April 28, 2013
Justin Rozzero
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Ring of Honor 4/6/13

- After the opening animation, we head inside the Frontier Fieldhouse for this week’s episode of ROH TV and everyone is pumped up because it is SCOH weekend…Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show and KK tells us right off the bat that SCUM is banned from the arena and then run down the card for us before sending to the ring for our opener

- Adam Page & Mike Sydal vs. ACH & Tadarius Thomas…this should be a pretty good opener as ACH & TD try to stay hot…Chicago loves them some ACH…these two teams are pretty damn evenly matches based on the Tale of the Tape…ACH and Sydal start things off…KK notes that Sydal plays bass guitar and is a certified yoga instructor…Page is a tobacco farmer…quite the team here…Page tags in, and KK tells us that he has a cast on his hand courtesy QT Marshall…ACH tags out and TD rattles Page with a kick…he follows with two more and Page is clutching his hand in great pain…ACH tags in and we get a double team assisted clothesline…Caleb ponders what ACH stands for and reads some fan suggestions…TD is back in and he takes Page down with a back suplex for a near fall…Page finally dodges TD and makes the tag…ACH is back in but Sydal meets him with a dropkick…after some matrix style dodging, Sydal drops TD with a bulldog…Sydal is pretty smooth in there…ACH bails to the floor but Sydal crashes into him with a nice moonsault off the top rope…back in, Sydal gets a near fall before TD makes the save…TD drops Sydal with an enziguri, followed by ACH dropping Sydal with a cradle DDT for the win…nice little opener and all four men looked strong…ACH & TD continue to roll along

- Backstage, Veda Scott chats with MsChif about her upcoming match…they are interrupted by Truth Martini, who offers her a spot as a Hoopla Hottie…she rejects that quite dramatically and then stomps off…Truth’s bitch tells him not to be upset because she wasn’t hot enough anyway…he then whispers something in her ear, causing her to wince and tear up…Truth then tastes her tear…fucking nut

- Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Cherry Bomb vs. Athena vs. MsChif…Veda joins KK & Caleb to call our monthly women’s match…KK makes sure Veda is doing ok after her assault at the hands of SCUM…Scarlett is Truth’s hottie…this is Cherry’s ROH debut…apparently Athena’s finisher is known as the O Face…maybe she belongs at RI Dolls…MsChif is clearly positioned as the top lady here as we are reminded that she is undefeated and has been dominant…Caleb tells us that Scarlett has visited Truth’s wrestling school for some secret training…MsChif and Athena start things off, rekindling their war from a few weeks back…after a quick stalemate, Cherry tags in and goes right to Athena’s arm…Scarlett cowers in the corner as we get a bunch of reversals…Veda gives the low down on Cherry for us since they have faced off in the past…she drops Athena with a dropkick, allowing MsChif to reach down and tag herself in…Cherry jacks her with a jawbreaker, but that doesn’t accomplish much as MsChif spikes her with her hair and then screams at Scarlett…Cherry tags in Athena, who meets MsChif in the corner with a stiff handspring forearm…Scarlett tags herself in and windmills MsChif in the corner, but that just amuses MsChif, who whips her around and rams her with forearm shivers and a running knee…Scarlett is toast as MsChif covers, but Athena busts up the pin…Scarlett crawls over and tags in Cherry, but MsChif takes her over with a northern lights suplex…Athena breaks that up and heads up top, but Cherry meets her up there…MsChif comes over and powerbombs Cherry as she takes Athena over with a superplex at the same time…Scarlett tries to steal a win, trying to cover each lady as they recovered…MsChif gets back to her feet and crunches her with a powerbomb…Cherry comes off the top with a missile dropkick, knocking MsChif to the floor…that gives Athena an opening to hit the O Face on Cherry for the win…wow, big win for Athena here as MsChif loses her first match without taking the pin…fun match all around, even with the quick comedy spots from Scarlett…Veda hops in the ring to chat with MsChif…she asks if MsChif if she will change her strategy now that she has tasted defeat…MsChif refuses to answer any questions and starts to leave, so Veda grabs her shoulder to stop her, leading to MsChif spewing green mist in her face…MsChif bails as officials tend to Veda and we hit a break

- When we return, KK takes us Inside ROH…he apologizes for Corino hijacking this segment last week, but he shouldn’t because it was awesome…he pimps SCOH and then gives us a primer on the Forever Hooligans, who will be competing here tonight…because they put on such a great match against the American Wolves, they earned a title shot here tonight…we then hear from the champs, who seem pretty confident about their chances…and that is all for this week…SCOH highlights and update on the Women of ROH on next week’s edition

- Roderick Strong vs. Pepper Parks…I love the episodes that air on PPV weeks because we always get an interesting mix of talent…Pepper is out first, followed by Roddy, who is looking for some respect…KK gives the background on Pepper, who trained under Les Thatcher before traveling the world and improving his physique…after a stalemate, Strong hits a leg lariat, followed by some stomps…KK talks about Roddy’s frustrations as of late despite his past success…Caleb notes that Roddy has lost some high profile matches as of late…Pepper makes a comeback but Roddy comes back with some boots to the gut…KK wonders if Truth fell into Roddy at the right time or if Truth led him to the World Title…Caleb thinks it’s the latter…Roddy hits a sidewalk slam for two…they end up on the apron trading chops until Pepper cracks Roddy with a stiff knee to the face, knocking him to the floor…Pepper pitches him back inside and picks up a near fall…Roddy come back with a roll up for two and then cracks Pepper with a superkick for another near fall…Pepper heads up top, but Roddy meets him with some right hands…he tries for a superplex, but Pepper shoves him back and flies off into a neckbreaker for two…Roddy recovers and hits a jumping knee, followed by a gutbuster and the Stronghold for the submission win…another good match on the night and it was good to see Roddy pick up a muh needed win this week…haven’t seen much of Pepper before, but I enjoyed him…hope he sticks around

- reDRagon vs. Forever Hooligans…the titles are on the line and the winner of the match advances to SCOH to face the Wolves…and speaking of the Wolves, they join in on commentary for this one…Davey talks about how he knows all four men very well and runs through Kozlov and Romero’s worldwide experience…KK wonders if reDRagon spells the tag team name that way as a dig at Davey, but Davey just shrugs it off and runs down the champs a bit…O’Reilly looks a bit like Finch from American Pie…Eddie talks about how he has to tag with Fish over in Japan in an upcoming tournament and is contractually obligated to do so…Romero has the heavy experience edge here…Kozlov and O’Reilly start the match, trading some quick blows…Romero tags in quickly and they hit a nice atomic drop/clothesline double team for two…Davey puts over Romero some more…Fish tags in and trades shivers with Romero, who ends the back and forth with a thumb to the eye…he follows with a hurricanrana but Fish comes back with some kicks…Fish tries a leapfrog, but Romero catches him and spikes him with a flapjack…Kozlov is back in as Davey says he has no hard feelings with Romero despite their team dissolving in the past…the Hooilgans double team Fish in the corner and then tease some dissension before hugging it out…they drop Fish with a double elbow but Fish comes back with a boot to Romero…he dumps Kozlov to the apron but misses a charge and flies to the floor…Romero gets too close to O’Reilly, who whips his leg…on the floor, Fish whips Kozlov to the guardrail and O’Reilly flies off the apron to meet him with a sweet dropkick…Fish tosses Kozlov back inside and starts to work him over…KK talks about how smoothly the Wolves reunion has gone and how easily they got back in gear…Fish snaps Kozlov with a suplex as EE talks about how both he and Davey have elevated their game as singles, which has improved the team…O’Reilly tags in and keeps the assault on as we take a break…when we return, Kozlov is still being worked over by the champs…they land a pair of leaping forearms in the corner and follow with a decapitation device for a near fall…O’Reilly peppers Kozlov with right hands, but Kozlov comes back with a desperation DDT to finally slow him down…nice analysis about the confidence of champions by Davey…Romero tags in and he is all fired up, running through both champs with a series of clotheslines…he sends O’Reilly to the floor and then ducks a Fish charge and he flies outside too…Romero wipes out both with a dive over the top and the fans are fired up for the Hooligans…back inside, Romero drops Fish with a spinebuster and then drops to his hands and knees so Kozlov can springboard off him with a splash…Kozlov hits a legsweep, leading to Russian jokes from the Wolves…Kozlov puts his Russian hat on and then does some fucking hilarious alternating kicks to the back of Fish’s head while doing the Russian Kick Dance…I love these guys, what a great mix of comedy and skill…O’Reilly gets knocked to the floor again, allowing the Hooligans to double team Fish…Kozlov picks Romero up and uses him as a battering ram, feet first…Kozlov hoists Fish up on his shoulders, but O’Reilly makes the save…Kozlov drops him with an enziguri and then hoists Fish up into a seated position on his shoulders…Romero flies off with double knees to the face, to which Fish takes a 360 bump…that was great…O’Reilly hits a spinning discus punch to Kozlov and trades blows with Romero before dropping him with a kick to the head…all four men are worn down…we get another standoff between Romero and O’Reilly, including leaping knees and fists…O’Reilly caps that with a half nelson suplex for two…Kozlov attacks both champs with forearms, but they cut him off with some kicks but they don’t cover, leading to some chastising by Davey…the champs drop Romeo with Total Elimination but he survives that cover…they follow with Chasing the Dragon for the win…very good match…the champs looked good but the Hooligans were hella fun to watch and I hope they show up more often…KK tells us that reDRagon will still face the Wolves at SCOH…and that is all for this week…remember to respect the code and take care…see you next week

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