April 13, 2013
Jared Doucet

The Crater Review:
Ring of Honor: A Night of Appreciation 2002
April 27, 2002; Philadelphia, PA; Murphy Rec Center

We go to the back where Loc, the referee who was attacked by the Natural Born Sinners on the first night, is waiting and Devito walks in and decides to just attack random people and this is going to be the debut of the Carnage Crew. We get a video package of all the happenings in the main event scene in the last couple of months between Low Ki, American Dragon, and Christopher Daniels and we also have some new comers coming to Ring of Honor plus the last Indy booking of Eddie Guerrero. Divine Storm wants to try a new submission on Brian XL (who sounds like a little kid) but Brian doesn’t want to do it because he’s a high flyer and that’s why this kid went nowhere. The CSC are hoping for a better night tonight then what they have been having recently ad they go to meet the crowd but Da Hit Squad come out to scare them away and they hype up ROH again. Divine Storm wants to learn some submission moves from American Dragon and he wants Dragon to show him the move on Brian XL and Chris Devine is trying to talk to Brian and Brian continues to be a little bitch about not wanting to learn submissions and he says he’s not gonna be submitted and Storm walks in with Dragon and Dragon grabs him and makes Brian his bitch to shut him the fuck up. Boogaloo is talking to Da Hit Squad and Homicide is in Japan and Devito walks in to taunt Boogaloo and he warns Boogaloo that it’s coming. We go to Frank Talent and he gets mad at Spanky for listening to music instead of him. Donnie B is replacing Eric Gargulio on commentary since Gargulio went to CZW so it’s Donnie B and Steve Corino on commentary tonight.

Opening match: Da Hit Squad vs Christopher Street Connection vs Prince Nana & Elax w/ Simply Luscious
Steve DeAngeles is in the ring but Da Hit Squad come out to scare him away and Da Hit Squad want the CSC to bring their faggot asses out there and get their asses whupped! “YMCA” by the Village People hits and they come out and tonight can they get some revenge on Da Hit Squad?

Da Hit Squad just come out and start the ass whipping but Allison Danger is in the ring and she is screaming at the Da Hit Squad on the microphone and Da Hit Squad slide in to corner her and she makes a new match and Prince Nana slides in with Elax and Simply Luscious and start doing a number on Da Hit Squad with Nana using his ass to take Monsta Mack down in the corner! Mace sets up AND HITS THE GAY BRONCO BUSTER!!! Mack can’t believe it and he grabs Elax and Mace, DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! Nana hits a flapjack on Mack and Mace is whipped into Mack and he does a thumb to the eye then Buff nails Mack as Nana is berating Elax and throws him out and Nana decides to use Luscious as his partner AND HE WHIPS HER INTO A SEATED DROPKICK TO THE NUTS ON MACK!!! Danger starts playing with Luscious’ hair and Nana gets into an argument with the CSC as Da Hit Squad recover and they just plow through everybody!! Mafia whips Nana off the ropes and hits a boot to the head then a standing senton on Nana then Mack whips Mace off the ropes and hits a nice overhead belly to belly suplex to Mace then Buff gets a half nelson suplex from Mack!! It’s just Luscious in the ring and Mafia throws her up into a spinebuster from Mack, BURNING HAMMER!!!! 1-2-3 AND DA HIT SQUAD GET THE WIN AT 5:17!! Elax slides in to take care of Luscious and Mack is talking to Elax then takes his head off with a clothesline! Mack slides in a table and they kick Luscious out of the ring and Elax is laid on the table by Mafia and Mack comes off the top with an ass drop to put him through the table!!! Da Hit Squad celebrates after they have whipped ass again.

Crater rating: 4.5 out of 10. This was a fun way to open the show but it’s getting pretty damn tiring to see Da Hit Squad beat the hell out of the same guys night in and night out. Ok, ROH does not like sports entertainment, we get it (even though what they are doing is entertaining) but sheesh does this have to happen every show? Hopefully now that these guys have had an actual match of some kind that this can finally be put to rest and either they find some new people to beat the hell out of (like Brian XL) or a new team to try and challenge them (Da Hit Squad vs Natural Born Sinners would be pretty cool to watch). As for the CSC, they are never going to be taken seriously due to their gay gimmick so they kind of fucked there and Nana would go on to have a much better career as a manager in ROH than a wrestler but that is still years away. Still, while this does get the crowd rocking early, there is nothing of note or interest for this match that you haven’t seen the past two other shows.

We go to the back where Jay Brisco says that he’s going to beat Tony Mamaluke tonight and Mark reminds that he’s lost two in a row so Jay tells him to shut up and acting is definitely NOT one of their strong points. That segment was pretty bad.

Match 2: Jay Briscoe w/Mark Brisco vs Tony Mamaluke
Jay Briscoe’s music hits and he comes out with Mark Briscoe and tonight can he finally get his first win in ROH over Tony Mamaluke? Jay has lost two hard fought matches to Amazing Red and Spanky and brother Mark is getting irritated about it. “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees plays and Tony Mamaluke comes out and tonight, making his ROH debut, can he defeat Jay Briscoe? Mamaluke is an ECW alumni and he was an FBI member and even held the ECW tag team titles with Little Guido (James Maritato) for a little while so hopefully we can see the former FBI members go at it in singles action.

They roughly follow the Code of Honor to start the match and they wrestle around on the mat with some fancy Indy stuff until Mamaluke hilariously falls through the ropes to the floor while trying to get on Jay’s back. Mamaluke is back inside and Mamaluke takes him down but Jay gets on top but Mamaluke tries to get control and he ends up on top and Jay grabs the ropes to break the hold. They lock up and Tony with a go behind, standing switch by Jay but Tony takes Jay down but Jay scissors out but Tony slides out and grabs a headlock as Mark berates Jay and Tony with a hammerlock but Jay counters into his own and takes Tony down with a wrist lock hold and Tony hits an elevated snapmare then catches Jay running in with a hip toss but Jay kicks him off then Jay hip tosses Tony but Tony kicks him off and he rolls under a clothesline but Jay catches him with a leg lariat. Jay hits a snap suplex then stomps on Tony’s face then hits a floatover snap suplex for a near fall but Tony back flips out of a back suplex and takes Jay down with a Fujiwara arm bar but Jay gets the ropes as Corino lays down the five rules of the Code of Honor as Tony hits a hammerlock Northern lights throw then takes Jay over with a cross armbreaker but Jay gets the ropes and Tony kicks the arm as Donnie B is annoying me. Tony continues to work the arm but Jay reverses a whip to the corner but Tony with an up and over but Jay backflips over him and rolls Tony up for a near fall but Tony with a Russian leg sweep then catches Jay with a Mr. Salty on the mat then Tony sits Jay on the top rope and hits a European uppercut then follows up but Jay knocks him off but Tony goes back up but Jay shoves him off again but Tony gets back up, SUPER GORDBUSTER!!! Both are up and they trade chops with Jay chopping Tony down then whips him off the ropes and hits a high flapjack but Jay rolls through the Fujiwara arm bar and rolls him up for a near fall but Tony with a victory roll for a near fall but Jay rolls through a backslide, JAY DRILLER!!! 1-2-3 AND JAY BRISCO GETS THE WIN AT 7:22!!! Mark doesn’t look too happy even though Jay has gotten his first win. Jay helps Tony up and shakes his hand but Tony throws his gum at Jay and bails.

Crater rating: 5.5 out of 10. A solid match but there was nothing more but flashy exchanges and no story at all. This is one of the main problems of Indy wrestling gigs: a lot of their mid card matches, especially in the early days, had no stories and just relied on pure wrestling. While it was great in some cases, there are matches like these where it’s just guys trading wrestling holds without flow or story. Tony tried to work some story into the match by attacking the arm but it went nowhere, especially with Jay’s finisher has him using the arm (if Jay would have sold the arm before hitting the move, at least it would have made sense) but the fact that these guys dropped all forms of psychology just to hit big moves at the end hurt matches like this. Mamaluke looked all right but he’s not gonna get out of Maritato’s shadow by trying to wrestle just like him and prove that he’s not nearly as good on the mat as Maritato. As for Jay, it’s nice to see him pick up a win and you can tell that ROH was building up an eventual feud between the Brisco Brothers, which is what they would do before they decided to take over the tag team division. Still, matches like this grow tiring and while they were fun at first, they are starting to get repetitive, have some kind of story to the matches, jeez!

Afterwards, Mama and Daddy Brisco are there to congratulate Jay but Mark, ever the Negative Nancy, points out that Jay almost lost and the parents have to separate their sons. Maritato catches up with Tony and tells him to drop the comedy act but Tony says that he’s the only comedy act and Maritato didn’t like that. We go to Christian York and Joey Matthews in the back and they discuss what happened last month with CW Anderson and Elax and how they won and they hype up their match with Divine Storm.

Match 3: Divine Storm w/Brian XL vs Christian York and Joey Matthews
“So Cold” by Static X hits and Divine Storm come out with Brian XL and tonight can they defeat Christian York and Joey Matthews? On the first ROH show, Divine Storm, Brian XL, Amazing Red and the Spanish Announce Team met in a six man match that Quiet Storm won then last month, all six men met in a three way dance tag team match with the Spanish Announce Team getting the win now Divine Storm get a chance to show their stuff against another tag team. Christian York and Joey Matthews’ music hits and they come out and tonight can they defeat Divine Storm? York and Matthews defeated CW Anderson and Elax at the last show in tag team action.

They follow the Code of Honor and it’s Mercury starting off with Storm and they lock up and they break then they lock up again and Joey with a hammerlock but Storm ducks under into his own then grabs a headlock then he starts working the arm and Joey with a trio of kip ups to get out of the hold then trips Storm up for a one count but Storm with a back hand shot to the gut then snapmares Joey over but Joey bridges up and does an Oklahoma cradle for a near fall and the fans applaud that. Joey ducks a shot but Storm rolls away from Joey but Joey takes him down with a right hand but Storm reverses a whip tot eh corner but Joey with an up and over and York with a blind tag and he hits a missile dropkick for a near fall then whips him off the ropes and York blocks a slide through the legs but Storm comes back with a headscissors takedown then a hurricanrana then a pair of dropkicks and Divine gets the tag and York hits some chops but Divine reverses a whip and grabs York and I think they mess up but Divine comes back with a wheelbarrow arm drag but York reverses a whip to the corner and Divine tries an up and over and they almost botch it but York catches him on the second up and over attempt and plants him with an Alabama Slam then locks on the pendulum swing that Storm breaks up! York takes Storm off the apron with a springboard back elbow and Divine ducks a shot and hits a spinebuster for a near fall then Storm gets the tag then whips York off the ropes and they hit a STO/dropkick combo for a near fall but York fights back but he runs into a leg lariat and Divine gets tagged and they whip York to the corner and Divine hits a corner splash and Storm takes his time powering up and York hits a clothesline on Storm off Divine’s back but Divine arm drags him to the floor and Joey tries to help him out, RUNNING MOONSAULT OVER THE TOP BY BRIAN XL AND THAT IS BREAKING THE CODE OF HONOR!!!! Brian is the second person to break the COH and Divine Storm gets pissed at him and they tell him to take his ass to the back as Divine rolls York in and York with a sloppy back flip out of a back suplex but Divine counters a hurricanrana into a powerbomb then Divine whips York to the corner and sits him on the top rope but York comes back with a middle rope inverted atomic drop!!! Tags to both sides and Joey cleans house on Storm with clotheslines and a back body drop then some mounted punches in the corner on Divine then takes him down with a half nelson facebuster and Joey and Storm both block punches and Joey counters with a neckbreaker then back drops Divine out, FULL EFFECT (double team reverse DVD)!!! Divine pulls Joey out and he hurricanranas York over the top to the floor and Storm lays Joey out with some forearms as Storm wants the Cradle Driver but Joey fights back but Storm ducks out of a move, STRYKER LOCK AND JOEY MERCUY TAPS OUT TO GIVE DIVINE STORM THE WIN AT 8:46!!! Divine Storm celebrate the win and they follow the Code of Honor afterwards.

Crater rating: 5.5 out of 10. Another solid match but neither team did nothing to overly impress me. Even though Divine Storm are athletic as hell along with York and Matthews, the match was pretty bland and the only bright spot being Brian XL breaking the Code of Honor with his high spot and Divine Storm bitching him out about it. Still, you can see why Mercury would get the call up to the big leagues in a couple of years and York carrying his jock strap since Mercury is more fluid in the ring, more technically sound and doesn’t make too many mistakes and while Mercury would become the Jannetty to Nitro’s Shawn Michaels in the WWE with MNM (Nitro would become the Jannetty to the Miz’s Michaels so Nitro was not 2 for 2), Mercury would hold the team together while Johnny Nitro would hit the high spots. As for Divine Storm, they looked a little lost not being able to fly around the ring like they normally do and I did not like that for the second match in a row, there was no story, just moves (even the hot tag seemed out of place). As for Brian XL, I would love for him to face American Dragon and get his ass stretched two ways to Sunday or even better, make him the next victim of the Natural Born Sinners or Da Hit Squad for breaking the Code of Honor, I’d watch that!

We get a video package of Xavier beating both Scoot Andrews then James Maritato in the first two shows and now all three of these guys are wrestling in a three way dance tonight. We get backstage comments from all of them and Scoot Andrews sucks in trying to deliver a promo.

Match 4: Three Way Dance: James Maritato vs Xavier vs Scoot Andrews
Scoot Andrews’ music hits and he comes out and tonight can he defeat Xavier and James Maritato? Scoot lost his match to Xavier on the first show and wanted a return match but a leg injury stopped that from happening. James Maritato’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he defeat Xavier and Scoot Andrews? Maritato was a last minute replacement for Scoot and he lost to Xavier. Xavier’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he go 3-0 by beating both of the guys that he has wins over?

AC Slater chants start up at Xavier as they all follow the Code of Honor then the bell rings and everyone is cautious starts and it’s Maritato locking up and they kick Xavier away then back drop him over while they are in the lock up and they trade waist locks and James puts Scoot on the mat but Scoot turns over into a face lock but James gets out of that but Scoot grabs a headlock but James shoves him off and leap frogs Scoot and Scoot tackles Xavier and James rolls Scoot up for a near fall then Scoot whips James into a Xavier dropkick then Scoot counters a headscissors with a face plant for a near fall but Xavier pulls him into a knee then goes for the Regal Cutter but James catches a kick from Xavier and flips him over INTO A DDT ON SCOOT!!! Xavier kicks James in the gut hard then a running forearm to the head for a near fall then pounds on James in the corner then hits his knee strikes in the corner then whips him to the corner but James goes to the middle rope AND HITS A SICK MISSILE DROPKICK TO THE FACE!!! James pulls Xavier down from the Force of Nature from Scoot but Xavier lifts him up onto his shoulders and he gets an elbow up on Scoot and Xavier follows up with James and wants an Exploder but Scoot comes up from behind, FALLAWAY SLAM BY XAVIER ON JAMES WITH SCOOT POWERBOMBING XAVIER!!! All three are down but they are all up and they trade blows then they all punch each to knock each other down and James trades chops with Xavier that Xavier breaks up with a knee strike but James floats over on a suplex but Xavier whips him off the ropes but James goes for a slingshot suplex but Scoot catches Xavier, FORCE OF NATURE FOR A NEAR FALL THAT JAMES BREAKS UP!!!! Scoot hits some chops on James then catches him with a powerslam for a near fall then hits some punches to the head but James ducks the Discus Punch and hits a back suplex for a near fall but Scoot reverses a whip and James goes for a sunset flip but Scoot spins around and hits a reverse DDT for a near fall as Xavier goes to the top but he gets crotched by Scoot and Scoot follows up but James follows up with Scoot, MIDDLE ROPE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP FOR A NEAR FALL!!! Xavier stands up on the top BUT LEAPS OFF INTO THE FUJIWARA ARM BAR AND XAVIER TAPS OUT TO GIVE JAMES MARITATO THE WIN AT 6:24!!!! James celebrates the win and he has given Xavier his first loss.

Crater rating: 7.0 out of 10. A short but sweet match and the highlight thus far. Now I would have liked this match to have been longer and to have told a better story. While this match was nothing more but heightened filler, it was still a fun match and thus far, ROH has produced two good singles three way dances and it is something that the WWE should take note on. All three men had a little chance to shine and it got to hide any weaknesses that Scoot and Xavier had (let’s face it; Maritato was in a class of his own). Still, I thought it was nice to see Maritato get the win since he needed it more than Scoot and definitely more than Xavier, who did not deserve to go 3-0 and while the loss hurts him since he tapped out, it makes Maritato look like a bad ass for making the undefeated Xavier tap out. Scoot would not go on to have the ROH career that Maritato, much less Xavier, would have and Xavier was being built up as a ROH title contender so it was nice to show that he had chinks in the armor. While the match got barely any time to tell much of a story, it was still fun to watch and that’s all I ask for in matches like this.

We go to the back and Simply Luscious is pissed at Rob Feinstein about pairing her up with Prince Nana and Rob says that he’s going to take care of her. We go to AJ Styles and he builds up his match with Low Ki next.

Match 5: Low Ki vs AJ Styles
AJ Styles’ music hits and he comes out and tonight, making his ROH debut, can he defeat Low Ki? AJ had made quite the impact in the Indies by putting on a great match with future major rival, Christopher Daniels, in NWA and has been building momentum ever since. AJ is being primed as an ROH darling already by putting him in the ring with Low Ki, the golden boy thus far, and AJ would go on to have a successful career in ROH and become of TNA’s founding fathers and more prosperous wrestlers. Low Ki’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he defeat the debuting AJ Styles? Ki suffered his first loss in ROH in the main event last month to American Dragon in a mat classic.

Donnie B has been most looking forward to this match…..which is the third match of the night he’s been most looking forward to. These two shake hands and these two are cautious to start and Ki drop toeholds AJ but AJ floats over into a hammerlock but Ki takes him down and grabs a headlock but AJ scissors out but Ki rolls over and tries to flip out then finally does in a Jackknife pin for a near fall then they are up again and they do a test of strength and AJ starts winning and Ki tries to keep a bridge but AJ muscles him down for a pair of near falls so Ki starts kicking AJ in the legs to try and break the hold but AJ stomps his face to get away. They trade kicks to the legs to the sides and they kick each other in the legs and Ki ducks a kick and takes AJ down and grabs a front face lock then AJ takes him down to the mat but Ki holds on but AJ gets out and Ki tries a cross arm lock but AJ rolls out and grabs a front face lock but Ki bridges out and grabs a face lock of his own but AJ rolls away and takes Ki down but Ki bridges up and he’s keeping Ki down on the mat and AJ hits some forearms to the head then pulls him up and hits a huge shot but Ki chops him away and they circle each other and they lock up and Ki kicks AJ’s leg then kicks him in the face and he snapmares AJ but AJ trips him up and muscles Ki into an inside cradle for a near fall but Ki kicks him right in the face!! Ki avoids a sliding single head, BUZZSAW KICK!!!! Ki hits a roundhouse kick to the face, NIP UP HURRICANRANA!!! Ki ducks a spin kick but AJ hits a lariat for a near fall and AJ lifts him up, SUPLEX NECKBREAKER FOR A NEAR FALL!!! The fans are split on these guys as AJ hits some shots then whips Ki to the corner but runs into a straight kick to the face then hits a backbreaker then hits a deliberate elbow drop for a near fall then a huge chop but AJ comes back with a knee lift then a standing enziguri to send Ki to the floor! AJ follows out and hits a kick to the back of the head THEN A SICK SAVANT KICK!!! Back inside, AJ covers for a near fall then hits a brainbuster for a near fall and he whips Ki off the ropes, ROLLING SKULL KICK THEN A YAKUZA KICK TO SEND AJ TO THE FLOOR!!!! Ki hits a huge chop on the outside then puts him on the apron and wants a Ki Krusher to the outside but AJ lifts him over to the top, DRAGON SLEEPER IN THE ROPES!!!!! Ki covers for a near fall then sets up and wants the Ki Krusher BUT AJ COUNTERS IT INTO A DDT!!! Ki counters a face slam with a roll through and wants the Dragon Clutch but AJ blocks and Ki shoves AJ into the ropes but AJ elbows out, QUEBRADA REVERSE DDT!!!!! 1-2-THR-NO!!!! HURRICANRANA COUNTERED INTO A HUGE POWERBOMB, 1-2-THR-NO!!!!! KAWADA KICK COMBO!!!!! AJ IS DEAD!!! 1-2-THR-NO!!!! Ki hits a chop but AJ reverses a whip but Ki floats over, TIGER SUPLEX FOR A NEAR FALL!!!! AJ hits a short arm lariat to buy time then hits a huge German suplex and rolls through INTO A WHEELBARROW FACE SLAM FOR A NEAR FALL!!!! AJ can’t believe it but Ki blocks a suplex and hits the Falcon Arrow for a near fall then hits some chops then whips him to the corner, TIDAL KRUSH CONNECTS!!!! Ki goes to the top, PHOENIX SPLASH FINDS AJ’S KNEES!!!! The crowd is just split on these guys, FIRE THUNDER DRIVER!!!!! 1-2-THRE-NO!!!!! AJ goes to the top, SPINAL TAP MISSES!!!! They trade blows then chops so Ki just kicks him in the side of the head then goes for the Ki Krusher but AJ blocks and goes for the Fire Thunder Driver again, INSIDE CRADLE BY KI, 1-2-3 AND LOW KI GETS THE WIN AT 18:14!!!! Low Ki celebrates the win but he got taken to the limit by AJ and these two shake hands afterwards to follow the code.

Crater rating: 9.0 out of 10. While it isn’t of the same quality of the three way dance or Ki/Dragon, this is still an awesome match and a great way to debut the Phenomenal One. Whew, those final couple of minutes were off the hook! I like how AJ was not just some newcomer having a debut match but what was actually looked at on Low Ki’s level in his very first Ring of Honor match and since Low Ki has been the golden boy as of late, it was a great way to introduce AJ to the ROH fans. The match started off with nice chain wrestling until the hard kicks and strikes took over then it was just big move after big move down the stretch. While it was entertaining as all hell, there was no story to it. Dragon and Ki took the entire 32 minutes to build a story of one-upmanship and different with Ki the striker against Dragon the grappler and it was all building up to a heated crescendo until Dragon got the win, this match did not. Since Ki is a striker and AJ a high flyer, these two didn’t know how to incorporate a story into their matches so it was just wrestle for a few minutes then get to the fun stuff. Still, these guys had the crowd in the palms of their hands and the crowd was nearly exhausted by the end of it so that says something about both men’s skills. Ki would continue to be on fire in ROH for the next couple of months and even make him the first ROH champion until ROH cut his balls off and had Xavier of all people end his short title reign but Ki, up until then, was having a stellar year in the company. As for AJ, he would mix time with this and TNA, which would be debuting soon, and he would become one of the founding fathers of the X-Division and would even hold the TNA title a couple of times so while his ROH career didn’t have many title wins, his TNA career more than made up for that. Still, a fantastic match and possible match of the night here.

Christopher Daniels praises the fact that Donovan Morgan has been brought into ROH.

Match 6: Tag team match: Carnage Crew vs Dunn and Marcos
Dunn & Marcos’ music hits and they come out and tonight they make their ROH debut against the Carnage Crew. Dunn and Marcos are a couple of ring crew guys who are following in Mikey Whipwreck’s footsteps and getting a shot in the ring. The Carnage Crew’s music hits and they come out and tonight can they defeat Dunn and Marcos? The Carnage Crew are Loc and Devito and Loc was the referee of the Natural Born Sinners/Boogie Knights match on the first show and after disqualifying the NBS for using a rubber chicken, the NBS bloodied Loc up so he called in Devito and now this is their call out match to the Sinners.

They slightly follow the code until the Crew just goes to work on the young pretty boys and Devito whips Dunn into Marcos in the corner and Devito gives Dunn a cradle back suplex as Marcos leaps off the ropes but Loc catches him and catapults him into a kick from Devito and Loc hits a chop in the corner then whips him to the corner but Dunn gets an elbow up and he tries to do a sunset flip out of the corner but Loc catches him AND DROPS HIM ON HIS HEAD WITH SOME KIND OF INVERTED PILEDRIVER FOR A NEAR FALL!!! Tag to Devito and he goes to the top, DOOMSDAY MISSILE DROPKICK!!! Devito starts bitch slapping Dunn and Devito hits a pair of short arm clotheslines then gives him a Northern lights throw into the turnbuckles!! Devito goes to the top rope but Dunn avoids a moonsault and Dunn hits a tornado DDT then tags in Marcos and Marcos hits a missile dropkick then a hip toss into a neckbreaker then the youngsters are working over the Carnage Crew but the Carnage Crew hit stereo facebusters on them and Dunn is shoved to Devito, SPLASH MOUNTAIN NECKBREAKER!!!! 1-2-3 AND THE CARNAGE CREW GET THE WIN AT 3:14!! Loc and Devito celebrate the win and they are coming for the Sinners. Apparently they have Boogaloo’s hub caps and they just destroy Dunn and Marcos with hub cap shots to the heads!!! The Carnage Crew celebrates after that.

Crater rating: 5.0 out of 10. Outside of a couple of sick moves, the match was nothing more than an extended squash. So we got Da Hit Squad, the Natural Born Sinners and now the Carnage Crew as three teams who are looking to destroy all the jobbers in ROH but honestly, I’d take the Natural Born Sinners over both teams since they are a more complete package than the other two teams. Carnage Crew would actually continue to beat up on Dunn and Marcos on a couple of these early ROH shows but all we really think about is the Carnage Crew’s destruction, at least Dunn and Marcos got more offense on the Carnage Crew than the Boogie Knights did in two matches against the Sinners. Still this was building up to a fight between the two teams and it’s one I can say I’m looking forward too but if we keep getting jobber matches like this, I’ll lose interest.

Match 7: Christopher Daniels vs Donovan Morgan
Donovan Morgan’s music hits and he comes out and tonight, making his ROH debut, can he defeat Christopher Daniels? Morgan, like AJ, has built up quite the credit by winning the ECWA Super 8 Tournament and competing in Japan’s Pro-Wrestling NOAH so he’s getting the superstar treatment like AJ. Christopher Daniels’ music hits and he comes out and tonight can he get his second win in ROH? Daniels got his first win last month against American Dragon but lost to Low Ki later on in the show and he says that he will face Low Ki again only when the future ROH title is on the line.

Daniels is not going to follow the code and the bell rings to start the match and Morgan with a go behind, standing switch by Daniels, drop toehold by Morgan and he floats over into a face lock but Daniels counters into a hammerlock then drives his knee into the arm but Morgan trips him up and grabs a headlock but Daniels rolls him over into a cradle pin for a near fall but Morgan holds on and he spins around into a hammerlock but Daniels counters with a fireman’s carry but Morgan grabs a headscissors but Daniels grabs the ropes with these two and they break. These two lock up again and Morgan with a go behind but Daniels takes him down and grabs an arm bar and grabs a hammerlock but Morgan grabs a wrist lock and both guys escape wrist locks but Morgan grabs a headlock on the mat but Daniels tries to shove him off but Morgan holds on then Daniels tries him off again but Morgan stills holds on then Daniels finally shoves him off but Morgan with a shoulder tackle then grabs another headlock on the mat as Daniels went for a drop down and Morgan back flips out of a back suplex and grabs another headlock but Daniels shoves him off but Morgan ducks under a shot but Daniels comes back with a huge back suplex! Daniels drops the elbow then grabs a neck vice then snapmares him and hits a knee drop for a near fall then Daniels drives his elbow into the back of the neck then whips him off the ropes and hits a hip toss then a leg drop for a near fall then grabs a chin lock with his knee right in the back of Morgan’s neck then whips him off the ropes and hits a back body drop then another back drop for a near fall. Morgan floats over on a slam but Daniels elbows him away but Daniels spins out of a fisherman’s suplex but Morgan hits a swinging neckbreaker then he grabs a rope assisted chin lock over the top rope then hits a floatover suplex for a near fall then grabs an Octopus stretch on the mat but Daniels knees out of it but Morgan snapmares him and dropkicks him right in the neck, adopting Daniels’ strategy! Morgan hits some clubs to the neck on the floor then whips him off the ropes but Daniels blocks a hip toss then back flips off of Morgan then hits a huge running lariat then some jabs then whips him off the ropes and hits the leg lariat for a near fall then charges but Morgan hits a nice sunset flip for a near fall and they trade near falls until Morgan grabs a leg grapevine but Daniels muscles over to the ropes! Daniels hits a jawbreaker, EXPLODER SUPLEX BY MORGAN FOR A NEAR FALL!!! Morgan hits some snap forearms then whips Daniels off the ropes and hits a reverse elbow for a near fall then whips Daniels to the corner but Daniels gets an elbow then a boot up then hits a German suplex! Daniels hits a lariat then a reverse elbow then fakes Morgan out and hits a neckbreaker then hits the STO, BEST MOONSAULT EVER!!! 1-2-NO!!!! Daniels rams Morgan into the corner and sits him on the top rope and hits a palm strike but Morgan blocks the Fall From Grace, LEAPING DDT OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!! 1-2-THR-NO!!!! Daniels is whipped sternum first to the corner and Morgan with a lariat to the back of the neck and hits a back suplex for a near fall and Daniels reverses a whip and Morgan rolls him up for a near fall, CROSSFACE BUT MORGAN GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! Morgan shoves him off and Daniels with a shoulder tackle for a near fall then Daniels ducks a shot and rolls him up for a near fall but Daniels runs into a forearm then Morgan hits a shoulder tackle for a near fall and Daniels is whipped to the corner but he back drops Morgan to the apron but Daniels ducks a clothesline but Morgan rams his shoulder into the gut and goes for a slingshot sunset flip but Daniels spins around and wants the Last Rites BUT IT’S COUNTERED TO THE GOLDEN GATE SWING BY MORGAN!!!! 1-2-THRE-NO!!!! DANIELS GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! Morgan floats over on a slam attempt, GOLDEN GATE SWING AGAIN!!!! 1-2-3 AND DONOVAN MORGAN GETS THE WIN AT 13:12!!! Daniels grabs a microphone and makes excuses for himself losing and Morgan comes back in and Daniels tells Morgan to come on in by claiming he’s the better man and extends his hand BUT HOLD ON ONE SECOND!! Daniels says he won’t shake hands because he hates the rules but he says that he’s going to watch Morgan’s back against guys like American Dragon and Low Ki.

Crater rating: 8.0 out of 10. An intelligent match that was smartly wrestled but it was a little too short for my liking. Well, unlike AJ, Morgan wins his debut but unlike AJ as well, Morgan did not make that big of an impression as AJ did. The match was a pretty good WWE style match that was a little bit better due to the story being told. I loved how Daniels worked the neck then Morgan decided to do the same thing and it also accounts to how Daniels worked Dragon’s neck to beat him last month and Morgan looks smart by doing it to Daniels and let him see how it feels. The final couple of minutes were good, not Ki/AJ awesome, but good and the good thing is that the neck work still factored into the finish since the Golden Gate Swing is a nice finisher to hit on the neck. The one weird thing about the match was that Morgan got the win…not Daniels. You’d think that the top heel in ROH would have gone over the debuting guy like the top face did earlier and since Daniels is hyping himself up by being the first ever Ring of Honor champion, you’d think that he would pick up some wins to back the hype but since Low Ki would be the first champion anyway (which is basically foreshadowed here with Ki winning against the debuting AJ and Daniels not going over Morgan) it makes sense. Morgan looks pretty good in the ring, nothing fancy, but another solid hand that they would add to their main event scene and while Morgan wouldn’t have an amazing ROH career, he would put on some solid matches in his tenure. Still, another great match from the veteran Daniels and a good debut for Morgan.

Spanky talks trash to all the TWA guys and Rude Boy Gonzalez tells them that they are having a gauntlet match to prove who’s the best and Spanky continues to be a jackass and everybody says that they are going to win and only Dragon and Spanky have a real chance to win.

Match 8: TWA Gauntlet series match 1: Michael Shane vs Paul London
Michael Shane’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he defeat Paul London and advance in the TWA gauntlet? Shane was at the first show and lost a tag team match and Spanky is his TWA rival so we might see these two going at it. Paul London is already in the ring since they didn’t show him defeating John Hope. London made his debut at the last show against Chris Marvel but Marvel suffered a sick leg injury and the match was stopped and awarded to London.

Simply Luscious joins the commentators as both men follow the code and the match starts with them both being cautious and London with an awkward go behind then a headlock but Shane comes back with a leap frog but London tries for a powerbomb but Shane counters with an awkward looking facebuster for a near fall. London is whipped to the corner but Shane ducks a spin kick but Shane kicks his teeth in with a reverse enziguri for a near fall but London floats over on a slam and comes back with a hurricanrana and hits the dropsault for a near fall. Shane elbows out of a German suplex but London counters into a Northern lights suplex for a near fall but Shane reverses a whip and London with a school boy roll up for a near fall but Shane hits a spear for a near fall then whips London to the corner but London rolls out with a sunset flip attempt but Shane rolls through then locks on the Haas of Pain!!! London back flips out of a back suplex and hits a tiger facebuster then goes to the top rope and struggles getting his footing at first, SHOOTING STAR PRESS MISSED!!! Shane goes up, PICTURE PERFECT ELBOW!!! 1-2-3 AND MICHAEL SHANE GETS THE WIN AT 3:41!!! Shane will move on to face Spanky next.

Crater rating: 5.0 out of 10. This was short but energetic. Well, it’s no wonder people are looking at Paul London as the weak link of TWA, he hasn’t had time to show anything. Ok, the first match wasn’t his fault but putting everybody in a gauntlet match is not a good way to get all these guys over since only one of them is going to win and get the respect. Still, these two did hit some interesting moves but because Shane is going to be wrestling again, they didn’t get a chance to go all out so the ROH fans have to wait before they can see London at his crazy best….meaning he’s trying to kill himself and his opponent. Now, Shane faces Spanky.

Match 9: TWA Gauntlet series match 2: Michael Shane vs Spanky
Spanky’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he defeat Michael Shane to advance to the next round of the gauntlet series? The winner will meet American Dragon and Spanky has the best win-loss record out of these guys at 2-0. I like Spanky’s hat, haha.

Spanky is getting love from the crowd and they shake hands but Shane slaps him in the face so Spanky returns the favor and they trade chops to start the match and Shane wins the chop battle then whips him off the ropes but Spanky ducks a shot and slides to the floor then runs away to avoid a dive then drives his elbow into Shane’s gut then rams Shane’s head into the corner and goes up top but Shane dropkicks him in the face then hits a TKO jawbreaker and follows up with a running neckbreaker for a near fall and Luscious bails because Corino was hitting on her and Spanky with an up and over and Shane leaps to the top but Spanky shoves him nuts first into the top of the ring post and starts bouncing his head off the ring post and Shane falls to the floor and Spanky goes out and rams Shane’s head into the fenced barricade and Shane has been busted open and Spanky bounces his head off the apron then shoves his head into the ring post and he rolls Shane back inside and Spanky follows back in and kicks him in the head then hits a running Yakuza kick in the corner and pounds away but Shane fights back with right hands then clotheslines Spanky to the floor then bounces Spanky’s head off the fence then back inside, Spanky reverses a whip and Shane ducks a shot then Spanky low bridges the top rope and Shane flies out to the floor. Spanky works the cut with some punches then rolls him inside then Spanky covers back inside for a near fall then hits a floatover suplex for a near fall as Donnie B says that the song “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam was inspired by Spanky…..um what??!!! Spanky grabs a neck vice then hits some knees to the head but Shane fights back with right hands but Spanky continues to punch away then whips Shane to the corner and Spanky charges into a forearm then a boot then Shane hits a springboard twisting senton on Spanky!! Spanky hits a punch to the cut but Shane is telling him to come on so Spanky continues to punch him but it’s not fazing Shane so Shane leaps to his feet and clotheslines Spanky then hits a back body drop then Shane hits a flying forearm but Spanky kicks him in the face but charges into a back drop over the top but Spanky holds on and tries to skin the cat back in BUT SHANE WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE TO THE FACE TO BREAK IT UP!!! RUNNING NO HANDS SOMERSAULT PLANCHA BY SHANE!!! Both guys get back in and Shane ducks an enziguri and does an Oklahoma side roll for a near fall but Shane runs into a boot and Spanky hits a tornado cravat for a near fall then Spanky sits him on the top rope and hits an uppercut and follows up and they trade blows until Shane shoves him off the top and Shane is a little shaky on the top rope and Shane, in a stroke of brilliance that would have worked better if he was still bleeding, falls off the top rope due to blood loss for a near fall by Spanky then he goes for Sliced Bread #2 but Shane blocks it but Spanky ducks the super kick BUT NOT THE SECOND TIME!!!! 1-2-SPANKY GOT HIS FOOT IN THE ROPES!!! Spanky gets to his feet but Spanky catches the super kick but Shane shoves him into the corner then ducks a shot, SLICED BREAD #2!!!! 1-2-3 AND SPANKY GETS THE WIN AT 10:07 TO MEET AMERICAN DRAGON IN THE NEXT ROUND OF THE GAUNTLET SERIES!!!! Spanky crawls away but looks pretty damn winded.

Crater rating: 6.5 out of 10. A solid encounter between these two but they weren’t able to go balls out like they could of done under different circumstances. This is why I hate gauntlet matches. You have the potential for a slew of great matches (I could have watched these guys instead of all the squash matches) but instead ROH wants to show us a bunch of squash matches instead of showing off real talent. You can tell that these two were holding back and instead decided to let their hatred take center stage instead of big moves, which is a safer way to go in matches like this. Shane look pretty good but needs work on blading since his cut looked weak and it negated him falling off the top rope (especially since HBK himself has been able to climb cells, ladders and hit moves off the top while bleeding like a stuck pig) but you can tell that there is potential there and Spanky has been one of the bright spots of the midcard with his heel act and his ring skills both being showcased. The feud between these two is not ever and now Spanky must face the Dragon.

Match 10: TWA Gauntlet series match 3: American Dragon vs Spanky
“Self Esteem” by the Offspring hits and American Dragon comes out and tonight can he defeat Spanky to prove that he is the class of TWA. Dragon got his first win in ROH in the main event last month in a classic match against Low Ki. Dragon is wearing tights for this one.

These two follow the code and the match starts with Dragon taking Spanky to the mat but Spanky turning over into a front face lock but Dragon arm drags him and grabs an arm bar but Spanky scissors out but Dragon handstands to block the pain but Spanky uses his leg to ram Dragon’s head into the mat in a mini piledriver and Spanky looks gassed out as Dragon handstands again but Spanky counters again so Dragon rolls over with him and grabs the Texas Cloverleaf but Spanky grabs the ropes to break the hold. Both men circle each other and they do a test of strength and Spanky wins and he bridges Dragon down and Spanky leaps onto Dragon’s body to muscle him down but Dragon holds on and muscles Spanky over and keeps Spanky on the mat but Spanky rolls him into a pin for a near fall as Spanky’s tights are ripped at the crotch…not that I was watching or anything. They knuckle up again and Spanky steps on Dragon’s hands and grabs a headlock but Dragon shoots him off and grabs a standing arm bar then takes him down and grabs a headscissors and adds pressure to it but Spanky gets out of it and grabs a front face lock but Dragon backs him to the corner and hits a sick chop then pulls him out for another headlock but Spanky fights out and shoves Dragon off but Dragon explodes off the ropes with a huge shoulder tackle then hits a hard body slam then a pair of elbow drops for a near fall but Spanky nicely back flips out of a German suplex, RUNNING HOT SHOT!!! Spanky tries a springboard but he is so gassed that he slips on the ropes and Dragon just kicks him in the head to take him down and hits another one then hits some chops in the corner then whips him to the corner but Spanky back drops him to the apron then hits a palm strike to knock Dragon to the floor. Spanky follows out and bounces Dragon’s face off the apron and Spanky hits a slingshot forearm to the back of the head then Spanky kicks him in the face but Dragon hits some forearms and chops but Spanky reverses a whip but Dragon comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall but Spanky comes back with a clothesline for a near fall and Spanky grabs a cravat on the mat but Dragon fights back then rams him into the corner to break it up and Dragon hits a cravat suplex and follows up with an enziguri and Spanky goes to the top but leaps off into a hard forearm then whips him off the ropes and hits a stiff reverse elbow for a near fall then Dragon with an up and over but Spanky with a go behind, standing switch by Dragon and he hits a back suplex for a near fall. Dragon runs into a boot in the corner but Dragon throws him off the tornado cravat but Spanky with a jumping heel kick but he can’t get Dragon up for a suplex but Spanky covers for a near fall and Dragon floats over on another suplex attempt and tries to roll Spanky up but Spanky spins out and hits a knee drop to the head then hits a snap suplex for a trio of near falls then just gets frustrated and pounds away on Dragon but Dragon shoves him off on a Sliced Bread #2 and wants a German suplex but Spanky blocks BUT DRAGON FINALLY GETS HIM OVER WITH A HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! 1-2-SPANKY KICKED OUT!!! Dragon hits some forearms but Spanky blocks the discus elbow but Dragon hits a step up enziguri for a near fall then a running Yakuza kick for another near fall, HIGH ANGLE POWERBOMB FOR A NEAR FALL!!!! Dragon hits a chop but Spanky blocks the Dragon suplex, SLICED BREAD #2!!! 1-2-THR-NO!!!! Spanky runs into a boot then Dragon hits a discus elbow to the face then Dragon picks him up in a full nelson, DRAGON SUPLEX, 1-2-SPANKY GOT HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! Dragon covers again for another near fall then Dragon sits him on the top rope and follows up but Spanky punches him in the head, SLICED BREAD #2 OFF THE TOP ROPE, 1-2-3 AND SPANKY GETS THE WIN AT 13:39 TO WIN THE TWA GAUNTLET!!!!

Crater rating: 7.0 out of 10. A match that proves that Dragon can carry anyone to a good match….even if they are out on their feet. Yea, Spanky should have paced himself a little bit better in his match with Shane because he really did not look fit enough to be out there for as long as he was. But besides that, the match was pretty good considering that these two are the top of the TWA class and I would like to see them go at it again (and they would) and give it up to Spanky for trying to wrestle through fatigue but major kudos to Dragon for putting up with it and dragging Spanky on his back to a good match. Still, I think Dragon should have gone over here, fatigue withstanding, since Dragon has proven how much of top of the TWA class he is but I guess it keeps up Spanky’s arrogance factor by having him continue to brag to everybody that he is the best and Spanky would have a major undefeated streak in ROH that would lead up to the ROH title match so it shows that ROH really invested some time into Spanky even though Dragon was already a top main event talent so kudos to Spanky for hanging in there and kudos to Dragon for carrying his limp ass to a good match.

Spanky forces Dragon to shake his hand then makes fun of Dragon for losing and calls himself the next Heartbreak Kid and officially puts his name in for the ROH title tournament but Dragon gets pissed and says that this is the first time Spanky has beaten him in a major match then he adds his name to the title tournament. Christopher Daniels objects to that, calls them both losers, and puts his name in the hat and names himself the first ROH champion. Scoot Andrews, of all people, comes down and puts his name in the hat but Daniels gets pissed at him for taking the microphone from him so Scoot does it again and challenges to a first round match and they continue to trade barbs with each other. Xavier comes out and requests the microphone and he throws his name into the tournament as well but here comes Jay Briscoe, fresh off his first win in ROH, and he puts his name in the tournament. Prince Nana comes out and hilariously puts his name in the tournament (hilarious as in he has no chance of winning) but then Low Ki comes out and Nana turns around and talks trash to Low Ki then makes the worst mistake of his life by slapping Low Ki and Nana takes off his robe but Ki blocks the other slap AND LAYS HIM OUT WITH A HARD FOREARM TO THE FACE!!!! Ki takes the microphone and officially throws his name into the tournament and we have 8 guys in the tournament for the ROH title. We then get a video package of the problems between Amazing Red and the Spanish Announce Team and Mikey Whipwreck has had it with these guys and he kicks Brian XL out of the room and Mikey says that he’s going to find a partner for Red and he makes one of the best choices ever by making it Eddie Guerrero.

Main Event: Tag team match: Eddie Guerrero (WWF Intercontinental champion) & Amazing Red vs The Spanish Announce Team
The Spanish Announce Team’s music hits and they come out and tonight can they defeat the team of Amazing Red and Eddie Guerrero? Last month, The SAT, Divine Storm and Red and Brian XL all had a three way dance and Divine Storm was the first team eliminated but due to some team issues, Red and Brian lost and SAT got the victory. Well, it led to another huge argument backstage and Mikey kicked Brian XL out of the locker and told Red that he was going to find him a partner and we now know it’s going to be Latino Heat himself, Eddie Guerrero. Amazing Red’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he and Eddie Guerrero defeat the Spanish Announce Team? This is the first time that I know of that Red and Eddie are teaming up. “Smooth” by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas hits and the WWF Intercontinental champion, Eddie Guerrero, comes out and tonight can he and Amazing Red defeat the Spanish Announce Team? Eddie was already back in the WWF and in his first PPV match back, he won the Intercontinental title from Rob Van Dam so this is his last Indy booking since he’s going to be a full member of the WWF. Eddie is getting massive pops from the crowd and a rightful Eddie chant starts up.

They all follow the code and Red wants to start and he will start against Jose and Jose backs Red to the corner and they break and Red with a go behind and he shoves Jose into the ropes and does a back flip but Jose with a shoulder tackle but Red hits a standing hurricanrana then a pair of arm drags but Jose avoids a dropkick and dropkicks Red to the corner but Red gets a boot up on a charge and tags in Eddie and Eddie helps him hit a satellite headscissors on Jose then Eddie ducks a shot and whips Joel off the ropes and hits a nice tilt a whirl backbreaker. The SAT roll to the floor to recover and Joel is going against him now and Eddie ducks under into a hammerlock and grabs a waist lock, standing switch by Joel but Eddie works the arm the only way he can but Joel trips him up with a single leg but Eddie takes him down and Joel crawls away and these two lock up and Joel grabs a headlock but Eddie shoves him off and Joel with a shoulder tackle and he slides under a leap frog then hits a hurricanrana for a near fall but Eddie reverses a whip and Joel goes for a sunset flip but Eddie rolls through, TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!!!! Joel grabs the ropes so Eddie just knocks him down then hits a tight back suplex then goes to the apron, TOPE ATOMICO FOR A NEAR FALL!!! Eddie grabs a chin lock to slow things down but Joel gets to his feet and fights out of the hold but Eddie switches it to a headlock then drives his elbow into the back of Joel’s head but Joel reverses a whip and hits a back body drop then hits a dropkick then tags in Jose and they work Eddie over in the corner then whip him off the ropes and hit a double drop toe hold, DOUBLE TEAM MEXICAN SURFBOARD!!! Jose throws Red out and hits a dropkick to Eddie’s exposed chest for a near fall then tags in Jose and he snapmares Eddie over and grabs a chin lock but Eddie elbows out and he ducks a shot, standing switch by Jose and he hits a bridging German suplex for a near fall then a Northern lights suplex for another near fall then goes to the top rope but Eddie is up instantly and follows up, SUPERPLEX!!! Tags to both sides and Joel throws Red off a hurricanrana so Red hits a tilt a whirl DDT then the Red Star Press for a near fall then Red pounds away on Joel and hits some chops against the ropes and leaps at Joel BUT JOEL SPIKES HIM WITH A POWERBOMB!!! Tag to Jose but Red fights back so Jose clubs him then hits a suplex for a near fall then tags in Joel and he snapmares Red and hits a running dropkick to the mush for a near fall and Jose comes in and they whip Red off the ropes and Joel hits an Ocean Cyclone suplex for a near fall that Eddie breaks up and Jose whips red off the ropes but Red rolls off his back BUT EATS A SUPER KICK FOR A NEAR FALL THAT EDDIE BREAKS UP!!! Joel gets the tag and he slams Red down and locks on the pendulum and Jose adds a slingshot leg drop for a near fall as we see a lot of the wrestlers watching the match at the top of the stage as Joel goes up top and shoves Red off but Red counters with a spinning enziguri, HOT TAG TO EDDIE!!! Eddie beats the crap out of Jose then whips him to the corner but Jose avoids a charge but Eddie ducks under a whip, BRAINBUSTER FOR A NEAR FALL!!! Eddie lifts him up but Jose counters Splash Mountain with a hurricanrana pin for a near fall then wheelbarrow roll up for a near fall but Eddie cuts him off with a clothesline then goes up top but Joel breaks up the Frog Splash attempt and they go for the Spanish Fly but Red dropkicks Joel out then takes him out with a corkscrew plancha as Jose holds onto the ropes to block a hurricanrana off the top attempt by Eddie but Eddie sits him on the top rope to block the Tornado DDT and Red charges at Eddie AND EDDIE LIFTS HIM UP ONTO JOSE AND GIVES HIM A HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP!!!!!! RUNNING NO HANDS SOMERSAULT PLANCHA BY RED ON JOEL!!!!! Eddie goes to the top but Jose rolls away from a Frog Splash attempt but Eddie sees it and rolls off the top, SPLASH MOUNTAIN BOMB, 1-2-3 AND EDDIE GUERRERO AND AMAZING RED GET THE WIN AT 13:35!!!! All the wrestlers show their appreciation to Eddie and Red (mostly Eddie) but here comes Brian XL to piss off every single person in the building by being a little bitch and Eddie takes the microphone and disses Brian by calling him Lil Bow Wow, haha and the fans join in and someone yells out Kriss Kross, haha!! Eddie says that Brian wants a piece of him then let’s get it on and Brian fires off some shots but Eddie catches him with a flapjack, POWERBOMB!!! BRAINBUSTER!!! Eddie goes up, FROG SPLASH!!!! 1-2-3 AND EDDIE WHIPS BRIAN XL’S ASS IN AN IMPROMPTU MATCH!!!! The SAT throw Brian’s carcass out of the ring and Eddie gets back on the microphone and the loud Eddie chant starts up again and Eddie looks to be getting emotional about it all (which is pretty sad to watch considering his death in over 3 years) and the fans one up that with a we will miss you chant and this is the second time that Eddie is saying goodbye to these Philly fans (the other was in his last ECW match against Dean Malenko) and Eddie says that this has been an emotional week for him and he says something very moving by saying that when he steps into the ring, he’s happy and the fans give him more standing ovations as he gives Philly props for being one of the first American cities that he wrestled in and he loves the fans, whether they like him or hate him and he gives props to the ROH wrestlers and says that they are going to entertain them like he has and he says that from the bottom of his heart, he thanks Rob Feinstein for getting another chance and calls him a great promoter and Eddie hugs everybody in the ring and the SAT hug it out with Red too and Eddie puts the IC title on Red’s shoulders (hey, it could happen, Rey Mysterio was World Heavyweight champion…..although the only reason why was due to Eddie’s death but still) and Eddie strolls off into the sunset.

Crater rating: 7.5 out of 10. A very good match and a fitting way for Eddie to leave ROH. Well this match prove two things about Eddie: the first was that he was miles ahead of a lot of the guys in the locker room and the second was that he was God on this night and helped the other three have a good match. If there was one thing that guys like Eddie showed the wrestling world and especially ROH on this night, it’s this: not every high flyer has to be out of this world, crazy awesome. Example: watch the fans rise to their feet to see him hit something as simple as the Frog Splash and sure, it’s Eddie’s finisher, but compared to what a bunch of these guys were doing off the top rope, it was very tame and it just shows you why the WWE is miles above telling stories in high flying matches or using high flyers and it would be something that ROH would come to do a little bit better in the future. The match was very good since SAT decided to rely on tag team moves instead of jaw dropping high flying moves and looked surprisingly solid as a tandem team and Eddie and Red were Eddie/Rey Mysterio lite so it all worked out very well. One of the things that I have always loved about Eddie was how tight his offense is (tight as in well placed) and it is so deliberate of how he does things and it shows how loose these other guys work but the other three guys honed in their crazy, sloppy spots and produced a much better match than we are accustomed from seeing from them. With Eddie under WWE contract and in bigger was that he was the IC champion, Eddie didn’t exactly go all out here and he didn’t do that either at the first show against Super Crazy but it just goes to show that amazing wrestling skill mixed with a legend is just enough to have the crowd eating out of the palm of your hand and kudos to the Philly fans for their respect, they are probably some of the roughest fans in the world and will tear wrestlers a new asshole but Eddie Guerrero has never been one and the fans have adored him. Eddie would continue to have a fantastic year in the WWE while Red and the SAT would continue to do their flippy stuff but for this one night, they got things right and toned it down. Oh and great way to have Eddie going out by beating the shit out of Brian XL, something people have been waiting for since ROH began.

We go to the back where Dragon and Low Ki are discussing how great it was to watch the locker room empty out for Eddie and they see Spanky sitting in the locker room on his headphones, eating pizza and Ki asks him why he wasn’t up there so Spanky continues eating so Ki destroys his headphones and Spanky says that ROH pays to see him and Christopher Daniels walks in with Donovan Morgan, uses the word “mark” and a fight breaks out and all four of them have to be separated.


According to the rating, I have given A Night of Appreciation a 65, a B, a 7.0 out of 10 and is a good show. If you do the math, then this show BARELY got into the good ranges. Once again, I believe I might have been overrating things but I’m not gonna just drop out 4.5 out of 10 and below for matches when I see guys truly trying hard to look good….even if they don’t. Still, there is some good stuff on this show in the form of AJ/Ki, Daniels/Morgan and the main event but other than that, you can basically miss the rest of the show since there isn’t much to see. ROH would continue to do shows like this and for the next show, they would decide to take out a bunch of shitty squash matches and put on some must see matches due to the tournament and while I’m not a fan of one night tournaments….I’ve read some good reviews for this one. Still, ROH continues to at least have one awesome match on the card….which saves them a lot of the time, otherwise, these shows would be pretty horrible to watch but thanks to the efforts of their main eventers, the shows continue to get saved. Now ROH has a near two month rest and it’s back to the show because we have to have a Road to the Title.

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