks him in the face and takes him over with an inverted hurricanrana…ACH gets a pumphandle slam into a bridge but EE breaks up the cover with a diving headbutt...all four are brawling in the ring…Davey blocks a moonsault attempt and plants ACH with a Tombstone but TD makes the save…I thought that was the finish for sure…EE hoisst ACH up, and Davey takes him down with a super lungblower for the win…red hot opener and a hell of a showing for ACH, who really put himself on the map here…TD was solid too, but ACH looked great

- BJ Whitmer vs. QT Marshall…when we return, BJ and QT are in the ring as KK asks to visit the ROH website for updates on the title challengers that Nigel named tonight…both men honor the code as we get going…BJ is coming off his win over Haas at the PPV…RD Evans distracts BJ, allowing for a QT clothesline for a near fall…Evans has now returned from his overseas business and he joins in on commentary…QT stomps away and takes BJ over with a suplex for two…Evans says he has been very lucky and met a special lady that enjoys a beard, so he has grown one in…Evans tells KK to follow him on MySpace for continued updates on his romantic life…Caleb asks if it was also RD’s lady who decided QT should go with blond highlights, and Evans divulges that it was her idea and that she is bringing about a lot of change to their group…KK asks RD what he thinks about the possible return of Tommaso Ciampa, but RD shrugs that off…BJ and QT slug each other in a stand off that ends with a BJ big boot for two…BJ shoots QT into the corner as KK wonders what type of woman would date Evans and decides she must be deaf…BJ hits a flatliner and then repeatedly drops some vicious knees to the head of QT…referee Todd Sinclair stops the match and gives BJ the win as QT is out cold…Sinclair checks on QT as we take a break…match wasn’t anything special but the finish was great and really made BJ look like a beast

- We get an add for Jack Van Impe Ministries, a show that airs Sundays at 6AM…apparently Jack knows for sure that the world will never end because Jesus is coming back and there needs to be an earth for him to come back to…makes sense to me…maybe someone can start reviewing that show on the PTB Board…I nominate Scott

- Time to go Inside ROH…KK is a bit glum this week given everything that is going down…we get clips from the PPV, where Matt Taven scored a massive upset, knocking off Adam Cole to win the TV title, shocking everybody and screwing up Matt Hardy’s shot at Cole…we will have more on Hardy next week…we then get clips of Fish & O’Reilly defeating the Briscoes to win the ROH tag team titles…they now go under the name Redragon…finally, we once again see clips of Steen defeating Lethal to retain his strap…that is followed by a promo from Lethal…KK runs down some SCOH matches for us…the Wolves will battle Redragon…we hear from both teams…next week, we will have more info on SCOH and also discuss SCUM in further detail

- As we return, we have a funny slate with a picture of Truth Martini, warning us that the following segment is of a graphic nature…funny stuff, but it doesn’t come close to Sunny’s version from 1996

- Back in the arena, Truth hits the ring, accompanied by the Hoopla Hotties and Matt Taven…Truth has a very disturbing outfit on, basically a tux jacket and hat with tight tuxedo tights and matching socks and shoes…what is wrong with this dude…the hotties are looking good, but nothing to write home about, to be honest…Truth welcomes us to Hoopla Uncut, his new talk show…we also get a parental advisory tag across the top of the screen…his first guest is the new TV Champ, Matt Taven…Truth believes the TV title is the most important title in the company since ROH is a TV based promotion…Taven is more important than Steen as a result…Truth asks Taven how it feels to be a member of the HOT and be the greatest wrestler in ROH…Truth is a guy that would have been right at home in all the public access promotions I used to watch growing up…Taven slowly tugs the title belt out of his pants in a sexual nature…the hotties drop to their knees in front of Taven and Truth tells them to take their pants off…they start to oblige and Caleb goes all Perv Lawler on us as we immediately cut to break…that was, interesting…I guess Taven as Truth’s Val Venis could work…we will see if he has the charisma to get it done…maybe he should show up at RI Dolls for a little cross promotion

- Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal…time for our main event…KK apologizes to the sponsors, stations and fans for Truth’s actions…I was more offended by his outfit than what he had the girls do…Nigel is in the booth and tells KK & Caleb that he did speak with Roddy and is giving him a chance tonight to prove himself…if wins here, he will also be on the title contenders list…Strong will have his work cut out as Lethal hits the ring…Lethal will battle Elgin at SCOH to earn that title match…Nigel wants to get the belt off Steen as soon as possible, which is why he is pushing ahead with all these top contenders…this may be the most even Tale of the Tape to date, right down to hometown…both men adhere to the Code and we are under way…KK asks Nigel if ROH management will comply and unlock the doors for SCUM and Nigel says he will put his own job on the line to get it done…balanced action in the ring to start, with neither man gaining control…Nigel says there is no reason to play dumb and hope SCUM goes away, the best way to defeat them is to face them head on…Nigel is really good in this role as leader…he has the experience and credibility to play the role…we still have a stalemate in the ring…Lethal finally gains control with a slam and a low dropkick for a near fall…Lethal scissors the head for a bit…both men are back up and Strong is dumped to the apron…Lethal whiffs on a dropkick, which gives Roddy the opening to take over with a flurry of fists and kicks…he lands his first backbreaker, getting a two count…more talk about SCUM as Roddy hammers and chops away…Roddy hooks in a rear chinlock…back up, he runs Lethal into the corner and continues to unleash chops…Lethal hulks up and fires back, knocking Roddy to the mat…Lethal shoots him in but eats a boot on a charge…Lethal catches Roddy coming and drops him with the Lethal Combinaion…Roddy bails to the floor but Lethal meets him with a suicide dive…back inside, Lethal kicks away and then heads up top…Roddy crashes into him, crotching Lethal…Lethal staggers down to the mat, where Roddy meets him with a knee to the face…Lethal comes back with a pair of superkicks…Roddy blocks the Lethal Injection with a backbreaker for a near fall…Roddy locks in the Stronghold and eventually turns it into a pin attempt for two…Roddy gets a rolling elbow and knee to the jaw, but Lethal blocks a Gibson Driver and nails the Lethal Injection…he covers and picks up the win…hard fought match there…sad that Roddy won’t get his title shot now, but Lethal has good momentum heading to NYC…KK wonders if SCUM will return next week…he wraps the show up and we are out…nice outing for the first show from Chicago…I like the storyline reset, as SCUM needed to reload and finally take action as they had been a bit dormant since the turn of the year…now is the time to strike and get things moving…good in ring action as always, with the opening tag taking home match of the night honors…see you next week from Chi-Town

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