May 4, 2013
Justin Rozzero
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Ring of Honor 4/27/13

- We open with highlights from last week’s show, when Kevin Steen was finally turfed from SCUM…we follow that with our opening animation before heading inside the Hammerstein Ballroom…Steve Corino is in the ring, flanked by Cole, Compton and Titus…he wishes his men could hop the rail and punch all the fans in the crowd…he issues a challenge to Nigel, requesting three of ROH’s best to face his guys on the spot…BJ Whitmer, Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman hit the ring and trigger a brawl…referee Todd Sinclair follows them in, calls for the bell and we are under way

- Jacobs, Compton & Titus vs. Whitmer, Coleman & Alexander…all six men brawl around the ring as Corino joins Kevin Kelly in the booth…Corino says he could get use to the chair, and that chair is on the line at Border Wars…C&A work over Jacobs and Titus but Jacobs catches Coleman with a big spear to slow him down…Corino trashes the NYC fans and city in general as Jacobs keeps working over Coleman in the corner…we get plenty of triple teams now as the match settles down a bit…KK reminds us that Elgin & Lethal will face two members of SCUM at Border Wars…if they win, Corino is out of wrestling, bit if SCUM wins, Matt Hardy earns a World title match…Corino says he hates wrestling and only sticks around because he wants to kill ROH…the heat segment continues…Compton is in and he gets a near fall on Coleman…Corino claims that Compton has been held down for much of career and then takes Steen apart for being selfish and always wanting things immediately…more quick tags as Coleman just can’t get things turned around…Corino says Whitmer is selfish and couldn’t care less about ROH…Coleman flips out of a Titus back suplex attempt and is finally able to tag in Whitmer…Whitmer crunches Titus and goes a cover but Jacobs makes the save…he follows with an exploder but this time Compton busts up the pin…Whitmer dumps him to the floor and then is joined by C&A in the ring…C&A hit the ropes and fly onto Jacobs and Titus on the floor…Corino hands Titus a chain, which he uses to deck Whitmer for the win…SCUM is victorious yet again…Corino brags as his charges lay the wood down in the ring after the bell…Lethal & Elgin finally make the save as SCUM vacates the ring and we take a break…match was OK and pretty by the numbers for the most part…this NYC crowd is still pretty flat

- Jay Lethal vs. Rhett Titus…when we return, Lethal is beating down Titus and it looks like a match kicked off during the break…Titus fires back but Lethal breaks free and drops Titus with a dropkick…Lethal hits a springboard dropkick, knocking Titus off the apron to the floor…he follows with a series of topes, each one driving Titus into the guardrail…Titus turns momentum, dropping Lethal across the ring apron with a stun gun…KK tells us that Karl Anderson vs. Michael Elgin will kick off next week’s show and he wouldn’t be surprised if it takes up the whole program…Titus shoots Lethal back inside for a near fall…KK talks about Rhett’s former reputation of a party guy that didn’t take things seriously, but his run with SCUM has changed things for him…Lethal starts to battle back, leading to both men trading heavy bombs in the middle of the ring…Lethal overpowers Titus with uppercuts and chops…this crowd even sucks at “wooing” during the chops…Lethal heads up top and catches Titus with a missile dropkick…he follows with a DVD and then goes for the Lethal Injection, but Titus counters it with a dropkick…he follows with another stiff kick to the head for two…Lethal quickly recovers and nails a superkick and Lethal Injection for the victory…ROH finally deals SCUM a loss…solid match, but again nothing special…the fact that it sounds like they are wrestling in a morgue isn’t helping…Lethal grabs a mic and talks about picking up the first ROH victory of the war…at Border Wars, he vows that Corino will be gone from ROH

- After a break, it is time to head Inside ROH with Kevin Kelly…we are one week away from Border Wars…KK runs down a few matches…Briscoe/Cole, Taven/Briscoe, Elgin & Lethal/SCUM, ACH & TD/C&A, Whitmer vs. Titus…now KK talks about how SCUM turned on Steen, who may be on an island as nobody from ROH seems to care for him…Steen will be at Border Wars…KK talks about ROH hosting wrestlers from NOAH and New Japan, something no other company can lay claim to…Anderson battles Elgin next week and at Border Wars, Davey Richards takes on Naomichi Marufuji…we then hear from Elgin about next week…after that, we have a promo from reDRagon as O’Reilly will be facing Richards next week as well…sadly for ROH, after this aired, Marufuji had to back out due to injury…Paul London will be replacing him at the iPPV

- Back from break, we go back to one year ago at Border Wars 2012, for clips of when Kevin Steen defeated Davey Richards to become ROH World Champion…we then head back inside the arena, where Nigel is in the ring…he plugs the Border Wars title match and then brings out both Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe for the official contract signing…KK reminds us that Cole had been slotted for this match even before Briscoe won the strap…Cole signs first and Briscoe then signs to make things official…this may be the easiest contract signing of all time…Nigel asks them to shake hands and they do…and just when we think things will end peacefully, Corino emerges in the balcony, flanked by SCUM…Corino mocks the ROH integrity with the handshake…he claims that Briscoe should be defending his title against Matt Hardy and not Adam Cole…Hardy will be the next and last ROH World Champion…Corino makes a proposition that Briscoe & Cole face Rhino & Hardy at BW instead…Briscoe thinks the tag match is a fine idea, but they should do it here tonight and not at BW…Nigel makes it official and we take a quick break

- Briscoe & Cole vs. Hardy & Rhino…when we return, the match is just getting under way…Hardy plays catch with his shirt and the fans, who keep chucking it back into the ring…one kid finally keeps it, and he earns applause from Rhino…if SCUM wins at BW, KK’s search for a new color commentator will come to a halt…however, next week ROH legend Prince Nana will be in the booth with Kevin…too bad it isn’t Prince Devitt…Cole and Hardy finally kick things off, reigniting their rivalry…Cole snaps Hardy down with a neckbreaker, causing Hardy to quickly tag out…Cole controls Rhino with an armdrag…Briscoe tags in and works over Rhino in the corner…this crowd is finally awake…Rhino plants the champ with a big shoulderblock…KK reminds us that Rhino separated Briscoe’s shoulder earlier in the year…Cole is back in and keeps the pressure on…Rhino plants him with a back elbow and thanks to an assist from Hardy on the floor, Rhino gains control by yanking Cole off the middle rope and hard to the mat…quick break…when we return, Hardy is still working over Cole…Hardy plants Cole with a powerslam for a near fall…Hardy keeps slugging away in the corner as KK continues to plug BW…Cole starts firing back and is able to tag in Briscoe…he knocks Hardy to the floor and drops Rhino with a DDT…Hardy is back in and he eats a big back elbow…Rhino takes advantage and snaps Briscoe over with a belly-to-belly…Briscoe boots Rhino in the grill during a gore attempt…Cole tags himself in, leading to a verbal confrontation with Briscoe…after a SCUM okie doke, Cole accidentally superkicks Briscoe…Hardy takes advantage, but Cole blocks that and slings Hardy to the floor…Rhino lines up a gore, but Cole sidesteps him, resulting in Rhino drilling Briscoe…Cole sneaks up from behind and rolls up Rhino for the win…choppy match with a good finish…Cole and Briscoe argue in the ring as KK gives one last hard sell for Border Wars...we then wrap with a series of promos from various BW competitors, plugging each and every match on the show

- Kind of a weird show this week with some on the fly matchmaking…none of the matches really clicked, though, and most played it safe and by the book…the lame crowd continues to hurt these shows, so thankfully there is only one NYC show left…the BW card is interesting but certainly is lacking some pop…it feels like this show was a bit rushed and that seemed to be amplified by promo push to end the show…hopefully they can overcome the rushed build and tepid card to deliver their usual great iPPV affair

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