January 22, 2007
Frank Koenen

Royal Rumble 2000
January 23, 2000

-Ah, I needed some of the good stuff. 2007 may be the year that sets me off wrestling, but 2000 was the one that made me a hardcore fan. This was the first in a string of good PPV that lasted until Summerslam (with the exception of the King of the Ring). So letís get this party started.

-LIVE from the Mecca of Wrestling, Madison Square Garden.
-Your hosts are Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

-We start with a promo for Triple H vs. Cactus Jack. Itís pretty damn good. I think on the 24/7 version I saw a shot from Central Stage, which is weird given that WWF didnít own it at the time. I wonder what they cut out, cause a lot of the footage from Japan they used is still in there.

1) Kurt Angle vs. A Mystery Opponent
Kurt Angle makes his way out, still only three months since his debut. Angle does one of his cheap heat promos insulting Patrick Ewing. He did a lot of this in his rookie WWF year, but he had such a good natural arrogance about him, as you really feel he is this asshole who thinks so highly of himself, and lowly on the fans. Crowd chants ďWe Want Tazz.Ē

The fans get what they want, as the mystery opponent is Tazz.

Tazz right away throws Angle outside. God itís a mess watching this with all the logos blocked out. Angle gives Tazz a suplex on the concrete floor. Back in, Angle works over Tazz. He gets a nice belly to belly overhead suplex. Angle goes up top, and Tazz goes into the ropes, then gives him a belly to belly overhead suplex from the second rope, getting a two count, but Angle puts his foot on the rope. Tazz argues with the referee, letting Angle get a small package for two. Angle then gets a clothesline and follows it with a belly to back suplex. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but Tazz gets in position for a belly to back suplex. Then another, and a Tazzplex. He puts on the Tazzmission. Angleís out, so Tazz gets the win. They take Kurt out on a stretcher, as Ross & Lawler argue whether the Tazzmission was a choke. What looks like a great new beginning for Tazz, turns out to be the highlight of his WWF career. He kinda got lost in the shuffle after the Radicals debuted, plus injuries early in his tenure didnít help. A pretty good match, which was only given a few minutes. **

WINNER: Tazz at 3:16

-Michael Cole is with The Hardy Boyz and Terri Runnels. The Hardyz wonít let Terri come out with them. Matt & Jeff still needed work on their interview skills. Well from what I last saw, Jeff still does.

-In a WWE Home Video exclusive. Tazz says heís going to go through the company.

2) Tables Match: The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz
I know for trademark reasons, their names were spelled different, but for sanity reasons, Iím just going to spell it Bubba and Devon. This was such a different time, Bubba Ray still had a minor stutter, The Dudleys-Hardys-E&C had yet to really reach that upper echelon, and every tag-team ended their name with Z. The Dudleys get some cheap heat by saying that John Rocker is their hero and could clean up the city. Right away The Dudleys try and get someone through a table. Bubba Ray tries a backdrop, but Matt moves it out of the way. Bubba goes outside, and Jeff meets him, via over the top rope. Devon and Matt fight in the ring trying to throw each other through a table set in the ring. Outside, Jeff hits Bubba Ray with a nice chair shot. Jeff tries something, but Bubba throws a table at Jeff. Now they splinter to Jeff & Devon and Bubba & Matt. Bubba has Matt on the table and goes the second rope, but Matt catches him. Matt and Jeff get a double suplex on Bubba, but Devon moves the table out of the way. The Hardys bring a ladder to the ring and use it on the Dudleys. Matt with a chair to the back of Bubba. Matt sets up Bubba on a table as he gets up on a ladder, Devon goes to meet him. Devon gets knocked into a fan and Matt comes off the ladder onto Bubba as Jeff comes flying from the ring. Matt then gets a chairshot on Devon. The Hardyz set up Devon at ringside. Matt goes for a legdrop, but Devon moves making Mattís ass eat table. I think I saw that in a movie once. Bubba throws some steel steps in the ring. Bubba and Devon put Matt through a table. Now Jeff or Devon have to go through one. The Dudleys beat up Jeff in the aisleway. Bubba gives Matt a chairshot. Devon stomps Matt. The Dudleys set something up as the Hardys continue to sell the beating. Some guy from the back ends up setting up the tables for the Dudleys. Matt is setup on the table. Bubba & Jeff go up into the crowd even more. They get up on the balcony, and Jeff gets a chairshot which knocks Bubba onto the tables below. Devon is on a table, and Jeff is on the balcony. Jeff gets an awesome swanton onto Devon, to get the win. The Hardys were way over, and many were considering them to be the next Rock Ní Roll Express. They won the men over with their crazy stunts, and the women loved their looks. Six years later theyíre tagging again, but getting singles pushes. This was a good car wreck match. ***Ĺ

WINNERS: The Hardy Boyz at 10:18

-Backstage, Kurt Angle is beings helped by the EMTs. Since he was choked, he still claims that he is undefeated and thatís the main thing he worries about. In retrospect this segment is a little sad, because seven years later, Angle really does put his competitive nature above his own health.

-The Miss Royal Rumble Contest
Competitors: B.B., Ivory, Jacquelyn, Miss Kitty, Luna, and Terri Runnels
Judges: Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea, Fabolous Moolah, Johnny Valiant, and Freddie Blassie

Alright, those who complain about the womenís division being bad now. I bring you back to the Attitude era. Letís see, the title went from decent wrestler Ivory, to above 80 Fabulous Moolah, back to Ivory, then to non-wrestler Miss Kitty, then to non-woman Harvina (Harvey Wippleman), to Jacquelyn, to Stephanie McMahon who never really defended the title. It was all obviously about T&A at this point. However this looks like it should be a fun little segment.

Looks can be deceiving.

Some guy looks to try and give Moolah a kiss as she comes out. Blassie gets a nice reaction. Ivory comes out and is being played up as being reluctant. Terri comes out, followed by Jacquelyn, then B.B. who was Barbara Bush, Luna, and finally, Miss Kitty. Andy Richter from Late Night with Conan OíBrein is a new judge. I always liked Richter, and I think itís a shame he hasnít found his niche since leaving Late Night.

Ivory, who they say is reluctant and thinks itís degrading, takes off the shirt covering her swimsuit, and she has a nice bikini. Ivory was one of those women that WWE punished for not wanting to be hot. See she wanted to be a good role model for girls, and did not like to pose nearly naked. So they made her a heel and gave her a prudish attitude. Much like Molly Holly who they found out was a virgin, so she was given a prude heel character. I guess the WWE booking team believes if you donít want your naughty bits splayed everywhere, youíre a prude.

Then again, the booking team is run by a woman who allegedly lost her virginity to Randy Savage at age 14.

Anyway, Terri is next, wearing a kickass swimsuit barely held together. Jacquelyn ends up one upping her, by wearing one that makes Terriís look like an old fashioned suit from the 50s. BB then unveils hers which ends up being anti climatic (no not like that), as itís pretty regular. Luna is played up as reluctant as well, and doesnít take anything off though you can still make out the swimsuit. Miss Kitty is wearing a bubble wrap bikini. Nice concept, but since her knockers were on the last PPV, itís no big deal.

Then Mae Young comes out. It wasnít funny then, it isnít funny now. The crowd boos. I know what happens, as it was posted on Wrestlecrap, and I turn away. Basically, Mae romps around and eventually shows her boobs sagging down to her knees.

Unanimous decision for Mae Young. Har har har. If this needs a rating, negative a million stars. It wasnít funny then, it isnít funny now, when will they get that?

-In a historic moment, Jonathan Coachman, THE COACH makes his debut at WWF New York.

-Backstage, Jericho & Chyna argue who will wear the Intercontinental Title belt to the ring. See they had a wacky double pinfall situation and Stephanie McMahon made them co holder of the Intercontinental title.

-WWF Exclusive shows Kurt Angle saying heís still undefeated.

3) WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho vs. WWF Intercontinental Champion Chyna vs. Hardcore Holly
Hardcore Holly still had his super heavyweight gimmick, claiming to be over 400 lbs. This would end up being Chynaís big year, as she got a big run as a babyface, becoming one of the most recognizable faces in wrestling. The next year sheís out of the company apparently because of Stephanie & Triple H. Well to be fair to Triple H, I wouldnít want to make it with a girl who has a two-inch clit either. Jericho is crazy over, Jericho gets on the mic and works the crowd. Holly shoves Chyna down, and goes to work with Jericho. Chyna ends up giving Holly a slap, and then Jericho. In the corner, Chyna works over Holly. Jericho and Holly trade shots as Chyna is somewhere outside, doing the typical triple threat match where one person is outside. Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho, but Chyna breaks it up to boos. Holly gets clotheslined outside. Chyna hits Holly with a baseball slide. They both fight on the outside as Jericho goes to the top rope and does a plancha on both of them. Chyna gets her handspring elbow back in the ring on Jericho. They all go outside, and Holly tries to use a chair, but Jericho stops him, however Holly gets it loose, but it allows Chyna to dropkick it into him. Holly is out on the inside, and Jericho & Chyna both go off the top and cover him. Chyna then gets a lowblow on Jericho. Chyna uses a pedigree on Holly. Chyna goes to the top rope, but Holly catches her and gets her on his shoulders and Jericho gets a high crossbody from the top rope for a two count. Holly and Jericho go up top, and Jericho tries a superplex, but Chyna shakes the ropes, and the men of the match have their weaknesses exposed (no not like that). Chyna superplexes on Holly, but Holly covers. Holly with fists on Jericho. Chyna then brings a chair in the ring, and hits Holly behind the refereeís back. Chyna locks on a TERRIBLE Walls of Jericho. So bad the crowd starts to boo. Jericho then gives her a running bulldog for doing such a shitty version of his move. A moonsault off the second rope, puts an exclamation point that she should NOT to insult his finishing move by doing it so poorly. Oh yeah and he covers to win the match and the sole ownership of the title. **Ĺ

WINNER: and Undisputed WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho at 7:30

-Backstage Michael Cole is with The Rock. The Rock says that the two guys who are give him the most problems are Crash Holly & Headbanger Mosh. Rock suggests Cole have ďa nice tall glass of shut up juice.Ē The Big Show is insulted by The Rock and therefore makes a heel turn. This would be The Big Showís sixth turn in the last year (if not more). The Rock was such a good interview. He didnít need catchphrases, but if he didnít say them the crowd would be pissed.

-In a WWF Home Video Exclusive, Chris Jericho gives a post match interview saying the match was draining.

4) WWF Tag-Team Champions The New Age Outlaws vs. The Acolytes
The Acolytes won a Number One Contenderís battle royal at Armageddon to earn a title shot. The Outlaws come out first, which is always weird, but they did it all the time back in the Attitude era and still do. The Outlaws are still over for Road Doggís little barker call. I just realized in 2000, the WWF had a great array of referees: Tim White, Teddy Long, Earl Hebner; they all were really good referees from what I could tell. Outlaws bail as the Acolytes make their way out. Bradshaw gets a fallaway slam on Gunn. Faarooq then gets a clothesline on Road Dogg, and mocks him. Road Dogg back up gets too close to the ropes, and Bradshaw yanks him down by the hair. Everyone gets in the ring, and then Bradshaw gets a nice clothesline on Gunn. Faarooq almost wins it pinning Road Dogg, but Gunn pulls the referee out of the ring. The referee goes down, and X-Pac makes a run in already. Gunn gets a Famasser on Bradshaw. A very short disappointing match. Ĺ*


-In a WWF Home Video exclusive, Dogg says theyíre still champions and not much else.

-God damn, that Walls of Jericho by Chyna really sucked.

5) Street Fight: WWF World Champion Triple H vs. Cactus Jack
Ah a great time. Triple H at this point was an awesome heel. I know I use this quote a lot, but as Mick Foley said ďhe brought back the artform of being a prick.Ē The storyline behind this match is after Triple H & Stephanie gained control of the company, Mankind gets fired. The Rock and several other superstars however demand that he be allowed to return. Mankind does, but then Triple H beats him up. Mankind says heís not ready for the Rumble, but knows someone who is, CACTUS JACK. Triple H face looks as if he had just seen his own parents killed. Great facial expressions by the Game. It brings us up to now.

They show another highlight package, and I swear they show some more footage from the Center Stage. Apparently they have lost the rights to Cactus Jackís music, as he comes out to some generic guitar riffing music, but with lyrics. Which is weird, because Jackís original music didnít even have that. Jim Johnston however wrote Triple Hís music ďHigh Brain PatternĒ and The DX Band aka Connecticut Yankee, wrote and sang the lyrics, which is good because itís a kick ass theme. I liked this match on the first viewing, letís see if it stands up to the test of time.

The stares the two men give to each other alone is great, and then Triple H then has a slight look of worry and hesitation. Cactus starts throwing fists right away, but Triple H starts getting in a few of his own. Cactus comes back, and Triple H bails. On the outside, Cactus gives Triple H a swinging neckbreaker. As Triple H tires to reenter the ring through the ropes, Cactus ledgdrops him. Back on the outside, Cactus throws Triple Hís head into the steel steps. Then into a microphone which gives bad feedback. Triple H is able to get the ring bell and hit Cactus with it. Triple H goes in the ring with a chair, and gives Cactus a nice chairshot. But Cactus Jack gets back up and gives HHH a clothesline. Cactus drops a leg on Triple H with a chair on his face. Cactus continues beating on HHH. Triple H is crawling up Cactus to try and get up. The fight a little on the outside, and Triple H gets backdropped over the barricade and they brawl in the crowd. Cactus throws Triple H into some of the PPV set bricks. Cactus gives Triple H a crazy suplex on wooden pallets, it ends up opening a large gash on his leg. Cactus Jack hits Triple H with a garbage can. Cactus is just laying into Triple H right now. Triple H suplexes Cactus through a trashcan. Cactus again rams Triple H into the ringsteps then lays in some forearms. He goes for a running knee, but Triple H kinda moves. Cactus goes under the ring, and gets a barbed wire 2x4. Triple H with a lowblow on Cactus, and he drops the 2x4. Triple H hits Cactus with the barbed wire. Even with control of the match, Triple H is selling like he can barely stand anymore. Cactus gets a right hand and low blow on Triple H. The referee then gets rid of the barbed wire and gives it to Hugo Savinovich. Cactus gets a double arm DDT for two. Cactus wants his 2x4 back, and he gets it, only itís be rewrapped all nicely. In reality, it was another one with rubber tips on it so Triple H didnít have to take legit barbed wire shots. He gets a few nice shots, and HHH does a blade job. On the outside, Cactus works over Triple Hís cut. They go over to the announcers table, and Cactus goes for a piledriver, but HHH gets a back body drop, but the table doesnít fully break. This match is intense. Back in the ring, Triple H gives Cactus Jack a few shots to the head. Triple H tries the pedigree, but Cactus gets a slingshot, then a bulldog into the barbed wire for two. The crowd is on the edge of their seat. Cactus Clothesline over the top. Cactus runs towards HHH, but Triple H gets a hip blocks him into the steel steps, then whips him into them. Triple H with a chop block on Cactusí knee. Back in the ring, Triple H goes another chop block. Both men are acting as if theyíve been through war. Triple H gets a few shots with the 2x4. Triple H handcuffs Cactus, much like at the previous yearís Rumble, with the Mankind-Rock match where Mankind was given 11 unprotective chair shots to the head after being handcuffed by The Rock. Triple H beats down Cactus a little more. Triple H attempts to use the steps on Cactus, but Cactus gets a drop tole hold, and Triple Hís face goes into the stairs in a cool move. In the corner, Cactus is actually able to get a boot on Triple H then a headbutt to the groin. He starts to bite at him. Do you think today, Triple H would let someone get offense on him, while they were handcuffed? Hell do you think heíd let someone get offense on him if HE was handcuffed? Anyway, HHH finally gets a clothesline to get control. Then starts laying in chair shots, literally breaking the chair apart. He canít capitalize as he collapses in the ring. Cactus through the little passage in MSG, and HHH follows him to give more chair shots. Cactus tells him to hit him again, but The Rock was waiting in the wings, and hits Triple H with a chair. A cop then unlocks Foley from the handcuffs. The crowd is hot for this match. Cactus then starts hammering Triple H. They then go to the Spanish Announce Table, and Cactus gets a piledriver, but the table doesnít break. Triple H is being dragged around by Cactus and into the ring. Cactus then gets himself some thumbtacks and dumps them out in the ring. Stephanie McMahon then runs out. Cactus goes to clothesline Triple H, but HHH gets a back body drop, and Cactus goes into the tacks. HHH gets a pedigree, and Cactus kicks out. Triple H then gets a pedigree on thumbtacks, to get the win. Triple H is carted out, but Cactus follows him, and rolls him back to ring. Cactus rolls him into the ring, and Cactus hits him with the barbed wire bat. WOW! This defiantly stood the test of time. An awesome match, intense brawling with crazy spots building up through the match. Triple H defiantly brought it here. Iím knocking a little off, because of the barbed wire 2x4 snafu and it just wasnít quite five star anyway, but wow. ****Ĺ

WINNER: and still WWF World Champion and a MAN Triple H at 26:51

-We go back to WWF New York. We get an interview with Linda McMahon, she says that things are gonna change around here!

-Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler talk to kill some time as they clean the ring.

6) The 2000 Royal Rumble Match
#1 is D-Lo Brown. #2 is Grand Master Sexay. Lawler isnít happy that Sexay got second. Lawler mentions some wrestlers arenít happy about not getting in the Rumble. Sexay gets a nice dropkick. D-Lo tried to go for a running powerbomb, but Sexay gets a hurricanrana. D-Lo almost gets send out, but holds on. #3 is Headbanger Mosh, wearing large fuzzy cones, in tribute to Jane Russell. Kai En Tai then run in, and end up getting eliminated, even though theyíre not in the match. #4 is Christian. Christain & Sexay and Brown & Mosh pair off. Sexay gets a side suplex on Christian. The crowd is uncharacteristically quiet. Well, it is four low card wrestlers and theyíve just gone through an amazing match. #5 is Rikishi. Rikishi with a superkick to Mosh which eliminates him. Then a belly to belly on Christian. Heís gone. D-Lo with a swinging neckbreaker, but Rikishi no sells it. Rikishi Driver on D-Lo, and heís gone. Itís down to Sexay and Rikishi. #6 is Scotty 2 Hotty, a little early it seems, likely because Rikishi cleaned out the ring already. He has the sunglasses, and the crowd is way into it. They dance. Rikishi is insanely over, getting a huge chant. He then gives Too Cool a double clothesline and a throws them out. Rikishi says he wants the title, and Too Cool forgives him. He then continues dancing. That was pretty fun. #7 is Steve Blackman. Rikishi and Blackman go at each other, and Rikishi eventually gets the elimination. Rikishi is crazy over with MSG. Very similar to the Diesel push from the 1994 Royal Rumble. Viscera is #8. The two exchange shots, and Viscera gets a belly to belly suplex, followed by a legdrop. Viscera hits an avalanche on Rikishi and then kicks him in the corner. Rikishi gets a few superkicks, followed by a shoulder block, and he finally eliminates Viscera. #9 is The Big Bossman. Bossman waits on the outside instead of going in to be slaughtered. #10 is Test. He and Bossman fight on the outside. They finally get in the ring. Bossman gives Test a low blow, then Rikishi gives Bossman a low blow. Ah, poetic justice in wrestling. #11 is The British Bulldog. His theme music sounds like a cheap knock off from Super Dogs, Super Jocks. Test gets a big boot on Bossman. Bulldog & Rikishi and Test & Bossman pair off. Bulldog slowly tries to get Rikishi over the top rope. #12 is Gangrel. He could have been a star, he had a killer entrance and talent, but never got the push. Kai En Tai come back. Gangrel tosses Funaki out. Gangrel and Bossman throw Taka out on his face. Itís the bump that gets put in the botch montage videos. They end up showing it more times throughout the Rumble. #13 is Edge. These intervals are obviously too short. #14 is MR. BOB BACKLUND! He gets a great reaction. I LOVE THIS! FIVE MILLION STARS! This was when he was running for Congress. Everyone eliminates Rikishi, and the people arenít happy. Lawler and Ross makes some pale jokes at Backlundís expense. #15 is Chris Jericho. Jericho gets a drop kick on Backlund, unfortunately. Backlund then goes through the crowd shaking hands. God bless Bob Backlund. BOB BACKLUND FOR DICTATOR FOR LIFE!!! #16 is Crash Holly. Uh oh, The Rockís in trouble. I always liked Crash, he had a fun gimmick. #17 is Chyna. Chyna almost goes out, and for the only time Iíve ever seen it work, suplexes Jericho to the outside. Then Bossman knocks Chyna off the apron and sheís gone too. #18 is Faarooq. The Mean Street Posse run in and attack Faarooq. Faarooq then gets tossed out. #19 is The Road Dogg. He goes right for Test, but Test gets a low blow. #20 is Al Snow. The Road Dogg eliminates The British Bulldog. Snow stomps Test in the corner. Edge works over Crash on the ropes. #21 is Val Venis. Funaki runs out again, and Bossman throws him out. Road Dogg is now just holding on the bottom rope in the fetal position and does so for most of the match. #22 is Prince Albert. Edge is eliminated by Al Snow & Val Venis. Prince Albert & Bossman brawl for a little. Crash goes after Albert, but Albert just throws him around. Hey Crash is still in, maybe the Rock was right. Crash continues taking a shit kicking with Bossman laying in a kick. #23 is Hardcore Holly. Dogg continues to hold on, as Bossman tries to get him loose, but he goes right back to his fetal position. BRILLIANT! #24 is The Rock. The crowd goes bat shit. So the match is kicking into high gear, and weíre going to get rid of some of the jabronis. Right away, Rock slaps the Bossman out. And thatís it for now apparently, usually when a star comes in the Rumble, theyíll get rid of three or so guys. Dogg continues to hug the bottom rope. #25 is Mr. Ass. Heís an assman you know. Gunn goes right for The Rock. Crash goes after the Rock, but he gets a DDT. Rock then eliminates him, and The Rock is now safe from tough competition. #26 is The Big Show. Big Show eliminates Test right away, followed by Gangrel. Show goes after The Rock. Show gets a gorilla press slam on Holly. Why he didnít just throw him out, weíll never know. #27 is Bradshaw. The Mean Street Posse run out again and go after Bradshaw. Bradshaw tosses them out. The Outlaws then eliminate Bradshaw. The Acolytes fight with the Posse in the aisle way. Albert uses some bandages to choke Val Venis. #28 is Kane. This is the time when Kane was paired with Tori, who eventually was stolen by X-Pac. Kane throws out Val Venis. #29 is The Godfather. Kane eliminates Prince Albert. Funaki is back, and Snow tosses him out to the Ho-Train. #30 is X-Pac. So we got Holly, Pac, Gunn, Dogg, Godfather, Show, Kane, and Rock. Holly is out. Big Show eliminates The Godfather. The Rock eliminates Al Snow. Dogg then mocks Snow, but Gunn comes from behind and eliminates him. Kane then eliminates Gunn.

FINAL FOUR: Kane, Big Show, The Rock, X-Pac

The Outlaws drag Kane out. The Rock eliminates X-Pac in a pretty crazy bump as he just lands on his back.

The referees donít see X-Pac being eliminated, as they deal with the Outlaws double teaming Kane. Much like Steve Austin in 1997, he reenters the ring. X-Pac gets a nice spinning heel kick. Show and Kane try chokeslams on each other. Kane finally gets an enzugri, and then a bodyslam. X-Pac then eliminates Kane, and gives Show a bronco buster. Show throws X-Pac out. The Rock then starts laying in shots. Rock gets a spinebuster, and itís time for the Peopleís Elbow. The Rock is given a chokelam though. Show puts him on his shoulders, and Big Show goes toss him out, but The Rock holds on, and Show goes out. The Rock then gets the mic, and says ďThe Rock is going to WrestleMania.Ē The Big Show then comes back out, and throws the Rock over the top rope. As it turns out The Rockís feet hit first, and they needed a number one contenderís match at No Way Out, which eventually led to the mess that was that yearís WrestleMania main event. This was a damn good match. It had stars, it had humor (see comedy can be used in wrestling, just it has to be done at the right place and time, and it has to be...well, actually funny), it had intrigue. It was overall a very good Rumble, though slow at parts. ****

WINNER: The Rock at 51:49

-In a WWF Home Video exclusive, Tom Pritchard interviews The Rock. The Rock does his usual fun trash talk interview.

-In another exclusive, they show Triple H backstage after the match, having his injury looked at, apparently it was from the wood pallet. If you say Triple H only got to where he was because of Stephanie, watch this and the match from earlier.

Comments: WOW! Besides every moment that Mae Young was onscreen (which I didnít see anyway), this was an amazing show. If you still have time, watch it on WWE 24/7. Top to bottom it was a really good show, that accomplished just about everything that was needed. Cactus-HHH is a classic. The Rumble, which takes up a third of the show, was good, so if the Rumble is good, the show is good. Take a look at this if you ever get the chance.

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