April 28, 2013
Justin Rozzero
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Ring of Honor 4/20/13

- After our opening animation, Kevin Kelly welcomes us back inside the Manhattan Center for this weeks episode of ROH TV…Border Wars is just two weeks away and things are getting intense…and with that, we are joined by the former ROH World Champ, Kevin Steen…KK notes that this is the first time in a long time that Steen has walked to the ring without the gold around his waist and that he must be at a crossroads in his career…the fans praise and thank him but before he can speak, he is interrupted by Steve Corino, who enters through the crowd…Corino had to come to the ring because Steen is not returning any of his texts or calls…he understands that losing the title bruised Steen’s ego, but it is ok because the SCUM mission to kill ROH still lives on…he shouldn’t worry about what was lost, but rather what there is to gain…Steen cuts him off and says that every time he tries to talk lately, Corino interrupts him to talk about the plan, and that he has been talking about the plan for a year…it made sense at the time but ever since Jim Cornette was removed from power, the company has been fine…he respects Corino greatly but right now, the only mission Steen has is to earn a title rematch…that draws out the rest of SCUM as Corino tells Steen that SCUM needs the world title, but that Steen may not be the right person to be in the role…Steen would follow Corino through hell and he has followed parts of the plan even if he didn’t agree…but one piece of the plan he just doesn’t get is the involvement of Matt Hardy, or as he calls him “this mother fucker here”…KK hopes that was censored, and it was…Corino is not happy with that sign of disrespect and tells Steen to never raise his voice at Hardy…Hardy’s facials are great here…Corino thinks it’s time for Steen and SCUM to go their separate ways…Steen agrees and gives two options…the fist is that he can just walk off and they can never cross paths again or SCUM can attack and kick off a war…Corino tells Steen he can’t let him walk out through the curtain, so option two it is…Steen goes at Hardy, triggering a large assault by SCUM…Corino and Hardy stand back and watch as the rest of the gang beat Steen down…security and officials try to save, but that goes nowhere…Corino calls off the dogs so Hardy can hit a Twist of Fate…Corino calls Hardy “Jesus”…Steen wriths on the mat s we take a break…well, no shock here as it was clear Steen wasn’t going to hang on with SCUM much longer…fans were into Steen big time here, so the face turn will hopefully be effective…good segment that paid off weeks of tension between Steen and Corino

- Roderick Strong vs. Mike Bennett…we are back and it is time for our opening match as Roddy Strong hits the ring…KK talks bout Roddy’s frustration…Bennett and Bob Evans are out, but no Maria, which is pretty sad…I want to see Scotty C wear Bob’s track suit, I think he will look good…KK tells us Maria is out recuperating from the injuries she sustained at SCOH…Mike Mondo is in the booth with KK for this match…Mondo has issues with both men and he calls them both out…we get some basic arm work as KK talks about Bennett’s penchant for somehow winning matches that aren’t going his way…Mondo and Evans jaw a bit at ringside…KK asks Mondo how his leg is healing, wondering if he will be ready for Border Wars but we don’t really get an answer…Roddy gets dumped to the floor but pulls Bennett out with him…they fight around the ring, trading blows…Bennett eats the steel followed by some Roddy chops…Bennett fires back and pulls up the floor mat…Bennett whips Roddy into the railing and then gets in Mondo’s face…Bennett hugs some random fan that is wearing his shirt…the fight on the floor continues until Bennett finally tosses Roddy back inside…Bennett meets him with a spinebuster as KK tells Mondo that he needs to control himself if he is going to be in the booth…another censored F bomb, this time out of the mouth of Mondo…Bennett continues to wear down Roddy as KK talks about Bennett’s contract situation…he has a deal on the table from ROH but he is shopping around for the biggest deal…Roddy makes a comeback but eats a boot on a charge…Bennett ends up on the floor and is driven into the barricade thanks to a Roddy baseball slide dropkick…Bennett takes another trip into the steel…this has been a solid heel brawl…they continue to trade blows until Bennett whips Roddy into Mondo…Mondo gets out of his seat but is speared into the barricade by Bennett as Roddy dodges out of the way just in time…Roddy puts Bennett on his shoulders and drops him back first across the apron for an eventual two count…Roddy hits a big running knee in the corner and follows with a backbreaker for a near fall…Bennett comes back with a stiff right hand, leading to a slugfest…Bennett lands a spear but gets two…Mondo is still recovering on the floor…Roddy escapes a TKO attempt and lands a jumping knee…Bennett slips free of a backbreaker and hits the TKO but Evans has the referee tied up still…Mondo comes over and yanks Evans down…he gets on the apron but Bennett slugs him to the floor…that allows Roddy to slink over and hit the lungblower for the victory…I really liked that match with lots of brawling and heel work on both ends…good finish too…Mondo attacks Strong after the bell and I have to wonder if this is leading to a three way at Border Wars…Bennett gets involved and we have a big brawl between the three until security busts it up…break time

- Tadarius Thomas vs. Jorge Santi…Santi trained with Johnny Rodz, so he may be quite unpredictable…TD in singles action tonight as his buddy ACH will challenge for the TV title in tonight’s main event…TD goes to a waistlock to drive Santi to the mat but Santi wiggles free…Santi takes TD over with a headscissors leading to the trading of more strikes and reversals…both men are pretty quick, so they are just ducking and dodging, leading to a double kip up and reset…they lock up again but the match ends in a no contest as SCUM hits the ring and mugs the two combatants...Santi eats a gore…well, that was ok while it lasted…Corino has the mic, natch…he wants to make it clear that Kevin Steen has not taken away from SCUM’s mission of destroying ROH…the fans should thank SCUM for destroying Steen and running him out of ROH…Nigel McGuiness appears and tells Corino that the days of SCUM running wild are finished…honor has been restored and SCUM is dissolving…Corino disputes that, noting that SCUM has grown…he created and destroyed Steen and it is all part of his plan and mission…he is the voice of reason, and thus he is god…Nigel calls out Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin and demands that SCUM leaves the ring…Corino says nobody tells god what to do…he is spreading his words of wisdom and he vows that his spiritual son, matt Hardy will become the next and final ROH World Champ…Nigel states that there will never be another SCUM World Champ because none of the wankers deserve a spot…Corino demands one shot and if the ROH Team wins, he vows to leave ROH and wrestling forever…he calls Nigel a bitter hypocrite for talking about honor because when he was ROH Champ, the fans hated him and all he did was sit in the back and whine about it…he continues, saying Nigel always talked about wanting to make the big money and then trashes his documentary, calling it a piece of shit…Nigel has had enough, so he makes the match for Border Wars with Elgin & Lethal facing any two members of SCUM…if SCUM wins, any member of the team gets a World Title match, but if ROH wins, Corino and Hardy are gone for ROH forever…Corino rejects the offer because he wants more on the line…due to unfortunate accident, the announce table has an open seat, so if SCUM wins at BW, Corino gets to fill it and remain uncensored in the role…oh man, I have never been more excited for a match…Corino eggs on Nigel, calling him a coward…Team ROH hops in the ring and officially accepts the challenge…let’s go SCUM, let’s get Corino in the booth…Corino tells Nigel that he will be in the house next week and we are off to break…ok, that was a damn good segment and puts a very important match in place for Border Wars…I think Elgin is going heel at some point, and I wonder if it is in this match…time will tell

- Back from break and we head Inside ROH with Kevin Kelly…we see clips of Jay Briscoe’s World Title win over Steen at SCOH and last week’s celebration…he thinks Briscoe is already one of the most respected champs in company history…he will face Adam Cole at Border Wars…with that, we get a rowdy and fairly intense promo from the Briscoe Family…now we turn to the TV title and Matt Taven…Taven was defeated by ACH in Asheville in a non title match, leading to a title match here tonight…we get a generic promo from ACH, setting up tonight’s bout…the winner of that match will have to face Mark Briscoe at Border Wars…we hear from Mark, who would rather face ACH because he doesn’t want to catch a disease from Truth Martini…he caught a disease from a tractor one time, and doesn’t want another one…did he also date Jerry Seinfeld, I wonder….in two weeks time, Karl Anderson will battle Michael Elgin on ROH TV…KK fills us in on Anderson’s resume…KK expects to learn more about the future of SCUM next week and at Border Wars as well…break time

- Matt Taven vs. ACH…TV title on the line here and this should be a fun match…ACH is out first and KK notes that this is his first title shot in ROH…Mark Briscoe joins KK in the booth…the hoopla is in the house as Truth leads out the champ, Taven…we get quick clips of ACH’s Asheville win before Bobby Cruse gives us the big match introductions…Mark reiterates that he wants to see ACH win because he is an upstanding young man and citizen…KK asks Mark if Jay has gotten a big head now that he is World Champ, but we are told he has stayed humble…some early mat work leads to a pin attempt by ACH…Taven comes back with a shoulderblock but ACH recovers and whips Taven down with a headscissors…Taven ends up on the apron, where he eats a dropkick and flops back inside…ACH blocks a suplex but is caught with a leg lariat for a Taven near fall…Taven slugs away but ACH catches him with a clothesline…they both end up on the apron until ACH knocks Taven to the floor…ACH meets him with a corkscrew dive to wake up the crowd…Taven is recovering as we take our final break…during that break, Bishop Hendricken discusses the “Be a Safe Driver” campaign…and we are back as ACH still has Taven off balance…Taven dumped outside once again and this time ACH crashes into him with a tope…back inside, ACH gets a high cross body for two…ACH hits the ropes, but Truth yanks it down and ACH tumbles outside where he is met with a baseball slide dropkick…Taven drapes ACH on the apron and snaps him down with a swinging neckbreaker…that was ugly and stupid as it really could have hurt ACH and didn’t even look that great…ACH barely beats the count in, but there is some controversy as the referee gave a little leeway before he was about to get to twenty…Taven was not happy with that one…ACH fights his way back in, getting a backslide for a near fall…Taven shoves off a DDT attempt and takes ACH down…he heads up top, but ACH meets him with a jumping kick…he takes Taven off the top with a headscissors and then follows with a frog splash for two…the Hottie hops on the apron, distracting the ref and leading to interference from Truth, which allows Taven to hit his modified DDT for the win…Taven now heads to Toronto to battle Mark Briscoe…that was an OK match but they never really seemed to get locked in to a flow

- Definitely a better show this week as we inch closer to Toronto and Border Wars…I liked that we got some legit movement on the Steen/SCUM saga with Steen finally booted out of the group…we also got a pair of solid matches to book end the show…the opener was the best match of the night, easily…Taven still isn’t doing much for me, even with all the hoopla involved…this NYC crowd has not been impressive at all, only popping and getting fired up occasionally and I think that has hurt the show these two weeks since SCOH…we will see how the rest of the Border Wars show shapes up with just one more program remaining before Toronto…until then, take care and respect the code

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