May 20, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) vs. The Southern Boys – (World Championship Wrestling, 9/22/90)
The Steiners had just relieved the Midnight Express of the NWA United States tag titles about a month before this match took place. Winner of this match gets a US tag titles shot. Eaton and Armstrong start us off. Armstrong catches Eaton with a monkey flip and follows with a flying clothesline. Smothers looks to lock up with Eaton. They run the ropes ending with a superkick that puts Eaton down on his backside. They go again and once more the exchange ends with a superkick. Tag to Lane, he begins to stretch out to spar with Smothers. It turns out the same way it did in their Great American Bash match with Lane getting the better of him. Smothers floats over Lane in the corner and comes off the corner on the other side of the ring with a crossbody for 1-2-NO! He continues with the offense by taking out both Lane and Eaton with superkicks! He even scares Cornette with one. We go to commercial. When we come back, it appears a blind tag to Lane saved Eaton from being pinned with a butterfly suplex on Smothers. Now we see some VINTAGE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. Drop toe hold followed by an elbow drop from Eaton gets two. Smothers gets choked in the ropes so that Cornette can sneak in the tennis racket shot to the throat. Smothers stops a double-team with a whip reversal that causes the Midnights to collide. HOT TAG TO ARMSTRONG! The man goes DROPKICK CRAZY! Once Smothers comes back in to punch on Eaton, that draws the ref away from an inside cradle by Smothers on Lane! Cornette breaks that up, which gets him beaten down by Armstrong. Out come the Freebirds as they lay waste to Smothers with a double DDT while Little Richard Marley has the ref’s attention. Once they clear out, Eaton places his arm over Smothers for the 1-2-3. (8:06 shown) Those darn Freebirds. Fun match, but nowhere near as impressive as their Great American Bash ‘90 match. ***

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