April 28, 2013
Justin Rozzero
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Ring of Honor 4/13/13

- We open with a video recap of Jay Briscoe defeating Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title at SCOH…of course, I was there live and it was an awesome moment to witness live as the place went crazy when Briscoe scored the victory and took the title away from SCUM…we then hit our opening animation before heading inside the vaunted Manhatten Center, home of many infamous wrestling moments and matches…Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show and then takes us right to the ring as Nigel McGuiness is standing front and center, surrounded by the ROH roster…he proclaims this to be the dawning of a new era as the title is finally out of SCUM for the first time in a year…and with that, he brings out the champ…fans chant “Man Up” as the ROH talent egg them on…Briscoe says he was always happy just being part of ROH and never thought he needed to be the Champion…he thought the prestige of ROH was going down with Steen on top, so even though he is usually a tag wrestler, he decided to take care of business and now he is the champ…he knows he has to start defending the title soon and he has no plans to lose it…Adam Cole steps into the ring and grabs the mic…he congratulates and thanks Briscoe for beating Steen…he appreciates Briscoe being a lifer, but ROH is based on the future, and he is the future of wrestling…in Toronto, Cole will ensure Briscoe’s reign is short lived…things get tense but Nigel plays peacemaker until Cole vacates the ring…Briscoe wraps it up and we head to break…decent opening promo, but nothing special…Border Wars main event is now set

- Before commercial, we get a quick promo from reDRagon, where Bobby Fish talks about how he will be heading to Japan with Eddie Edwards in a few weeks to team up…things will get interesting later tonight

- After break, we get a promo from Eddie Edwards, talking about his match with Fish tonight…tonight is about what happens in the ring and he will be victorious

- Bobby Fish vs. Eddie Edwards…pretty big opening match this week…O’Reilly is out with Fish, who is rocking his Bluetooth, natch…EE is out next, flanked by Davey Richards…fans are into EE as Davey joins in on commentary…EE and Fish are about dead even in the Tale of the Tape…they shake hands as Davey discusses the heat between the teams…KK talks about the SCOH match, which reDRagon won to retain their titles…slow start as they trade some holds…Davey talks about how losing sucks, but the key is bouncing back…they trade more reversals that end in a standoff…Davey notes that these two know each other well from teaming, so gaining an advantage will be tough…KK talks about ROH’s agreement with NOAH for Border Wars, which Davey is excited for…Fish turns a test of strength into a boot to the gut and some kicks to the chest…EE comes back with some chops, lighting up Fish’s pale chest…EE lands a shining wizard for a near fall…more chops in the corner as Fish recoils in pain…I should note that Caleb Seltzer is MIA after SCUM messed him up at SCOH…EE stomps away in the corner as the crowd calls for more chops, to which EE obliges…they spill to the floor where the chopping continues on…I have no idea how Fish is even breathing at this point…Fish’s chest is gross looking at this point…back in, Fish lands a desperation kick but EE comes back with an enziguri…Fish avoids a back drop and kicks away at the legs and then plants EE with a big kick to the chest…Fish gets a near fall as we take a break…and during that break, we make a quick pit stop at RI Dolls…and now we are back…Fish is still in control, shooting EE into the corner and following with a charging knee…EE fires back up and trades chops with Fish kicks…EE is dumped to the apron but he leaps over a charging Fish, who tumbles to the floor…EE kicks him back to the rail and then flies off with a moonsault, but EE’s shin cracks the rail hard and he looks to be in some serious pain…back in, EE comes off the top with a missile dropkick and then keeps lighting Fish up with more chops…EE eats a boot on a charge but catches Fish with a kick to the head and a backpack stunner for two…Fish kicks out but Eddie turns it right into a single leg crab…Fish turns out of it and kicks EE away…they trade strikes and roll ups until Fish gets a dragon screw leg whip…EE is back up and comes off the top with the Boston Knee Party…Fish stumbles into a superkick, but stays on his feet and drops EE with a falcon arrow for a near fall…Fish nails a nice back suplex for another two count…KK welcomes in the new station in Harrisburg, PA and I will as well…EE dodges a top rope double stomp and cracks Fish with a lariat…he follows that with a nasty tiger suplex but Fish somehow survives…EE heads to the top but Fish meets him with some right hands…he follows EE up but can’t complete the superplex attempt…EE shoves him back and flies off with a double stomp that connects…Fish hooks the legs and gets a desperation jackknife pin for the win…well, that started off kind of slow but I really enjoyed the final stretch…too many chops and kicks but they saved it with a nice flurry…another big win for reDRagon as the Wolves continue to struggle in this feud

- QT Marshall & RD Evans vs. Alabama Attitude…Posey & Hollis are out first as KK talks about their recent impressive showings…Evans & Marshall come out next…Evans is of course Marshall’s Barrister who decided to make himself QT’s partner at SCOH…apparently Evans debuted in 1982 according to the Tale of the Tape…he grabs a mic and talks about SCOH and how he was tasked to find QT’s perfect partner, and he decided that only himself would fit QT perfectly…Evans has a pretty unique getup on, rocking a sash like a medieval pirate or some shit…QT kicks things off and slugs away at Hollis…Hollis comes back with a dropkick but QT dodges a charge and pancakes Hollis…RD tags in and is all bravado, talking smack to Hollis and the crowd…Hollis turns the tide, takes RD down and tags in Posey, who comes in off the top rope with a legdrop…another quick tag to Hollis, who hits a middle rope kneedrop…they double team RD in the corner, picking up a near fall off a Posey small package…Posey ends up on the floor, where QT scoops him up and throws him into the ring post back first…Evans stays in the ring, snapping Posey over with a butterfly suplex…the taunting continues…Evans has some of the weakest strikes this side of Maryse…QT finally tags back in and he snaps of a backbreaker, holding Posey in place to Evans can come in with a swinging neckbreaker…QT grabs a full nelson but Posey elbows free…KK sends best wishes to Caleb, but fuck that noise…he then notes that they will be auditioning new color commentators, which should be interesting…anybody will be better than Caleb…Evans is back in and he ends up allowing Posey to make the tag…Hollis is a house of fire, tossing Evans all over the place…the Manhattan Center sounds like a morgue right now…QT tries to save RD but ends up dropping an elbow on him instead…Posey is back in by Evans catches him with a leg lariat for two…Hollis dodges an RD charge but gets tripped up on the top rope…RD follows him up but Hollis fends him off and takes him down with a powerbomb…Posey comes off with an Alabama Jam but QT makes the save…QT nails the God’s Gift but RD sneaks in and covers for the win…QT doesn’t look pleased as RD celebrates…by the numbers match, but it was too long and the crowd just didn’t give a shit after a while…Evans was doing the semi-comedy stuff but he was in the ring too much for it to be effective…time for a break

- Mike Mondo vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Caprice Coleman vs. BJ Whitmer…a TV title shot at Border Wars is on the line in our scramble match main event…as Mondo heads out, Roddy Strong sprints by him and into the ring…he is confused why he isn’t getting any of the title shots being tossed around by Nigel…Roddy understands the rest of the competitors, but doesn’t get why Mondo was chosen over him…he has been around here for a long time and always does what is asked…he loves Mondo’s passion and enthusiasm but doesn’t feel he belongs in ROH…Mondo attacks and a brawl triggers until a bevy of officials break it up…after a quick break, everything is back under control, all five men have hit the ring and we are ready to get going…of course these five men comprise the team that lost to SCUM in the wild SCOH brawl…KK runs through the scramble rules…Briscoe and Whiter start things off with some standoff shoulderblocks…ACH will challenge Matt Taven for the TV title next week, that should be a good one…BJ and Briscoe tag in Coleman and Alexander at the same time, so tag team partners are forced to face off here…they work a quick sprint, trading pin attempts before resetting…Mondo tries to get involved but C&A work together to drill him in the grill…Alexander is dumped to the floor, so Mondo stays in to battle Coleman…Coleman bails, so BJ hops in the ring and he and Mondo trade chops…I will be good not to see any chops for a while after this show…BJ keeps ringing them across Mondo’s chest until Mondo finally avoids the charge…BJ knocks Mondo outside and flies out after him with a suicide dive…Briscoe and Alexander step into the ring, but Alexander flies right by Briscoe and out on top of Mondo and BJ with a somersault plancha…Coleman comes in, drops Briscoe with an STO and then flies out onto everyone on the floor with a dive…Mondo escapes that carnage, heads up top and flies off into the group with a moonsault…his celebration is cut short by Briscoe, who slugs him and chucks him back in the ring…Briscoe gets a DVD and dragon suplex…Coleman slides in and hammers away at Briscoe, taking him over with three straight Northern Lights suplexes for a near fall…Briscoe rolls outside, so BJ comes in and takes Coleman over with two straight fisherman busters for two…Mondo comes in and wipes out BJ so Alexander follows and with a back suplex for two…Alexander hits a dropkick in the corner and then takes Mondo off the top with a big superplex…Briscoe takes advantage and flies onto Alexander with a big elbow off the top rope to pick up the victory…the Briscoes are red hot and he will now earn a TV title shot at Border Wars…Jay is in to celebrate with his brother…that was a fun match that never really slowed down at all and honestly could have been a bit longer…crowd perked up a bit but was still quite flat

- Not a bad show this week but not their best effort, but the crowd was quiet through most of it and it really hurt things, I thought…no sign of SCUM either, but hopefully they show up for revenge next week…SCOH is in the books and Border Wars is on deck…the Briscoes are red hot, but can they maintain that streak over the coming weeks…see you next week and until then, take care and honor the code

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