April 28, 2013
Justin Rozzero
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Ring of Honor 3/23/13

- We open with highlights from the PPV and last week’s TV, focusing on the evolution of SCUM…very well done segment, alternating between the promos cut by Nigel and Corino…we then hit our opening animation before heading inside the Frontier Fieldhouse for this week’s TV…Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer have the call for us as usual…KK runs down today’s card and they wonder if Matt Hardy will show up for his match tonight now that he has joined SCUM

- Silas Young vs. Michael Elgin…alright, great start to this week’s show with my boy Silas, the world’s last real man, facing the great Elgin…Jay Lethal joins the booth, as he will be facing Elgin at SCOH…Lethal is still focused on that ROH World Title…Silas and Elgin shake hands and we are underway…KK reminds us that the doors are open for SCUM, per Nigel…Lethal talks about scouting for Elgin’s one mistake that could lead to victory…Elgin slugs away but Young grabs a side headlock and takes him down…they battle on the mat a bit, ending with a Silas Boston Crab…Elgin powers out of that and eventually plows Silas to the floor with a shoulderblock…KK notes that Elgin looks to have picked up some speed lately…he fetches Silas, pitches him in the ring and flies in with a slingshot elbow for a two count…Young comes back with some shoulders to the gut and then clips Elgin’s knee…Caleb notes that Elgin and Silas once fought to an hour draw…Silas continues to work the leg but Elgin stays alive…KK talks about how Elgin and Lethal both had a great year in 2012, but the gold is still the goal…Young works over Elgin in the corner, focusing on that leg…Elgin shoves Silas away and then decks him with a right hand, followed by a German suplex into the turnbuckles…Elgin clubs Silas with fists, chops and clotheslines but eats a boot on a charge…Silas runs at Elgin, but Elgin catches him and gets a near fall off an Oklahoma Stampede…Lethal still waiting for that mistake…Silas blocks a dead lift with a roll up for two…Elgin tries it again and this time he hoists Young up into a back suplex for a near fall…Young fights back into this with a double underhook suplex for two…Lethal talks about how Elgin is always going forward, never back…I am enjoying Lethal’s analysis here…Silas misses a springboard splash and eats a huge spinning backfist, followed by a corner powerbomb and spinning Elginbomb to give Elgin the win…very good opener this week and a nice showing by Young against a very tough Elgin…can’t wait to see Elgin and Lethal go at it in NYC…Lethal gets in Elgin’s face and tells him he will shatter with glass when they face off

- We get a quick promo from Adam Cole before taking a break

- Back from commercial, we flash back to see that Elgin and Young shook hands after their match

- Charlie Haas makes his way out, beers in hand…KK wants to know why anybody would give Haas a live mic…Haas shits on the local sports teams, but calls the Blackhawks “the Redhawks”, and I don’t think he did that on purpose…Haas says he has carried Shelton’s ass for ten years and every time Shelton blew a big opportunity, it was him that had to pick Shelton back up and carry them to the gold…he will never put the team back together…he is better than Shelton in every aspect…crowd chants for Shelton but Haas tells them he isn’t here and says he won’t show up at the PPV either…Haas will always be with ROH but Shelton will never come back again…now he calls out anyone from the crowd to hit the ring and challenge him…he calls KK a fatass and tells him to get in the ring…KK calls him a drunk…Haas challenges Nigel, SCUM and anyone else in the back…and it looks like we have a challenger in Grizzly Redwood…that was a good promo and you could sense Haas believes a lot of what he is saying

- Charlie Haas vs. Grizzly Redwood…Grizz goes right at Charlie but that is short lived as Haas kicks him to the mat…KK tells us the Grizz story that we get every time he pops up…Grizz tries to battle back but Haas is overpowering him…Grizz gets a roll up for two but Haas retaliates with a clothesline…Haas sends Grizz flying across the ring with a belly-to-belly and then stomps away…Haas locks in the Haas of Pain for the win, but he refuses to release the hold…Mike Mondo makes his return, attacking Haas and running him off…Mondo is off the crutches finally…he helps Grizz up as we take a break

- When we come back, Veda is in the ring with Mondo and Grizz…Mondo does some jumping jacks to show that he is healed…he was told that he would be out of action for twelve months, but he cut it to four because he is always in beast mode…he serves notice to everyone in the back…he feels great and will show no mercy or fear…he is cut off by a screaming Steve Corino, who proclaims that evil is here…and with that SCUM hits the ring and beats down Grizz and Mondo…Corino calls Nigel an “English moron” for wanting this war…Compton grabs Veda and chokes her out until the cavalry comes down to help out…they all stop as Corino warns them that Compton will snap her neck and take this TV show off the air if they take another step…Corino wants a SCUM show next week, with matches for his boys…Nigel can even make the matches…Nigel comes out and accepts the offer so Compton releases Veda…SCUM will get full airtime next week in matches against ROH stars…hot segment and Compton was really twerking Veda’s neck…Corino is awesome

- After break, KK and Caleb recap the chaos…he calls out Compton for putting his hands on Veda and thanks the troops that made the save…Nigel comes out now and lets us know that Veda is ok…next week, it is is on and it will be hell…this is ROH’s chance to end this issue with SCUM once and for all…the entire hour next week will see ROH vs. SCUM…KK doing a good job of making this feel chaotic…now Corino comes back out and hops into the ring…in his career he has done many great things, but this may top them all because tonight he has the privilege of introducing a legend, a man with godlike qualities that men want to be and women want to sleep with, Matt Hardy…plus points for Corino’s awesome intro, but minus points for assuming anybody wants to be Matt Hardy…however, there looks to be one rotund female fan that wants to hit the sack with him…Hardy is out and we take a break

- Matt Hardy vs. Adam Cole…after the break, the main event is ready to go, as this feud rages on…the winner will face Matt Taven at SCOH…Cole refuses to follow the code in this one…he hammers Hardy off the bell but Hardy comes back with a sharp knee…Cole gets a cross body off a whip and decides to slug away instead of covering…the referee pulls Cole off, allowing Hardy to clip his leg…Cole battles back, knocks Hardy to the floor and follows with a suicide dive…they brawl on the floor, including a Cole suplex, as Corino joins on commentary and bitches about the rule bending of Cole…Corino says that if Hardy kisses you, it is like Jesus kissing you…if it wasn’t for Hardy, there would never have been an Attitude Era and tells Kelly he should be thanking Hardy for all those paydays he got…Cole hooks on a figure four around the ring post until he is forced to break…Hardy reverses a waistlock and violently yanks Cole into the steel guardrail…Cole gets in at nineteen, barely beating the count…Hardy goes right back to work but Cole won’t stay down, coming back with a dropkick…Cole puts Hardy on the top rope, but Hardy fights him off and takes him down with a super side effect for two…we take our final break…when we return, Hardy is still in control…Hardy works the back, picking up a near fall off a stiff crucifix powerbomb…Cole tries to slug his way back into the match but Hardy drops him with a side effect for a near fall…Cole starts to hulk up, shaking off Hardy’s blows and then knocking Hardy down with a bicycle kick…Cole follows with an enziguri and shining wizard for two…Hardy eats a boot on a charge and Cole takes advantage with a missile dropkick for a near fall…Cole stomps away in the corner and then drops Hardy with a DVD neckbreaker…Hardy has a nasty welt on his back…Cole comes up empty with a high cross body but kicks out of Hardy’s cover…Hardy locks in the figure four but Cole sits up and slaps Hardy before reversing the hold…Hardy forces the break but Cole blocks the Twist of Fate and gets his own figure four hooked in…Hardy again is able to grab the ropes and then bails to the apron…Cole tries for a springboard, but Hardy dodges him and he crashes to the floor…Hardy comes down after him, but Cole snaps him over with a back suplex…that looked awesome…Cole pulls Hardy up, but Rhino shows up and gores Cole…now Coleman & Alexander are out…the bell rings, tossing the match out…the rest of SCUM comes out and they beat the piss out of C&A…the ROH cavalry is out and the brawl is on, a preview of next week’s big show…the brawl continues as we fade out…that was a great episode of TV with two really good matches and some really good storyline development…it was focused and quick paced and really had no wasted segment at all…let’s hit RI Dolls to celebrate…see you next week

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