April 28, 2013
Justin Rozzero
The Place to Be

Ring of Honor 3/30/13

- We open with highlights of the SCUM invasion from last week, leading to the decision for SCUM and ROH to face off on this week’s show…that is followed by our opening animation before we head inside the Frontier Fieldhouse for another episode of ROH TV…Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show and KK reminds us that nobody has heard from Kevin Steen since the PPV, but that changes tonight

- And with that, the ROH World Champion, who is ready to address the fans, joins us…but before he can speak, he is interrupted by Jay Briscoe, who still has his arm in a sling…he grabs a mic and joins Steen in the ring…Briscoe talks about being in ROH for eleven years and it is the means he uses to feed his family…if Steen and SCUM want to close up ROH, that threatens his livlihood, which he does not take kindly to…Briscoe declares that he will win the belt in NYC…Steen is about to retort, but he is again cut off, this time by Steve Corino, who is entering through the crowd…he chastises Briscoe for interrupting the Champ and even sharing a ring with Steen…Corino calls Briscoe a choker that will never win the big one and calls Steen Corino’s Bitch…Corino fires back, but Steen cuts him off…he thinks the Briscoes deserve title shots and he is proud to be ROH Champ and will be even more proud after beating both Briscoes…Briscoe will be the bitch in NYC…Corino gets in Briscoe’s face, but Steen walks off...Corino keeps going, not realizing he is alone, so Jay pulls a weapon out of his sling…SCUM comes to the rescue, but before they can attack, Coleman, Alexander & Mark Briscoe head out as well…we get a quick brawl before a referee hits the ring, the bell sounds and our first match gets under way

- Coleman & Alexander vs. Compton & Titus…C&A work over Titus to kick things off, picking up a near fall after a double team…Titus fires back but Alexander gives it right back…things finally turn after Compton trips up Alexander and yanks him into the ring post…Titus drapes Alexander across the top rope and Compton flies off the top rope with a forearm…this is Compton’s first official ROH match…he picks up a near fall before tagging Titus back in…KK gives an interesting back story for Compton, talking about how he toiled away in OVW, waiting for a call from Jim Cornette that never came…now, with Cornette gone, Compton may have felt slighted…Titus maintains control, choking away at Alexander…Caleb wonders if there is some sort of relationship between Titus and Compton since they are both from New Jersey…Titus works a rear chinlock but Alexander escapes and tags in Coleman…he hammers away at Titus and then takes him down with a modified rocker dropper…we take a quick break to hear from RI Dolls and when we return, Titus has turned the tide, hammering on Coleman…Coleman reverses a whip and lands a spin wheel kick to Titus in the corner…Alexander flies in with a missile dropkick and a reverse powerbomb…Coleman leaps to the top and flies off with a very nice legdrop for a near fall…Alexander heads up top, but Jimmy Rave shows up and shives him to the floor…Jimmy Jacobs pops up as well, and hands Compton powder…he uses it to blind Coleman, allowing Titus to dropkick him for the win…solid opener there as C&A continue to work hard and impress…SCUM wins the first battle in the ongoing war and they celebrate accordingly…Compton didn’t show much here, but he didn’t really get a lot of time in the ring…Rave & Jacobs start to work over C&A until Mike Mondo shows up for the save…Mondo assaults Rave as the referee calls for the bell and our second match gets right under way

- Mike Mondo vs. Jimmy Jacobs…good to see Mondo back in action after his rough injury last year…Mondo is hot to start, even taking out Rave on the floor…Jacobs flies over the top, but Mondo avoids it…Mondo heads back in and then flies out onto Rave with a corkscrew dive…Mondo puts his head down and eats a boot, but he catches Jacobs as he scales the top rope…Mondo removes the covering of the ring post and jams Jimmy’s hand in the opening, allowing him to work Jacobs over…time for a break…when we return, both men are fighting on the top rope…Mondo shoves Jacobs to the mat, but he pops up and knocks Mondo to the floor…he hops to the apron and leaps off with an elbow drop…the brawl continues out there as Jacobs runs Mondo into the guard rail…Jacobs grabs a chair, sets it up and plants a kiss on Steve Willie before sitting Mondo on the seat…he slides in side and then flies out with a suicide dive through Mondo and the chair…really cool spot there and crazy for Mondo to take in his first bout back after a serious injury…as Jacobs takes a breather inside the ring, Mondo scampers under it and disappears…he reemerges on the other side and clips Jacobs, who was on the apron…Mondo works over Jacobs with knees to the gut before spiking Jacobs to the mat for a near fall…Mondo misses a stomp off the top, but lands on his feet and hits a spinebuster for a near fall…Caleb runs through Jimmy’s resume as he locks in a guillotine choke…they wrestle on the mat as Jacobs maintains control of the hold, turning it into a dragon sleeper…Mondo dead lifts Jacobs and finally breaks the hold…Jacobs dodges a DDT, but Mondo avoids Sliced Bread and rolls Jacobs up…Jacobs rolls through, grabs the ropes and cheats his way to a victory…SCUM is now up 2-0 on the night, with both wins coming through nefarious means…another solid match but this crowd has peaked and seems a bit worn out at this point…either way, glad Mondo is back out there doing their thing

- When we return, we go Inside ROH, or rather, Inside SCUM, as Corino has hijacked the segment and replaced KK…his teases are awesome, hinting that he is Jay Lethal’s father…Corino runs through SCUM’s goals and members as only he can, with great digs and inflection…he claims Titus is the star of ANX while Kenny King was the Marty Jannetty…Titus has never been given a chance by ROH but now he gets one…Cliff Compton has gotten hosed everywhere he goes, including being lied to by Cornette…Corino does a good Cornette impression…Jimmy Rave has defeated many greats but fell into a dark place with personal demons derailing his career…after cleaning himself up, ROH refused to give him a second chance…but SCUM was there to get him back on track with a family that accepts him…Matt Hardy has been disrespected by ROH since day one, screwed over by the system despite his presence and record in the ring…he reminds us how Matt yelled out “Ring of Honor” on Raw eight years ago, but still can’t get any respect…Hardy is on a mission to destroy ROH…Steen says that these new members will mesh with the original SCUM members to finish off ROH…Jacobs pops in and mugs for the camera as Corino wraps things up…this was a brilliant piece of business that sums up why all the new SCUM members made their choice, and with Corino devlering the message, it gets across clearly and concisely…now we hear from Steen, who says he doesn’t know or care what is going on with SCUM and ROH, but all he cares about his title match with Briscoe in NYC…Steen starts to put over Briscoe, but Corino interrupts and guarantees that Steen will retain his title…as the segment fades out, Corino screams at the tech guys for playing the wrong Steen video…awesome stuff and Corino is just amazing

- Lethal, Elgin & Whitmer vs. Rhino, Corino & Hardy…this is the main event of the night, and we will see if ROH can get on the board with this one…Corino emerges and decides to give Steen the night off since SCUM is already up 2-0…there is nothing wrong, he just wants Steen to rest and prepare for NYC…so, instead, Corino will take off his suit and step into the ring…he calls Hardy his best friend and a wrestling icon…Corino is just carrying this whole angle on his back…SCUM hits the ring and the brawl is officially on…as Hardy, Elgin, Whitmer and Rhino fight on the floor, Corino offers Lethal a SCUM shirt…Lethal tosses the shirt down and spits on it before slugging Corino…Lethal slams down Corino’s glasses and then stomps on them…that’s just wrong man…KK tells us that Nigel has declared this to be a relaxed rules match, with no tags needed and little risk for DQ…in the ring, Elgin snaps Hardy over with a fallaway slam and a delayed suplex…lots of action here, both in the ring and out…Lethal fends off Rhino in the ring, taking him down with a handspring back elbow…he follows with a missile dropkick for a near fall…the war rages on as we take our final break…one last word from the Dolls…when we return, we learn that the rest of SCUM has joined the brawl…Lethal blows them all out with a dive from the ring…Hardy hits a side effect on Whitmer but then just heads outside and joins in the fight…back inside Corino puts his broken glasses back on before he slugs away at Whitmer…Corino is so good…on the floor, Rave zip ties Lethal to the bottom rope and same goes for Elgin…Hardy, Corino and Rhino pound on Whitmer as the rest of SCUM smacks around Lethal and Elgin…the assault continues on for a while before Whitmer starts to make a desperate comeback, running through all of SCUM with a suplexes and strikes…Corino tries to hide on the apron, but distracts Whitmer by spitting at him, allowing Rhino to gore him into pieces…there is no cover, as Corino invites Hardy to come and finish things off…he snaps off a Twist of Fate and covers Whitmer for the win…SCUM runs the table on the night and looks pretty damn invincible after this…SCUM celebrates in the ring until Lethal and Elgin finally break the cuffs and run SCUM off…Jay Briscoe shows up and cuts a promo…in NYC, his sling comes off and so does Steen’s belt…things calm down and we fade out for the night

- Very fun episode this week, with heavy focus on the war and lots of in ring action…any show that features this much Corino is cool with me as well…SCUM was put over big time and looks really damn strong, which is smart booking all around…the build for SCOH is complete as this Friday night, inside the Manhattan Center, everything goes down…I will be in the house and will provide live thoughts next week…until then, follow the code and take care

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