April 28, 2013
Justin Rozzero
The Place to Be

Ring of Honor 3/9/13

- We open with footage from a few weeks ago, when Charlie Haas assaulted the ring attendant and then flash to last week, when Haas turned his back on Shelton Benjamin, cost them the tag titles and ended his long time partnership with Shelton…after that we hit our opening animation and then head inside the Du Burns Arena where Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer welcome us to this week’s show…KK then takes us to the ring

- Rhett Titus vs. Eddie Edwards…Titus is out first and this should be a good matchup…KK is already pimping Supercard of Honor, coming to NYC Wrestlemania weekend…Bobby Fish joins in on commentary and KK discusses how well Fish knows EE, and that is why he was invited to the booth…Fish talks about teaming with EE in Japan as KK takes us through the Tale of the Tape…Fish believes he knows EE inside and out and has no problems with him as a person…Rhett works the wrist off the bell but EE is able to turn things around…EE drops Rhett with a shoulderblock as Fish starts trashing Davey Richards, calling him a liar…lots of exchanges and quick strikes as Fish continues to rant…he calls Davey selfish because he is trying to fill the void left by his broken home…Davey has taken advantage of Fish’s friends, including EE and Kyle O’Reilly…EE chops away as Fish calls him a bad decision maker for taking Davey back in…Rhett ends up in the Tree of Woe and EE cracks him with a running dropkick to the grill…he follows with another from the floor, which was really impressive…Fish keeps putting EE over, stating he is more talented than Davey…Rhett recovers and lands a dropkick after blocking the Chin Checker…Rhett locks in a rear chinlock as Caleb talks about Rhett’s pedigree, having trained under Bryan Danielson…EE flies back with a knee strike for a near fall…Rhett uses his knees to battle back and follows with an overhead throw…Fish advises EE to not count on Davey…Rhett clothesline EE hard for a two count…Fish wants to interview Rocky Romero about Davey’s loyalty…Rhett gets tossed to the floor and gets drilled by an EE Asai moonsault…Fish is killing it on commentary, confident and coherent…he claims there is money on the table in Japan for he and EE if they want it…both men are back in and EE lands a missile dropkick…Rhett is out on his feet as EE chops away…Caleb senses that Fish still cares about EE, way to crack the case, Columbo…Rhett is seated on the top as EE catches him with an enziguri and the Chin Checker, but Rhett stays alive…ROH TV comes to us from Chicago next week…EE puts Rhett back on the top buckle, heads up after him but Rhett blocks him and drops EE with a stun gun across the top rope…that looked a bit botched…Rhett follows with a running kick and a roll up for two…Rhett slowly heads up top and that extra time costs him as he comes up empty on a frog splash…EE heads up and stomps on the back on Rhett…he follows with an inverted suplex into the Achilles lock…Rhett tries to stay alive but EE stomps on his head until he finally taps out…EE wins a hard fought battle but the highlight was Fish on commentary…really added a lot of depth to the Wolves and the potential issues between them

- Backstage, Veda Scott is with Davey Richards…he has some choice words for Matt Hardy…he takes the usual shots at Hardy for cashing big checks in NYC while he and the ROH crew were working great matches around the country

- After a break, we hear from Michael Elgin, talking about tonight’s big main event

- Mia Yim vs. MsChif…time for some women’s action as Mia Yim comes down to the ring…Veda joins the boys on commentary and talks about how MsChif has become the top dog in ROH and is now the hunted and no longer the hunter she used to be…both ladies respect the Code, shaking hands before the bell…they lockup as KK notes the tension during the handshake…MsChif hits a clothesline and then goes to the bread basket as KK talks about how Mia has leaned down…Veda talks about Mia’s extensive experience that has all come in such a short time…Mia kicks MsChif as she charges into the corner…Mia hooks in a tarantula as Caleb name drops Tajiri…Mia lands a missile dropkick for a near fall while Veda tells us about other women that are being courted for ROH…no names given, though…KK reminds us that Mia used to be the plaything of Prince Nana but she has come a long way, working Shimmer and Japan to get her career jumpstarted…she is dominating this one but MsChif reverses a guillotine choke into a nice bridging submission…Mia bites to force the break but I am marveling at MsChif’s flexibility…Mia goes to the eyes and Veda thinks her ability to get mean in the ring comes from her time in the Embassy…Mia lands a Lionsault for a near fall…MsChif is back up, ducks a roundhouse kick and follows with the Final Cut for a near fall…MsChif hits with a nice German suplex, folding Mia in half…she puts Mia on the top rope, fights her off momentarily but Mia slips back off the top and wrenches in a cross armbreaker…the referee calls for the break but Mia maintains control with a series of knee strikes…she heads up top but misses a corkscrew moonsault…MsChif rolls her up for a near fall…good match here so far...after some reversals, Mia gets a bridging German for two…MsChif comes back with the Desicrator for the win…good battle as MsChif continues to dominate the women’s division…Veda reminds us that more challengers are on the way

- New interviewer Matt Ryan is in the back with Roderick Strong, talking about tonight’s main event…this kid may be in over his head

- After a word from our favorite sponsor, RI Dolls, it is time to go Inside ROH with KK…he starts by telling us about SCOH, coming April 5 from the Hammerstein Ballroom…all titles will defended and matches will begin to be revealed next week…I have my ticket…KK now discusses National Pro Wrestling Day…there was an event in Philadelphia to celebrate it and ROH sent the Briscoes to the show instead of Kevin Steen…Steve Corino was not happy and he cut a promo vowing that SCUM would take over the company…the Briscoes defeated SCUM to retain the titles on that show, but Corino was still ranting after the match…we get a promo from Jay Briscoe, who wasn’t impressed with Corino’s actions…he will ensure that Honor lives and will thwart Corino’s plan to kill ROH…with that we hit a break

- Hardy vs. Strong vs. Elgin vs. Richards…time for our main event, a four corner survival match…Strong is out first, followed by Hardy…Nigel joins the booth and he states he wants to see Hardy fight with honor here tonight…Richards heads down and Elgin is the last out…Davey seems to be the crowd favorite…we take a break before the match starts…visit RI Dolls…and as we return, the bell sounds as Davey and Roddy will start things off…this is one fall to a finish…KK notes that Roddy has no friends out there and that everyone in ROH hates Matt Hardy…Nigel reminds us that Hardy is out there to earn an opportunity to challenge Adam Cole for the TV strap…Hardy and Elgin both tag in so we reset…KK believes that outsiders need to earn the respect of the ROH locker room…Roddy does his best to dodge Elgin as the big man plants Hardy with a backbreaker…Nigel thinks the other three will do their best to stop Hardy from winning…Hardy tags in Roddy, allowing Elgin to pound on him, but he quickly scrambles over and tags in Davey…Davey grabs a side headlock, reprising their epic feud from 2012…Davey catches Elgin with a dropkick, rocking him and sending him back into the corner…Elgin shakes off the cobwebs and we get a test of strength…Elgin powers his way out of that, sending Davey over with a back drop…Nigel asks Caleb if he thinks Hardy will wrestle with honor tonight and Caleb takes us back to 2005, talking about how ROH fans embraced him at the time but felt betrayed when he used ROH to get back to WWE…that may be Caleb’s best point of 2013, which is nice to see…Roddy is in but Elgin is beating him all around the ring, splashing him in the corner for a near fall…Elgin tags in Davey, who takes Roddy over with a snap suplex for two, but Roddy answers with a stiff dropkick to the face…Hardy is back in and peppering Davey in the corner…Strong and Hardy start working together as we take our final break…when we return, Hardy is sending Elgin over with a back body drop...Elgin is able to crawl over and tag Davey, who cracks Hardy with a missle dropkick…Davey puts Hardy up top, follows up and sends Hardy flying down with a superplex for a near fall that is broken up by Elgin…Nigel credits Hardy for keeping things clean but he hasn’t been impressive yet…Richards and Elgin shake hands before slugging it out toe to toe…Nigel gives some good advice about keeping your mouth shut in the ring so your jaw won’t get broken…Elgin plants Davey with his sit down backbreaker and then blocks a Side Effect attempt by Hardy…Elgin misses a charge in the corner, and this time Hardy gets the Side Effect…Roddy meets Hardy with a knee to the face, but Davey knocks Roddy and Elgin to the floor…Davey hits the apron and punts both men in the face…he goes to the top but Hardy dodges a double stomp…Davey slips out of a Twist of Fate and rolls into the Anklelock but that is broken up by Elgin and Roddy…Roddy drops Elgin with a backbreaker on the apron as Hardy catches Davey with the TOF…he covers, but the referee is down on the floor checking on Elgin…Hardy is not happy as he argues with the ref…Strong tags himself in and picks up a near fall on Davey…Hardy is yelling at Nigel as Davey blocks a sunset flip with a double stomp…Elgin tags in and pounds on Roddy…Hardy keeps jawing, telling Nigel he won the match…Elgin eats a boot on a charge followed by a gutbuster…he keeps on his feet and smacks Roddy with a lariat for two…Elgin grabs Hardy and rams him into the ring post to finally shut him up…Elgin ducks a superkick and cracks Roddy with a spinning backfist and buckle bomb…he follows with an Elginbomb to win the match…good match and a great finish…big win for Elgin there…nice showing for all four guys, and I think this could have went even longer with who was involved…Nigel doesn’t have a definitive answer on Hardy, but he will mull things over to determine if Hardy proved himself here tonight…Hardy is ranting about instant replay as KK wraps things up…we will see everyone in Chicago next week…solid stuff this week, with heavy focus in the ring as is usual for the post PPV show…next week should be interesting as the Road to SCOH ramps up

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